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    Fantastical Adventures

    You can expect to find Time Travel, Game Elements, and Pony, among other things.

    Definitions. I use a 5-Layer system for classifying levels of lucidity without mentioning control. Each Layer has two optional variants, "Minor" and "Major", where one variant isn't necessarily better or worse than another.
    Layer 0 - The dream gives hints that you may be dreaming.

    Minor - You dream about lucid dreaming subject matter, usually in the form of conversation, text, themes, etc.
    Major - Something may not feel quite right in this level. There may be a sense that there are no consequences to your actions, or that you can stop the experience at any time.
    Layer 1 - You realize you're dreaming, but you are barely lucid. This isn't limited by time. Layer 1s can still last very long, just like any other layer.
    Minor - You wake yourself up within seconds.
    Major - You lose lucidity within seconds either by distraction or false awakening.
    Layer 2 - You realize you're dreaming, but complete understanding of the situation does not properly sink in. Not caring enough to continue may occur.
    Minor - Dream characters are unaware of the dreamstate.
    Major - Dream characters are lucid.
    Layer 3 - The full implications of the situation are understood. You are aware of what DCs are.
    Minor - Dream characters are unaware of the dreamstate.
    Major - Dream characters are lucid.
    Layer 4 - The full implications of the situation are understood, and you have full waking consciousness. Memory and logic function properly.
    Minor - Dream characters are unaware of the dreamstate.
    Major - Dream characters are lucid.

    Abbreviations: Layer X = LX. Variations are like this: Layer X Minor = "LX-", and Layer X Major = "LX+".

    Procedure - A routine I use to increase lucidity.
    Initialization - Stabilization at the beginning of the Plan
    Plan - A routine I use to reach Layer 4 and solidify the environment.

    -1-, -2-, -x-. - Indicates the start of a new dream.
    [New Scene] - Indicates the start of a new scene from the same dream.

    Color Key:
    Layer 0
    Lucid, Layer 1/Layer 2
    Lucid, Layer 3
    Lucid, Layer 4

    1. 5/1/18--5/3/18 (L) | Tower, Tornado, Alien Ships, Flight

      by , 05-04-2018 at 03:11 AM (Fantastical Adventures)
      I was in a store where I met a woman that told me I could take any game for free, as long as I had beaten that game before. I could also take as many copies as I had beaten the games.
      [New Scene]
      I was in the student center, about to go upstairs to room 293 for a halloween-themed class. There was a hexagonal, black tower going straight up next to the stairs. It had purple lights.
      [New Scene]
      Played Wii Sports in my old house. I thought about making the game in Dreams. Later, I played Breath of the Wild, and I was in the eastern sea.

      -1-At my old house, there were fast-moving clouds outside. Also, everyone in the room (10+ people) vanished at once. I heard a gunshot-like sound in my right ear, which caused some minor pain that one would expect to feel after hearing a noise that loud. I wondered what could have caused that sound, as it appeared to have no source. A character walked out of the hallway and responded, "I'll be glad to answer that!" Next, we both jumped out the window. I got spooked for some reason, so I turned upside down and floated.
      -2-I was walking outside near a road when an alien ship fleet became visible in the clouds. They fired some weird stuff at the ground, and had yellow exhaust. Later, I was in a place with ships and buildings. I had to hide some stuff in a place, but I couldn't figure out where. Later still, when I and some other people had to leave by sitting on the couch (teleporter), we set the timer for 300 seconds. In less than 300 seconds, something the building would explode. The result of leaving was taking off into space with Earth, Mars, and Neptune and placing them back in the solar system.
      [New Scene]
      My family was driving somewhere. There was a large shelf cloud taking up a sizeable portion of the sky. There was a weak tornado off to the right, so I started recording. I should have become lucid then.
      [New Scene]
      A scene with my chemistry professor teaching chemistry in an odd building that perhaps wasn't designed for such a thing. After the lecture, I walked outside in the snow and went across the walkway to another building. So many obvious giveaways there.

      5/3/18 (L)
      -1-Outside my old house, I could fly using imaginary pegasus wings. A friend and I flew up to a cloud and found that it was solid. I dug in to make it more comfortable to sit on. It was like digging in warm snow with adhesive properties, and it only stuck to itself. We then used the cloud as a vehicle to float down near the ground where my younger sister was. I asked her if she could see us, and she could. I didn't do a good enough job with the cloud then. Later, there were a few moments of bliss while flying slowly, but it was hard to keep my non-lucid expectations up. I was briefly lucid at same point in the middle of this.
      [New Scene]
      I flew and walked on the ceiling of my grandparents' house. There was a bear on the floor trying to eat me. As time went on, the ceiling and the floor switched gravity repeatedly in a confusing manner, and also switched locations.
      [New Scene]
      I flew into a well-lit concentration camp.
      Lucid Time: 5-10 seconds
    2. February 28, 2015 (L) | Bike, Tornado, Airborne

      by , 01-03-2018 at 03:45 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -1-I spawned on a bike, saw an F5 tornado centered on the church building, and tried to bike to safety after walking with C to the southeast. Then, the tornado started chasing me. I continued to bike in a straight line on the same road until I had to stop for some reason. When I got going again, it was in the wrong direction, towards the tornado. I was like, “I’m such an idiot.” Somehow, I biked to an area with a Skyrim campfire, shack, and house. I biked to the house and entered it just as the tornado hit me. Now, the house was trash, and I was airborne. Next the tornado and a guy in a small shuttle thing spawned near the end of the same road. We were nearing the coast, and suddenly a giant plastic had pushed the shuttle thing towards the water with a good speed.
      -2-C, some others, and I spawned in new york. We crossed a bridge to do something, then crossed back over. Later, both the Brooklyn Bridge and the concrete bridge we were on were closed.
      -3-There were these buses that me and one other person were in. A giant alien was tearing the silver one to try to get to me. It was moving, and it had my scent, so I jumped off and ran back to the stationary, yellow one. Suddenly, young link spawned with Majora’s Mask. Later Young Link and I (who is now Samus) entered the first room of a space station filled with hostile aliens. I shot them all down easily. Link had only 5% health left somehow, so when I shot the container next to him, he died. I then loaded a state to before the aliens were killed, and I killed them all again, this time leaving Link with a lot more health than last time. At the far corner, there was a door that said “Warrior Room”. I decided to avoid that room.
      [New (L) Scene]
      I was in the kitchen, trying to change my leg structure unsuccessfully.
      Lucid Time: 20-40 seconds
      lucid , non-lucid
    3. 9/8/17 | Tornado, Mars, Seattle

      by , 09-08-2017 at 03:33 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -1-At the B.h., I saw something on the radar, so I looked outside to the north and saw a wedge tornado. I got out my phone to record some of it. It was an F5.
      -2-I was on a section of road and grass, floating in space in front of Mars. Suddenly, I was falling; skydiving on Mars. Since a parachute alone wasn’t enough, I was given “compressed air pads” to soften my landing. They were made of Styrofoam. I landed safely using the pads.
      -3-I was walking around a flat area surrounded by a perimeter of trees at the edge of the small plateau. On the other side of the water was a very close Seattle, with an additional huge hill with high rises around it, like in Hong Kong.

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      Tags: city, mars, tornado
    4. December 20, 2014 (L) L3 | Tukwilla, Tornadoes, Kid

      by , 08-16-2017 at 04:02 AM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -1-The dream started out with everybody talking about plans to fly to northeastern Kansas, drive south to “Tukwilla,” drive south into Oklahoma, drive west along the border, north into Wichita, and go east from there and eventually and at the east coast. Meanwhile, I was looking at incredible shots of multiple tornadoes. The first shot was with 2 of them really close to each other, and the second shot was with 3 tornadoes each behind the other, all silhouettes in front of a sunset.
      [New Scene]
      The picture of those 3 tornadoes became three storm cells to the south of us in northeastern Kansas. It was during the night, and they may not have been tornadic, but I wasn’t taking any chances. I looked at the radar to see where the cells were going, and it looked like they would pass by the coming city way before we would arrive. Before we got to the city, a sudden hailstorm happened. A passing cell was dropping roughly quarter-size hail on the freeway.
      [New Scene]
      I was driving, and we(referring to family) arrived in “Tukwilla,” in southeastern Kansas. The skyline was beautiful, at least at night. It was composed of 7 buildings, at least 5 of which were standard skyscrapers, one of which was forgotten, and the 3rd from the left was pointed at the top. I wanted to take a picture, but when I did, all I got was the side of the van somehow.
      [New Scene]
      We arrived at a toll booth somehow. A dream thing happened where a broken, seemingly impassable, almost vertical path onward, apparently blocked by a tiny gate. Of course, it worked, because the car became a plastic tub and could be pulled through.
      [New Scene]
      We stayed at a house overnight. The far door opens to a junction between stairs, a living room, and another room with a PC in it. While on the PC, I googled ‘PS4 WiLD’ to see if there were any further announcements for the game.
      -2(L)[WILD]-The first scene was the same that I left for the most part. I got out of bed, and threw punches at the window. This didn’t break it, so I opened it instead. Next, I stood on the patio on the west side of my house. I thought of using a rectangular force field to block any annoying family DCs from interfering with me. On the double doors I used a second set of green doors and locked them.
      -3-There was a kid that ‘looped’ (this is unclear; his muscles kinda warped about and stuff) around 6pm every day. His mum said, “…it’s also the time that he’s open world.” (6pm-9pm, refers to the time that the kid is outside)
      [New Scene]
      Location: living room. Scene: DC[1] in a huge plastic tub with a cat sitting on his left knee; DC[2] sitting on the piano bench to my left; I am either sitting or standing in the computer room facing south; Forgotten DC sitting in the secondary rocking chair; no couch; pules of legos where the couch used to be; Dad sitting in the primary rocking chair. DC[2] had a gray wishing object, and he wished for something. Next, I decided to test the object as well. For the first test, I wished for one cat to like his sister slightly more. I didn’t see any conclusive results.
      Lucid Time: 2-3 minutes

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      lucid , non-lucid , memorable
    5. October 16, 2014 | "Cartoon Network", Tornado, Propane, Cat-People

      by , 08-02-2017 at 03:34 AM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -1-It all started when a tornado dissipated before I could get my camera out. Next to me was a middle-aged man with a small, white crane, which he was using to move large propane tanks. Next, another tornado touched down nearby and started moving toward us. I drove into the house and slowly made my way through, trying to decide on where to take cover. There were small pieces of wood flying through the walls as we were walking to the front door. Just before I reached it, everything died down, and once I was outside, it was sunny and clear. When I looked back at the house, the rooms that remained were the ones with additional cranes in them, while everything else was flattened.

      -2-I was watching a new show on Cartoon Network(it was live action, and was as if it was directed by the Disney Channel), where these kids were on a spaceship, and some of them were part cat. Some quotes: “Yes, I hear your squealing.” <- annoyed tone, although the subject in question wasn’t squealing, but rather doing a high-pitched monotone whine. The subject in question was a female human-cat hybrid, and looked around 11 years of age. The quote is said by a girl, 13 years of age, who wore a dark-colored outfit. The surroundings of the room interior: light lime green walls adjacent to another wall and a ceiling with a black circuitboard texture; there were two or three comfy, black chairs on a black floor. The subject in question was sitting on the left most one, while the speaker was standing.
      [Next Scene]
      This scene contained a hallway with the same green walls/ceiling/floor as well as an open hatch with a half-cat girl halfway inside(can’t be sure it’s the same one as before), taking a quadruped, digitigrade stance only showing the lower half of her body (it was 90% cat. She had clothes on, shut up.). I get to see her orange-brown tail with kinda furry feet.
      Tags: house, show, tornado
    6. September 2014 | Tornadoes, Gas, Food

      by , 07-29-2017 at 01:11 AM (Fantastical Adventures)
      I was in this place where there was a Melee tournament at 5pm every day. Later, I was on this island where tornadoes were daily. You would never go a single day without seeing storms. I ran to my house somehow, looking for batteries for my camera. Then, a wedge tornado hit and passed. A minute later, another wedge formed and that was the end.

      There was this game I could play where I would find a wolf outside Kakariko and he’d be like, “You want to hunt with us?” If you said yes, then you end up in this tunnel where you carry a power line to the end.

      -I switched universes to one where tornadoes were really common, Hillary Clinton worked behind a food counter, and we had tons of stored food. Each time we ran low, we would drive the van to the facility and take a load. When I entered another facility, there was a cylindrical, soacious elevator that took me down to a cafeteria with lame food. There were things that looked kind of like rolls, but with pink and green substances inside with the appearance of ice cream.

      9/24/14 (L)
      Conditions: Sunny
      This massive dream started with me running down a path in the forest from some red gas. I yelled at the person driving a horse-drawn wagon, so she slowed down until I jumped in. Then, I tried to get onto the free horse on the left. [mini-skip][The gas is gone.][…] I was inside the living room, where I spun around and looked in all directions. Outside, it was raining and cool. A little farther on, I realized that I had not totally increased the vividness, so that’s what I tried to so. The shapeshifting included extra arms. There was also a black wedge tornado.
      Tags: food, gas, tornado
    7. July 1-7, 2014 | Canada, 1994, Snow, Wind, Tornado

      by , 07-20-2017 at 11:18 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      July 1
      -1-I went back in time to around 1994 in SE Canada, where I walked towards a house on the side of the road. When I got inside, I found the windows on the south side open with strong wind coming in. I shut one, but that allowed a pile of snow to appear. It tasted sweet and looked like sunscreen.
      -2-I was being hunted by someone. I ended up in a building, using my camcorder to zoom in on snipers in the far distance. Also, there was a guy that knew some of the area there and we were walking somewhere, through piles of leaves on the way.

      July 7
      I was running around to find shelter somewhere during an F2 tornado. Then I ran around trying to find shelter during a tan, F4 tornado on a farm with a bunch of empty buildings, none of which were satisfactory. Sometime earlier, my brother and I looked for cereal. I also landed a plane, played some Mario Party, and talked illogically about Starfox.
    8. August 2013, 1-6th

      by , 05-02-2017 at 08:00 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      8/1/13 (L) Value: 0 | Generic Lucid 2
      I became lucid in my dream room, where I stabilized the dream. I rubbed my hands together and followed them with my eyes. That caused my real body to start to wake up, so I stopped for a second, then tried again. This time, I constantly moved around to keep the dream stabilized. I don’t remember anything after that.
      Time: 30-50 seconds

      8/2/13 | EMP, Blue Light in the Sky
      I had to eat an EMP, which was actually a stamp with a cruise ship on it. It was to stop a missile that was going to kill Sarah. When it almost exploded, I saw it dropping out of the sky. It shined a blue light for a second.

      8/6/13 (L) Value: 0 | Blue Magnetic Tornadoes, Leather Jacket, Changing the Main Male
      (L)-These magnetic tornadoes were all around a city me and my dream friends were in. A police officer drove up to the house we were taking refuge in as the blue one closed in on us. Somehow, the police car had flipped over, and the guy inside was killed by the tornado as it passed next to him. We all ran upstairs just as it hit us. When it hit us, all the metal stuff went flying, and then it dissipated. So we went back downstairs, and that is when the thought of dreaming crossed my mind. We walked out a door, and I woke up from forgetting to stabilize.

      -Dad and I walked into somewhere in a forest with shotguns and suddenly were sitting on a bench without them. The guns were now in a shed protected by a huge hornet nest barely 20ft away from it. I pulled on the rope connected to it, and ran onto the road leading out. Of course, and as usual, it’s hard to run in dreams for the most part, so when I tried to run, I was slow and floaty. Suddenly, I was wearing a leather jacket and a useless nerf gun, and I was suddenly at my house. [New Scene] I was in a video game and playing it at the same time with Ocarina of Time’s graphics. I was Link when I was playing it. When I tried to open a door, some text said, “You can’t open this door, but you can change the main male.” I went over to and talked to a Kokori dude with blue clothes, and he said something about his brothers being goofy and bringing that goofiness and irrational stuff to the kingdom.
      Time: 6-10 seconds
    9. October 2012 | Framework, Caravan, Tornado

      by , 04-30-2017 at 09:48 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      10/11/12 | Wooden Framework Assignment
      I started at this school, and went to this construction room, where all of the students built additions to a small “castle,” as they called it. It was made of wood, so it kind of sucked. Some had their additions finished early. I was just putting together some framework. Other than that, I never had any clear instruction.

      10/??/12 | Caravan Tornado
      I dreamt I saw my very first tornado. It was very smooth and destroyed our caravan.