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    1. OBE: Unable to return

      by , 05-06-2020 at 10:07 AM
      I was very tired when I went to sleep today, still, I made the OBE in about 15 minutes after I laid to bed.
      There was darkness, but I saw my surroundings. Nothing was out of normal. I was feeling tired even in OBE, still I held my consciousness concentrated on searching of something new. I didn't find anything out of ordinary anywhere I went. I drifted slowly through air... After few tens of minutes I decided to return to my body and go to sleep. Only... My body didn't hold me inside... I kept drifting out of it. I was unable to connect to it. I tried to reconnect to body approximately three times. I found it interesting... there was no fear, I was just feeling mentally tired. So I let it be and loosened the concentration on existence there... this caused slip into unconsciousness after a few minutes. I have woken up morning as usually, inside of body.
    2. Lost

      by , 05-04-2018 at 09:58 AM
      I arose out from my body in my bedroom as usually. It was dark as usually when I travel at night, but I adjusted that and I saw everything in soft gray light. First I had to do my task with my daughter- she asked me to try to wake her or pull her out of her body- I tried but I failed. Seeing that it doesn't lead to anything, I went out of my house... and I got totally lost. It looked as if I was dropped in some kind of dungeon with dangerous looking animal like more or less humanoid beings. I raised up my aura and as tired as I felt, I even became intangible(ghost like) to them. I went through this dungeon to nicer surrounding, then to some city.
      In this city I went to big building in which there was maze of corridors and stairs, but only a few rooms. I walked inside of this building for hours(subjective). I got to highest possible point and there was room where very shabby looking man slept... the room was stinking, it was full of rubbish. I accidentally switched the light and I heard murmur of that man as if he was disturbed from the sleep... I decided that it will be better to leave. After longer time I found my way out. I was in some kind of village where people lived in very small houses. Even roads were narrow. When I looked behind, the big building was no longer there. And I walked again. I felt tired, very, very tired of everything, of existence. I felt, that it would be nice to get back to my body and sleep. I probably overdid concentration on "here and now" because I was somehow unable to lose consciousness... I was staying conscious on inertia. If I wasn't so tired I would be very glad of that. It was morning, maybe alarm clocks will wake me up.
      I stopped to walk and started to meditate, to clear my mind more. And my surrounding abruptly changed. I was standing back in my bedroom. The very air was shiny, sparkling... it looked and felt like I went from astral dimension to mental dimension. I wasn't feeling so tired anymore. In my bedroom, I didn't see my wife sleeping there... But in mental dimension I didn't find anybody after more than 30 years of experimenting yet. I looked on my physical body and decided to go back- I went inside of it and woke it.

      Today I was going to sleep very tired and at that I tried to do OBE... Well it showed.
      When I looked on clocks I found it was only 00:30... I was out of my body for only about 20 minutes. Felt like 7-8 hours for me.

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    3. From dream to astral

      by , 07-08-2015 at 09:34 AM
      I went to bed at 1 o'clock (for 5 hours of sleep) and I was quite tired. So I started my training routine with a foreknowledge that I would fall to sleep. I do this for shortening time needed to recuperate for the next day. After maybe 10 minutes I lost consciousness.

      After some time I started to dream. I was in some unknown room with two women One was blonde, second was dark haired... It was sunny day. After about 15-20 seconds into dream my consciousness got alerted. I was going to sleep! This is a dream. Wake yourself!!!
      I concentrated inside, my consciousness jumped into overdrive and started to become larger and larger. Women vanished. Surrounding went from sunny day into nearly dark night time. The room lost its real looking and shifted into being my very real bedroom. My clothes vanished. I saw my physical body, dark in the darkness sleeping on my bed. My consciousness grew. My astral body produced dark violet aura with small(1-2cm long) violet lightning bolts dancing on my skin. I started to feel my surrounding. I took large area around myself and implemented it into my consciousness. I reoriented myself and started to fly in the direction, where I felt, I was needed to go. I disregarded everything in my flight path- walls, fences and trees. I flew right through those things. I respected earth's surface, since flying through earth can have negative influence to stability of my astral projection. I tried to fly faster since I felt that I don't have much time. It looked like I was deforming the space in my flight trajectory. I felt quite strong bonds to area I was in... It felt as if they were retarding my speed. But I projected more and more power into faster flying. It functioned somewhat... I started to make something like short but very fast jumps in space. I felt to be about 70% of distance away from my target when my effort started to destabilize my existence there. It was like short circuiting, that violet lightning bolts were larger and larger, until all my surrounding vanished into very bright violet light.
      And I was awake back home in my body.

      I don't feel this to be DILD. I got my usual superconsciousness so typical for OBE (astral and higher projections).
      Dream was left as my consciousness grew- I'm not able to do this usually. One needs great concentration to go more aware than in lucid dream, when he starts from dream. Dreaming is a distraction in this case. Lucid dreaming is the same. A distraction.
      How to describe that implementation of surrounding into my consciousness... imagine your senses spread onto that area and taking information directly from it. Like all that surrounding is your body.
      Flying through things was not felt (Good detachment)
      Whole experience lasted about 5 subjective minutes.

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    4. Serial Out of Body Experiences

      by , 07-02-2015 at 01:03 PM
      I had multiple OBEs tonight... I counted till fifth one, then I stopped, as I found it stupid One OBE took between 5 to 20 minutes.
      I went to my bed at about midnight. I started as usually with my autogenic training routine (weight and warmth). In unusually short time of exercise I started to feel my second body...

      I forcibly separated myself from physical body and got up. I felt something like ropes, or bonds to my astral body's legs, hands and body trying to hold me back to my physical body... and I forcibly ripped that bonds... and I was free at once. I observed my surroundings for a while. Nothing looked out of ordinary. The room was dark, but I saw in that darkness well enough. I had some clothes on me... like shroud dress... white one. I stripped it down. It felt like obstacle... I was much better of naked, it felt better... Then I got back to my bed and I started to inspect my physical body. It was naked like in real world(I don't like clothes when I go sleep) and I could see every detail of skin of my physical body... I tried whether I will feel the touch of astral body on physical one (I feel that more often than not), but I didn't. I tried some pretty extreme things that could be painful even during OBE, but I didn't feel anything. Maybe this separation was better than many others... Then I went to observe my wife and children. They all were sleeping peacefully. I went downstairs to ground floor and after some time of observation I lost connection and was back in my body. I was still aware of second body! Therefore I continued:

      I separated from my body and again I was clothed... for some reason I didn't like it and I stripped down again. Then I went out of my house through closest wall. I didn't feel the wall at all. It was dark outside, but street lights were shining. I got an idea to test my concentration through astral sex. Therefore I went through houses down the street trying to find suitable object to this experiment. Everybody slept. But that was not problem for me. The problem was, that even attractive looking women didn't feel attractive for me at all. Not in sexual way in any case. After I checked maybe 15 women, I let it be. It was such state of mind... I wanted only to drift around and observe things...

      I separated from my body and I was on our local bus station 0.75 km from my house... Street lights were shining brightly. It was nice, quiet night. I felt the pull to my house, so I walked. After maybe 30m of walk I was on the crossroad and all lights went out. It was totally black darkness. I started to hear whispers and quiet voices... I felt beings around myself... I felt them with my mind, but not with astral body (no touches). Some beings were felt like dangerous ones. Others were indifferent. I felt no worries. I took my key pouch out from my trousers and tried to activate small light torch I have on it. Of course similarly to many OBEs, the technology was not functioning. How typical. Then... Why I have my clothes again? Get rid of them After I was naked again, I concentrated on my inner energy and produced strong aura lighting. My aura was today silvery white, sparkling. I saw something like twist of black bodies... All that beings were trying to clear area of my aura as fast as possible. I contemplated that a little, but then I started to walk home. I walked and observed my surroundings for some time till I lost connection and found myself back in my body.

      I separated again. I'm in dark void. I hear again whispers from darkness. I generated silvery aura... extremely strongly lighted sphere of about 10m in diameter around myself. I got to rid of my clothes again . When my light sphere expanded, I saw again black bodies... so I wanted to observe them closely. I tried to fly forward, to the voices... But I didn't see anything more. Then I tried to deform my aura sphere to cylinder- in one direction... for about 30-40 meters... But it didn't help. I didn't see anything in the darkness. But I heard the voices... I flew in the darkness... Did I fly for real? I don't know, I felt it. But I didn't have any reference point. Then I saw some white light sphere flying across of my flight path... I was mildly surprised and wanted to follow that anomaly, but it went away and got lost in the darkness. After a while I saw second light sphere, this one was yellowish white... It flew nearly against myself. I adjusted my course a little and we met. Hmmm... I met something- the sphere was hollow and nobody was inside....

      And again I separated from my body... This time I was in brightly lighted room of some sorts. It looked like doctor's office. I was naked. There was an attractive blond woman in white coat. She told me, that we are going to test my body stability (e.g. balance)... I had to rotate. I did so. I stood on one heel and made an impulse to rotate by my other foot. One impulse... I started to rotate on my heel at about one rotation in 3 seconds. I rotated... and that woman observed me and wrote something down into her record book. It was strange As I rotated, my body started precession movement similar the flywheel would do. The angle was going to be extreme but it wasn't like I was going to fall down Nicely looking woman physician wrote down something more and then told me, that it is enough... I didn't obey... I liked that rotation. I was losing perception of room which was slowly substituted by deep blackness of the universe filled by stars and majestic planetary clouds... I observed everything... It was very nice view. I rotated minutes till I lost connection again...

      I felt that my second body is still free so why not to continue? I separated again. I was... somewhere... It was like universe... but I knew I was billions of light years away from my physical body... Further, than observable universe, but still within universe. It was black, but I saw whole galaxies float nearby... Some spiral, some elliptic... even spherical ones... And I saw also gigantic black holes, some larger than galaxies. I felt the space... I felt the matter... I felt the gravity... I didn't have body, I was point of consciousness. I was not affected by anything. I flew very fast. Object were moving as I flew... I heard whispers from the darkness which was surrounding me, but I didn't care. I observed celestial bodies... As I flew, I flew also through some galaxies and black holes. I saw black holes like total blackness only the sides were dimly lighted by pale light. I didn't feel a thing as I flew through objects. The flight through black hole looked like a black sphere was expanding in front of me, then short blackness and then I was out of it on the other side. I flew forward further and further, observing my surrounding... till I lost connection...

      I had a few separation from which I remember only peace and void. Quietness... Existence.

      My last separation time . This was short one, maybe 5 or so subjective minutes long. I separated into my bedroom. I was naked. My naked physical body was still looking naked and dead to me. There was darkness, but I saw good enough everything in my surrounding. I observed a little... my mind felt tired but was strongly concentrated on here and now like whole time. Discipline is necessary. For some reason I looked on my clocks and I saw, that it was about 2:15h... I got curious: what time is it in real world? I went back to my body and it was about 2:18h- close enough I didn't manage further separations and I dropped asleep fast.

      I had maybe 9 to 10 separation... it is quite a lot, but I had such experiences in my younger times often.
      Forcible separation doesn't feel bad at all. It is only... It is not as naturally flowing. But it can take a lot of time to go to state where I don't feel that bonds. Time in which I can fall asleep.
      Strange how I was refusing clothes... This would be first time I actively sought to not have them. Well I knew it was not physical world. Why do I have to be clothed?
      I don't try sex too often while in LD or OBE. It doesn't come into my mind often and even less often I want to risk the shortening of experience. But I had nice OBE last week, and I had today my first... so, why not? It is good measure of my concentration level. I don't consider this to be rape!!! Firstly; I don't use force to force it and secondly; if there would be an objection to this action, I would stop. It is my policy to be civil to dream and astral(and other) characters. Thirdly in that state of mind one feels to be part of something larger. It would be like to try to harm myself. I'm adding this, because my wife has this view on this particular action.
      Aura was spectacular. I had quite a control of it. Using aura as lighting is nice Silvery aura today... something new. Most often I have blue violet aura.
      Night projection leads for some reason to experience in night astral world... At least by me. I'm curious... Does somebody have similar experience?
      How could be somebody scared of walking out of body is beyond of me...
      Projecting into space is nice. That one is quite seldom for me.
      Projecting into void was similar to meditation, but not equal. The state of mind is much more quiet and peaceful meditation...
      As you see I don't have control as to where I'm projecting. I don't mind. Of course it would be nice to do targeted projection, but I don't know how. Destabilisation of OBE is the last thing I want.

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    5. The pull

      by , 06-25-2015 at 10:30 AM
      I felt a little strange yesterday, I had a few vision like experiences or empathy into my friend. It was like she is with me... next to me, then like I was with her, and then at the night...
      When I was going to sleep I started as usual my exercises for relaxation and concentration. I had flashes of being elsewhere similar to short lucid dreams. Flash and I was laying somewhere else, different room. My body felt funny. Then flash and I was back in my bed relaxing my body and concentrating my mind as if there was not an experience. Then again flash and I was laying elsewhere again. My body felt funny. As if my chest was heavier as usual, my breathing was faster, different... Flash and I was back at home again, relaxing deeper and deeper. Flash and I was again elsewhere. That weight on chest were breasts. I felt nipples as I was breathing, that nipples were lightly rubbing against material "my" body was covered with, as I took the breaths... it was slightly disturbing as they were much larger and more sensitive then I'm used to. I wanted to touch them but "my" body was not responsive. I concentrated on movement of "my" limb, but there was flash and I was again at my home. My body was very heavy, but it was not separation time yet. So I continued with concentration and relaxation... Flash and I was again elsewhere. I was levitating above my friend. I saw her face from about 30cm distance, quiet and relaxed in her sleep. It was dark... But I saw things like they had their own albeit dim light. I felt THE PULL to her, but there was again flash and I was back home in my bed. My own body was deeply relaxed, unresponsive in dream paralysis. OK. I felt my second body fully free of my physical body- it was the time:
      I stood out of my body similarly like wampires do in older films. From horizontal position to standing position in one move without moving any of my limbs. I was standing about 10cm above ground. It was nearly black dark. Of course, it was night time. But I saw enough. I flew through the doors and downstairs. There was dark too. I flew outside through the nearest wall. I felt no resistance of wall. I contemplated about it a little and then I extended my empathy towards my surrounding. I felt nothing unusual. Street light were shining... Then I felt something, it was like compass feels magnetic field. I felt the pull to my friend. I let my body to be pulled... it was very slow process, but I was in the flow... I observed my surroundings. After maybe 15 minutes I was maybe 3/4 of kilometer from my house, in front of my parents house. To my friend it was about 4.5km left... I felt, I will not have time to fly to her with such low speeds. I contemplated about my position in that world and possibilities. I could take car or motorcycle... then I will be faster. I didn't find my parent's car. I couldn't start the motorcycle. I stood beside motorcycle and contemplated about possible problems. I felt that it is for naught to try to repair it, so I took my way back to my parent's house. I was walking through rooms. I observed. I found nothing of interest, nothing extraordinary. I heard of something like rattling and groaning from basement. So I took my way there. As I was going downstairs in the direction of noise, the darkness was descending and eating the light. Soon I was seeing only slightly glowing filament in lightbulb... And it was drowning in darkness fast. I need the light, I have the light in myself. Everything is shining. I need to learn how to see it- I remembered the VOICE from one of my earlier OBE. I concentrated inside to feel the energy flowing inside... and my chest started to shine in strong golden light. Then I saw myself from outside. Other than my chest, my head was shining also, it was weaker but still strong violet light. The rest of my body emitted moderate sky blue light. Slowly, I saw also my surrounding again... emitting weak greyish light. I felt that it was enough for my needs and I flew towards the noise again. The golden light from my chest bathed the room where sound was originated from... and I saw something like shadow bonded by chains but it was vanishing fast in my light... into nothingness. Nothing was left there for me to observe. I flew outside. I saw that snow fell on the ground in the time I was in house, whole 15 cm of it. It was cold and slippery... And shining with white light into darkness of the night. I felt the pull to my friend, urgent. No time has left. I let myself into pull, trying to fasten my flight, but it didn't function. I had very little of will left, my mind wanted to relax badly. So I let it be and I flew as fast as the pull allowed. After maybe 10 subjective minutes I lost superconsciousnes, I was losing touch with astral reality. The next thing I was aware of was that it is morning. The OBE experience lasted subjectively about 1.5 hours.
      It was probably in lower levels of astral dimension.

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