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    1. An Adventure and a Dream Guide

      by , 12-30-2013 at 08:23 PM

      I don't remember how this dream started, I just remember that I was living in a dystopian, industrial city and we were not allowed to leave. Outside the city's walls were the outlanders and they were supposed to be uncivilized and miserable people that would sooner eat you than help you. I guess it was supposed to be like Mad Max or The Road Warrior out there.Did you know...-rwmax1.jpg

      After wandering around the city for awhile doing stuff that I can't exactly remember, I eventually came to the wall where I spotted these two little kids scurrying over it. They used secret footholds in the wall. I went up there and did the same. On the other side I found an interesting house, it had no walls but it had about 4 floors and very unusual architecture. Reminded me of something I might have seen in Waterworld. Did you know...-waterworld_structure_small.jpg

      But there was desert below, not water. The kids' father was a nice Chinese man that also happened to be a chemist. His house was filled with all kinds of awesome contraptions, whirring gizmos, and bubbling vials. After talking with him for awhile about what the outside world was really like, a gatekeeper came to his home. He told the nice Chinese man that one of the gate monitors had been tripped and that he was looking for someone that had escaped from the town. He told him that he had seen nothing and the gatekeeper left. I thanked him and then left on a trek across the desert to see what I could find.

      I walked for quite awhile, until the Chinese man's home was no longer visible. There was an excavation site up against a cliff wall. I walked over there and tried to blend in with the workers. I saw all kinds of exotic, precious minerals of various colors just laying around everywhere. There was also a giant mound of unrefined gold and gems. I picked up a blue crystal and it started soaking up this weird blackish green substance. A young man told me that this particular crystal was very special, it could soak up evil essence. He said that he was using these to cleanse the world. I thought that was pretty cool and I definitely approved of his noble mission, so I followed him away from the excavation site.

      He led me to a camp of outlaws, this part really was a little bit road warrior. They were all dressed up in strange armor and some were wearing masks. They had a lot of engineers among them and they drove motorcycles and large machines. But they weren't mean, they were just misunderstood . Did you know...-387_4.jpg

      They were about to go on a secret raiding mission where they would attack an old-world machine factory. They used to produce massive war machines there before the great fall, and some were still operational and on autopilot. I went with them and we found an enormous machine that had spikes all over it to impale anybody that tried to climb on it and it had a massive chainsaw and a buzzsaw at the end of its arms. It immediately started attacking everything it saw, cutting motorcyles in half and sending my fellow outlaws flying. I climbed to the 3rd floor of the factory and knocked some spikes off the machine. I then jumped down into the pilot's seat, turned off auto-pilot, and took control. Everybody cheered and I drove it back to their base.

      When we got there, the lead outlaw started telling me about another secret mission. He wanted me to go with this other guy to infiltrate a town. I was supposed to watch his back while he did what needed to be done. We left for this town, riding motorcycles. We rode for what seemed a very long time, crossing this magical land that resembled night elf land from WOW, but it was much more beautiful and vivid.

      The town was very medieval and magnificent looking. Did you know...-brettonian-town.jpg

      We went into a tavern that full of people getting drunk and having a good time. My buddy led me into a backroom where some of the town's most powerful individuals were playing poker. They didn't trust me being in there so they made me leave, but my friend was allowed to stay. So I went back into the room of people getting drunk and had a beer. I talked with this strange looking creature. He was short, fat, and he looked like he was from another world. His skin was green and scaly and he had very thin arms and legs. The leader of the outlaws showed up and told me that this creature was just trying to distract me. He told me that they knew about us, and it would only be a matter of time before we were all captured. An evil smirk ran across the ugly little creature's face and he tried to grab me. I punched him in the face and he went flying. Everybody in the bar got up and started fighting. A lot of them ran after us and the outlaw leader jumped into a giant war machine and started riding away, so I took off flying with my friend that was in the backroom playing poker. We flew back across the magical landscape but this time there was a ceiling and walls. After awhile we came up to a bunch of spellcasters and swordsmen from the town. They spawned plants on the walls and the ceiling that tried to devour us. Fireballs and lightning bolts were flying all over the place and we somehow managed to dodge them all. We got back to the base safely and the dream ended.

      Dream 1:

      Before this dream started, I woke up and experienced a little bit of sleep paralysis. I couldn't move my body and it felt like someone was laying on me. Fear started to set in, but I just said nah, not gonna be afraid. Instead I started to feel my dream body - I flexed my hands and feet until I got back into a dream. Wasn't lucid though. In the dream there was a cat laying on top of me and I thought, oh no wonder if felt like someone was laying on me! Silly kitty. He jumped off and turned into a dog. Then I went into the kitchen and my mom and sister were there. I said to them, "What are you guys doing, you're not supposed to be here!" My mom was manically cooking pork chops while talking about cooking chicken and my sister said to me, "what are you talking about David, mom's not here". Then my mom vanished and I asked my sister if this was a dream. She told me no and I tried to move something with my mind and a coffee mug flew across the room. "Liar!" I exclaimed. Then she walked away and I went outside. I tried to use telekinesis again just to make sure that it was a dream and then I thought about what I might want to do and I decided I wanted to talk to my dream guide. I said to the dream, "Okay, I'm ready to talk to you Mr. God". He appeared right in front of me, instantly, and he looked almost exactly the same as before except he was wearing different clothes and he was about 10 feet tall. I went to hug him and only got up to his waist. He said something really strange that I can't quite remember. I can only remember key words: cosmic, below the belt, joke universe. At first I thought he was making fun of my dick, saying that it was the joke of the universe. Then I thought that maybe he said that because my face was practically in his crotch. I never figured out, maybe a metaphor or something? Anyways, I woke up and DEILD'd.

      Dream 2:

      I was outside still but my dream guide was gone, I used telekinesis to make sure I was dreaming again and a flower pot moved over a ledge and broke. I summoned the dream guide again and this time he was shorter than me, same clothes and appearance otherwise. I noticed the dream started to get blurry so I stabilized and then walked over to him. I asked him how long I could talk to him for and he told me 20-30 minutes if I choose. I had the instant thought of no way, I'm going to wake up really soon I just know it. He gave me an understanding, compassionate smile and then hugged me. I hugged him back but then I started to feel a little bit uncomfortable. I had the split second thought that maybe he'll turn evil and bite me. Instead, he hugged me tighter and gave me more love. I snapped out of all my thoughts and was lost in the all pervading feeling of love. Then I woke up. DEILD'd again.

      Dream 3:

      I was at my parents' house and my mom was going to let some strange black dog outside. I used telekinesis again just to make sure and noticed that I was chewing gum, it was getting a little bit bland but still had some flavor. Dream ended as I was trying to go outside to summon my DG again.