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    1. After death

      by , 03-29-2016 at 06:57 PM
      I died. I don't know how, I don't know why. I just knew that.
      I found myself hovering in void. A few hundred of metres away there was other man hovering. It was absolute darkness there. I felt that I'm stuck there. It didn't matter to me. I observed my surrounding... unattached observer. No will, no want, no need of anything...
      Then I saw that that man started to glow stronger and stronger until he dissolved in blinding white light. I remained there alone, not that it mattered anything to myself. But I started to be curious- what happened? And I got answer. That man started to show humility. He was taken away. The place where we were was purgatory. And I felt that I have to do the same to be taken too.
      So I tried. And I failed. And I failed again. And I asked- how can I feel humility, when I feel nothing at all? When I feel total peace? No answer. But I started to feel inadequate. With that I started to feel many different emotions... the peace I was in was taking cracks. But I observed it and concentrated on countermeasures till I was again in total peace and timelessness. I felt that I do right thing. I can't be dependant of outside forces, it is way of slavery... I concentrated... on transfer... Actinic flash and I vanished.

      The consciousness was really strong in this dream, much, much stronger than in waking life. Although I didn't know that it was only a dream. Therefore I marked this as nonlucid dream even if level of lucidity was so strong.
      This dream got me thinking about my life philosophy. I deviated from what I learned from my parents... we are roman catholics... But I took quite different philosophy as time went... my experiences are stronger than any books or speeches of priests... It got me thinking whether my way is right. Whether I'm not lead by other, darker forces. Away from "god". I was unable to feel regret... I felt regret that I can't feel regret for a short time until I found what I do. But that doesn't feel right in light of what I learned from my parents. On other side... what is right and what is wrong... I need to research this in fullness, in changed state of consciousness.
      I had this dream probably because of discussion I had at previous dream.
      Tags: ascension, death