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    1. Buzzing black filaments

      by , 03-11-2020 at 08:46 PM
      I had a bit problems to get away from my body, I guess, my concentration wasn't great today. But after a few tries I managed.
      Once I stood in dark bedroom, I have heard strange buzzing sound... So I followed it to the source. I got to bedroom of my older daughters... And over the second oldest sleeping body I saw something like black filaments, about 5cm wide, and moving a bit. The strange loud buzzing was emanating from them. I put my hands on them and pulled them with a bit difficulty away. The buzzing sound got louder at first and then it ceased... And filaments dissipated and I found myself back in my body.
      Immediately I went out of body again and walked back to my daughter bed. There were no filaments anymore. I put my hands on and then into my daughter body, trying to pull her out of body, but I didn't manage that.
      So, i went out of house through closed balcony doors(I wasn't able to open those doors, as usually..) I had fallen down from first floor height and walked without thinking about that concentrated on here and now...
    2. Astral plane

      by , 04-01-2016 at 08:50 AM
      I emerged from my body on a large plane together with my wife... It was quite work to bring her there. It was featureless black glass like smooth surface And there was abyss on right side in about 25-30 meters distance. The sky was also featureless and black. Our bodies were the only light sources there, shining quite bright to lighten maybe 100m circle around us. It was soft light, it didn't dazzle our eyes.
      We communicated directly by thoughts.
      At last, I managed to bring you out of body. I told her.
      She asked me: where are we?
      I feel, that we are in astral dimension. I wasn't in this kind of place yet though. Please try to balance yourself I have problems to stabilize yourself.
      My wife was all giddy, running around, looking for something... and she got close to abyss. Then she got scared from depth of it and ran back to me.
      I doubt about this. I have only strange dream, she told me.
      Don't doubt things here, it is destabilizing yourself, I'm already losing you! I communicated to her as she was less and less substantial. Try to remember this please!I managed to tell as she vanished.
      I remained there for minutes... standing still, doing nothing but concentrating and observing my featureless surroundings. Then I was forced back to my body.

      My wife has no memory of this experience
      The only time I managed to have my wife act consciously in astral projection. Even if it is possible that she was projection of my subconscious mind

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    3. Eternal walk

      by , 10-31-2015 at 08:27 PM
      I got from my body and I found myself in the corridor with doors on one side. Since last time I turned to my right side, I decided to try and walk to the left side now. As I walked my surrounding changed from greyish white to clean white till I got to something like borderline. There was young man standing. He was looking hesitant. I got to him: "Why are you waiting here, can't you go forward?"
      "There is fire there, it is very hot!" he was afraid visibly.
      I went through fire... and I didn't feel a thing... Place where I got was very light. There were some people walking here and there... One older man came to me and went with me on my way through that place. I asked him about that fire, why it wasn't felt at all by me, but why it was problem for that man beyond fire barrier. He told me that the difference was in our mind state. I was unattached to what I saw... I was observing. Man beyond barrier on the other side saw fire and he thought it is hot, and therefore it was hot for him. we walked and talked for some time and our surrounding was lighter and lighter... till we came to next barrier. My companion couldn't go through that barrier. I said good bye to him and went through barrier without any problems.
      On the other side of barrier I found myself in sparkling surrounding... looking like mental dimension. It looked like everything was sparkling, trees, grass, even air... And I was walking straight in direction to sparkling evening sun till I was pulled back to my body.

      1. Hmmm barriers between... dimensions? Normally I have problem to go from one dimension to other one.
      2. When I'm in unattached observer state it is of no surprise that I don't feel fear or fire...

      I had experience with this corridor a few years ago:
      I was waiting in long greyish white corridor with the doors on one side. I waited in front of one particular door for long time. I was standing and waiting but I wasn't bored. I had white clothes. The door opened and my friend came out of it. She just died and I was waiting for her on the other side. I'm her guide and I felt need to protect her. She took route to the right side of corridor and I'm walking with her. We walked for some time. She is quiet and I don't feel need to talk. The surrounding went darker, the walls were slowly changing into rough masonry, the corridor became dirtier, the doors were made of rough wood and with barred small windows.
      At once, we were separated. I saw her writhing on the floor crying with fear, even if there was nothing to fear. "Wait for me, I will help you" I sent her.
      I went further down the corridor. The surrounding changed into cave. There were beings looking like dirty cavemen, some of them had horns on their head. I'm going further and further down into this miserable conditions... I'm feeling how it is affecting me. I'm trying to find a way to my friend... to help. The cavemen started to swarm me... They were tugging on my limbs, jeering. I understood what was happening. And I understood what I had to do. I reached inside myself, I balanced my mind. The peace is surrounding me. I started to shine in blue violet aura. Cavemen like devils immediately jumped away from me. They ran away... They were observing me from distance, worriedly. They were muttering: "Lucifer is back"
      I was walking through the chambers and corridors, trying to find my way to my friend till end of OBE.

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