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    Inner World حلم Gamma Waves

    1. Magical Bus DILD

      by , 04-20-2022 at 04:33 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      Dream started on a bus , I was accompanied along with my girlfriend returning back home as the day was soon to be over. There was a boy who was seated in front of us who seemed to misbehave often. In this dream I had a false memory of being on the bus with him before where he would make frequent problems for other people. As we were seated behind him, he turned around and said something offensive and began throwing trash around the area we were in.

      This caused my partner to become furious with the idea that he had no manners but I told her to let it go and that it didn't matter. He and another boy that is seated not too far from him do this for attention. Afterwards we got off the bus and I found myself in search for my phone as I felt a strong urge that I have misplace it.

      I eventually see it on the ground only for it to disappear in front of my eyes when I tried to pick it up. I started becoming confuse and question what was going on. I look to the sky and yelled where am I? As I look to the sky for a few seconds it began to change to a massive ceiling and made me feel like I was an ant staring back.

      I smiled and said I'm dreaming. I then put my vision back in front of me to see the dream environment change to an unknown home. Looks more like a hotel room. I saw the bed with 8 pillows lining down the whole blanket and bed. The color of the pillows was a sharp dark forest green. It somehow was lifelike and looked very vivid and magical. I admire it for a moment as the colors seem to stare back at me before I decided I wanted to see more of the environment.

      I then saw an office and people working left and right on screens. I tried to talk to some of people but most weren't interested in conversation. As I finally found someone to talk to I ended up losing lucidity due to the conversation and woke up soon after.
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    2. Compactor HZP + RAM + DILD

      by , 05-31-2015 at 08:28 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I find myself driving with a stranger , we're in what looks to be a red car that just stop at a red light. That's when I had the memory of being in a movie scene. We kept driving in till I find myself on a school bus with my father, we discuss several things. Apparently I was an actor, my grandfather was refusing to accept my father money. He began telling me we need to find a way to convince him to get help. My father then catches a man staring at us on the opposite end of our seat. My father quickly ask what was the man job? He responded saying that it was mowing obama's lawn and that he was skilled at it. My father wanted to know why, the man said why as well.

      This irritated my father and told him not to speak. That's when my father abruptly got up from his seat and walk toward the back of the bus. The man that had made my father left smiled at me. That's when the bus stop and all of us got up from our seats to exit the bus. When I arrived outside I notice the weather was clouded no doubt preparing to rain. The school was surrounded by skinny trees with no leaves on them and somehow I knew I had become a little kid once again.

      My recall remembers parents had force me to attend school again. I ran pass a couple of buses and kids so I could reach the entrance first. Once there I enter inside a notice a lot of other small kids. I decided to keep jogging for a couple of minutes and began thinking to myself that school would be no problem. I had an idea what majority of what the questions would be like. Eventually as time went by I became aware that I was reaching the end of the hallway.

      I began saying I have to start thinking more properly. I walk to a near by blue locker to lean against it so I could take my bag. Something I notice was that my pants had now disappeared and that a boy had turn around kept staring at me with a look I find familiar. I ask the boy what? He then grabs my bag but is unsuccessful in snatching it from me. My face then grows a smirk, I realize that I still had all my adult strength despite being a little kid again.

      I grab his hand that is place on the bag and put pressure to show him the difference. I said did he like that as I could hear him panicking. That is when an accomplice of his came and grab on to the bag. I look at him and became lucid. Now I had better control dealing with the both of them. I push the first boy off to where landed on the ground. The other boy was a bit bigger so I kick him as he lets go of my shirt. I grab my bag and ask why do I always have to fight.

      I look back to make sure they were down. That's when I had an FA. Lucidity Time: 11 seconds

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