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    1. OBE: I asked a dream character what they represented for the first time

      by , 12-25-2013 at 03:46 PM
      First OBE

      I am laying on my side, facing the wall. I decide to pull the covers up and adjust my position. I open my eyes and look out the little hole my blankets give me. I feel a mild fear sensation, but Iím safe in my blankets. Then I start to hear noises and the vibrational state come on. I hear this loud voice of this male voice narrating, like an audio book. Itís like tuning into a radio station. I canít hear or make out individual words or phrases, but it was pretty loud I was worried Kim could hear it!

      Then I start to sink down and down. I let go even further and drift through my bed. I start to feel the loud ďjet engineĒ sound come rushing through my ears. Itís mildly painful, I kind of wince as itís getting louder. But soon Iím opening my astral eyes floating above my bed in my astral body. Boom, Iím out.

      I end up jumping out of bed to my left, I look back at my body and I donít see it there. I see the sheets open where my body should have been. I gently make the bed, but I donít move out of that position. I say, ďawareness now!Ē and ďturn on the lights!Ē But nothing happens. Iím not even interested in leaving the room for some reason. I feel like Iím too tired to do anything. I end up phasing back to the physical.

      What was weird was I woke up and opened my eyes, and I wasnít in the position I thought I fell asleep in. I think I ended up in a lucid dream state identical to my physical reality right before I had the OBE. Crazy.

      Second OBE

      I donít remember how this one happened, but I eventually got out of body and went out the front door. Lucid, I walk outside and see a van with two male drivers sitting in my driveway. I was going to just keep on going, but I purposefully walked over to talk to them.

      The window rolls down, itís Bob from my high school in the driverís seat and another dude I didnít know in the passenger. We said hello, and I interrupted and said, ďHey, do you know Iím dreaming?Ē And Bob said, ďyes!Ē and seemed like, "obviously!"

      I said to him, ďWhy am I dreaming of you? I mean, I hadnít thought about you in years!?Ē Bob looks at his friend, both smiling as if they know something I donít. They seem to be debating how to explain it. Iím excited with anticipation. I start to lose focus and things grow fuzzy. I desperately try to hang on and try staring up close at the details on Bobís face. It helps but not enough. Before Bob gets a chance to tell me his answer, I phase back to the physical and wake up disappointed.

      But Iím still satisfied I went lucid and even had the opportunity to ask my first dream character what they represent. Thatís a success in my book.