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    1. A graveyard and a possession

      by , 09-14-2013 at 06:50 PM
      I'm walking up the steps to a graveyard. I'm a teenager or young man who lives and/or works in a temple or shrine or similar attached to this graveyard. In the previous dream scene I'd been talking to friends at the foot of the stairs to the temple about hard times their families had been through, and I'd been thinking that I couldn't really relate, my family never having been through anything like that, and I'd removed myself from the conversation - but now I'm thinking about the hard things in my life I couldn't tell them, specifically I'm thinking about an old man buried here whose death I couldn't tell them about. I float over to his grave.

      But there's a guy here waiting for me. He attacks me - though I just float away from that - while blaming me for causing that man's death by convincing him to expose us to the media. He'd been one of something secret, supernatural or not quite human. But it wasn't like that - I hadn't been the one to convince him at all, and I'm frustrated by this mistaken rumor; it had been some pretty girl who'd talked him into it, I'd been completely against it, and I'd hated that he could throw away a lifelong belief in secrecy so quickly.

      I'm sitting outside what looks like a very small cave entrance, too small for a person to get through, and I'm talking with several very small spirits, and a much larger, much older one in the cave. We're having a disagreement about a course of action, and finally the spirit inside the cave decides to force the issue by possessing me and taking control of my body. In doing so, he forces out the much smaller, relatively harmless spirit that usually possesses me, and it's quite shocked by this; it tries to get back in, but there's this glowing blue crescent on my forehead, like a closed eye, which acts like a lock.

      I'm standing on a city street near a warehouse, surrounded by government vehicles, and talking to my boss, who works for the FBI. He wants me to see what's going on inside the warehouse, but I can't do that. I'm tired. The thing possessing me doesn't understand why this is an issue, takes over and answers easily - his answer has something to do with drugs - he speaks using his own accent, very different from mine, some variety of English, but if the boss notices he chooses to ignore it.
    2. FBI, cannibals, and elves, mostly fragments.

      by , 09-06-2013 at 06:14 PM
      Withnail & I, in which '& I' has an audition he's nearly missing, wrapped up in a sheet on the floor of the apartment and brooding. I, disembodied observer, am noting that no matter how badly off you are, looking at these two will make you feel better.

      Hannibal, in which Will is in Hannibal's room, examining the things hanging on the walls and feeling wary and suspicious.

      A prehistoric bat-like underwater creature.

      ElfQuest, in which I've just come back to the Wolfriders after a long time away, centuries, things have changed a great deal while I was gone. They have new rules for staying hidden - 'new' being relative, these rules are old and well-established for them, to the point that they don't always remember this is all new to me, and both I and the people who were away with me mess up from time to time. It's been a strange readjustment in a lot of ways. I'm up in the treetops, looking out over the forest to a place where a river and a road meet, a road that was never there before, and I think even the river's moved. I'm thinking about how drastically the humans have changed while I was gone, and how my people have had to change along with them.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      Fragments of a few related scenes, not sure what order I dreamed then in. Pretty clearly influenced by Hannibal. Switches back and forth between 1st and 3rd person, following a man who does some very strange job for the FBI:

      Walking down a sidewalk in DC with a black-haired woman with an upturned nose, her with a cup of coffee in her hand, none for me, I don't drink coffee - we have some professional relationship, we work very different jobs but we talk outside of work, we're old friends, with occasional attempts at being more than friends but the timing's always been wrong.

      A different woman, my partner, talking to our boss about his faith in us on some very strange case he's given us.

      My partner again, we're on assignment in some small town, been here for a few days, and right now we're not working, she's fooling around uploading photos of me to some social network site that her mother is on. I've met her mother, I like and respect the woman, and my partner's teasing me about posting something inappropriate. I try to see what photos she's uploading and she keeps shooing me away.

      Same small town, been here longer now, I'm talking to a police officer I've gotten to know a little just as we're wrapping up for the day, he says it's good that I'm dating, "even if you do fight a lot." I have no idea what he's talking about, I think maybe he misinterpreted something about me and my partner teasing each other - we do fight a lot when we're filling out paperwork - then I turn around and see that other woman from before has come to pick me up, and she's dressed for a night out, stunning, the dream 'camera' does this slow pan up her legs, black dress, done something fancy with her hair - I'd known we were going out for dinner but this I was not expecting. I'm thinking it's something to do with being out in the middle of nowhere like this, the people around me aren't content to let me keep holding them at a distance. It's not a good thought.

      Last fragment before I woke up, more obvious symbolism than the rest, 3rd person for all of it - he's at dinner with that woman, not at a fancy restaurant but at a place with some activity that keeps them on their feet. She's eating ribs, messy, sauce smeared on her face. It looks like blood. So mostly I'm left with this image of her crouching with blood on her face, and I, the disembodied observer, hear TdV's Sarah's line in my head: "Blut, Liebling. Leck es ab." She hands him a rib, and he, obligingly, eats, just as his phone rings, work-related, so that when he answers his phone he also appears to have blood on his mouth.