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    1. Star war

      by , 09-23-2017 at 08:51 AM
      I flew in space, above planet, in some kind of exoskeleton looking spacesuit. It was dark grey, nearly black, helmet looked like head of owl, on the back I had eagle like wings, and I had also regular shape of rest of my body. Surface was covered by something like hard feathers (metallic?).
      In front of me, the vast imperial army slowly closed distance to myself... Star destroyer next to star destroyer, clouds of TIE fighters.
      I stood between them and planet with my hands and wings in gesture of stopping something and I told quietly: "Behold! This planet is mine. Leave in peace or be destroyed."
      I saw chucking admiral in part of my visor muttering something like "fool", while imperial army didn't even pause.
      From legs, hands and wings dark violet plasma flames appeared and I started complicated dance in between enemy ships, changing advance of TIE fighters in debris field fast. The star destroyers started barrage of shots, but I knew where to fly, so I weaved between shots... it looked like dance. There was no more chuckles. I close to star destroyer and with slash of hand I cut it from front to back in half. Not even stopping, I danced between shots and advanced from one star destroyer to other... destroying them as fast as Tie fighters.
      Then admiral called Darth Darkness(I don't remember exactly whether it was darkness but it sound that way) to battle... and much bigger ship appeared, resembling Executor. I promptly changed my course and cut in half that majestic ship too. The fleet then retreated into hyperspace, leaving only debris field behind.

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      Tags: battle, starwars