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    Mouka's Mind Palace

    We don't care, we're shootin' Kamehamehas in our dreams!

    I'm going to give the online dream journal a try; bear with me because I'm used to paper journals!

    Marvel in terror disgust wonderment as Mouka moves along in lucid efforts to...
    ...hang out with the tulpa Afiel!
    ...destroy the solar system by firing off a Solar Kamehameha!
    ...get laid by certain super-villains without getting tossed into the sun!
    ...and whatever other sudden desires may pop up! YAY!

    Cast of recurring peeps:
    Seru - Cunning yet sexy Dream Guide and keeper of the locked house key
    Akiko - Overly emotional and stubborn knower of directions
    Afiel - Tulpa buddy angel extraordinaire and summoner of crappy music
    Cory - Real life husband but I often dream of him, so yeah

    1. A dollar off coupon, and Valentine's Day

      by , 07-23-2015 at 11:41 AM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      CD 14 pre-O

      I was at a grocery store with a dollar off coupon, and for some reason I thought I could just walk up to a register and get a free dollar if I just gave them the coupon. As I was in line I realized that was impossible, but I didn't want to embarrass myself so I grabbed a Ritter Sport bar and bought that. Once I did, I saw it was some gross sour milk flavor, and behind the counter I noticed a guy who looked like LeBron James unloading a box of the flavor that I liked, so I asked if I could switch them out. He said yes, but I'd have to get in line out back. So I wandered around to the other side of the register and there was a wall with a single door, and another line. As I was standing in line, Watson from BBC Sherlock was standing behind me, and I knew him, so I asked "So, how've you been?" and he furrowed his browed and looked at me puzzled and said "Sorry... who are you?" to which I replied "Remember, we used to solve crimes with Sherlock." Then he remembered me and said Ah. I asked him how Sherlock was and he said he hadn't seen much of him. I told him I hadn't either.

      It was Valentine's Day and I was with Amy in a giant convention center type place. We passed by a gift shop that was full of people, so full that there were lines just to walk a circle around the store. She asked me if I wanted to go in and I said no way, but then I realized that she really wanted to go so I pretended to change my mind and we went in. I told Amy to pick out something and I'd buy it for her since it was Valentine's and all, so she chose this toy of Mickey Mouse on a bicycle with a thing of candy attached to it. I also saw those little boxes of Sweetart hearts but the hearts were Spree instead, which was awesome.

      I was escorting a dangerous criminal out of a building with some man in a blue jacket. We were waiting by the elevator with this criminal chained up and there was a random person standing behind us, so I wanted to kind of freak him out. I leaned over to my escort buddy and whispered loud enough for the person to hear "Can you imagine if we lost this guy? The whole building would have to be shut down and quarantined." The person totally looked uncomfortable haha. Unfortunately I jinxed it and the criminal actually got away and jumped into the elevator by himself. We grabbed the next elevator, but realized it had only one button so we could've just run down the one flight of stairs and intercepted him quickly.
    2. A bad commissary experience, and homelessness on base

      by , 07-05-2015 at 06:47 AM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      (So I've noticed dream recall and lucidity seem to be somewhat related to estrogen and progesterone levels, at least for me. When progesterone reaches its peak in the luteal phase, so does my lucids. When estrogen reaches its first and then second peaks, during ovulation and again during mid-luteal, my dream recall can get up to 5-6 a night. And the rise in body temperature from the first to second phases seem to affect vividness. Immediately before the period starts, when both hormones and temperature hit rock bottom, so does lucidity/recall/vividness. ...I guess not even most women would know what I'm talking about, but since the hubby and I are trying to have a baby, I've been keeping a laser sharp focus on those levels. So for the next few months or so I'm going to try to associate dreams to cycle days. And today is cycle day one! So yay, that's convenient.)

      CD1 AF

      I was out on base, shopping at the commissary with a girl I used to know but can't remember, and a friend of hers who was in a wheelchair. When we entered the store, the employees stopped us and insisted that her friend leave his wheelchair and use one of their store-approved ones. He didn't want to switch chairs, and the employees were getting annoyed. Samantha and I were getting annoyed and wanted to punch them for being dicks to her friend. We told them it was illegal to do what they were doing and we all tried to just go around them, but then two of them ran up to her friend and physically LIFTED him out of the chair and tried to throw him into one of theirs. We absolutely flipped the fuck out on them and there was a big fight.

      Samantha, an old friend from middle school, and I were roommates. We lived in this little flat and I guess one of us was an artist because there were sheets all up on the walls and paint and such. There were lots of windows all over the place, and you could see the nighttime lights of the city from them. I wanted to do something nice for her, but I don't remember what. She was telling me about this party while we were watching something on TV - something about a car and a cowboy? - and we decided we'd go. We had to walk there, apparently, and we were walking through a field with trees around us, and we both had flashlights, heading toward the party. On the way there we stop and see one of her friends standing out in the field, covered in dirt and wearing tattered clothes. I asked him why he was out there dressed like that and he seemed to get offended and said he lived on the street. I got really confused at that point, because we all lived on the army base and everyone there is given assigned housing so there's no way anyone living here would be homeless. Then he got SUPER angry and started saying things like "Well, where do you think poor people exist then?!" and I said "Only in the civilian world, obviously..." He chided me and told me that many of the families on base were homeless but I didn't hear about it because my dad was a high-ranking officer and the bigwigs sheltered us from those sorts of things. It kind of freaked me out to realize that all the lower-ranking privates lived on the streets past the officer community in the center of the base.
    3. The absent dream guide, ice cream, and 'extreme poufing'

      by , 07-02-2015 at 12:00 AM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      Lucid dreams three days in a row? No wais! ...this one kinda sucked though, and there was no dream guide activity like in the last two. So once again I found myself lucid in a random house, but this time I was able to open the door and go out onto the patio. It was one of those second floor patios with a staircase going down it. I got so excited when I was able to open the door and go outside, but then... I couldn't get off the friggin patio. Figures. It was like an invisible wall was over the railing and the stairs. But when I turned back around toward the house, there was suddenly a table and two chairs where there originally was nothing. I thought about it and said "Okay, I think I know how this works. This is gonna be a regular thing then." So I sat down in one of the chairs and did my pitiful-sounding callout... and nothing. There I was, sitting at the table all alone, with no Seru to break me out of my weird prison this time. Out past the patio I could see my brother out in the alley/hallway thing, and then I woke up. So it wasn't a very long lucid, but I woke up feeling put-out like I got stood up or something. I know dream guides don't always do what you want them to do, buuutttt... I don't know. It was probably because I was only lucid for a minute or so before I woke up, so there wasn't much time for him to show up. I really wanted to ask him WHY I was always locked in the house, that was my plan. Next time, I guess. A dream deferred and all that.

      I went to a convention with Cory, in a hotel. There were a whole lot of people and booths and whatnot, and we went up to this one booth that was selling soft serve ice cream in little cups. Cory and I and some other con-goers were standing around in a circle, paying for ice cream cups, and when the lady selling them got to me, I paid her the same amount of money everyone else did. But she got pissed when I grabbed the medium-sized cup and told me I could only have a small... even though all those other douchebags got medium ones. So unfair. Cory gave me some of his, though.

      I was sitting in a classroom with other students, but the teacher was gone on an errand, so he put in a video for us to watch. It was a video about something called 'extreme poufing' that involved using shower poufs like nunchucks. (...I still totally laugh when I think about it, ha.) And then the video went into some weird tirade about how to properly use shower poufs in Battle Royale or Hunger Games situations. ANYWAY. All of the other students thought it was the stupidest shit, but I loved it. When the teacher came back he asked us if we saw it and everyone ignored him but me, and I was showing off my 'extreme poufing' skills and kept shouting "Extreme poufing!" like super loud. So anyway, after that the class met again and the teacher was showing us stuff about nature. I was looking out over a cliff onto the forest below and it freaked me out because it made me dizzy. Then we saw a person walking a dog down in the forest, and apparently we were visiting the South because one of the students, this guy in his early 20s, got all freaked out and said something like "Holy shit, people own dogs in the South? There are dogs in the South?!" I told him yes and tried to explain, since I used to live in the South and also own a dog, but he kept looking at me like I was nuts and refused to believe me. Whatever, man.

      Amy and I were walking through what looked like an old antique store, but it was actually my grandma's from my dad's side house. It was just arranged in aisles like some kind of store with stuff everywhere like a place on American Pickers. We passed through each aisle looking for something to buy, and I paused at the beginning of one aisle because I saw something I thought was cool. It was a little cast iron round table, like a child-size table, and a little cast iron chair with a round seat. In the middle of the table was a pole that stuck upwards and had an old-looking red white and blue flag on it. It wasn't a USA flag though, it looked like some kind of old quilt design. We kept walking and I started regretting not getting said table. When we got to the front of the store/house again, grandma if we wanted drinks and we said yes because we were super thirsty. Amy grabbed a water and I got a Sprite, but I choked on the Sprite a little. I started awake after that and still felt a choking feeling in my throat.
    4. Bassinets in a warehouse, and a DUI

      by , 06-19-2015 at 05:59 AM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      I was in a big warehouse store shopping for random things, and found these two barstools I really liked. They looked a bit like the one I have now, with the weird beige seats. I wanted to get them both, but I couldn't fit them in the cart, and when I tried stacking them on top of each other I just failed miserably and dropped them... so instead I kept going, looking for something else. The next thing I wanted was a baby stroller... not stroller, but those things that are sort of like beds but have a canopy and wheels? Bassinet, I think. It was so cute, all green and white, and had these little buttons that made noises when you pushed them. So I wheeled that up to the registers, but then my phone rang and someone told me not to buy it because we didn't have the money, nor did I have a baby. I was really upset and put-out by that and left it sitting by the register.

      Cory was arrested for DUI, and I was really pissed off and depressed about it. I didn't even bail him out, I just left him in there, and he was being a massive dick and when I told him that I couldn't believe he'd drive my poor car while he was drunk, he admitted that he did it all the time. He wasn't sorry about it at all, he was just annoyed at me. It kind of blew my mind and broke my heart a little, and I wanted to cry. But I didn't want anyone to know I was crying because of that, so I walked over to the library and went inside. In the back, in between some rows of bookshelves, there was a little memorial for someone who died on that spot. A few people sat around it looking sad, so I joined them, that way I could look sad about something else. I don't remember all the people there, but I remember there was a gay couple that were just bawling their eyes out, and Thor from the Marvel movies was there talking about 'glorious deaths' and whatnot. I think at one point he was bragging about his girlfriend and spinning Mjolnir around. They eventually realized I was there for a different reason and instead of mourning, they all tried to comfort me and told me that he was totally in the wrong for acting like it wasn't a big deal.

      There was a dream I don't remember much of, but I was in a department store and going through the toy section. I remember walking by the bicycle aisle, and through an aisle with all kinds of cool action figures. I think those cool gashapon figurines I was eyeing on eBay were there.
    5. Used colouring books, joining the CSI team, and Piccolo failing at life

      by , 06-16-2015 at 03:26 PM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      Cory and I went to some thrift stores to buy a gift for my brother. I think there was someone else there with us, but I can't make out who it was. We were browsing the books, and I'd found an old full length mirror I liked and was carrying it around with me. It was huge so when we got to the books I had to set it down so I could help browse. The friggin mirror wouldn't stay upright and kept falling over on me, so I got pissed at the thing and leaned it up against a bookcase that was filled with nothing but Dean Koontz novels. I laughed thinking that his books sucked so much people were falling over themselves to give them away to a thrift store. After I put the mirror down, I went over to a shelf that was filled with colouring books, and it seemed weird that you could buy used colouring books. I opened a few, but they were surprisingly uncoloured. There was a sudoku puzzle in one of them that had one number somebody had filled in. I guess they gave up pretty quickly? After that, I picked up a super old colouring book, that was so old the pages were browned. It had lots of pages of animals that looked like the cartoon animals in movies like An American Tail and such, and Cory walked over and saw it. He commented that it reminded him of the TV show Dallas, which made no sense whatsoever but in the dream it made perfect sense. In the end, I grabbed a big handful of them and said that would be one of my brother's gifts. A handful of colouring books... awesome gift, I guess? We got in the car, me in the passenger seat, and I put all the books in the dashboard slot where I usually kept my phone and iPod. The book on top caught my attention and weirded me out. It was a Lisa Frank book, all colourful and girlish like Lisa Frank books are apt to be, but... it was overly Christian. The title of it was something like "Christian children become one with God at the end!" and I was just like... WTF? I remember thinking that it was wrong, and that since God was loving, He'd let everyone in no matter their religion. Then I had this weird feeling of fear and realized I was kind of an asshole so maybe I'd never get to do that when I died. Then we drove off to the next thrift store to look for more gifts.

      Mom was hanging out with me at the grocery store while I went shopping for food. The store was kind of neat looking, like the walls and floors were made of old wood, and the display cases were made of logs and sticks and stuff. It was very quaint Southern style. Mom was super excited to see me, and she just kept talking the whole time even though I was trying to concentrate on getting food... which required a boatload of concentration apparently. The whole time I was there, wheeling my cart through the aisles, I was incredibly stressed out over a situation involving a lack of money. I think I was afraid I couldn't afford the groceries? Weird. I was hoping mom would feel sorry for me and pay for them. We passed through the bakery aisle, which is where the bulk of the dream took place. There were so many delicious looking things there! I eventually picked out these red velvet whoopie pies and placed them in the cart. But they were so good looking that I just popped open the box and started eating them there in the store. And oh my gosh, THEY WERE THE BEST WHOOPIE PIES EVER. They were so soft that I just could not even. I just couldn't even, bro! But yeah, they were so soft that it was hard to pick them up, I'd grab one and it would break into four pieces and so I'd just eat that one piece. Somewhere along the way, I grabbed a food that I can't remember now, but it looked weird so I thought it had gone bad. There was a string hanging out of it, so I pulled on the string and it slowly came out. But it was super long! It kept coming and coming and we were both so amazed and grossed out by how long this string was. After it was out, it was all slimy and gross so I threw it on the ground.

      I either woke up in this room or walked into it, but there were CSI guys wandering around everywhere and two bodies surrounded by police tape. When I walked in/woke up, friggin Sara Sidle from CSI came over to me and was annoyed that I hadn't gotten there earlier. Apparently I was part of the CSI team and didn't realize it, but then it hit me and I remembered that I was. We went to look at the bodies and she told me they'd just gotten married. Poor couple. So I was helping out, taking photos, dusting for prints, and such. At one point, Sara came up to me with what looked like a handheld mat cutter, minus the razor, and told me that they'd failed to get the prints off it, but it was the most important piece of evidence so she wanted me to take it to get retested. So I took it, but then I freaked out because I'd touched it without wearing gloves. I took it to the prints lab, which was Wendy who was the prints girl from the show. I was stuttering and embarrassed that I'd touched the evidence without gloves, and she was slightly annoyed but okay with it. She said she'd just rule out my prints.

      I was hanging out at the Kame House (I think it was anyway, since some of the Z Fighters were there) and we were all anxious because something bad was going to happen. Like a bad guy was going to show up or something. I remember definitely Krillin, Master Roshi, and Piccolo were there. When night came, we all came to the consensus that Piccolo would stand watch, since he's always standing around staring off at nothing anyway. He was pretty disgruntled about it and wouldn't even speak, but he was okay with it. So we all went to sleep while he stood there. I think I was sleeping on either the floor or a futon, but we were all sleeping in the same room, and I had a super-comfy blanket and a calming skylight over me, and Piccolo would totally never steer us wrong so I felt pretty at ease. The next morning we woke up and whatever bad thing we thought would happen wound up happening (Ugh, I wish I could remember what the thing was...) and we were shocked as hell that Piccolo hadn't been able to stop it, or at least woken us up. What a dick.
    6. The body part peddler, paralysis aliens, and the gnashing of teeth

      by , 01-02-2014 at 04:59 PM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      (I haven't actually updated this journal for a few months, mainly because I fell back into my old ways of writing in a paper journal even though I promised myself I would stick to online journaling due to the tag and search features that I love. So here's my new year's resolution, to put down my notebook and use the internet I'm going to upload a few memorable dreams and my lucid dreams in the next few entries, just to have a bridge between the last few months and now. They won't be in any particular order since I didn't date them, I'll just label those entries as (undated older dreams #).)

      (undated older dreams 1)

      I was at a store with mom, and we found an area with lots of glass trinket cases that had neat items in them. The whole area was very pink and girly but I really liked the items there. There was a case with anime trinkets in it, mostly Hello Kitty and Pokemon, and a bunch of Team Rocket figures caught my eye. One of them I remember vividly was a figure of Jesse but she had the hair of Nurse Joy, and I thought it must be some kind of error and might be worth a lot of money, but then I saw this awesome as hell cat figure I just had to have. I picked it up and turned around to show it to mom, but she was nowhere to be found, so I put the figure down and debated whether or not I should stay there looking at figures waiting for her or if I should just leave to go find her. Eventually I decide to leave because there's this awkward tension between me and the salesperson and I got the feeling he thought I was trying to steal something since I was just loitering around. Eventually I ran into mom, and she told me to go get the cat thing, but on the way back to the case I passed by a giant RV sitting right in the middle of the store and get sidetracked by it. Going inside the RV, I noticed there were lots of small blinking red lights all over the floor, and whenever I picked one up it would make rude comments at me. There was a strange sound coming from the bathtub, but before I could check it out mom and grandma showed up at the door all freaked out and told me to drop the lights and leave the RV quickly. There was this feeling of absolute terror and I ran back out into the store, and froze when I saw this man sitting in an aisle with a blanket laid out in front of him. He had a human head in his hands and was cutting it up and laying it out piece by piece on the blanket and labeling the pieces with prices. He had parts like the eyelids and lips and bits of brain laid out and they were all blackish green with decay. As soon as I saw it I woke up feeling like I was going to vomit.

      A lucid dream where I was sitting at a computer, and when I looked at my hands I noticed they looked strange and became lucid. As soon as lucidity hit, the whole dream froze like a paused DVD and I was unable to move. It faded until everything dissipated and I was floating alone in pitch black nothingness, so I willed myself to float upwards in an attempt to find something, but then my head started tingling like it does when I go into sleep paralysis, and I stop going upwards and start involuntarily spinning around in circles.

      Not sure if this is related to the last one, but at some point I was laying in bed and stuck in sleep paralysis, and when I opened my eyes I saw a grey alien standing at the foot of my bed out of the corner of my eye. Instead of looking at it, I closed my eyes and tried to ignore it and push myself into a lucid dream, but then I heard this horrible noise coming less than an inch away from my right ear. It sounded like someone pigging out on food making an OM NOM NOM sound with their teeth, but it had this unnerving evil quality to it that kinda freaked me out. As soon as it stopped I had this small dream where I saw a clear blue sky, but then it darkened to night and a red moon appeared, and a shadow of some kind of monster flew across it.
    7. Angry bigfoot, dirty bathrooms, and a fuzzy lucid dream

      by , 10-12-2013 at 05:45 PM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      A lucid dream where at first everything was fuzzy and I thought I was laying in bed imagining things, but then the dream became more vivid and I realized I was actually in a dream. I rubbed my hands together in an attempt to stabilize it better, which worked. I was standing in a hallway leading to a big library, with checkered floors. There were many levels to the library, and an inclined hallway attached each story to the last one. I tried summoning Afiel, using expectation instead of intent, since just having intentions never worked so well, and called out for him. I tried telling myself that he would be around a corner and then I would round the corner, but nothing happened. As I continued climbing up hallways calling out Afiel's name like a crazy person, I began to notice random dream characters shambling about the library, and I got self-conscious because I didn't want to make a fool of myself in front of them. I realized I couldn't control my surroundings because I was too focused on the other people in the library, and thus couldn't summon Afiel, my social anxiety was bothering me even in the dream! I told myself "Okay, you know, these people aren't real, just go around and say hello to all of them..." so I wandered through the bookshelves saying hello to everyone I saw, and everyone smiled and said hello back. I passed by one woman with black hair, crouched down looking at books on the bottom shelf, who gave me a strange look when I said hello. I bent down next to her and asked what was wrong, and she said "Are you wearing perfume?", and I was confused for a moment until I realized I was wearing my plumeria body lotion. I told her I had that on, and she replied "I smell vanilla on you, not plumeria." and I told her that maybe vanilla was an ingredient in the lotion or something, and she got all huffy and said she was allergic, so I just walked away confused. More happened, but this dream happened near the beginning of my sleep so most of it is fuzzy.

      I was undercover (or maybe a new transfer student or something?) at a school, and the lunchroom was outdoors. All the lunch tables were set up outside the school next to a giant old wooden deck. The deck was roped off because it was rotting and dangerous, and just touching it could cause it to collapse, but for some reason I really wanted to go stand on it. I remember thinking something weird was going on with the lunchroom food, so I would give the students a survey to take asking about their food and I got my own and analyzed it. I was starting to uncover some kind of secret but then they kicked me out. I also remember at some point going into the school bathroom, but it was gigantic and had dozens of rooms with hundreds of bathroom stalls, and also lots of bathtubs in-between some of the stalls. I wandered around the rooms trying to find a clean stall but they were all dirty, and I wondered what kind of person would take a bath in one of these tubs in such a dirty bathroom.

      Cory and I were at a grocery store in the produce aisle looking at potatoes and yams. It was a very high-end store because there were personal concierges in the aisles that told customers all about different foods and recommended things. Our concierge was showing us these exotic potatoes that looked like onions that had been cut into slices. She showed us green ones and red ones, and we didn't really want any of them, but I felt guilty having listened to her talk about them for so long only to not buy one, so I asked which one I should get. She said "Get whichever you think is healthiest." and for some reason I decided the green one was the healthiest so I put that in our cart. Then I noticed a poster on the wall talking about a gun auction and forest scavenger hunt, and she said that the owner of the store was auctioning off all his historical guns, but when I asked where in the store it was happening she informed us it would only take place online. Then I asked about the scavenger hunt, thinking I do geocaching so it might be fun to go, and she said it was taking place outside in the woods right now. Cory didn't want to go because he wanted to keep shopping, so I went into the woods alone. As soon as I went in, the dream shifted from first-person mode to a third-person perspective about six feet above my head. I found the group, and they paired me with another guy, saying nobody could go into the woods alone due to bigfoot sightings. My teammate and I searched through the woods together, but he had a rifle which made me nervous. I asked him why he needed a gun, and he said it was for protection against the bigfoot. I was bothered by that because I didn't want to kill a bigfoot, but he insisted they were dangerous. As we kept walking, suddenly I heard a gunshot and then we turned around and saw a big white bigfoot running right by us. I screamed, and he shot it, causing it to stop running and turn its attention to us. I was pissed that my teammate had shot it for no reason, plus the bullets didn't seem to do anything, and now we had an angry bigfoot coming at us. I freaked out and fainted. When I came to, the bigfoot was chained to a tree with some kind of heavy leash, and my teammate was throwing rocks at it. I told him to stop hurting it, and he turned around to look at me, causing him to drop his guard and the chained bigfoot grabbed him. It threw him against the ground over and over and then ripped a big strip of flesh off of his leg and ate it. I ran away screaming and flailing my arms about everywhere.
    8. Shopping at a bookstore, and Cas in the lunchroom

      by , 10-06-2013 at 10:28 AM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      I was in the lunchroom with some friends, and Cas from Supernatural joined us. We were all trying to play it cool, but silently freaked out among ourselves and fawned over his adorableness as he sat down and tried to figure out how lunchrooms work. I got up to get a drink, and when I came back to the table, he was gone. One of my friends, Sarah I think, got his phone number, and we kept calling it to hear his weird voice-mail greeting. But when I tried to enter his number into my contacts, my phone's auto-correct kept changing his name and wouldn't let me fix it, so I wasn't able to save his number. We left the lunchroom and went to class, and I sat down at a desk near the back. The teacher gave us some kind of math quiz, that had word questions about how long it took to travel from one place to another place. The questions were worded like "A plane leaves Las Vegas at 5pm and arrives in New York at 9pm, how long did it take to get there?" which is obviously easy to answer, but the teacher demanded we answer the questions a certain way that involved looking up the distance between the two cities and the average speed of the airplane and using that to find the answer instead of just counting the hours between 5 and 9. I was upset and I thought I failed the quiz because I didn't understand his confusing way to answer.

      Cory and I went shopping at a bookstore. He was off in the sci-fi section, and I wandered into the new age aisle and was looking at the tarot decks they had for sale. I don't remember what happened after that, but later we were both out on a porch that was covered in vines, and we were watching episodes of King of the Hill. The TV we were watching was interactive, and it would occasionally pause and show a black screen with white text. It would ask what we would like to see happen in the episode next, and give us multiple choices.
    9. A terrifying book, and working at a grocery store

      by , 09-30-2013 at 10:04 PM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      Cory and I were shopping in the clothes section of a store, when I saw this weird monster hovering to and fro between the clothes racks. It made me think of Lovecraftian monsters, because it had lots of tentacles and a head that looked sort of like an aquatic triceratops. Cory didn't notice it wandering around, so I followed behind it to try to figure out what it was doing here. As it moved around, it dropped a book, and after a while it vanished. I picked up the book, but I couldn't get it to open. The front was covered in a grainy wood texture and it looked very old, and when I showed it to a nearby shopper, he screamed and spoiled his pants. It kinda freaked me out but at the same time was a little funny, that whenever I showed the book to someone, they would all get completely terrified and soil their pants. I figured the book had some kind of monstrous aura but it did not affect me because I was the one holding it. I hid the book in my bag so nobody else would see it and freak out, and then Cory and I left the store and went to a gas station to get some sodas. We were going on a trip that involved a train, so we wanted to bring some drinks with us. We arrived at the train station just in time to board and took a seat near the back. I put my bag with the creepy book in it under my seat and opened my soda, but when I took a drink of it, it was very gross and had a slimy consistency so I threw it out. After the train started moving, Cory fell asleep, as did many of the passengers, but there were still a few of us awake when the train took a very sharp curve and caused the terror book to fall out of my bag and slide across the floor. I tried to grab it but it slid out of my reach. As it slid forward, I could hear random people screaming.

      I had a job as a cashier at a high-end grocery store and, even though it wasn't my first day on the job, I was still pretty new. I got behind the register and two old ladies immediately walked to my line. They didn't have a lot of groceries, just a few cuts of meat and some paper towels, but for some reason my register was acting up and wouldn't let me input my employee number and password. I kept fiddling with the screen, trying to get to the log-in screen, but it was taking forever. Fortunately, the ladies were nice and said they actually forgot something they needed so they left their groceries on the belt and went back into the aisles. I finally got it working, but the ladies were still gone, and an old Asian man came through the line and waited, not sure if he should go forward or wait for whoever the meat and towels belonged to. I ushered him forward and checked him out around the ladies' groceries, and soon they came back. We hit another road block when I tried to scan their paper towels but couldn't find a bar code on them. They told me the towels were 37 cents each, which seemed pretty low, but I'd already made them wait so I just took their word for it. After I finished with them, I went on my lunch break, so I walked over to the deli/butcher area to get a sandwich. I was friends with the girl behind the deli counter, she had two brown ponytails on the sides of her head and one of those little hats butchers always wear. When I got there, she got excited and pointed to a spot in the meat display case near the bottom. There was a cute black and white kitten curled up and sleeping on an empty spot on the case. I suggested she make a sign saying "Cat 3.99/lb" and put it next to the sleeping kitten, and she laughed and agreed but before she could the kitten woke up and walked away. I ordered a sandwich made with bratwurst, and as I started towards the break room I saw Cory walking up to the deli. I ran up behind him and stuck the bratwurst sandwich in his face, but instead of jumping scared he just took a bite of it. I asked him what he was doing here, and he said "I need to buy some spices for dinner tonight." He wheeled a cart up to the deli and started ordering bags of the spices on display on the wall shelves. He piled bags of expensive high-end spices and dried herbs into the cart until it was full, and I was concerned we didn't have the money to buy a cart full of spices. He seemed okay with it though.

      Something involving Monster High or Bratz dolls. There were three sets of three dolls each, and each set had the same three dolls only they were a different size. There was a set of small ones the size of regular action figures, a set of normal sized ones, and then a set of very tall ones about the size of a 60cm BJD. I think I gave them to somebody as a gift?
    10. The vegetarian NFL player, and a boatload of Hot Wheels

      by , 09-29-2013 at 07:42 PM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      I had tickets to an NFL game, I think it was the Broncos/Eagles because of the colors of their uniforms but I'm not sure. I didn't have a car so I had to walk to the game, and I realized I was late and I would never make it in time. I was walking down a single road in the middle of the desert with nothing around for miles, but then I saw a sign on the side of the road that said "Helicopter Stop" and one of the Broncos players was standing there waiting. I asked him what he was doing and he said this was where the helicopter stops to pick up people to bring to the stadium, and that he was late so the helicopter would get him there faster. I stood there waiting with him since I was also late. As we waited, he pointed off at a billboard for Bojangle's advertising meatless chicken nuggets, and he said he was a vegetarian and started to tell me how most of the players on his team were also vegetarians and how the other teams always made fun of them. I reached into my backpack and pulled out a bag of the meatless chicken nuggets and we tried them together. Neither of us could tell that they weren't made of real meat. The helicopter finally arrived and was unable to land for some reason, so it dropped down a ladder to us that we had to climb up. Once we were seated, I noticed that there were a few Eagles players sitting across from us, and the woman driving the chopper was a crazy-looking person with frizzy hair who had a big oven in the front by the controls. She was cooking a whole turkey in the oven and it smelled delicious. The Eagles players started making fun of the Broncos guy for being a vegetarian, so I had a great idea. I pulled out the meatless chicken nuggets and gave them to the Eagles guys and told them they were regular chicken, then when they ate them and commented on how delicious they were, Broncos guy and I laughed and told them they were vegan nuggets and they were made of tofu! Then the Eagles felt bad for making fun of Broncos guy because they didn't realize that tofu tasted good. The woman driving the chopper screamed and said that the smell of our chicken food was causing her turkey to not cook right, and she reached into the oven and attempted to save the turkey, but she'd let go of the controls to do so and we all went crashing into the ground.

      I was digging through a bunch of my old boxes from when I was a kid, and found a box of Beanie Babies. I got all excited because I remembered how much I loved them and they brought back a lot of memories, like going to McDonald's more times than I should have to get the mini Beanies. As I dug further I found a collection of Hot Wheels cars, and was surprised because I don't remember ever collecting Hot Wheels. There were some still in the packaging, and some weird ones that were very tiny, so I looked them all up online to see how much they were worth. After looking them up, I decided to keep them and to add to my collection, so I went to Target to buy some Hot Wheels cars. When I got there, a guy standing near the toy section told me I wouldn't find any there because all Target had were Matchbox cars and that I should go to Toys-R-Us, so I went there instead and bought a cart full of Hot Wheels cars. I went home that day with about two hundred new car toys.

      A dream I don't remember anything about, just that I was in a forest dashing between some trees, and then later I climbed a huge spiral staircase with ornate columns all along it.
    11. Qur'ans at an antique mall

      by , 09-21-2013 at 04:23 PM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      (This is from September 15.)

      I was shopping at some kind of flea market / antique mall. I walked through the various booths with Cory and saw some interesting things, like some very tiny props used for a dollhouse or something. There was a mini table with a mini stick of butter and sliced loaf of bread and other foods. It really struck me because it was so realistic looking even though it was tiny. They were in a glass case with some other things, and I wondered if they were big enough to use as props for my BJD Ian, but Cory said they were too small. There was also a tiny piano the size of a finger and it was playable. As we walked around the booths, we wound up outside some doors to the next area of the market. There were tons of people sitting around waiting to be let through the doors, but they were only letting in five people at a time. They had a TV set up for people to watch while they waited. The whole area was very rustic looking with wooden walls and lots of old advertising signs all hung up. We finally got to the front of the line and the people letting others through the doors were my old friends from middle school! I saw Jessica ushering people through. When it was our turn they let Cory through but he was number five, so we were separated. I went through after a while and couldn't find him, so I went to the book area and looked at the old religion books. I found an awesome book on rituals for Egyptian gods and got that, then I saw a huge section of nothing but copies of the Qur'an and I thought I would find a nice one since I've never read it before. As I was looking, this guy came over and looked through them with me. I asked what would be a good translation and he kept pointing to different things but not speaking so I thought he was a mute. I found a really nice one and put that with my Egyptian book and another book that was red but I don't remember what it was about. Then Cory found me and asked if I was ready to go, so I gathered them and headed out. As I walked away, the guy I thought was mute said goodbye to me and I was surprised.
    12. Piles of meat, the wooden walkway, and an embarrassing attempt at lucid control

      by , 09-05-2013 at 01:57 AM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      (This is from September 1.)

      I decided to go shopping at a new grocery store, but the front door was closed, so I took a shopping cart and went in through the cart area where they have those big plastic flaps employees push carts through. The first thing I saw was a big display with lots of holiday candy, mostly Christmas and Valentine's Day candies, then I passed through this huge open section that was almost the size of a regular grocery store itself. It was nothing but meat, lots of different kinds of meat, different cuts and stuff, all piled up on counters all the way around the walls. Some of the meat piles were almost as high as me. I remember being both fascinated and creeped out at the same time.

      I was debating on taking a plane ride to Indiana. The people I was going with were taking the plane, but I determined that it was only 200 miles away, and that I might beat them there if I take my car since they'd have to wait for the plane and all. When I got there, I walked out onto a long wooden walkway that snaked around a building and jutted out over a big waterfall and some dangerous rapids. Also on the walkway was a little girl who stood with a creepy old man, and I remember thinking the guy was totally a pedophile but the girl seemed okay so I ignored him. I talked to the girl about some things and she giggled a lot, but later I found out the girl had died and most likely was killed, and I just knew it was that creepy old guy's fault. I slipped and fell down on the walkway, and when I looked up I saw a huge spider in a web on my left and a huge yellow butterfly on my right. I was almost too terrified to move because I didn't want to upset either of the bugs but someone I slowly got to my feet and went into the building the walkway was attached to. Inside was a long hallway and lots of different rooms, and they were labelled based on what was taking place inside of the room, like for instance one was labelled SAT Room and people were taking the SAT test in there. I went into a room with a haircut label and the lady there said I had to get my hair cut if I wanted to be a part of their building. So I sat down and she cut my hair, but I kept hearing her say "Oops!" and I was upset that my hair would look crappy.

      I had a lucid dream that began with me standing in the dining room of a house. It was decorated very southern and was quaint. Nothing was really happening except me standing there, so it gave me time to think about where I was, and I didn't know. So I performed a reality check, the palm test, but it failed and my finger did not go through my palm. Still it felt like something wasn't right, so I did another reality check by holding my nose and trying to breathe through it anyway. It worked, and I was still able to breath, and that's when I realized I was dreaming! As soon as I became lucid, the scene started to fizzle out, like an old TV screen when you hit the antenna, so I rubbed my hands together and spun around a few times and the scene restablized. At that point, I was super excited because it's rare that I have complete control of my actions in a lucid dream, and I immediately go to the front door of the house and try to open it. However, when I opened it, there was another door behind it, and another, and another, and it was just endless doors all the way. So I went to try a closet door and it also gave me nothing but endless doors. I was really annoyed at this turn of events because I didn't want to be stuck in a quaint country house when I could go out and do fun lucid things, so I stared really hard at the front door and willed all my concentration on it. I had a vision of myself opening the door and emerging on the other side in a heavenly realm as nothing but pure light energy, so I took that as a sign to try opening the door. Sure enough, the door opened, but just to the front porch rather than the nice Heaven I'd envisioned. Out on the porch I was overlooking an old farmer's field covered in snow, with a few trees growing here and there. It looked a bit like the backyard of my grandmother's trailer. I got really excited again and jumped off the porch, intending to fly away, but instead of flying I drifted to the ground like a leaf. Another failure! I lay there, face down in the snow, concentrating on willing myself airborne, and after about a minute or so I began to hover about an inch off the ground. I continued hovering, kind of wobbling precariously in various directions like that American flying saucer prototype in that one old video, but the dream fell apart before I could really get my flight aspirations going.
    13. UFOs on a building, and two competitions

      by , 08-30-2013 at 07:15 PM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      (I haven't been online in a while so I'm going to write a few entries today summarizing the dreams from the past few days. I normally write them in fragments on my iPhone's notepad, and then use that note later to bring back details when I write here. Since it's been a few days I'm not sure how much detail I can remember! This one is from August 27.)

      It was early morning and I was getting ready for school. Mom was going to take both me and my brother, but he wouldn't wake up and get ready, so I was afraid I was going to be late because we were waiting on him. I went into the bathroom and saw blood gushing out of my leg, but for some reason I wasn't worried about bleeding as much as I was worried about getting blood on my clothes, so I took some cotton and bandages and wrapped my leg up to stop the bleeding. Then I asked mom to force Jonathan to wake up so I could get to school, because I wanted to get there before my bandage soaked through so nobody could see I was bleeding, and also so I could get thicker ones at the nurse's office to completely stop the blood flow. Mom refused to leave until he was ready to go as well, so I begged dad to take me to school instead and he also refused.

      I was driving down the road to a grocery store. The road went through a big city so I passed by lots of skyscrapers and under bridges and such, and then wound up driving next to a railroad track. As I continued I drove close to a big building that looked like a courthouse or something, and up above it I saw a flying saucer hovering! I stopped in a panic and watched it, and it would just hover up and down. Every so often it would turn sideways and that's when a beam came out and pulled up a random person, so whenever I saw the UFO turn sideways I would duck in my car so it wouldn't see me. I eventually continued on and came to the grocery, which looked a bit like a Whole Foods. I went in, and found myself wandering into the back stockroom because I noticed lots of people going into there who weren't employees. In the stockroom, the huge floor had been completely cleared, and everyone was standing in a big circle around a mat with a boombox and some dancers. It was some kind of dancing competition, and the people in the middle were really good. I stood in the circle and felt really shy, because everyone else was dancing along but I was afraid to. Then I saw Jenny and Nifty, and they came over to stay next to me and I felt less shy and began to dance along too. Nifty saw me dancing and was all "Daaaang, you're not that bad!" and wound up pushing me into the center of the competition, but I didn't freak out and instead felt really happy and had lots of fun. After a while, Jenny and I ducked out and went back into the front store area and bought some drinks and groceries for ourselves. When we got to the cashier, she started bagging our stuff in a weird way like putting heavy things on top of eggs and bread and crushing them. So I asked her not to do that and she glared at me, called me a bitch, and threatened to hit me! I would've had some choice words for her, but Jenny was right there and I didn't want to cuss in front of a little kid, so instead I said that I was going to inform the manager and then the cashier suddenly became nice and sweet. After that, we left and I drove Jenny home. On the way I drove by the flying saucer on the courthouse and told Jenny about it. We were both scared and kept ducking whenever it turned on its side. We watched as it kept abducting people and then we eventually drove off terrified.

      There was a big open grassy field with lots of animals hanging out. I was walking around the field, looking at all the animals. I saw lots of wild dogs, and a bobcat sleeping on a big piece of cotton. All of the animals, even though they were wild, did not object to having me pet them, so I hung out there and just pet animals. It was very calming. As I stood there, this non-wild dog came walking up to me. It had on a weird pink and blue pastel outfit made of silk, and it walked away so I followed it. It led me into a cave where lots of people were standing around watching a competition. In the cave, there was a big stone bridge covered in green slippery stuff going across a pool of murky water. People would take turns trying to cross the bridge without falling in, and the winner would get money. I thought about trying it, but then I saw another guy try it, and halfway through they opened a big circular cage that was filled with huge yellow moths, and the moths flew at the guy and threw him off balance. I decided against it since I'm scared of moths. Then they released a wolf at the guy, but the wolf was actually friendly and was just there to freak the guy out.
    14. Mourning the angels, and an after-school storm

      by , 08-23-2013 at 12:11 PM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      (Note: These dreams were from yesterday, but I spent most of the day on the road antiquing, so I only had the time to write it up on my iPhone, so pretend the date is the 22nd here!)
      Cory and I were sitting next to each other on an airplane at night. Most of the people on board were asleep, so the lights were dimmed. I was clutching a big puffy pillow and crying because I'd heard that a bunch of angels had died, but Cory didn't believe in angels so he thought I was being dumb and crying over nothing, which made me feel even worse. When we landed I decided to get my mind off it by working on a project, so I bought some supplies and started to build a model city. I remember sitting on the bed in the guest room of my grandmother's old trailer and fiddling with the parts. Then Cory came in with these cool mini lanterns that I realized I could put inside my model skyscrapers to make it look like their windows were lit up. It made me all excited and I told him my idea but he got mad at me because that was the reason he bought them and he thought I was taking credit for his idea. So I got stressed and started crying again. Soon after, mom came in the room with a computer and sat down next to me. She asked if I wanted to rent a movie so we looked at the Target website, which strangely enough had movies to rent, to find a movie since I knew that would cheer me up. I saw a list of old Disney animated movies like Alice in Wonderland and Sleeping Beauty, as well as DVD sets of Cartoon Network shows from ten-ish years ago like Dexter's Laboratory and Cow & Chicken. There was also a random DVD in the list called 'The Alabama Voices' that I recalled seeing at the store earlier that day when I went to buy my supplies. For some reason, whenever someone said the name of the movie, they had to sing it to the tune of 'The Neverending Story'. As we browsed the DVDs, I found out more angels had died so I had to excuse myself to go mourn some more, but Cory got pissed again thinking I was crying over nothing, which made things worse so I don't understand why he kept getting mad over it. Mom seemed to believe me though.

      I was on a large college campus and classes had just let out, but it was raining too hard for me to walk to my car since I'd parked way up the road. I tried walking the distance at first, but as soon as I got to a fork in the road where I had to turn right to get to my car, the wind started to pick up so I ran to take shelter in the nearest building. I remember feeling scared that the building would blow away easily if a tornado came through, because it was such a small building. While I stood there watching the rain out of the hallway windows, a teacher walked by and said hello, but then went right outside and braved the winds. I thought he was crazy. Then I noticed that all the skin around my jawline where I normally shave felt really tight, so I felt it and realized it was all peely and gross like a super bad sunburn. I reasoned it must have been due to me getting rained on and not wiping the rain off before it dried, because the rain was very toxic in this area. I started freaking out and felt the need to get to a bathroom to fix my face. Unfortunately, there was no bathroom in that building so I ran out and made a mad dash for the next closest building (which was one of the main student halls that had lots of lockers everywhere). There was a bathroom there so I felt incredibly relieved.
    15. The end of a Seinfeld episode, wilderness survival, and grocery store freezers

      by , 08-15-2013 at 11:24 AM (Mouka's Mind Palace)
      I was sitting in a plane near the back, and I turned around and saw Jerry Seinfeld and his friends sitting in the very last row near the rear exit. As the plane started down the runway, he was making jokes about how the last row was where terrorists and murderers sit, and everyone around him was laughing. Suddenly the door to the rear exit started swinging open, and Jerry noticed it right away and did that silly shout he always does in the show as he jumped out of his seat and raced to catch the door and close it before the plane got airborne. My dream ended right as he reached the door. I saw the plane from the outside and it was like, halfway on the runway and halfway in the air with Jerry's arms hanging out the door when the scene froze and started showing Seinfeld end credits and playing that little concluding riff.

      There was some sort of competition between me and someone else involving surviving in the wilderness. I was sitting near a campfire with some guy I'd hired to help me survive to give me the edge in the competition, but the guy was annoyed because things weren't going to plan and all the huntable animals that were supposed to be in the area were gone. The wilderness we were in was very beautiful, though. It was a large grassland with small amounts of trees and lots and lots of lakes, but it wasn't wet and marshy like areas with lots of small lakes usually are. There was a mountain range in the distance that spanned the entire horizon, and opposite of that the grasslands ended and dropped off down steep cliffs with no bottom. I think the person I was in competition with was either a ninja or a pirate, but he rode around on a big griffon so that gave him an advantage. He kept flying by and belittling me.

      Some vague dream about a father and daughter sitting in the den, and the mother comes in and they talk about something. I remember the mother saying "That's why I had the fireplace put in." and the daughter and father were all surprised and weirded out by that for some reason.

      I was in a grocery store, going up and down the aisles pushing a shopping cart. It was a very industrial-looking grocery store in that it looked more like a Home Depot except with food on the shelves. I got a few cleaning supplies that I can remember vividly. There were these huge mechanical aisles that were all pushed together in one massive block, and as I walked by them they automatically separated into actual aisles you could walk down and they were all frozen foods aisles. I thought that was very neat that they came together and broke apart like that and thinking it was very energy-efficient to keep the cold air in, even though the energy used to move the aisles was probably more than the cooling. As I walked up and down the frozen foods aisles, I saw that one of the freezer doors was actually a regular door that led into a building that was a labyrinth of even more freezer shelves except it was almost completely pitch black and I could barely make out the doors and the floor. I kept opening the doors but all the freezer shelves in that building were empty and had ice accumulating on the glass. As I tried to make my way through the labyrinth, I kept getting text messages from my ex-girlfriend I haven't seen in like eight years. They were weird one word text messages of random words, and she sent them super-fast, like I was getting a text every tenth of a second. I kept trying to text back but I couldn't keep up with her typing speed. When I got to the end of the labyrinth there was a dark room with some neon LED lights around and it was like a little lounge. I saw a lizard in a big terrarium and a door that led me back into the main grocery store. I was relieved to finally get out of the dark place and when I left there I stopped getting the texts so fast.