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    Fantastical Adventures

    You can expect to find Time Travel, Game Elements, and Pony, among other things.

    Definitions. I use a 5-Layer system for classifying levels of lucidity without mentioning control. Each Layer has two optional variants, "Minor" and "Major", where one variant isn't necessarily better or worse than another.
    Layer 0 - The dream gives hints that you may be dreaming.

    Minor - You dream about lucid dreaming subject matter, usually in the form of conversation, text, themes, etc.
    Major - Something may not feel quite right in this level. There may be a sense that there are no consequences to your actions, or that you can stop the experience at any time.
    Layer 1 - You realize you're dreaming, but you are barely lucid. This isn't limited by time. Layer 1s can still last very long, just like any other layer.
    Minor - You wake yourself up within seconds.
    Major - You lose lucidity within seconds either by distraction or false awakening.
    Layer 2 - You realize you're dreaming, but complete understanding of the situation does not properly sink in. Not caring enough to continue may occur.
    Minor - Dream characters are unaware of the dreamstate.
    Major - Dream characters are lucid.
    Layer 3 - The full implications of the situation are understood. You are aware of what DCs are.
    Minor - Dream characters are unaware of the dreamstate.
    Major - Dream characters are lucid.
    Layer 4 - The full implications of the situation are understood, and you have full waking consciousness. Memory and logic function properly.
    Minor - Dream characters are unaware of the dreamstate.
    Major - Dream characters are lucid.

    Abbreviations: Layer X = LX. Variations are like this: Layer X Minor = "LX-", and Layer X Major = "LX+".

    Procedure - A routine I use to increase lucidity.
    Initialization - Stabilization at the beginning of the Plan
    Plan - A routine I use to reach Layer 4 and solidify the environment.

    -1-, -2-, -x-. - Indicates the start of a new dream.
    [New Scene] - Indicates the start of a new scene from the same dream.

    Color Key:
    Layer 0
    Lucid, Layer 1/Layer 2
    Lucid, Layer 3
    Lucid, Layer 4

    1. 5/1/18--5/3/18 (L) | Tower, Tornado, Alien Ships, Flight

      by , 05-04-2018 at 03:11 AM (Fantastical Adventures)
      I was in a store where I met a woman that told me I could take any game for free, as long as I had beaten that game before. I could also take as many copies as I had beaten the games.
      [New Scene]
      I was in the student center, about to go upstairs to room 293 for a halloween-themed class. There was a hexagonal, black tower going straight up next to the stairs. It had purple lights.
      [New Scene]
      Played Wii Sports in my old house. I thought about making the game in Dreams. Later, I played Breath of the Wild, and I was in the eastern sea.

      -1-At my old house, there were fast-moving clouds outside. Also, everyone in the room (10+ people) vanished at once. I heard a gunshot-like sound in my right ear, which caused some minor pain that one would expect to feel after hearing a noise that loud. I wondered what could have caused that sound, as it appeared to have no source. A character walked out of the hallway and responded, "I'll be glad to answer that!" Next, we both jumped out the window. I got spooked for some reason, so I turned upside down and floated.
      -2-I was walking outside near a road when an alien ship fleet became visible in the clouds. They fired some weird stuff at the ground, and had yellow exhaust. Later, I was in a place with ships and buildings. I had to hide some stuff in a place, but I couldn't figure out where. Later still, when I and some other people had to leave by sitting on the couch (teleporter), we set the timer for 300 seconds. In less than 300 seconds, something the building would explode. The result of leaving was taking off into space with Earth, Mars, and Neptune and placing them back in the solar system.
      [New Scene]
      My family was driving somewhere. There was a large shelf cloud taking up a sizeable portion of the sky. There was a weak tornado off to the right, so I started recording. I should have become lucid then.
      [New Scene]
      A scene with my chemistry professor teaching chemistry in an odd building that perhaps wasn't designed for such a thing. After the lecture, I walked outside in the snow and went across the walkway to another building. So many obvious giveaways there.

      5/3/18 (L)
      -1-Outside my old house, I could fly using imaginary pegasus wings. A friend and I flew up to a cloud and found that it was solid. I dug in to make it more comfortable to sit on. It was like digging in warm snow with adhesive properties, and it only stuck to itself. We then used the cloud as a vehicle to float down near the ground where my younger sister was. I asked her if she could see us, and she could. I didn't do a good enough job with the cloud then. Later, there were a few moments of bliss while flying slowly, but it was hard to keep my non-lucid expectations up. I was briefly lucid at same point in the middle of this.
      [New Scene]
      I flew and walked on the ceiling of my grandparents' house. There was a bear on the floor trying to eat me. As time went on, the ceiling and the floor switched gravity repeatedly in a confusing manner, and also switched locations.
      [New Scene]
      I flew into a well-lit concentration camp.
      Lucid Time: 5-10 seconds
    2. 3/26/18 (L) | Distraction

      by , 03-27-2018 at 01:04 AM (Fantastical Adventures)
      I spawned in or around my old house, and I wanted to trigger an event. I ran across the street to be more convinced that it would happen. Eventually, I found a TV and a Gamecube and lost lucidity. I got distracted by a Falcon Heavy video.
      Lucid Time: 45-90 seconds
      Tags: house
    3. 3/25/18 | House

      by , 03-26-2018 at 01:37 AM (Fantastical Adventures)
      Scene: On a hill at night with a lone house on the ridge, walking downhill on the winding driveway.
      My younger sister and I had one hour to find and complete something involving random video games. We had to walk from the house to some building a quarter-mile away. The building had a carpeted floor.
      Tags: house
    4. 3/24/18 (L)x5 | Traffic, Buildings, Samus

      by , 03-24-2018 at 02:14 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -1-This LD lasted less than 10 seconds and took place at my old house.
      -2-The next LD in this group happened after a lengthy scene of odd questioning in a hyper-realistic mesh between my old house and another house. Even the shower was near perfect. Later, I finally did realize I was dreaming. Samus appeared in a turquoise drag racer while her Sm4sh victory theme played. I lost lucidity shortly after. The scene was a busy-ish road with trees and small buildings. There was an intersection to the north.
      -3-I regained lucidity for a while as I jumped on top of trucks and buildings.
      -4-(DEILD) I spawned on the northbound side of the same road, looking west. I tried to take over a large, red thing that resembled a semi truck, but I couldn't open the door. Seconds later, I approached the intersection from the southbound side, and was immediately surrounded by cops. On one side were Americans, and on the other were Chinese.
      "The Chinese are quick to secure their target." --a text in a book

      -5-(DEILD) I spawned in a tall building east of the parking lot, which was north of the intersection by a half-block. I look to my right and see a room with FNAF characters in it.
      "Oh, look at that," I said, slightly annoyed. I was not a fan in the slightest. As I continued east inside, one of the characters followed me and acted like a hyperactive child with ADHD. Looking up, I saw that the ceiling of this wide, concrete-floored hallway was about 5 stories high. The character then turned into Pinkie Pie, so I shoved her off a convenient ledge.

      Lucid Time: 4m5s--6m25s
    5. 3/23/18 | Houses

      by , 03-23-2018 at 03:43 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -1-A world where I switched houses every week. At the last house I remember, there was a cop car circling it on its property. When I followed it all the way around the house, I found that it had stopped next to an ambulance.
      -F-Something about Smash Bros. Melee
      Tags: car, house
    6. August 18, 2015 (L)x2 | PKSparkxx, House, Red Car, Explosion

      by , 01-31-2018 at 02:50 AM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -1-Earth had to evacuate and find a new planet. Whatever the first found was, we got it. This was symbolized: My family and I were walking in a covered parking lot at night. My family represented the ship with a bunch of people on it, and a car represented a toxic, class-18 world. I was talking with my younger sister about how certain extreme planets would send us back to the stone age.
      [New Scene]
      I was playing Mario Kart online with PKSparkxx. I acknowledged this and opted to remain in the lobby. Next, I was in the same house as him, and apparently was my older sister's house. After streaming was done, I went to find our cats sleeping on a bunk bed: Snickers on the top, Blizzard on the bottom.
      -2(L)-I was in a merge between my old house and my grandparents' house. For example, there was no wall between the main kitchen and the computer room. There was also a chimney in the computer room. There was also a bed that I slept in. I decided to go back to “bed” to get an LD. I performed an I-WILD(WILD in a dream)—I materialized my phone non-lucid it was so easy. Suddenly, after I tried a few times to open them with my hands, but I could only see blurry things. Eventually, it stopped, and I could see again. No DCs were around this time. When I got out of bed and looked at my phone, it was already on a page containing a list of LD topics that it could provide help on. I saw shapeshifting on the list. Then, I put the phone away and looked outside to the W. The clouds over the hill looked pretty dark, and shortly after I noticed that, a funnel cloud appeared. [Skip] The non-rotating funnel-shape was over a neighbor's house. I didn’t hear much, so I broke the window. Nothing changed much. Next, I decided to roll along with the story to just enjoy being lucid after so long. A red supercar materialized around me. For some reason, I was driving on the right side of that uncomfortable thing. Anyway, I flew into the sky past some tall trees and forgot what happened right after that. [Skip] The car told me that I could drop and explode, causing me damage. I first said “Never mind.” But then I said, “You know what, do it. I’m invincible anyway.” I was thinking that it wouldn’t hurt one bit, and it didn’t. The car just exploded, throwing me onto the carpet. There was also a scene where I was writing in my dream journal.
      Lucid Time: 2-4 minutes
      lucid , non-lucid
    7. 9/2/17 (L) L3 SSILD WBTB | Waterfront

      by , 09-02-2017 at 03:04 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -1(L)-I became lucid somewhere. I did the Procedure, spent minimal stabilization time, did the procedure again, and did some more minimal stabilization. The dominating color of the scene was a dull purple. I got to Layer 3, and that’s all I remember.
      Time: 7-11 minutes
      -2-I had to hide in my old house under some cardboard and random clothes/blankets from someone else for some reason. In the same scene, I avoided buying something from a seller that didn’t deliver the first time during this nerfed-post-apocalyptic time.
      [New Scene]
      The scene was a sunny waterfront with a small plaza and an oddly-shaped, polygonal building. I asked a working man on the plaza where some food was. He said something like,
      “4 steps to the right, 5 to the back, and it’s on the left.”
      Sure enough, I found corndogs in a fridge at the location he gave. It was around the back of the building.

      Updated 12-27-2017 at 04:36 AM by 67050

      Tags: house, waterfront
      lucid , non-lucid
    8. December 21, 2014 | Armed House, Expansive Game, Stone House

      by , 08-24-2017 at 04:00 AM (Fantastical Adventures)
      There was this house that didn’t let you leave unless you were within 5ft of an armed person at least 5ft tall, and only through the front door. Attempting to escape by opening the windows only leads to falling forever and/or out of bounds, which is exactly what happened to 2 DCs. Breaking windows only results in electrocution. Occasionally, the internet was available. Later, someone else that wasn’t suspecting a thing walked in through the front door, and just happened to be armed. So one other guy decided to go fort the exit, and he made it. I got out a few seconds later the same way. I was under the impression that he required his laptop in a small amount of time.
      [New Scene]
      The basement was a hub for at least 8 worlds in a very expansive game. It was a dust-colored room with several panels of the same color, some with arrow-like objects that point towards their corresponding exit. One of the levels in the worlds was doing the ‘Yoshi glitch on Dry Dry Desert.’ I saw a demonstration of it. The player drove the kart to a non-existent area, lined up with something, stuttered/jumped forward 4 times towards a small pool of water, and that was all I saw of it. Also, there were like 50 levels in the first world, or at least that’s what it appeared to be; it may have been only one section of the world, as I remember, a slight impression that it was. The blue ‘level’ select panel/screen thingy showed most likely 48 smaller panels, at least 2 of which displaying a picture, one of which was N64 Slippy. The rest were blank, except for one scene where 5 displayed pictures. The background was probably facing the exit to the first world in the basement.
      [New Scene]
      Starcraft 2 was banned from tournaments due to violation of several rules relating to randomness. Suddenly, my older sister said, “Civilization 10!”
      [New Scene]
      I was looking inside a huge stone house. I started down the stairs, only to find another, and another, and another floor from the ground level, down to whatever level I stopped on, and contained 5 metal thingies. The interior of the house wasn’t what usually goes in a stone house; the walls were mostly white with red corners, kind of like a restaurant. Also, the house was right next to camp, allowing for easy access.
      Tags: games, house, trapped
    9. October 26-27, 2014 | Hot/Cold Planet, Sun Filter, The Doctor, Shuttle, Bomb, Goldeneye

      by , 08-06-2017 at 07:19 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      10/26/14 | Square House Lot, Trees
      I moved into a house with a rather uncommon lot; it consisted of one line of trees for each side of a rectangle, arranged like the following figure. Surrounding the trees were miles of plains. If one could stand near the house and look around, they would see that all of the sky to the west was blocked by trees, most overhanging at the top so that 50% of the total view of the sky was obstructed.

      10/27/14 | Hot/Cold Planet, Sun Filter, The Doctor, Shuttle, Bomb, Goldeneye
      I was on a planet that used to be super hot until the sun was filtered by something. Then, the temperature rapidly dropped. Luckily, I isolated myself within four rooms of ice before the temperature reached levels of -100°F. Once that stopped, the temperature was disregarded, as I punched all the ice doors down and got out.
      [New Scene]
      Rory was suddenly already stuck on the planet for 3 years and was always leaving behind tons of paper with notes on othem. [from here, the Scene repeatedly flips between the planet and a highly populated building on Earth.] Inside this large building, I did some random stuff like talk to random people, and eventually my older sister. Back on the planet, the 11th doctor showed a planetary map with two parallel canyons that used to be the hottest place, now the coldest. With that, somehow the sun filter was shut down, and the planet became hot again.

      Somewhere else on the planet, local aliens were enjoying recreation in the hot weather, although they weren’t allowed to touch the ground, because of its abnormally high temperature compared to the surrounding air. Three juvenile blue aliens were using a plastic recreational tool. After one used it, he ran away on the hot ground. The others didn’t seem to pay any attention to him or the deer-like creatures walking into the scene. These looked rather like deer, except their fur seemed like that of a wolf’s, and their heads were closer to those of a velociraptor. On its head was this colored tool that seemed to be affected by temperature. Suddenly, this creature tripped and knocked its head into the superheated ground, making its head red and steamy. As a result, the tool on the creature’s head turned light blue, and began shooting out cold air, which apparently cooled its head down.

      Anyway, the scene changed into a tropical, high-density vegetation area. There was a path with some paper left by Rory. Later, we suddenly had a ship (a small ship more like a small shuttle) and some kind of bomb. [End Scene flips] The bomb said something like, “19 Seconds,” so The Doctor, my younger sister, Amy and I sprinted to the shuttle and flew out just in time. Too bad these two tiny, orange dudes fell out.
      [New Scene]
      My older brother and I were playing Goldeneye N64. The controls were surprisingly consistent for a dream. C-up was jump, C-down =crouch, B=sprint, Z=shoot. I didn’t have a gun, while he carried an RC-P90. All I could do was run up to him and use slap. Strangely, he ran away and through a new map we were playing on. For a moment, I looked at the radar(which had a 007 Legends look) before waking up.
    10. October 16, 2014 | "Cartoon Network", Tornado, Propane, Cat-People

      by , 08-02-2017 at 03:34 AM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -1-It all started when a tornado dissipated before I could get my camera out. Next to me was a middle-aged man with a small, white crane, which he was using to move large propane tanks. Next, another tornado touched down nearby and started moving toward us. I drove into the house and slowly made my way through, trying to decide on where to take cover. There were small pieces of wood flying through the walls as we were walking to the front door. Just before I reached it, everything died down, and once I was outside, it was sunny and clear. When I looked back at the house, the rooms that remained were the ones with additional cranes in them, while everything else was flattened.

      -2-I was watching a new show on Cartoon Network(it was live action, and was as if it was directed by the Disney Channel), where these kids were on a spaceship, and some of them were part cat. Some quotes: “Yes, I hear your squealing.” <- annoyed tone, although the subject in question wasn’t squealing, but rather doing a high-pitched monotone whine. The subject in question was a female human-cat hybrid, and looked around 11 years of age. The quote is said by a girl, 13 years of age, who wore a dark-colored outfit. The surroundings of the room interior: light lime green walls adjacent to another wall and a ceiling with a black circuitboard texture; there were two or three comfy, black chairs on a black floor. The subject in question was sitting on the left most one, while the speaker was standing.
      [Next Scene]
      This scene contained a hallway with the same green walls/ceiling/floor as well as an open hatch with a half-cat girl halfway inside(can’t be sure it’s the same one as before), taking a quadruped, digitigrade stance only showing the lower half of her body (it was 90% cat. She had clothes on, shut up.). I get to see her orange-brown tail with kinda furry feet.
      Tags: house, show, tornado
    11. October 5, 2014 | Perception Filter, Guard Dog, Lawnmower, House Damage

      by , 07-30-2017 at 07:55 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      The dream started out with me trying to use the bathroom, but me teleporting into my younger sister's room instead. <-almost became lucid here because of (LOGIC).
      [Scene Change]
      I start out as me, although apparently with a perception filter, because to others, I was a wolf. A cutscene triggers, and it goes like this:
      1. A wolf gets chased by an unfriendly “domestic” guard dog (wasn’t even the right breed). This guard dog looked like a fully-grown bernese mountain dog, but with white as the main color.
      2. The wolf leads the dog onto some train tracks. (did I mention it was early morning here?)
      3. There is a train incoming.
      4. The wolf runs off the track with the dog to follow, but goes through tall grass, and doubles back to the tracks, and crosses them just barely before the train passes.
      5. As a result, the wolf gets away, and the dog trots south along the train, after it has stopped. The train itself had all blue containers.
      [Slight Scene Change]
      I was trying to find a vehicle to drive and get out of here. I found a cross between a red lawnmower and a track. I then found the keys, put them into the ignition, and tried to make some sense out of all this. Instead, the vehicle turned all lawnmower and no truck, so it began to mow anything and everything in its path. Trying to avoid everything other than grass, I looked for something that would disable the blades, so I could drive this thing out of here. Instead, I caused quite a bit of damage to some plants outside a farm house. Because of this, I ditched the vehicle.
      [Minor Time Skip]
      It was a few minutes later, and 2 people had woken up. The father and his daughter. My uncle was there too. We were inside the house, as the father ate some breakfast, while the daughter and my uncle surveyed some damage on the kitchen counter (which, apparently, I dealt, but nobody knows that). Looking out the window, I saw the plants I had destroyed. I knew that I had to get out of here. Luckily, just then, I had my opportunity, as the father left the house on the south side (plants were on the north) to go to a building to the south. I then casually left as to not raise suspicion. Then, I woke up.