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    A Strange and Nonsensical Adventure

    Exactly what it says on the tin.

    1. 01.26.15 LD: Second Market

      by , 01-27-2015 at 02:45 AM (A Strange and Nonsensical Adventure)
      LD. Ran around place. Met lots of DCs. Forgot a lot of things. It's funny how my personal goal is to talk in-depth with a DC because my usual LDs are devoid of people, and then my brain starts throwing DCs at me... heh. Too bad everyone was in a hurry .-. Still haven't had that conversation yet.

      I'm in this city where there's snow and something is happening and apparently someone is also named Ivy and I am also. I end up climbing up walls sideways and then I start tossing vines to tree branches. I begin swinging on them faster and faster and then I end up in a place that looks like my neighborhood. At some point here I become lucid.

      I do an RC (nose pinch) and then start walking around, and the place becomes similar to Manhattan with the sidewalks and buildings.

      At some point I run into Castiel in his trenchcoat and all that (from Supernatural) and he's rounding the corner and I'm like "hey Castiel" and I don't remember what he says but it wasn't anything notable probably?

      I run into these two guys who tell me their names when I ask (McGebbers and Eddy) They're stereotypical goons. Apparently I saw their boss somewhere on some tv show or movie) but I can't remember what he's called now.

      I see this girl walking and think she's Emily so I go up to her and say "Hey Emily!" And she turns around and whoops she's not Emily. She starts going down this subway station but I call down to her and ask if she has anything interesting to tell/show me and she says something in response.

      While running around I run into these two men in suits and sunglasses. I ask them their names and they look at each other and one of them presses a gun to my head but I don't remember what they say. I escape unscathed, though.

      I get to this park or sth and see Noah. He's going somewhere but I pull him back and he's really light. I tell him that we're in a dream and he says, "Oh cool, is it my dream?"
      "Mine actually."

      I also meet this serial killer somewhere? Or someone like Ted Bundy, only not Ted Bundy.
      I meet a lot of people but I'm starting to forget what's happening and I run into this wall with a list of "have you seen these people " sort of task list and I wish I had paper or something to mark them off. I realize I don't have my backpack with me, just my regular clothes. I think about conjuring up some paper but I don't. I read the lines and some of them mention "Elmo" and "McGebbers" and "Eddy".

      I go into this school but I change my mind since I don't want to be stuck inside for the rest of my dream and I turn back and of course the entrance is blocked off by a stone wall. So I go to the edge of it and dig my fingers in and pull, and I get out.
      Possibly see the night sky and stars and cliff?

      At one point I end up near these creepy windows with this thing peering out, like those movie posters where a creature is looking through a crack in the curtain and you can only see their eye. I just remember that it was creepy, though.

      When I wake up I'm in this FA where I imagine myself writing down the stuff in a Muji notebook and noting it as Second Market. Apparently I've met the two goons before and I've drawn one of their faces and it looks remarkably similar. I write about sleeping in and how it's like 1:30 pm. And then I fade back into reality, and it's actually 9:10am or so.

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    2. Henry Harlem

      by , 04-14-2014 at 05:35 PM (A Strange and Nonsensical Adventure)
      April 14, 2014. Possible WILD. A fairly long LD, considering how I normally wake up in a few seconds.
      I'm in bed. I do the nose plug RC and I can breathe. I remember my promise to just focus on stabilizing, and I do so. I feel the room around me and try to focus just on that. I actually look around the room this time. I have some trouble with the eyes, and am not sure whether I opened my dream eyes or real eyes. At some point I just close my eyes and look through them.

      My bedsheets are blue and white. I think there is a desk and a bookshelf. The balcony is still there. I rub my hands and walk outside. There is snow on the ground and on the balcony. The snow is crisp and cold. I start to jump off the balcony but remember that I'm not doing any of that this time. I move back inside my room. I decide to look for Dream Drops and a remote. I look down at myself (which I've never really done before) and find that I'm wearing a white dress blouse and black pants. Concert attire. I feel around my pants pockets but they're empty at first. I'm like "come on, I know I have a dream drop somewhere" and roll my fingers around my pocket until I find one. It's a red gummy candy. I eat it. It tastes like strawberry. The vividity of the dream slightly increases. Not sure though. I can't find a remote control.

      I hear the vacuum cleaner running outside, assume that my brother is using it, and decide to go chat with him. I leave my room, but there's no one in the kitchen. Must be in the waking world, then. I go to the living room and see a guy's top hat underneath the window. I poke my head through the glass and say hello. He says hello. He looks like one of those Jewish guys who live in the neighborhood.

      I ask, "What's your name?"
      He says, "Henry."
      "So, Henry Harlem, then?"

      I feel the dream slipping away and try to focus back on the dream environment to no avail.
      I awaken to the sound of a vacuum cleaner in the kitchen my brother running on a treadmill in the living room.

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