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    1. 2/21/14 Borderlands Style Hamster Mutilation While Chillin With African Warlords

      by , 02-23-2014 at 10:35 PM
      "Violence is only disgusting the first few times, then you get used to it."

      Then scene change and I'm at my house and African warlords drove to my neighborhood and they went to my house and started practicing their weapons in my house. They used a couple of different weapons, and changed my bathroom into a room with a brick wall and a target with a bulls eye hung on the wall.

      At this point the rebel Africans training made me think of borderlands so the whole scene changed into a mix of borderlands and steam punk. I was with my friends in the this town were doing hamster mutilation which was different ways of removing the bottom half of 4 hamsters, it was quite strange, first they started chopping off each leg individually, then removing the torso. Next they inflated the hamster and just pinched off the bottom half of the hamster so it was taking all the air and it popped off, don't remember the other methods they used. I thought they might be mutilating the hamsters for a game, but when I looked at the tutorial for the game, there were all kinds of mutilation techniques but I didn't see anything about hamster.
      Yes... the thing that confused me was the fact that the instruction manual didn't say anything about hamster mutilation, not the fact that they were killing hamster.
      I tried to throw a grenade to blow up the people doing the mutilation but the grenade mod instead put up a force field around them.