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    1. Lost

      by , 05-04-2018 at 09:58 AM
      I arose out from my body in my bedroom as usually. It was dark as usually when I travel at night, but I adjusted that and I saw everything in soft gray light. First I had to do my task with my daughter- she asked me to try to wake her or pull her out of her body- I tried but I failed. Seeing that it doesn't lead to anything, I went out of my house... and I got totally lost. It looked as if I was dropped in some kind of dungeon with dangerous looking animal like more or less humanoid beings. I raised up my aura and as tired as I felt, I even became intangible(ghost like) to them. I went through this dungeon to nicer surrounding, then to some city.
      In this city I went to big building in which there was maze of corridors and stairs, but only a few rooms. I walked inside of this building for hours(subjective). I got to highest possible point and there was room where very shabby looking man slept... the room was stinking, it was full of rubbish. I accidentally switched the light and I heard murmur of that man as if he was disturbed from the sleep... I decided that it will be better to leave. After longer time I found my way out. I was in some kind of village where people lived in very small houses. Even roads were narrow. When I looked behind, the big building was no longer there. And I walked again. I felt tired, very, very tired of everything, of existence. I felt, that it would be nice to get back to my body and sleep. I probably overdid concentration on "here and now" because I was somehow unable to lose consciousness... I was staying conscious on inertia. If I wasn't so tired I would be very glad of that. It was morning, maybe alarm clocks will wake me up.
      I stopped to walk and started to meditate, to clear my mind more. And my surrounding abruptly changed. I was standing back in my bedroom. The very air was shiny, sparkling... it looked and felt like I went from astral dimension to mental dimension. I wasn't feeling so tired anymore. In my bedroom, I didn't see my wife sleeping there... But in mental dimension I didn't find anybody after more than 30 years of experimenting yet. I looked on my physical body and decided to go back- I went inside of it and woke it.

      Today I was going to sleep very tired and at that I tried to do OBE... Well it showed.
      When I looked on clocks I found it was only 00:30... I was out of my body for only about 20 minutes. Felt like 7-8 hours for me.

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    2. OBE

      by , 05-26-2015 at 11:56 AM
      I was tired that evening and I massaged a calf to my wife. After about half an hour I felt I'm losing comprehension of reality(my body was falling to sleep).
      So I laid down and started to relax... it went fast to generate feeling of heaviness and heat in my body, to lose feelings from body sensors... To lose thoughts. Only consciousness remained. I was point of consciousness floating in white shining space, in clean light.(Normally I'm in black space, this was something new But black space doesn't mean that I'm in any kind of discomfort. The feeling of peace is the same.)
      Time was running around me, but I didn't feel timeflow. I was existing in shining light, in peace, without thoughts. After about one hour my wife tried to wake me up , she needed help with our children. What she managed was, that I started to comprehend physical world... but only sounds from it. I started to feel my body, dimly. It was hot and very relaxed. I told my wife that I need help to stand up, that I don't have strong contact with my body. But I said it probably only into astral world.
      I pushed my will inside my legs and arms to move them, but instead, I did fast full separation into astral world probably. I projected inside my room, only it was all shining white. I moved around a little, floating. My wife was shouting again for me. I went back to my body to try to move physical body. I couldn't move it a millimeter. My body felt very tired and relaxed. I tried again to tell my wife that I need help to stand up to reconnect faster with my body. I found up that I can't move with ane muscle. I pushed my mouth to open a little and tried to speak, but my vocal chords were not functioning. I concentrated on them then... I managed to move muscles on vocal chords, but no sound was going out. I found up that I don't breathe fast enough... there wasn't pressure of air to resonate on the vocal chords. My cycle of breath in/out was longer than 30 seconds... and with very slow air movement. I couldn't speak with that. In the physical world that is. But I heard myself speaking despite of that. Probably into astral. I found out that I don't have control of my lungs.
      I tried again to move my hands and again I was out in shining white astral. Therefore I pushed my consciousness back into my body again. My consciousness was steering itself automatically to shut down any disruption of state of clean existence. Into peaceful thoughtless state. I pushed my will into my body limbs again despite of resistance. My real me wanted something else- going back into meditation. But I knew I need to stand up. I managed to rotate physical body to side of bed and partially down of bed. It took a few minutes to get feeling of gravity and balance strong enough to stand up, to fasten breathing, to strengthen and control muscles.

      Normally I do things different. Normally I try to stay in astral. As long as possible. This was new experience
      Despite how this looks like, this wasn't traumatizing experience. Yeah, I had problems to regain control of my body. But that was because of tiredness and because I didn't really want to go back. I never wanted to go back from astral, from that peaceful place. I would ditch my body if that is possible probably long time ago. But I have responsibilities. Therefore it is not priority But again, if possibility emerged, I would do it in that state of consciousness without thinking.

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