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    Mouka's Mind Palace

    We don't care, we're shootin' Kamehamehas in our dreams!

    I'm going to give the online dream journal a try; bear with me because I'm used to paper journals!

    Marvel in terror disgust wonderment as Mouka moves along in lucid efforts to...
    ...hang out with the tulpa Afiel!
    ...destroy the solar system by firing off a Solar Kamehameha!
    ...get laid by certain super-villains without getting tossed into the sun!
    ...and whatever other sudden desires may pop up! YAY!

    Cast of recurring peeps:
    Seru - Cunning yet sexy Dream Guide and keeper of the locked house key
    Akiko - Overly emotional and stubborn knower of directions
    Afiel - Tulpa buddy angel extraordinaire and summoner of crappy music
    Cory - Real life husband but I often dream of him, so yeah

    1. Piles of meat, the wooden walkway, and an embarrassing attempt at lucid control

      by , 09-05-2013 at 01:57 AM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      (This is from September 1.)

      I decided to go shopping at a new grocery store, but the front door was closed, so I took a shopping cart and went in through the cart area where they have those big plastic flaps employees push carts through. The first thing I saw was a big display with lots of holiday candy, mostly Christmas and Valentine's Day candies, then I passed through this huge open section that was almost the size of a regular grocery store itself. It was nothing but meat, lots of different kinds of meat, different cuts and stuff, all piled up on counters all the way around the walls. Some of the meat piles were almost as high as me. I remember being both fascinated and creeped out at the same time.

      I was debating on taking a plane ride to Indiana. The people I was going with were taking the plane, but I determined that it was only 200 miles away, and that I might beat them there if I take my car since they'd have to wait for the plane and all. When I got there, I walked out onto a long wooden walkway that snaked around a building and jutted out over a big waterfall and some dangerous rapids. Also on the walkway was a little girl who stood with a creepy old man, and I remember thinking the guy was totally a pedophile but the girl seemed okay so I ignored him. I talked to the girl about some things and she giggled a lot, but later I found out the girl had died and most likely was killed, and I just knew it was that creepy old guy's fault. I slipped and fell down on the walkway, and when I looked up I saw a huge spider in a web on my left and a huge yellow butterfly on my right. I was almost too terrified to move because I didn't want to upset either of the bugs but someone I slowly got to my feet and went into the building the walkway was attached to. Inside was a long hallway and lots of different rooms, and they were labelled based on what was taking place inside of the room, like for instance one was labelled SAT Room and people were taking the SAT test in there. I went into a room with a haircut label and the lady there said I had to get my hair cut if I wanted to be a part of their building. So I sat down and she cut my hair, but I kept hearing her say "Oops!" and I was upset that my hair would look crappy.

      I had a lucid dream that began with me standing in the dining room of a house. It was decorated very southern and was quaint. Nothing was really happening except me standing there, so it gave me time to think about where I was, and I didn't know. So I performed a reality check, the palm test, but it failed and my finger did not go through my palm. Still it felt like something wasn't right, so I did another reality check by holding my nose and trying to breathe through it anyway. It worked, and I was still able to breath, and that's when I realized I was dreaming! As soon as I became lucid, the scene started to fizzle out, like an old TV screen when you hit the antenna, so I rubbed my hands together and spun around a few times and the scene restablized. At that point, I was super excited because it's rare that I have complete control of my actions in a lucid dream, and I immediately go to the front door of the house and try to open it. However, when I opened it, there was another door behind it, and another, and another, and it was just endless doors all the way. So I went to try a closet door and it also gave me nothing but endless doors. I was really annoyed at this turn of events because I didn't want to be stuck in a quaint country house when I could go out and do fun lucid things, so I stared really hard at the front door and willed all my concentration on it. I had a vision of myself opening the door and emerging on the other side in a heavenly realm as nothing but pure light energy, so I took that as a sign to try opening the door. Sure enough, the door opened, but just to the front porch rather than the nice Heaven I'd envisioned. Out on the porch I was overlooking an old farmer's field covered in snow, with a few trees growing here and there. It looked a bit like the backyard of my grandmother's trailer. I got really excited again and jumped off the porch, intending to fly away, but instead of flying I drifted to the ground like a leaf. Another failure! I lay there, face down in the snow, concentrating on willing myself airborne, and after about a minute or so I began to hover about an inch off the ground. I continued hovering, kind of wobbling precariously in various directions like that American flying saucer prototype in that one old video, but the dream fell apart before I could really get my flight aspirations going.
    2. Mourning the angels, and an after-school storm

      by , 08-23-2013 at 12:11 PM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      (Note: These dreams were from yesterday, but I spent most of the day on the road antiquing, so I only had the time to write it up on my iPhone, so pretend the date is the 22nd here!)
      Cory and I were sitting next to each other on an airplane at night. Most of the people on board were asleep, so the lights were dimmed. I was clutching a big puffy pillow and crying because I'd heard that a bunch of angels had died, but Cory didn't believe in angels so he thought I was being dumb and crying over nothing, which made me feel even worse. When we landed I decided to get my mind off it by working on a project, so I bought some supplies and started to build a model city. I remember sitting on the bed in the guest room of my grandmother's old trailer and fiddling with the parts. Then Cory came in with these cool mini lanterns that I realized I could put inside my model skyscrapers to make it look like their windows were lit up. It made me all excited and I told him my idea but he got mad at me because that was the reason he bought them and he thought I was taking credit for his idea. So I got stressed and started crying again. Soon after, mom came in the room with a computer and sat down next to me. She asked if I wanted to rent a movie so we looked at the Target website, which strangely enough had movies to rent, to find a movie since I knew that would cheer me up. I saw a list of old Disney animated movies like Alice in Wonderland and Sleeping Beauty, as well as DVD sets of Cartoon Network shows from ten-ish years ago like Dexter's Laboratory and Cow & Chicken. There was also a random DVD in the list called 'The Alabama Voices' that I recalled seeing at the store earlier that day when I went to buy my supplies. For some reason, whenever someone said the name of the movie, they had to sing it to the tune of 'The Neverending Story'. As we browsed the DVDs, I found out more angels had died so I had to excuse myself to go mourn some more, but Cory got pissed again thinking I was crying over nothing, which made things worse so I don't understand why he kept getting mad over it. Mom seemed to believe me though.

      I was on a large college campus and classes had just let out, but it was raining too hard for me to walk to my car since I'd parked way up the road. I tried walking the distance at first, but as soon as I got to a fork in the road where I had to turn right to get to my car, the wind started to pick up so I ran to take shelter in the nearest building. I remember feeling scared that the building would blow away easily if a tornado came through, because it was such a small building. While I stood there watching the rain out of the hallway windows, a teacher walked by and said hello, but then went right outside and braved the winds. I thought he was crazy. Then I noticed that all the skin around my jawline where I normally shave felt really tight, so I felt it and realized it was all peely and gross like a super bad sunburn. I reasoned it must have been due to me getting rained on and not wiping the rain off before it dried, because the rain was very toxic in this area. I started freaking out and felt the need to get to a bathroom to fix my face. Unfortunately, there was no bathroom in that building so I ran out and made a mad dash for the next closest building (which was one of the main student halls that had lots of lockers everywhere). There was a bathroom there so I felt incredibly relieved.
    3. The end of a Seinfeld episode, wilderness survival, and grocery store freezers

      by , 08-15-2013 at 11:24 AM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      I was sitting in a plane near the back, and I turned around and saw Jerry Seinfeld and his friends sitting in the very last row near the rear exit. As the plane started down the runway, he was making jokes about how the last row was where terrorists and murderers sit, and everyone around him was laughing. Suddenly the door to the rear exit started swinging open, and Jerry noticed it right away and did that silly shout he always does in the show as he jumped out of his seat and raced to catch the door and close it before the plane got airborne. My dream ended right as he reached the door. I saw the plane from the outside and it was like, halfway on the runway and halfway in the air with Jerry's arms hanging out the door when the scene froze and started showing Seinfeld end credits and playing that little concluding riff.

      There was some sort of competition between me and someone else involving surviving in the wilderness. I was sitting near a campfire with some guy I'd hired to help me survive to give me the edge in the competition, but the guy was annoyed because things weren't going to plan and all the huntable animals that were supposed to be in the area were gone. The wilderness we were in was very beautiful, though. It was a large grassland with small amounts of trees and lots and lots of lakes, but it wasn't wet and marshy like areas with lots of small lakes usually are. There was a mountain range in the distance that spanned the entire horizon, and opposite of that the grasslands ended and dropped off down steep cliffs with no bottom. I think the person I was in competition with was either a ninja or a pirate, but he rode around on a big griffon so that gave him an advantage. He kept flying by and belittling me.

      Some vague dream about a father and daughter sitting in the den, and the mother comes in and they talk about something. I remember the mother saying "That's why I had the fireplace put in." and the daughter and father were all surprised and weirded out by that for some reason.

      I was in a grocery store, going up and down the aisles pushing a shopping cart. It was a very industrial-looking grocery store in that it looked more like a Home Depot except with food on the shelves. I got a few cleaning supplies that I can remember vividly. There were these huge mechanical aisles that were all pushed together in one massive block, and as I walked by them they automatically separated into actual aisles you could walk down and they were all frozen foods aisles. I thought that was very neat that they came together and broke apart like that and thinking it was very energy-efficient to keep the cold air in, even though the energy used to move the aisles was probably more than the cooling. As I walked up and down the frozen foods aisles, I saw that one of the freezer doors was actually a regular door that led into a building that was a labyrinth of even more freezer shelves except it was almost completely pitch black and I could barely make out the doors and the floor. I kept opening the doors but all the freezer shelves in that building were empty and had ice accumulating on the glass. As I tried to make my way through the labyrinth, I kept getting text messages from my ex-girlfriend I haven't seen in like eight years. They were weird one word text messages of random words, and she sent them super-fast, like I was getting a text every tenth of a second. I kept trying to text back but I couldn't keep up with her typing speed. When I got to the end of the labyrinth there was a dark room with some neon LED lights around and it was like a little lounge. I saw a lizard in a big terrarium and a door that led me back into the main grocery store. I was relieved to finally get out of the dark place and when I left there I stopped getting the texts so fast.