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    1. 00:00 Tuesday 2013-12-17 comp #16 night #5 LD #11, kiss induced lucid dream

      by , 12-17-2013 at 02:52 PM
      00:00 Tuesday 2013-12-17 comp #16 night #5 LD #11

      00:27 bedtime


      F1) using the metro as dream transportation

      F2) something about a store

      04:16 awake, no recall?


      1) on a commuter train, sitting on a bench along the wall of the train with my back to the wall, the train track goes over a sudden abrupt quick rise/bump, and I'm thrown up out of my seat several feet, I grab on to some straps, I barely avoid flying out of the open roof of the train car. I say "oh man I should put on my seat belt." There are some other guys with me they all have their seat belts on. I imagine there would have been a news story about a man who flew out of the open roof of the train and died. Train was going pretty fast. It's dangerous to be sitting on an open roofed train without your seat belt.

      Arrive at a train station, I'm trying to get from the upper platform to the lower platform where there appears to be a train leaving and I need to get down to see if it's my train or not so I can get to where I'm going, the train is about to leave. I'm standing above the roof of the platform where the train is, I hop down onto that roof, walk to the other edge of the roof and flip down to the ground very gracefully. Some women come out from ticket offices and say you can't do that you're supposed to take the shuttle bus from the top of the hill down to the bottom. I look up the hill and see this bus, but there's one problem: the bus doesn't go from the top to the bottom, only from the bottom to the top. I say that's pretty stupid.

      2) With my wife going somewhere, we walk into a small cluster of very close-growing trees, there's a very small clearing in between them. We have a huge pile of skis and poles with us and we drop them all on to the ground. There are red skis, and blue skis. We need to get going somewhere, so I pick up a huge pile of these skis and poles into my arms, I get one of the red ones, and one of the blue ones, my wife will get the rest, I take them outside and lean them up against a fence. My wife brings hers out and leans them up together. It turns out this fence is the entrance to a restaurant and they're annoyed about our stuff being there I tell them we'll be moving it soon.

      3) I'm in an open restaurant / bar playing a video game. It is a two-person game table where you sit down on opposite sides of the table to play. The game surface screen is hemispherical protruding upwards. The game is like an advanced version of Pong, where each player's mallet/racket is a sphere, and the "ball" is a sphere as well, it's a 3D game, all spheres the same size. I'm playing this game solo, so I set up the opponent's racket in the middle of its goal. I'm playing, hitting the ball back with my mallet back and forth several times. There are special powers buttons you can press to make the ball to things like speed up or curve around, I use these. I think how embarrassing it would be to lose a point against my non-existent opponent. I'm playing and scoring. A guy comes up and watches me, he puts a coin down on the game to reserve the next play. I do well and keep going and get more credits, he's pissed and starts leaving, he says something. I'm mad at him but I decide to be a good guy so I leave the game for him to play. "OK I was going to play again but I'm going now." Then I turn around and flip him a double-handed bird (middle finger extended) right into his face.

      I'm walking away through the tables in this area, and all of a sudden I look down and see my bag is gone! I figure it must have been lifted off of me by that annoying guy back at the game. I'm in shock, my passport's in there. I look down and see my stomach/pants and no bag is there. I walk back through the tables to get back to the video game place, there's a table where I was sitting previously with people, I see a bag slung over a chair and grab at it to take a look, it turns out it's not my bag. I find a little black boy and grab him and shake him around, I know he's the one who took my bag. I reach into my pocket and find my keys there, so I know he's given me my keys back, I think "OK I have my keys now I need my bag with my passport."

      The boy walks back to a couch and I follow, he lifts the cushion off the couch I imagine my bag is hidden underneath. Then I think I should give this boy something of some value, but I don't want to give him something from my wallet. Another guy appears with me and we're talking about and presenting souvenir coins made from ancient coins like ancient Roman coins but they're obviously tourist adaptations. I show them to the boy, here's one, here's another, I see these coins. I have a toy silver matchbox jeep with no wheels, and I say "this was used in the war," the kid's happy about this.

      The boy is doing all this because he wants to build a software industry in Egypt, he has a great idea about eliminating copy protection, and he wants me to write some big software to eliminate copy protection, it will be a big change to the industry.

      05:26 BTB

      Do some SSILD, carefully, gently, taking care to hold on to the relaxation routine feeling at the same time so as not to become too alert. After just a few cycles I feel a strong circular rocking body motion begin. I wonder if I'll be able to jump right into a WILD. The rocking subsides however, and a motionless RC shows I'm awake, so I drop the SSILD and just fall asleep.

      07:42 LD #11

      4) going uphill on a great river/aqueduct, about 50 yards wide, beautiful blue water at one point, the gradient is pretty steep, 30 degrees or so. I'm watching all the boats going uphill against the flow of water. I'm on a large commuting boat on the right hand side (facing uphill) since the left hand side is too shallow for such a bit boat. I see a guy in the water riding a motorcycle/boat towing a black couch. I'm amazed at this and point it out to my companions. Another guy joins him, also riding a motorcycle/boat, he's maneuvering a larger pontoon and pushing a large black net around the back of the couch-guy to pull him closer to the pontoon.

      We reach the top of the hill and are back on land. Running downhill the other side. There are large obstacles we're jumping over, like huge rolled up carpets several feet high. I'm concerned there could be dead bodies inside. There's an abandoned structure on the right with low windows, a guy I'm with says he doesn't like the look of that place, that stuff could have been put there by people who are dead.

      We're running down the hill and come upon about 3-4 black guys, I think when you come across people in the wild you have to position yourself like you're scarier than they are, you should brandish knives, crouch down, display these knives, and say something scary to face them down to show you're not scared of them.

      F3) woman hiking in the mountains on a trail. I wonder if you can get back on the ridge trail, does it get you back? She's navigating the switchbacks on the trail

      5) in a living room with two guys (they are maybe gay?) we have to go somewhere in San Francisco, I'm sitting on a couch, I don't want to go to SF, I need to get home, I say "as punishment OK let's then go to the Cliff House and have drinks." The other guys say that's a great idea. But I say "I really can't go because I'll get home late and in bad shape and my wife will kill me when she comes home because I haven't cleaned the house yet."

      6) standing in the bathroom of my childhood home looking out down the hallway, it's night, the lights are on in the hallway, and there appears in the middle of the hallway a beautiful young woman, she is smiling / beaming at me, she's dressed in pajamas.
      Spoiler for warning for slightly salacious content:
      My eyes are closed. I'm dreaming, I realize. "I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming," the kiss goes on for a few seconds more, then the dream fades to awake in bed. Tried to DEILD back in but was too awake.

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    2. 00:00 Wednesday 2013-11-27

      by , 11-27-2013 at 07:50 PM
      00:00 Wednesday 2013-11-27
      00:20 bedtime
      00:35 still up, getting relaxed.
      04:45 (garbled, only tiny fragment recalled in any case)
      Long time getting to sleep, argment over snoring, probably didn't get to sleep until 07:00
      1) Playing an old 1980's Control Data Corporation mainframe newtorked interactive multi-user space game called "Empire" (a real thing BTW). My view is filled with the screen showing my and the other ships flying around. I am very quickly pressing the key sequence that launches torpedoes and detonates enemy torpedos. I have a few dogfights with enemy ships. I think my O ship (smallest/weakest one in the game but fastest) has faster torpedoes than the other teams'. I make a kill against another ship. I am dodging enemy ships and fire frantically, constantly changing course. I then set course for a planet where I can fuel. I imagine approaching a huge space station (not in the game view any more).
      Inside the space station, the aftermath of a Jedi battle, I'm a jedi and we've taken over the world. A female jedi partner and I are meeting with the former rulers of a world we hve conquered. We're then in a hallway approaching a door where we will make a broadcast presentation to the world telling about our new rulership of this world. "Great time to not have any pants on" I think, noticing I have no pants. I try pulling down a short robe which I'm wearing, it seems to stretch down to the floor. I imagine walking down the corridor with the bottom of the robe wiping along the floor. There are some colorful patterns on the bottom of the robe. My female partner says I should just tuck in the robe to my (underwear?). She says "everyone in the world is watching this (presentation) except The Force." One of the former, vanquished rulers is approaching, I'm sitting down, I think he may try treachery and try to kill me in my bad position with a lightsaber as he walks past me, I imagine him trying a fast attack and I respond by blocking with my lightsaber. I don't like that guy.
      There is a presentation of an orchestrated fight sequence given by young children, about 3-4 of them diving and dodging and rolling around on mats.
      2) watching a merry-go-round, there are some women there I'm watching.
      stuck between a wooden fence and a building. The fence is like a ranch fence with side wooden boards and lots of space in between the boards. I can't get out, I don't fit somehow. Some woman says "don't worry just don't drink or eat and you'll get through." 3 women from the merry-go-round walk by.
      3) on the beach of a beautiful very bright turquoise blue ocean. Someone says "oh there's whales!" I hear whale-sound in the air, I want to hear it in the water so I lean down over a sandy bank and put my head into the water to listen. I see the flat side of the sandy land above my head. Someone (my cousin G) says "what are you doing, you can't swim there!" But I love it and I would love to swim there, I don't care. They become killer whales, a parent and child. In some large ship with many levels. The small killer whale is a monster with a face full of teeth, dark (purple?) colored. It's following and trying to get me. I'm trying to take a picture of the whales, I have an old-style flat, wide, and long instamatic camera.
      4) laying a table outside in some sort of garden for dinner. Inside there's a gathering. One narrator is a mostly naked, large white blonde-haired woman with extremely pale skin and super bright blue veins, turquoise, dark-blue-purple, all over her skin. I find it really nasty.
      There is a pit set into the floor of the room under a grating, with buckets at the bottom. They need to be emptied and cleaned. I need to pull them up, it's hard because it's about 10 feet deep I don't know how I'm going to get them up. Emptying and cleaning the buckets.
      F1) Caressing the arms and legs of some woman.
      5) There's a woman lying in bed with textured stockings on. I start peeling the stockings off (ripping them off in strips). She's in bed with her husband/boyfriend, she likes what I'm doing, but he wakes up and starts smacking me around, I protest and say that I'm just trying to fix a tear in the stockings.
    3. competition #15 night #5

      by , 10-23-2013 at 02:17 PM
      00:00 Tues 2013-10-22
      ~ 01:30 (?) bedtime
      1) Getting out of bed turning on the air conditioning. The A/C is a big grand piano with multiple covers not a single cover. I have to open one of the multiple flaps to get the A/C working. Wife can’t get cool she’s not comfortable. I feel the coolness of the A/C air and say “see, it’s cold, the A/C is working.” I or she says “it must be a cultural thing.”

      F1) Standing outside in a large area, a truck is approaching along a long road. Truck arrives and zips around in a wide open area, I try to catch it.

      F2) Receiving a medal.

      2) Staying in a cheap motel. Motel is typical rectangular upside-down-U-shaped structure built around a central parking lot on some street in some city, along a busy street full of strip-malls. I’m staying on the first floor in a room at the upper right “corner” of the upside-down U, right next to the manager’s office. There is a gate between the area outside my door and the parking lot. My room is shallow but extremely wide, easily 3-4 typical motel rooms wide. The room is full of my things, stacked all over the place, it’s like I’ve moved my entire home into this room. There’s a big bed. I’m running the A/C really high. The room is cold in the morning. I have a Playboy magazine on the table, I turn it facedown. I come outside and two guys come out of the manager’s office and approach me. Sort of Hispanic looking. We go into my room. They say “your A/C is on high it’s unbalancing the whole system, you can’t do that.” The owner of the motel is there, too. I’m shocked/outraged. I say “I’ve never in my entire life had anyone in a hotel tell me that I’m using too much A/C!” I then ask, “OK, then just what is the maximum allowed setting I’m allowed to use?” They don’t answer. We leave the room, go outside. I and one of the guys, a technician, head back into the room. He’s walking in front of me. We start jumping along the tops of progressively higher series of cement domes (mushroom shaped). We’re jumping on them like a side-scrolling video game. I’m making a sound effect of “hwip Hwip HWIP!” and “blblblblblbl-BEEP-BOOP!”, “huah Huah HUAH!” the guy copies me making these sounds, too. We reenter my room. The guy start digging through my magazines, turning them over face up and looking at the covers. I say “If you keep doing that you’re going to find an ‘interesting modern magazine.’”

      F3) with high school friends.

      06:19 17C in room, feels pretty cold. WILD attempt, alarm goes off in 1.5 hours from now.
      07:28 took a long time to relax my mind for sleep while anticipating the WILD. Eventually did and started seeing dreamlets. Wife was snoring. Time to get up now, make breakfast for family, WBTB.
      ~ 09:00 BTB. On the couch. Another WILD attempt.
      Dreamlets: people walking down a hill, a woman’s face, cars on a road. Felt close to making it in but didn’t. WILD attempt on back, ND came on left side. Eventually feel asleep into ND:

      3) Lying on some grass (parents’ house backyard? DS) with older son (as a 9-year-old boy) next to a big air mattress with a towel on top of it. Someone has stuck a twig through the towel into the air mattress (to keep the towel in place?). As soon as I approach I see the twig. I knew what the result would be. I pulled out the twig and all the air came out of the mattress. (WL, last night, the plug popped out of my air mattress while I was lying on it positioning for BTB). Next to son are two little girls on my right. On my left are an unknown older woman and man (couple). I ask son, “did you do it?” He said “no.” I turned to girls, asked “did you do it?” They didn’t answer they just looked at me with big eyes. The woman on my left commented how I was improperly interrogating the kids, called me something like “nazi.” I turn to talk to the woman, I say “I have every right to learn who ruined this very expensive air mattress!”. Her husband next to her stands up in a confrontational manner. I also stand up and step up to him, I’m not going to let him intimidate me. I step back a bit deciding a fight is not worth it, and I repeat, “I have every right to know, it is very reasonable.” The man and woman walk away. .

      4) How the story was written. A famous author is sitting triumphantly in a rocking chair on the top of a hill shouting out to the people below , “For the very first time in literature, the villain has made his appearance!” He is throwing rocks down the hill. I’m DO standing down the hill a little looking up at him. There is an emotional and triumphant finale presentation where the original actresses who acted a long time ago in the story appeared and was introduced. Each one had a special name. The first one was “Kea 2 Sea” and was wearing like a lunchbox-sized-and-shaped medallion on a chain around her neck, her name was inscribed on the front of the lunchbox inside a big heart. They all approached me to be recognized, I held up my foot straight out and they touched their lunchbox amulets to the bottom of my foot, and then they bowed to me. I was incredibly touched by this special moment. There were 4 or 5 of the actresses. There was an extra actor who was also there didn’t have a special name. He was there in case they needed another actor.

      F4) passing something through a small window to people in a room.
    4. competition #15 night #2, DILD #3!!!!!!!!!!!

      by , 10-19-2013 at 06:36 PM
      YES, LUCID! LucasPotter, thanks for passing some of that goodness my way just like I asked . Now this is more like it, dreams more bizarre / wild / wacky than last night. Got to bed 2 hours late, woke up for the final time 9 hours after bed. I went on a long fast jog/walk today to make sure I'm ready for lots of sleep tonight.

      legend: comments, normal dream, lucid dream

      00:00 Saturday 2013-10-19 (country)
      02:05 bedtime at last, way off schedule of 00:00, couldn't be helped, had to heat the place. With the long day including intense exercise Friday morning (swam 1km in 30 minutes), I'm falling unconscious on my feet.

      1) Whale friend, I'm holding on to him in the turbulent water, I don't want to get lost in the water. I'm scraping barnacles off of the whale with a knife, sometimes I mistake a tiny piece of the whale for a barnacle. The water is beautiful blue. The whale communicates to me a feeling of safety, he won't let me get lost in the ocean. I feel a great love for this whale. I'm looking all over the body for barnacles. I'm holding on to the whale's ear (!!).

      F1) I waited a long time for someone to arrive.

      F2) Playing guitar.

      2) Mother says "What's that red thing on your neck?" I look in mirror (face fuzzy), don't see anything at first, look again, then see a large red blue black swollen area under my right jaw. Some blue veins running through it. I'm looking in the mirror confused by this (DS). I look on my body and I see dozens of brown marks, and then snails, snails everywhere. I open my shirt and see more snails. They're arranged in lines on my body. I pluck each on of them off of me with a "pop" feeling and throw them to the ground. (WL, went to dermatologist).

      3) Video game in sister's old room in parent's house (DS) in liquid. JM (former work colleague) has constructed a video game system in my sister's room. The system contains liquid. It is not finished. He wants me to help him finish the system, to provide something. I don't want to do it, because I don't want him playing loud video games in my house. The system starts working and produces a deafening sound, everyone has to shout just to be heard. Some visitors arrive and are taking a tour of our house. They don't approve of the loud sounds. I take them into my old room where it's quiet to show them around. They like this much better. "That's much more like it" they say. There are two men and a women. One of the men is freakishly tall, like over 7 1/2 feet, his head is scraping the ceiling.

      F3) Toby (PR guy from West Wing) arriving to meeting another guy at a restaurant. I'm sitting in a table opposite. He says to the other guy "are we here to chat or to chit-chat?" He doesn't want smalltalk, it's an important meeting.

      F4) Say goodbye to STch (family friend), she doesn't even look at me or respond and just walks by with a disapproving look on her face. She doesn't approve that I think she's hot.

      F5) Playing a water-filled video game system (different than the above one) with a woman. She says how it's her favorite game and has great graphics. We're looking at it and seems like plain/cartoon graphics. I see them, it's like slowly animating cartoons. She says they're good, "they're enhanced."

      F6) Body parts in a mixer/blender.

      09:07 temperature 10C

      4) Consulting company (I work with them sometimes) is holding a seminar in how to make money as a freelancer (WL discussion). They recommend that one great way to make money is to sign up with the "Mr. Hensen" project. This is a man who is trying to map out every major league baseball (DS) stadium in the US so he can visit each one. They say we should use Google (calendar?) but unfortunately that doesn't integrate with Google maps so we have to do some work to provide the same functionality. Mr Hensen is standing in a baseball stadium, it's night and the lights are on. He's trying to visit each stadium in the country. Somehow he needs to pay a consulting company to make them out for him. I walk by him and he pats me on the shoulder and offers some sort of reassurance.

      F7) There's a woman whom I like but she doesn't like me so I'm going to be alone tonight.

      F8) I'm with people sitting in an open area. The people are out of focus to my right in my peripheral vision. I think "they're making a fire".

      11:09 DILD #3!!
      5) A group of people are dancing. One is a young lady, very attractive, short brown hair (DS) and brown eyes. All the people are doll (large) sized. Then I reach for the doll-lady, and I'm holding the lady/doll in between my hands, one hand on each side of her body on her ribs. (Her name is Allison?) I say "I understand that you're going to be dancing with this guy over here, but when you're done dancing with him, come find me ... " while I'm saying this she grows to be fully life-size, I continue, ".. and then we'll dance ...", I begin to pull her close to me, and say, "... or ... something! ..." and we start making out. As I'm kissing her my awareness slowly grows. and I become lucid. I know I'm dreaming. Continue kissing ...a few seconds later: "I'm dreaming," I think to myself. I'm calm, no running around for me this time. I have things to do, goals to achieve. But this is so nice... (continue making out)... I'm calm, I feel aware of my waking life, I know I should stop this to achieve some goals. I feel quite pleased with myself, I have achieved lucidity *and* I'm making out with a beautiful doll-lady. I have a feeling like I'm grinning/smirking (like the "Kirk Smirk" from Star Trek when Captain Kirk is especially pleased with himself at the end of an episode). Still making out, I think to myself "Do a reality check" and I become increasingly aware of my body in bed..., and my awareness slowly transitions from the dream into WL. I'm in bed with my eyes closed. I want to go back in to achieve some goals (yeah, that's the ticket, to achieve more goals...smirk...). I try to DEILD, I haven't moved and my eyes are still closed. My shoulder hurts from my position and my other hand has needles from numbness from the position. I try for about 2 minutes but I'm quite awake, I'm already in the 9th hour after bed, and I'm very uncomfortable so I figure I'm not going to make it and reach for my phone and journal the experience. I was making out the entire time of the LD up through waking up with lips still moving . Total elapsed time lucid, about 20 seconds.

      11:46 temp 9C