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    1. Personal Terminology

      by , 02-09-2014 at 11:03 AM
      To start off this DJ, I've decided to share my terminology notes that I've built by my lonesome for the past couple of years. These are just my own wordings casually made to keep a certain stability to tracking my dreams. I am used to using these terms/definitions on my own.

      Lucid Dream: When you realize you are dreaming, no longer experience the dream passively, but can manipulate it.

      Trance: A deliberate or intentional act of altering perception according to specific parameters of a state of profound absorption which fills one's awareness completely.

      Multi-Dimensional Dream: When I feel more senses than the traditional five, or the parallel five in Lucid. I wake up more tired from these sensitive dreams.

      Astral Dream: Not necessarily a dream, but when I visit a plane/place that is distinctively not created by my single subconscious mind, but rather was already 'in existence' regardless of my individual presence or not.

      Recorder Dream: Robotic dreams that require only observation. I can increase or decrease my senses in these so I can either have pure observation or actively experience what is going on (from different vantage points/perspectives if desired).

      Transition Dream: These can be a mix of the prior, usually occurring between one form of dream to another form and then sometimes, back.

      Subconscious Dream: My senses are usually 'faked' or forgotten to be included. I am easily able to rewind, freeze, fast-forward time in subconscious dreams which is how I distinguish them from Astral dreams.

      Psyche Dream: A type of subconscious dream with very limited mindscape planes involving only the self and it's myriad shards of psyches.

      Superconscious Dream: Like the subconscious, but focuses in a more simple, timeless environment where information is catalogued, organized and discussed in a peaceful atmosphere.

      Split Dream: Dreaming multiple dreams at the same time.

      Controllable Dream: Where I can actively make decisions or manifest items into reality, or control time.

      Robotic Dream: Where I am simply acting through pre-ordained motions or roles that I already know the end to.

      Collaborative Dream: Where I am not the only being involved in the dream, but there is another that has come to affect how the dream is shaped and felt. This is also how I recognize some Astral Dreams.

      Sequence: A linear storyline - usually with a recallable Start and Finish - could also be considered a dream, but I use the term Sequence when I have had multiple dreams in one night to refer to the specific sequences/situations.

      So, that's most of them. I'll add more to this list if I find any additional notes (my dream notes can get a bit scattered!). I wrote these ones down... nearly a year ago, so they are due for an update as well as there are some more specifics that I have yet to include to definitions.

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