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    Inner World حلم Gamma Waves

    1. Finding The Meaning

      by , 06-19-2016 at 06:53 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I am in an odd style house. I see a person inhaling these weird smoke in himself. As he continue to do so the room we were in became quickly infested with this purplish greenmixture of smoke. It began to make me become extremely dizzy and ill. I had a difficult time walking and began to simply crawl. I could see the next room which was my father room as I enter inside making sounds of discomfort. I slam my hand on to the ground to make an attempt to feel solid but as I do this I feel nothing and hear that my hand has some how knock the front door waking my father up. I am surprise and try to touch my face but end up touching my chin. I couldn't understand why I could do the correct task I am asking from my body. My vision is screwed as If I am at the side of my own eyesight instead of the front. I began to forcefully focus and I got a good sense of clarity reverting my vision back to forward. My father told me to try and touch the glass on the counter. I tried but instead I ended touching the ground. I got up and look to the window in frustration. I turn to my father to explain the state of mind I am in and how it is difficult for me to stay like this. He tells me is there a way I can leave and then come back. I told him I am unsure and then I woke up. Lucidity Time: 1 minute
      Tags: dizzy, father
      lucid , non-lucid
    2. Secret Listener DILD

      by , 03-08-2016 at 07:28 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      Can't recall where I am and decided it was best to check my hands. After looking at them I can tell there is something off about them. I use one of my fingers to put preesure on my hand and confirm that I am dreaming. During the transition to lucidity I felt stuck again but this time I manage not to wake up. It's like my eyes wouldn't open when I became lucid, the struggle with my eyes will eventually lead to me waking up. This time I just let them stayed close then. That's when I felt like I am being push through a building while hearing the shattering glass pass through. I land on the floor hearing what sounds to be my father. I tell him I am currently lucid dreaming. He doesn't understand so I open my eyes to explain it to him but after opening them I lost my lucidity. Lucidity Time: 30 seconds
      Tags: eyes, father, fingers
    3. A Feel WILD

      by , 02-13-2016 at 04:56 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      At some point while I am lying down trying to rest. Small and large triangles appeared through my closed eye lids. After it all faded my vision seem altered. My eyes could see without the feeling of opening them. I then realize that I accidentally initiated a WILD. I could not tell where I was. The place is covered in thick brown wood all over. There is a girl standing near by, despite never seeing her I recongize her as lost cousin of mine. She makes a joke and I give few references to try to make it more funny. She then led the way to our other family members. That's when I saw my father,brother mom. I played basketbal with my father for somtime intill I forgot to stay lucid. The basket balls were actually blue paper towels. Lucidity Time: 30 seconds
    4. One destination

      by , 01-19-2016 at 12:39 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I get out of my car and I see three people talking. It is raining and we all appear to be at a park filled with cabins near a forest. The sky is dark and clouded, one of them ask me for a ride. I accept, I drove them about a mile away and stop the car. That's when I shot them a few times and drove back. My vision is becoming more blurry and seeing anything while it was night grew more difficult. I dump off their body at a near by lake and seem surprise that this time I didn't have any gloves on. I could hear the other two wondering why there friend went. I didn't even realize I dump the body with my eyes closed, it was actually day time and those two saw everything. One began to call the cops and I started driving off with my father. While driving I ask myself can I really be this reckless, this didn't seem right. Besides I usually only kill someone for a reason. We made to the high point of the city. This is where I realize I am dreaming. As my father and I enter inside the building to see a movie.
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    5. Low Rated

      by , 01-17-2016 at 11:07 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      The door to my father bedroom had already been open. I could see my father lying down resting. Judging from how bright the curtains are, I could tell it was day light. I decided to enter the room figuring it would be good to catch up on some sleep to. I get in to bed and my father appears in a odd silver car that can fly in the air. Before I knew it, the house had dismantle itself revealing the outside entirely. My father ask me is it time to leave already? But I am assuming the answer came to him as responded saying no we'll be leaving tomorrow.

      I realize now that I am in a silver car as well and decided to fly to a gun store and a clothing store. I soon found a lane and wanted to drive on it for sometime. Instead the cops spotted me going over the speed limit and soon started following me. Since they were after me I figure my best bet would be to get off the road and head over to the near by woods to ditch them there. While I am driving through the woods I see a S.W.A.T van already park in my direction. Soldiers appear to be coming out of it so I steer my vehicle in to another part of the woods. Not long after doing that I decided it would be best to lose them on foot.

      As I am running I bump in to my mother and told her now is not the time. But it would seem that my time had already run out. There is a police officer pointing his gun at me. That is when I begin running to him in a attempt to knock him down. I wasn't able to and instead got shot. However it would seem I had the ability to reverse time which is exactly what I chose to do. This time I didn't even bother talking to my mother. I ran up the hill in a different part of the woods but somehow this cop had enough time to catch up to me. He makes another attempt to shoot me again but I evade his bullet this time. I quickly tackle him down as I could hear more of officers approaching us near by. I look ahead of me and see a barricade of people standing in my way.

      I bash through them however the officer I previously knock down had gotten up. He didn't waste anytime firing his bullets at me while we are both running. I pulled out my gun and manage to shoot him in the arm. Then I fortunately got super speed that I use to run on the air to double the trouble of catching me. I could tell by the looks on their faces they didn't know how to deal with the situation anymore. But a problem soon arise, I am going too fast and apparently got rip out of that world and back in to my garage.

      Where all of them we're in a screen resembling a movie. The were aware of my presence still and could see me on the other side. One officer pointed his gun toward me on the screen to finish me. I tried use my super speed but it was inactive now. The man fired his gun but it did not go through the television screen.

      The dream scene change with me playing tekken in some abandon parking lot. It was colored but of course due to time some of it had vanish. I finish my last match against a guy named tictactoe. He sent me a message saying ranks matter. I didn't agree to this and tried to type out my own message. However it began raining which prevented me from clicking send. I soon notice I was with 3 other people. They had also been hanging at the parking lot entrance.

      I walk to them which they seem to be arguing. A guy who look like they were in to body building is talking to a woman who looks strange. Theirs arm were huge on top and small on bottom. Guess it wasn't going well as they both started walking away. I continue to walk pass the entrance in till the parking lot turn in to a mall. My brother who appeared next to me was also ask by a teacher to get hired at this place. We both agreed and were told to wait. We both sat down on chairs, my brother pointed that he and I were both on TV. He was right, my brother then said he is going to the restroom.

      I look at him and said you haven't realize it yet have you? His face seems confuse. I told him all of this has already happen and we're simply experiencing it all again. He ask we are? I said yes, haven't you gotten lucid by now? A large group of people ran out of the glass door before my brother could answer. We both walk out as well and we were all old to fix the broken TV.
    6. Mazes DILD

      by , 12-24-2015 at 06:13 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I appear to be in a forest walking on the dirt road. There was another person with me and I believe we were trying to find a way out. I had some sort of vechile that allowed me to travel by leaping large distances. I soon found myself in a desert. The other person with me began yelling for me to come back down. As I did I told them we had to climb a mountain in order to find the exit. Stating that I wouldn't lie but they seem more concern with a candy bar at the moment. The scene change with me,my father and brother all walking in to a store. I caught on to the change and analyse the cinnamon filling bags. That's when I could feel the dream fading while the lights were going off and on. I knew I am dreaming now and prepared for DEILD. Later on to say it was unsuccessful.
      lucid , non-lucid
    7. Dream Games 1 Dild 1 Mild

      by , 11-27-2015 at 08:03 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I find myself in a remote building with many stairways that cross all over the building. I keep walking and then a game app showed up on my vision saying try out the new game. The dream scene change slightly to adjust to the game which was basically red robots trying to run at me and I had to shoot them before they got to me. I played for awhile and soon find a red car and tried driving it. Every time I drive in this red car it would only go back and forth. It could not turn to the side.

      I get up from the car and continue where I left off by going down the endless stairs. Not long I get another message on my screen of a guy typing he would help me out. He also stated that his brother is annoying with a word like "KMLB" I suppose that could be that he wants to kill his little brother. I didn't know but I decided to try and find him. I soon found apart of the stairs to be blown up making me unable to continue walking. I could see the person on the other side who may have sent me the message.

      They had a toy gun in their hand and dress like they were dessert agent. I took a jump and had an false awakening. I get up and felt like I have left my body. I start hovering around and could see a roach on the ceiling. I ignore and just enjoyed the weightless feeling in till I see a hand on the bed corner. I got to it and I find it looks very similar to my hand. I take off the stuff that was around it and pick it up with my hand. I realize a few things at this moment.

      My hand was transparent, the hand I am lifting up is acting lifeless nor is warm. I wonder if it was my hand and I began feeling a tugging as if I was being drag to it. I begin thinking this could be a dream as I tried backing away but my head felt like it was beginning to swallow itself. Before I knew it I woke up.

      I find myself walking in line with a lot of other people going to a beach? But we all had to get registered through a section in the building. It took awhile but I was getting closer till the railing disappear at the end. This made it difficult to keep my balance as we were all about 17 feet above ground. I struggle and fell which for some reason the ground seem like it sky rocket so I wouldn't get hurt. Since I fell I could not join them and was place in to a classroom. I stayed in the classroom where the lights were off and a teacher assign us to do a math problem of 360 divide by 9. We all began working on it and this kid next to me was trying to cheat off me.

      The teacher is standing right next to us but he wont do anything about it. The kid tells me to erase most of my answer cause they were wrong. I told him I wont do anything while scolding him to get his own answers. Eventually the argument we were having grew out of hand and we began fighting each other. At the end of it, I remember getting hit by a black metal bat that resulted in me having a false awakening.

      I get out of bed to see my father , I also saw one of the snacks I use to eat on the side of the bed. It showed signs that rats have eaten it partially. I then left the room and went in to the living room to my surprise. The color of the walls were all red and they were portraits of Merry Christmas around the house. It look odd seeing the entire place red. I figure I must be dreaming and did some rc's which failed. I wasn't convince I awake as I saw too many chairs and tables flip over in wrong areas like the kitchen, with the addition that vision kept spiraling around like a circle.

      I could see a shadow opening the back door and I attempted to hide. It is my brother who enters the kitchen and tells me he already knows I'm there. At the same time my mother had been walking down the stairs. Around this time I wake up. Lucidity Time: 22 seconds

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    8. Whirlwind HZ+px3

      by , 10-30-2015 at 03:28 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      After falling asleep I find myself waking up on a hospital bed from two guys arguing about what they should do. I could see a doctor talking to my parents. Stating that I will be alright but my arm is broken and that my leg is seriously injured. That for sometime I will need a crane to walk. Once I hear this, I felt very confuse. The doctor looks at me and leaves the room to where my family ask am I feeling alright? I attempt to lift my body up on the bed but struggle. I tried to lift my arm but it wouldn't move properly anymore.

      I turn my face to their direction to only see them tear up. I ask them what is happening? They tell me I should rest but that only made me wanted to know more. I ask again, my mother states that I was in a car accident and that I went unconscious. I remember falling asleep but could not recall where exactly. I manage to get my upper body up, and ask her what date is it? she said it's been weeks from October. My eyes lit up, and for some reason the only thought I could think of is that I am from the past.

      I try to explain more to her that I exist 2- 3 weeks prior from now and that I have been experiencing near death situations. I've been having the feeling that I will soon be horribly injured and that she had help me become aware of when this will happen. I ask her exactly where it happen, she said on September 11th I will get in a car and will get in to an accident during the drive. I thank her and then felt enough energy to get up. As I did this I see a calender and decided to check it out.

      The calender labels the date as year 30000. I begin to feel confuse again and look at my mother saying it's the year 30000? She calmly says yes and that I've been out of it for a long time. I couldn't believe what I was hearing, this doesn't make any sense I tell her, how can any of this still be here? I rush to the window expecting to see anything futuristic and very hard for my modern day self to understand. But everything look normal bland and just lame. My mother must have gone mad and that the calender was not real.

      I leave the room and starting examining the way I am feeling to see if it felt dream like. But it all felt real and I didn't feel like I had the option of waking up, despite noticing the hospital had now change in to the house I am use to. The kitchen looks normal, that's when I see my brother walking toward me. Knowing my brother is intelligent he was sure to bring some clarification to this situation. He says hi to me and I tell him could he follow me to where our mother was. I believe she needs help, he agrees and we enter the room.

      I see my father sleeping on the bed, I begin to explain the situation to my brother but out of no where he begins to act strange. He jumps on the bed next to our father and snuggles all over the blankets with a huge smile. I fortunately now realize that I am dreaming, I wake up. Lucidity Time: 6 seconds.
    9. Compactor HZP + RAM + DILD

      by , 05-31-2015 at 08:28 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I find myself driving with a stranger , we're in what looks to be a red car that just stop at a red light. That's when I had the memory of being in a movie scene. We kept driving in till I find myself on a school bus with my father, we discuss several things. Apparently I was an actor, my grandfather was refusing to accept my father money. He began telling me we need to find a way to convince him to get help. My father then catches a man staring at us on the opposite end of our seat. My father quickly ask what was the man job? He responded saying that it was mowing obama's lawn and that he was skilled at it. My father wanted to know why, the man said why as well.

      This irritated my father and told him not to speak. That's when my father abruptly got up from his seat and walk toward the back of the bus. The man that had made my father left smiled at me. That's when the bus stop and all of us got up from our seats to exit the bus. When I arrived outside I notice the weather was clouded no doubt preparing to rain. The school was surrounded by skinny trees with no leaves on them and somehow I knew I had become a little kid once again.

      My recall remembers parents had force me to attend school again. I ran pass a couple of buses and kids so I could reach the entrance first. Once there I enter inside a notice a lot of other small kids. I decided to keep jogging for a couple of minutes and began thinking to myself that school would be no problem. I had an idea what majority of what the questions would be like. Eventually as time went by I became aware that I was reaching the end of the hallway.

      I began saying I have to start thinking more properly. I walk to a near by blue locker to lean against it so I could take my bag. Something I notice was that my pants had now disappeared and that a boy had turn around kept staring at me with a look I find familiar. I ask the boy what? He then grabs my bag but is unsuccessful in snatching it from me. My face then grows a smirk, I realize that I still had all my adult strength despite being a little kid again.

      I grab his hand that is place on the bag and put pressure to show him the difference. I said did he like that as I could hear him panicking. That is when an accomplice of his came and grab on to the bag. I look at him and became lucid. Now I had better control dealing with the both of them. I push the first boy off to where landed on the ground. The other boy was a bit bigger so I kick him as he lets go of my shirt. I grab my bag and ask why do I always have to fight.

      I look back to make sure they were down. That's when I had an FA. Lucidity Time: 11 seconds

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    10. Memorable Valley DILD

      by , 05-18-2015 at 07:42 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I was walking down the living room to enter the garage. I open the garage door and turn on the lights to see my father head appearing out of it. I'm shock to see him as his body completely emerges to the living room. I quickly catch on that I am dreaming. I begin opening the front door, but I could hear my father and brother having a conversation in the kitchen. So I decided to listen in, in till going out the back door.

      The sky was sunny with some clouds, I can see two kids playing with something that looks like a tree branch. I then started walking on the field, the area actually look recognizable to me. But as I continue to walk further in the fields it's routes began to change. I soon reach the end, I could see a wooden house with a car park outside. A road was the only way I could continue moving forward. Then I soon could hear my father and brother voice from a distance.

      I ran to them to say I'm dreaming. My brother laughs and tells me that we should go back. They continue to walk toward the house, deciding now that I should make an attempt to prove my claim. I got my brother attention when I told him to look at my fingers, I only have 4 and they were oddly shape. My brother turns around and observe my fingers. That's when I turn my head to see 3 people walking near the fields. One resemble a character from TTT2.

      As walk over to them, I notice one of them had fallen down. Before I could help them up, the sky begins to rain over everything. That is when the scene change in to be inside father room. There were other people also here with a look on their face that stated they were angry. I notice I was begin to feel a lot of symptoms. My face had saliva pouring my head and mouth and I could not stop twitching. Someone ask me to stop doing that but it was difficult for me to speak.

      I went toward the bathroom mirror to see what was happening to my face. I saw that half of my face was covered in a white foam and my eyes kept trying to turn to the back of my head on their own, Despite my eyes movement this didn't change the direction of my vision for the dream. I came out and told everyone sorry and lost lucidity. I then have an FA. Lucidity Time: 7 minutes
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