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    1. Crystal Memories

      by , 04-02-2014 at 07:39 AM
      This is my first DJ, so i'll start with my most recent LD.

      It was two days ago. I fell asleep into a dream that was of a cavern.. or rather a cave turning into a long stoned pathway. It was illuminated by bluish fiery light from both sides, leading down the path as well. While walking down this path, i noticed the walls had crystallized mirrors. Looking into them,, it seemed foggy at first, but then when it started to clear up. I noticed my younger self.. my childhood self. Having fun. Each mirror i looked into was a sequence of a childhood memories i enjoyed. Witnessing this made me realize i was in a dream and yet, i hand no control of the memories that came or the area that i dreamed of.
      However i was able to control myself. A Dream induced Lucid Dream (DILD) with some Dream control is what it was looking back on it. With the Control i had, i was able to jump into these crystal mirrors that took me to the areas of my memories. Seeing my younger friends & parents, but unable to communicate with them. Although my younger self seemed to smile in my direction from time to time, then resumed playing. It was heartwarming if not odd. With my control, i continued to jump into mirrors and various memories of my younger self, almost like teleporting. Until i ran into a different dream area, not of my memories but of some starry night city that looked like a mix of Las Vegas, and New Orleans at mardi gras. And as i look around at the shining lights & stars, the various people laughing and dancing and yet can't see me. I finally noticed my younger self again. Looking back at me with a smile and then says. " The fun doesn't end yet." and with a chorus of music, i wake up, listening to nothing but the whirring of my fan and the cold breeze in my room. I honestly felt great that morning, kind of a warm pleasant feeling. I'm curious to what the dream meant. Maybe it means that if i keep positive and enjoy my life, better things will come? Maybe better things that i never thought would happen? I can only hope.

      Well this is my First Dream Journal. I hope it wasn't too odd for folks. XD

      If my dreams are always this interesting, i'm certainly going to write more.