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    1. Very long WILD

      by , 05-05-2020 at 01:28 PM
      I had very long WILD today. I went to bed at 0:45AM and entered LD directly via flashes of the images. I remember only a little from this LD... It lasted for very long. It was basicaly travelling and exploring everything I saw.
      It started on meadow lit by the Sun. I was there with my second brother. I told him that we are dreaming together. He was looking skeptic, but he was still conscious enough to not look like dream zombie. Firstly we walked for tens of minutes through wood, then we came out to some old settlement. The houses were in bad shape. Old and decaying. I went from one house to other, exploring what was inside. My brother didn't want to do that, but he followed me nevertheless. Insides of houses was predominantly made of old wood. Everything was covered with thick layer of dust. Spider nets were everywhere. I tried to find someone, anyone there- I found nobody. After what felt like hours, I looked on my brother- he had vacant look in his face. His eyes were dark without white around pupils. He just stood there. Like dream zombie could. I asked him what was happening with him.
      He just told me: You don't belong here.
      I tried to wake him out... to no avail. So I said: I'm going to find my soulmate, there is nothing of interest here.
      On that he reacted: Again? Stop doing that. She deserves what she has got.
      Nobody deserves the suffering, even if it is reaction on something. She needs help. And I need her help. I retorted while I started to levitate. I flew to entrance and outside- my brother didn't follow, he just stood where he was.
      I flew for long time, searching. I didn't manage to find her.
      I have exited the LD at about 3:32am. Reentering the LD wasn't successful.
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    2. Interstellar travel

      by , 08-04-2019 at 09:58 PM
      I entered the dream after short relaxation and concentration... I found myself on sun lighted meadow in between green hills. Seeing nothing interesting nearby, I looked up into deep blue sky with a few clouds... And I decided to experience a spaceflight.
      I accelerated directly up to the sky and for a while I flew up... the sky got very dark... but I lost concentration and found myself slowly descending, unable to rise the height. So I concentrated again while getting more into unattached observer state. Immediately I accelerated out of the atmosphere and in a few seconds I passed the moon in close distance. Soon my acceleration brought me over speed of light and streaks of star light were getting longer and longer. A HUD appeared in my view and it showed some information about close star systems. One of them had 4 habitable bodies. I decelerated when I was close. There were two habitable planets and two large, slowly rotating spacestations.
      I flew into one spacestation phasing through closed airlock. I got interesting view on the inside of cylinder where normally looking country was curving around insides of it. Just like O'Neill cylinder is described often. But there was nobody inside, no animals, only grass, trees, water... And some houses. I went inside of one house- it too was empty. Fully equipped modern house. I found food storage there. Sorted fresh fruits were there. I took one big plum(double size as common plum) and I had eaten it. It had very interesting flavour... Partially like plum, to lesser extend like apple an orange. I wanted to try different plum but I found myself in the bed at once. My wife laid next to me waking me up in the process.

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    3. Short meeting

      by , 06-06-2019 at 10:47 PM
      In this WILD I flew for about 15 seconds through dark tunnel into room which had mirrors all around. When I got into room a lonely woman stood close to one mirror. She didn't have any reflections in mirrors, nor I had reflections... I looked behind myself and there was also mirror... It looked like I got there through that mirror, without sensing it.
      I turned my attention back to that woman. She was tall, in simple dark clothes which were made from one piece of cloth... With dark about 5cm wide belt around her slim waist. She had brown hair and looked familiar from behind... As I was closing the distance she slowly turned... the clothes had deep cleavage... And I focused on her face... It was my soulmate... She smiled and waved her hand on me... and then everything pixelated into nothingness. Pity.

      The experience lasted for little more than one minute.

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    4. Unusual occurrence on dream plane

      by , 05-10-2019 at 12:39 PM
      I entered into dream onto infinite plane and in front of me was very, but very nice blonde elf.
      I wanted to touch her around shoulders to see how real it will feel, but she jerked away from me... as she jerked away from me I somehow tore her tunic apart making her naked.
      There were other inactive DCs around and they went somewhat active and started to stare. One of DC started to sputter (like robot) something like: "He didn't hurt her" which he repeated again and again while starring on her. She just stood and tried to cover herself. Unfortunately there was nothing much to use.
      So I closed distance to hand her that ravaged tunic back, but she quickly embraced me... I felt her whole body on myself... interesting feeling. I hold her in close embrace a few minutes till dream faded away.

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    5. Walker

      by , 12-03-2017 at 02:41 PM
      It was late when I went to sleep, therefore I was quite tired. After a while I saw static image before my mind eyes... An big bush, looking like willow... but it had nice red roses. I started to fly toward it... slowly... and then I lost anchor and picture disappeared. And after a while I saw a house... and it again disappeared... Then I felt something similar to what I feel when I do OBE. And I arose from my body- it wasn't astral I found myself in. The feel was different. It was lucid dream. I went on exploration. Firstly my house- I couldn't open door to go out, only inner doors were operable. At the end I went into darkness of basement. I thought that I hear something there... but I didn't find anything. I went to room where garage doors are. It was not dark there, a small light was emanating from fluorescent lamps above. And there in front of the garage doors my brother was standing.
      I asked him: What are you doing here?
      I can't go out, it is impossible to open the garage doors.
      I tried to open the doors myself, but it wasn't possible to move them. So I told my brother that the only way to go out is going through the doors, and I did so. I expected my brother to do so to, but he didn't come through. After short waiting I put my head through the doors and saw my brother on the other side, in the house- he was standing there as statue. Come through, we will walk together! I told him.
      He repeated: I can't, it is impossible to open the doors.
      So I left him there and went to explore the dream village, walking alone. I didn't met anyone else during long walk through houses, streets and fields. Nor there was anything interesting.

      Even though it wasn't astral travel this LD had some characteristics of astral.
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    6. Long dream- Friend found and disappears after I embraced her.

      by , 09-17-2017 at 07:37 PM
      I emerged into LD in the night... dark environment, countryside, which was only weakly illuminated by the moon. I flew for long time over my birthplace, relishing in the freedom it makes, exploring the dreamscape from the sky. I was wondering how long I would be able to remain conscious.
      Then I started to explore houses in the villages going from one to other... why not, it is a dream. I found nobody even if I expected people to sleep or doing something(sleep zombies). Finding nothing interesting I flew again into sky and I took direction to the city.
      After long flight(I was slow) I reached the city... again it looked empty. As I flew over train station I noticed a train engine disappearing leaving two wagons on the tracks. I found that intriguing so I flew down. I entered one of the two wagons and second wagon disappeared too. In the wagon, there was maybe 30 people. Wagon transformed into bus. It started to move. I was going from rear part of the bus to forward part. I saw there a flash of panther like pattern, shining in the darkness for a second or two. That made me aware, that there is my friend in the bus, she likes to wear that pattern. So I came to her and conscious that it is a dream I had no problem to embrace her from behind... She looked to me, startled, recognized me and vanished. I was surprised by that too... but what could I do with that? I left the bus on next bus station. Then I flew for a long time around the city and away from it till I disappeared from LD into waking life.

      It was a long dream... According to clocks it lasted over 2 hours. I had sharp consciousness through whole experience, but there was nothing interesting... other than meeting the friend.
      Second dream where I met her this way(embrace and her disappearance after that).

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    7. What caught my legs? My bed!

      by , 09-06-2017 at 09:32 AM
      I first listed through random images of faces in my mind eyes, but then I decided to go for other approach to induce WILD.
      I went for induction of WILD by moving through tunnel. Once I started to feel the movement I applied will to escape the tunnel and fly out of it. I flew out into open country, covered in total darkness- there was self-shining road close by, so I steered to fly above it. The road went from left to right side... I let the pull lead me, so I took left turn. After short time I tried to accelerate my flight, to reach the source of pull faster. I started to hear soft whining of jet engines somewhere at my legs .
      The faster I flew, the bigger problems I had to stay above the road. And I found out that I had to fly above road, because when I was on the side, the pull was weak. Then I came to sharp turn and I flew directly into darkness unable to overcome my inertia. I turned and braked my inertia and starting to accelerate back toward road. As I came closer to road, maybe 10 meters from it, I felt something caught my legs and prevented me to reach the road. I looked behind, and I saw only darkness. I pushed more and more power for breaking the grip... the jet engines were roaring It wasn't soft whining anymore... Still it was of no use, I felt more and more resistance as I increased the power. My aura flared in deep blue light full of bright violet sparks and small bolts- with help of that light I saw, that nothing was holding me... but still there was feeling of strong grip. And the dream dissolved after that.

      1. When I come to my senses I felt the pressure as if something pulled my feet... it was my bed! I was sleeping on my stomach, with feet over the edge of bed and I subconsciously pulled my feet forward... and because I had them exactly over edge of bed I pressed strongly on that edge!
      2. I wonder what that image of meandering road meant exactly... why there were such turns... I certainly didn't imagined it consciously.
      3. This was first interesting LD after a few months.
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    8. Dream sex

      by , 06-04-2017 at 10:13 PM
      I emerged into lucid dream close to some house... so wanting to explore I went inside. I found there naked young woman with brown hair... She was irresistibly sexy. It was great sex (I won't go into details), but... pity, I should resist the urge, I couldn't find anything new there because of this. A lost chance.

      The dream lasted about 15 subjective minutes.
      The feelings I got were great, but it is pity I didn't explore instead. I would probably last much longer in the dream.
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    9. Dream Wandering

      by , 05-12-2017 at 09:06 AM
      I emerged into lucid dream with my wife, hand in hand... the place was unknown city, it was dark night, the sky was without stars or moon, but there were many shops opened and shining, lighting the darkness in front of them. I walked with my wife hand in hand down the street, looking around. My wife was more like sleep zombie then lucid. She spotted some beauty shop and insisted that she looked old and that she needs to look better and younger for me. I disagreed but couldn't do anything before she entered that shop. Firstly, I wanted to follow her, so I wouldn't lose her in dream, but then spotted something strange.

      There was a tunnel a few tens of meters away, lit in darkness and some kind of a monster was at the end of it. I decided to investigate that. There is no fear in the high lucidity of experience I had. So I entered the tunnel. While tunnel looked a few tens of meters long when I was at its beginning, it was only optical illusion. It was only about 3 meters long and everything in it was painted... I got quickly to the monster, but it was only pixelated painting. I turned back to be quickly by my wife. I was back in the beauty shop under one minute, but my wife disappeared. I went away from the shop, into the city. I walked for long time without thoughts, without aim, without emotions... I was only observing my surrounding taking the information from it.

      After many tens of minutes I decided that I should take more active approach and I decided to examine some buildings. So I turned to closest one, with very big double sided doors. I opened them easily... and behind those doors there was only about 1 meter space... but as I turned, I saw that in 90 degrees angle from doors direction there are broad stars up... everything was lighted in bright white light, but without visible light source. The stairs ended in great hall... there were sitting benches and a few dream zombies moving around without aim. Otherwise, the space was feature less. Wanting to go back, I turned, but those stairs disappeared- there was only featureless white wall at its place. I wasn't interested in those mindless people there. In retrospective, I could try to interact with them... maybe even try to have sex. But as nearly always I don't have such intentions when my lucidity is so strong. Not knowing what to do and not wanting to end the dream at that time, I decided that I will sit down and relax for some time. I was there tens of minutes of subjective time.

      The surrounding changed and I found myself sitting in the bus driving to my village. The surrounding was familiar. It was night there. When the bus drove into my village I asked old woman which was sitting close by, where is the bus driving next. She told me that it is going to village where my friend lives. So I decided that I will not get off of it but I will try to visit her. Well the bus drove into unfamiliar surroundings, the place looked like one where I got often when I get lost in my LD and OBE experiences. I asked again whether this bus goes to her village, and the answer was yes. So I waited. And really, I saw the familiar scene- but there was marked difference- the right side of the road had about 80 degrees downwash, 100 meters or more deep, and at the bottom of that valley the shining yellow hot lava flowed. The left side looked like it should, but right side, where also my friend house stands wasn't there. Not even sidewalk was there. Parts of tarmac road was looking like it was running off to the valley. I resettled the dream not wanting to go there, trying to go to the right place.

      Now, I was flying to friend's village. Everything looked OK. Till I got to her village- again, the right side of the road was deep valley. The difference was, that that valley didn't contain lava stream, but now it was full of trees. Even the steep sides. So I decided that I need to wake up to reset the dream properly. And I woke up.


      * My wife wasn't too lucid there, more like typical dream zombie, but at least she reacted to me. Dream zombie is my term for people in lucid dreams and OBEs- those people look normal but are like automatons, or robots in their activities.
      * My wife lamented about her age and looks night before, and I tried to persuade her that it doesn't matter to me and to our children and that we love her... this probably translated into dream.
      *I went to sleep after long relaxation, so I wasn't tired... I was left with 4 hours of sleep left... and I was so focused that I decided to try the lucid dreaming or OBE if I would be able to. WILD came first here.
      * Real time of this WILD was about 1 hour. I found that I wasn't tired being lucid for so long... but of those less than 3 hours of sleep I was left, I don't remember of any other dream. And I'm not feeling sleepy.

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    10. Flying following connection I felt, I got lost.

      by , 03-31-2017 at 03:18 PM
      After relaxation and concentration exercise I emerged in the garden next to my house. It was cloudy day. Immediately I started to fly up, above the roof and then away seeking something interesting. But everything looked ordinary and there were no people, no animals... no activity. As nearly always.
      After a few minutes of flight at moderate pace(I flew connection I felt pulling me) I crossed grove at western part of my village and after coming out of it I found that I got lost and the connection pull was lost too- The surrounding was completely different than in reality. There was something like dilapidated village. I felt very lost after losing the Pull... so not knowing what to do else, I steered to closest house and landed. I saw someone inside through window, so I knocked on the door. A massive red haired man came out of the house.
      "Hello, are you alone here? " I asked.
      The man answered "No, there is celebration in the Hall, all people are there. Visit it." And he showed me direction to the Hall.
      I flew the direction I was showed and soon I was landing in front of something looking like giant barn. I opened giant wooden doors and I saw maybe 50 people inside in local costumes, some dancing, some speaking with each other. I was observing the celebration for some time, not wanting to dance(and nobody has asked for a dance). Then I went outside and walked around looking for people, for any connection I could feel... finding none. The dream dissolved afterwards into dreamless sleep.

      I managed only about half an hour (subjective) experience... it was 1 hour after midnight when I went to sleep and I was quite tired. And knowing I have to wake up at six, after 5 hours of sleep... that is near the limit time of sleep I need when I use exercises before sleep.
      Although the village was dilapidated, it looked scenic somehow... I would make great set of photographs if I find something similar. The nature also looked great.
      People were uninterested toward myself, but they were decent. There was no hostility. In between the people there was very close relationship. They looked happy... very happy together. There was no division. They danced together without any visible preference... even men danced together... and women too. Exchanging partners...
      I don't remember whether there was music... maybe they danced on something only they heard.
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    11. Shared dream attempt

      by , 03-17-2017 at 11:26 AM
      I levitated up from my body, above my bed... I was slowly rotating, naked, in weightless state, for a short time which I needed to stabilize the perception of my surrounding. My vision seemed to be composed from green dots, slowly flying around me and more concentrated in surrounding solid things. It surprised me little that my physical body was black, while dream body was composed of high concentration of those green dots. I felt physical body clearly, and intended to let it so. I thought of it as an anchor to physical reality. I flew slowly to my wife sleeping with youngest daughter(she was there also physical world). I saw the bodies of my wife and daughter, both black, surrounded by dots which were composing the bed. There was no reaction from them on my tries to wake them.

      So I decided to fly to next village to my friend. I flew through wall outside. The music started to sound in my ears, motive of it was similar to Star Trek. It looked like the speed of music, the beat, the noise level was setting the pace of my flight. I concentrated firmly on there and now, feeling of the body in my bed, feeling of the time-stream... Making One Singular Thing from those things. I managed to fly to her village in about 2 minutes of subjective time. There, by her house, I flew up and through the window inside of her bedroom. The music stopped... There was body of my friend, black. I flew slowly to her and unable to break my slow flight I crossed her body through the chest.

      Blackness of her body was filled with green dots at once and she screamed startled... trying to distance from place where I was. Then she calmed down. She didn't see me. It was strange, but somehow I could speak to her with my mind(telepathy)- she was quiet but reacted on my thoughts to her. I told her to lie down to her bed. I looked around, partially expecting to see dark, black cloud (which I saw last time I was visiting her), but there was nothing dangerous, nothing malicious. I comforted my friend sending her assurance that she is safe, that I'm friend, and who I'm. I told her repeatedly to remember the experience and to contact me. When I looked on her reclined body, I felt something in her back, so I told her to roll onto stomach. Then I made her clothes disappear (but at the same time her night gown was there- it only disappeared for my direct perception). I placed my hands onto her neck and with slow circular movements I went from neck down to tailbone and back to her neck. My hands were submerged maybe centimeter into her body during the massage. I felt muscles, the bones... I remember to submerge my fingers in between the ribs of ribcage... I did this for long minutes. But I lost my anchor to my body while concentrating on healing her back. And I also lost myself in the experience... And my surrounding changed.

      I was with two attractive looking young women; one black haired, other blonde, both naked. And solid looking. Both of them looking on me with anticipation... I looked around- everything looked solid. I lost connection (I thought) how do I find my way back? So I left those two women. I was walking corridors and stairs... in near darkness till I came to big hall, full of people and light. I heard: "The Death is observing yourself" I was thinking disinterestedly: "Well, what about it?" I asked first of men there to show me a way back to my friend. He told me that I have to follow him. At first it was easy, but it was as if the air is thicker and thicker till I couldn't move forward anymore. I stood there for a few seconds and then I decided to wake up. Which was instantaneous.

      After waking up I tried to make the way to my friend again, but i fell asleep.

      Sleeping body was black when there was no consciousness in it- maybe when that human was dreaming?
      I was not contacted by my friend...
      The state of mind I used was close to what is needed for Astral Projection
      I felt no sexual attraction to those two women. But massage/healing was strangely pleasant... electrifying...

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    12. Calling your name- Shared dream attempt

      by , 03-27-2016 at 07:53 PM
      I entered dream and everything was diffuse. I didn't hear any sounds at start. But slowly everything concentrated and my senses came along.
      I was in quite desolate big village. Houses were in various stage of disrepair, rubbish laid on the street. I walked and observed...the day went into night. And I walked. I observed dark places surrounding the light ones. In dark patches of village there was nobody, people were moving into light ones. All the people sleep zombies. Even my wife was in zombie state there... And it looked as if I was walking to more and more narrow places and rooms... I didn't like that. It looked like typical dream where one is walking till he can't move anymore. I'm not scared by that, but it usually leads out of dream(into wake state). And I didn't want that So I concentrated and I walked into open...
      After some time of walking the night went into day. I was walking on street where one side was hill and other side had houses. That road went up and up... And it started to be a little boring... so I decided to go and visit closest house.It was in bad shape... small parts of it were falling down constantly. After I went out of it I navigated to better looking house. There was a dog guarding it... Quite big one. Yet I was walking there. I looked on the dog. The dog looked on me. I stopped. I was thinking looking on the dog and an interesting "game" began:
      The dog is quite big... what if it is ferocious? The dog started to snarl.
      The dog is snarling... what if the rope is not strong enough to keep it on place? The rope snapped
      Now... the dog is not bound what if he is going to attack me? The dog started to growl louder and started to creep to me...
      The dog is quite close and he looks on me... he will jump... The dog jumped.
      I didn't wait and I shoved my right hand into mouth of jumping dog deep, up to my elbow. The dog was like sleeve on my hand- he tried to bite, but his attempts were pitiful. I looked into his eyes... he was choking... And disappeared.
      I was looking on my arm... it was slobbered a little. I contemplated a minute about what happened and then I went into house. It was really in better shape. Yet it was again empty. I was thinking: this dream is not very interesting. Then I remembered that I tried a few times to meet someone in a dream, by calling the name... to make this dream shared. So I called. Nothing happened. Did I call someone? I didn't hear anything. I concentrated more... And I CALLED my friend full name. It was roar. The air was waving by compression waves... the ground went into wave around me... like when someone drops a rock into water. Houses around me trembled. And someone appeared!!! I looked on that woman back (she appeared about 5 meters from me with her back turned to me) and was thinking... is she my friend? The body sizes was about right, the soul connection screamed that it was her... yet the hair... colour was right, but the length... she had hair maybe 1-1.2 meter long! I never saw something like that by her. I decided to ask. Her face was that of my friend... yet the answer was negative. She didn't know me. I was confused. She walked away and slowly disappeared on the move.
      Hmmm... should I try call her again? I called second time... I concentrated... the volume of my roaring of her name was at least as strong as first time. Devastating for some of more desolate houses. And again a woman appeared. THE SAME ONE!!! I walked to her and again asked... And again the answer was negative. I asked:Then why did you appeared again? I received no answer on my question. And that woman again slowly disappeared.
      Third time is a charm??? So I concentrated longer and more. The roar of her full name was much more powerful. LOL. The same woman appeared :
      She looked on me and asked: Why are you calling me again and again?
      How am I calling you, when you are not who I'm calling??? You told me that you are not who I'm calling.I answered.
      She looked on me confused. And disappeared again.
      I was again walking through desolate village. Why it looks so bad? Why am I walking in such devastated country? Why not some woodland... or meadow? I looked up and I saw hill maybe 500 meters further behind houses... with lush green trees. Yet I wasn't tempted to walk there. I only looked on them... I saw how leaves are moving in wind. The day slowly went into night again and I lost consciousness in darkness of night.

      Who was that woman? She came when I called... yet I was calling my friend. Was it dream interpretation?
      The dream wasn't shared one, probably. My friend didn't remember anything. Could she be from other time, dimension? She was strangely conscious... Not the dream zombie
      Not a short LD
      Devastated village... Why? Why didn't I walk to those trees? There was no need, no want...no will to walk there in me. I walked where I felt I have to walk.

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    13. Shared dream attempt

      by , 02-15-2016 at 09:16 AM
      I entered LD at my house. My wife looked like dream zombie, I couldn't wake her from that state. So I decided to explore my surrounding. I went into basement and there was a finished bicycle I'm working on (here is progress on it, my 9 years old daughter is presenting ) :
      Hey, has anyone seen O'nus???-img_3834.jpg
      So I took it for a little ride. The ride was nice but bicycle started to change its shape slowly, and things started to interfere with my legs movements. I came close to my friend house while bicycle became completely unusable.
      I went into her house. There were her parents... well, her mother looked similar to her real mother, but father looked differently(with yellowish spiky hair???). I spoke with them about their life, asked them things- their answers were strange, different to this reality. They wanted to repair their TV ??? I found that problem was with antenna and I fixed that problem easily.
      I sat there and waited. After some time my friend came and she starred on me. She asked what I'm doing there and went dormant(like stature) I wasn't able to communicate with her. So I left. My WILD didn't last much longer after that. I walked and explored my surroundings till the very end.

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    14. Shared dream attempt

      by , 02-14-2016 at 03:46 PM
      I emerged before house. It looked somewhat familiar. Like house of friend I was trying to share my dream with. Yet surrounding was unfamiliar. I decided to try and find whether that house is what I thought it is so I went inside. I was surprised. Once I crossed doors I found myself inside something looking like very big hall... a bank. There were people waiting in lines for money. I backed away from house... The house looked exactly like before. Not the first time house looked much bigger from inside then from outside.
      On the other side of road the big house arose, it looked very old, rustic. The world around me slowly changed. The house and garden surrounding it stayed the same, but whole city grew around it (it was small village before I looked inside of that house). I rose into air, maybe in 2-3m of height and I started to fly down the street.

      I managed somehow to project myself outside of my friend house.
      My friend wasn't inside...
      Space inside of house was about 20 times as big as it should be, and there weren't rooms, only big open hall with
      Atmosphere of dream was similar to astral projection- calm. My concentration was at similar height to AP, yet this was a dream.
      The house and garden was vividly colorful, inners of house (bank), and city were greyish... it was like the garden and house was alight by sun, and city was in dusk.

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    15. Shared dream attempt- Invisible helper

      by , 01-14-2016 at 11:04 AM
      When lucid dream started, I found myself walking down the long street. It was empty, quiet. And I observed my surrounding. I found, that while I walked slowly, I was moving very fast-paradox. I had strong thought- Lets find someone to communicate. Because street was empty I turned and walked inside nearest building.
      Inside of the building there were stairs. And I walked up the stairs. I was thinking about shared dreams... how to induce it, which experiments I will make to do so. There were doors on one side of staircase. I tried some of them and found out, that they were locked. So I walked up higher and higher. Then I heard some man with black short hairs walking fast after myself. When he was close, I felt invisible hands catching me on my sides and dragging me to side of staircase... and that man walked ruthlessly up, roughly pushing me into wall. If not for those invisible hands, he would throw me down from staircase... I went slowly after that man up the stairs. And we came to the end of the stairs... there was only blank wall there. The man looked on the wall and he was looking confused. He looked like he lost the line of consciousness and started to behave like dream zombie, and walked back down the stairs. When he came close to me I felt invisible hands to push me out of his way and then they pushed me up the stairs. The blank white wall changed to doors and I was pushed towards them. I looked back on the man- he saw me going through doors. He looked even more confused. And doors were closed after I went through them.
      I turned from doors and I found out, that I'm in large hall. It looked like hospital. There were doctors pushing beds with sleeping people from some rooms to other rooms... I felt strange feeling in my head, it felt like I'm falling down backward... faster and faster, while all my thought were evaporating from my consciousness. But it didn't correspond with senses of my dream body which was standing... My mind became singular- there was only single thought chain, very subtle one. I felt that I have to call my friend. And I started calling for her. Doctors starred on me sourly and hushed me, People are sleeping here!. So I asked one of them where I could find my friend. And he showed me the way. I walked down the hall to doors and went through them.
      Behind those doors there was room , maybe 10 meter x 40 meters or so... and there were girls from my high school(My high school was for medical laboratory assistant and there were 35 girls and only 4 boys in my classroom). They looked much younger, than they are now... more like they looked 25 years ago. I was walking through that room and somehow I was constantly bumping into those girls. I felt that I have to go elsewhere, as fast as possible, before they start to make notice of me. I managed that and went through next doors.
      I was in another room. There was young girl, blonde with nearly yellow straight hairs and slender body I felt I had to have sex with her- she disagreed, but didn't complain and didn't try to oppose that act. So we joined our bodies. I felt arousing growing like wave inside of me... and then I felt it wrong. The girl wasn't exactly cooperating during that act... it was one sided. I disjointed our bodies even though that girl protested to that. It was confusing. I cooled my arousal down to neutrality and left through next doors.
      On the other side of those doors, there was rural country with only a few houses. I looked behind, it wasn't house I know... the house on the other side of road was also unfamiliar. I decided to try to go into that other house. I went behind the fence. There were two dogs... puppies... one was small, like larger cat, second one was big. Very big, about 1m high and 1.5m long, but puppy nevertheless. It started to lick me. It wasn't exactly pleasant to be wetted by large volume of slobber... so I returned behind that fence. Some people came out from that house... I didn't know them. I asked where I'm, but they didn't tell anything. So I took walk on the road into distance till I fell into deep dreamless sleep.

      Interesting thing those invisible hands helping me on the stairs.
      The hall behind invisible doors- could it be something like dream crossroad? Dreamland where all people are connected and through which we can go to other people dreams?
      Maybe those doctors are something like managers of dreams? Beings of that land? Non-corporeal?
      Room with highschool girls- it looked like meeting of classmates...
      Next room- I'm not sure what that meant to be. Why I felt first I had to have sex, then that it is wrong, dangerous even.

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