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    1. LD #37 Party Time!

      by , 05-05-2015 at 01:32 PM
      At a Bar/Halloween Monster Attack!
      I am at a bar with my father and wife. I get in line for drinks, and comment how amazing long the line is. My wife goes off to mingle, and repeatedly brings me drinks, despite the fact that I am waiting in line for drinks. I warn her that I will be drunk if she brings me many more, and jokingly act intoxicated. This makes the woman in front of me laugh and we start talking, she is a very attractive brunette with shoulder length hair and green eyes, mid 30's by appearance. She asks me "What do you do?" I explain my job to her and ask her what she does. She tells me about some outdoor adventure camp she works at. My wife comes back and we all leave the bar, but now my father has become a generic dude and the woman just kind of vanishes. We step outside into the parking lot, it is nighttime and there are various people in what appear to be halloween costumes walking around. I see our truck, it is a white silverado, and we start to walk towards it, the generic dude with us gets in first. I look off to the right and see a guy jokingly lay down on what appears to be a prop grave. He says "hey, look at this!" and laughs to his friends. Zombie like hands pop out of the piled dirt and start to drag him down, he screams and I realize all of the monsters wandering around are real! I open the door to the truck and in the driver seat is an ugly woman, she has eaten the generic dude and all that remains is a purple bag of goo. I yell at her and push her out of the truck and slide over into the driver's seat. I lean out of the door and yell to my wife "get the fuck into the car....now!!! we have to get out of here!!"

      LD #37 Party Time!

      I am at a party, and walking into the kitchen I pass a man leaning against the doorway, I pass him and turn around, and instantly know I am dreaming. I say aloud "I am dreaming, this is a dream!" I walk out into the other room and see a young man standing in the middle of the room, I narrate "I am going to slap his face." My narration comes out a beautiful, perfect pitch falsetto singing. I approach the man and slap his face 3 times, he just stares at me blankly. I look around the room and marvel at the perfect, crisp detail. I look at some beautifully carved chairs, there is a full set of 4 around a dark wood table. I think how amazing and realistic they look. I remember "this is a perfect rendition of my aunt's living room" (this is a false memory, although there is some resemblance) I turn around and continue to sing "I am going to walk through this wall and appear in another place!" I confidently push through the wall on my right and cleanly pass right through. I appear in a galley kitchen. The floor is white tile and the ceiling is low and there are fluorescent lights in the middle of the ceiling. The walls are light blue with white trim near the floor. I walk through this room and into another living room type area. I decide I am going to take a psychedelic substance (Harvard dream researcher Alan Hobson mentions this in his book and I thought it interesting) I find a candy dish and intend it to be psychedelic candy. I pick up a piece, knocking several on the floor in the process. The candy is white and red peppermint. I unwrap it and it turns blue in my hands. I put it in my mouth and swallow it, no taste. I walk around singing "the visuals will start soon, I have taken psychedelic candy", again in a beautiful, perfect voice. I walk out into another room and marvel at the perfectly detailed rock wall, thinking again "this is so vivid and realistic!!" I look and see a group of guys sitting and playing cards at a round white table. I decide that I will roundhouse kick the man nearest me. He is wearing all black, with a black "mugger hat", and impossibly dark stubble on this face. As I get ready to kick him he stands up and walks away. I notice the environment has faded and is "shaky" I start to rub my hands together, but the dream fades and I wake up.

      This was my longest and most vivid LD yet, surprising in light of my recent slump.
    2. Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso & Bum Stealing My Bike

      by , 02-27-2015 at 01:24 AM
      1. I am at teachings that are being given by Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche. I am in line with my wife waiting to enter the room that the teachings will be held in. I am very excited. I tell my wife that Khenpo is a really amazing lama. "I know" she says, "you keep telling me!" She seems annoyed with me. Later I am walking around the building that the teachings were given in. It appears to be alot like my high school, with metal panel walls. and windows every so often that break up the panels. I am looking for Khenpo's room so that I can ask him a question. I find his room, there are many attendants in the room, but they all look like hospital staff. There is a hospital bed in the room along with many medical monitoring devices such as IV drip lines.
      Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche:
      Where is everyone from?-2817532153_6b40863c6b.jpg

      2. I am riding my bike across town at night. I am in an area of a town where there are many old warehouses and abandoned factories. I notice some "gutter punks" off in a field in front of an old warehouse. I cross some railroad tracks. I turn left in front of an old warehouse building. I am now in a large fenced in area in front of the warehouse. I notice a bum/gutter punk guy approaching me from the warehouse. I get nervous and speed up, but reach a point where i am stuck between the approaching bum and the fence. The bum catches up with me and I greet him nicely. I get a close up view of his face. His face is narrow, almost un-naturally, his skin is dark and sallow. He is wearing a mugger hat and his hair is poking out from underneath it. He tells me to give him my bike. "Come on man!, you aren't really going to take my bike!" I tell him. He insists and threatens to stab me if I do not comply. I give him the bike. He then asks me for my car keys. I tell him he took my bike and that should be enough. He insists on me giving him my keys. I tell him he is welcome to have them, but my car is back at my house and he does not know where that is. He seems satisfied with my answer. He rides off on my bike and I run ahead and cut through a building to get ahead of him. I end up standing on a little pile of dirt as he approaches. I kick him in the face and he falls off the bike. I jump down off the pile of dirt and bash his head a couple of times with a rock. I am worried that I seriously hurt him, but realize i just knocked him out. I take my bike back and ride off. I am then in a car with wife telling her that my bike got stolen. She seems disappointed as I must not have taken some of her advice to lock it up or something. Next I tell her how I retrieved the bike and she seems a bit relieved.