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    Inner World حلم Gamma Waves

    1. Church DILD

      by , 03-08-2019 at 10:18 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I'm at church and there's a couple of people lying on the floor around me. It seems to be night, I decided to get up and open the church door as I believe I heard someone approaching near me. I hear it again coming closer to me from the woods. I begin to run on a trail not far from me. I then hear the person that sounds like a man yell randomly. I become lucid and jump which always somehow makes me jump and stay in the air for a long period of time covering a lot of ground and distance. As I finish two jumps that seem to put a massive distance between me and where I was previously. I still could hear the man voice not far behind me.

      I did not find this amusing and observe my environment which seem to be with inside a city. I decided the logical answer to fix this situation is to simply wake up as I have work to go to soon and knew I was oversleeping. I wake up.
      Tags: chase, church, woods
    2. Very Calm DILD + DIELD

      by , 01-10-2018 at 08:56 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I have just experience a false awakening, I get up from my bed and the first thing I notice that is odd is that I have over slept. The window lit's my room and at the moment everything is dark. But that can't be right? I had fallen asleep and it was morning, I am suppose to go to work in the afternoon.

      I quickly get ready to get dressed and realize that I felt a bit strange and that this didn't make complete sense to me. The idea of dreaming suddenly came to mind. I perform the finger RC to which it went through my palm. I knew I was now dreaming. I drop my work clothes and decided that I was going to have some fun instead. I open the door in my room and walk all the way to the front door of my apartment.

      I step outside and continue walking down the many stairs in till I reach the bottom. I could soon see that it was snowy and as always, I was bare feet and quite cold. I laugh at this as it amazes me how the sensation feels so real. I continue walking outside while noticing the structure of this environment was not the same in my waking life. I could see a man throwing bags in to a dumpster but besides that the entire area was isolated with no people. It was like a ghost town.

      I go to the direction to confront the man but once I got to his position he was gone. I could see stairs which led to a facility. I enter in it and that's when I saw people. It look to be a school, many people walk in and out. I decided to cause some trouble by snatching papers out of someone hand and cutting the entire line to get through the exit. But that should be understandable lol.

      People started yelling at me and getting mad and some even started to follow me. So I began to ran and got out of the building and on to a parking lot. At these moments my dream began to get hazy as if it were going to end. So I rubbed my hands constantly and control my breathing to maintain the dream.

      Once out there I took the chance to marvel how mystical and forest like the entire environment was. The sky was grey and cloudy with long vines of grass shooting all the way up to the clouds in a particular fashion. Combine with the modern city look made it look really interesting. There was also little puff of white falling from the sky, but not quite like snow. More like dandy lion flowers (Lol I am certain I type that wrong)

      Not too long after, I thought I had lost them but as I am waiting to cross the street I see these two guys coming after me. I begin to run some more but they eventually catch me, which is very surprising cause I am unusually very quick in waking life. Not too far from me, I could see kids playing soccer, wish I could have joined them but the guys started punching me. It was like their goal was to make sure I wake up. Eventually as I got knock to the ground I started saying my prays to knowing that I will be awake soon.

      As the last guy finish me off with a wooden branch, I could see them walking away as my awareness began to fade. Then everything went black. I could feel my physical legs move and yet my eyes were not open. I stayed like that for either 1 second or half a second and suddenly my physical body was gone from my senses. After two seconds in a Neo style from the matrix. I begin to get up, my dream body felt heavy as I regain my lucidity and I was still in the same spot where the two guys knock me out. They turn around and look at me as one of them said "What??"

      All of sudden all the kids including the soccer team charge at me. The entire sky was dark and the city and buildings were becoming entirely black as well. All I could see was the street light and the field we were standing on. I raise my hand in order to protect my self. But all of them were already falling down as if they were shut down or going unconscious. It was really strange.

      I didn't understood why I return to the dream or why I was lucid dreaming for a long while(although afterwards when I am in waking life after thinking about it I realize I had done a DIELD by accident) I got worried that something may have been happening to my physical body, so I made myself wake up.
    3. This is a nice gift 2 DILDS

      by , 09-27-2016 at 06:55 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I remember myself saying phrases to this other person about how some dreamworlds are big in this angle but small in the next. Me and this other alledge dreamer were checking out my workplace and noticing DC's go about their day. I begin saying looks like your dreamworld is peaceful and calming as I continue to observe the huge forest that has over take about 25% of the entire building. The other suppose dreamer wanted to check out the forest area, so she and I both went along there and as we did , this other DC starte following in the same direction. She then skip us and I saw another guy. He was in a mini jeep and was waving toward the direction I am in.

      I then had a FA, and found myself staring at my hand while outside laying down on the streets. The sky was stormy night with no thunder or rain. It look like it would shoot down thunder but the clouds would just keep it. I got up fast and started running down the road, I could feel myself zipping through the wind. I got pass the huge double bar gates and then that's when I heard someone call my name. I decided I must've been in danger and started running even faster as the person continue to chase after me. He and I were going so fast that I couldn't even see where I was running anymore.

      I then decided before I smash right in to something, I should jump, so I did and I went very high in to the sky and left him. However while going back down I try to grab on to one of the buildings windows to stop my fall but gravity had the best of me. I kept falling down in till I hit rock bottom. I could feel myself lying on the ground and the same guy who had been chasing me saying something while I was down. I wake up,
    4. Just some paranoia here and there

      by , 07-23-2016 at 03:44 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I appear to be associated with a group that is being hunted down by this large ship. We're out at sea with no land near at sight, so as are little boat is being attack. I tell them one of them that I will be back with in 10 minutes. I use a rope and did some good atheltic moves to clib to the bigger ship. As I get it I realize I have a gun and tell the enemies that I am rich now. I give off the impression that I could take them all out. The leader assumes I have a gun and shows me his. I quickly surrender with my hands in the air saying ok you got me. The leader appears to be chubby with a hat that doesn't look so pirate like.

      He then orders his two henchmen to drag be down right to a spot where I notice a camera. They were filming me for who knows why. Suddenly I see he leaves and his two henchmen were not focusing on me. I make a simple run for it which actually works. I soon found other prisoners who wanted to break free as well. I make run for the stairs as they followed me. There was a woman in a blue dress who had notice me trying to escape. I assume she is working for the weird not so pirate like leader. I kept running and soon found myself inside a office building. I could hear her screaming wait as I had to make a U turn to continue running,

      I begin stumble on my feet and fall for a brief moment. I could feel her beginning to hold me down as people in the corwd tell her to back off. I am guessing they help me as I was able to move again and continue running in till I notice a window. I didn't care how high it was from the ground. I just wanted to leave. I open the smaller window but realize I am too big to fit through it. I see a larger one right next to it and decide this is the one for me. I go through it and keep my balance, I thought to myself maybe playing Uncharted 4 wasn't such a bad idea. As I continue going down I notice the outside world wasn't so far from me.

      I land on the ground and see a house that I recognize as mine atleast in this it is. I go to it and feel this sense of relief as I made it through this ordeal. I close my eyes and find myself waking up. I assume it was all a dream as I get up with this person staring at me. I realize I am outside on the streets, I assume I am dreaming and go inside the near by house beside me. I see a woman sleeping in her bed. I sit there and notice two men who have notice the window of her house is open. I'm sure the yare planninf on breaking in. I go out to the living room as I hear television playing the sound of tekken. Stating that a fight is about to begin. I try my hardest to open the door but the lock seem broken. I then wake up.
    5. Mind DILD

      by , 10-11-2015 at 02:44 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I found myself running to a police station as I could tell I was being chase from behind by someone. I open the first door and ran through the hallway to the next double door. For some reason I got the feeling I have experience this same scenario before. I make it to the next door and got a huge flash of light out of no where. Outside and in the building were dark but due to that flash I could now tell the walls were lime green with white tiles around the building.

      This place to also seemed familiar to me, I then remember my other lucid dream on 8/30/15 and said no wonder I got lucid here. I notice I was near a light switch for the next hallway and decided to try to turn it on. I attempted to switch on the lights but it was a no go. The lights wouldn't come on so I knew I was dreaming but I wanted to know if this really was the same dream.

      I ran through the last hallway to the next double doors and got a great sense of Deja-vu. It was true this was the same lucid dream as the music pass this hallway was the exact same as last time. The building at this point as well look like the same hospital. I observe, but it was like once I had this realization the dream quickly started changing the environment. I saw familiar kids sitting down, I went over to talk to them about how some of your faces don't look exactly how it should.

      I walk more and saw a group of young adults sitting on couches chairs around this one table. The area they were in was openly wide and I saw another with them at the kitchen, this place didn't look like a house though. They seemed to all be using either CPU's or phones and despite appearing busy I decided to confront one them due to a couple of questions I wanted to have answered. I made sure to notice the sky has change to bright sunny as it's light showered down from the windows.

      The one I pick followed me in till I reach the stairs which felt like walking on butter. I decided I wasn't going to stay lucid and attempted to wake myself up. I close my eyes and everything went black. That's when I started waking up on a couch, it didn't take me long to figure out I am still in the same area I attempted to wake up from. The only difference is that the sky is now darker than it had been before. I notice all the young adults were still here, they all appear to be sleeping except for this one boy who look like he was seriously focusing on his laptop.

      That's when the boy tap on one their shoulders, a man in a black dress shirt and told him he was finish with his file. The man then appear to be excited and said you really done it. I began feeling strange, I soon notice the woman sitting next to the guy was staring at me. I got up and decided to leave but she didn't waste anytime asking me if I could understand anything on the boy's laptop. The boy as if this were a set up quickly handed me his laptop.

      I look at it and then back at her and said yes. She started pointing her finger at the screen and ask me to read all the titles and various words to her. I did so read everything on the screen clearly. Her face quickly grew a smile and stated she wanted to know more about me and that I should work here with the rest of them. I began to walk away trying to find anything similar. She and the guy in a black dress shirt started talking. I could now see my father room but my ears over heard them. She told him I could read all the lines on the screen perfectly with no problems. That's when I woke up Lucidity time: 5 minutes
    6. Walls Have Eyes DILD

      by , 08-31-2015 at 12:51 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I was running toward a building trying to find the nearest building. I notice a pathway that would help reach the building faster as I knew someone was chasing me. I open the door and notice another door through the hallway, the walls were lime green windows. I could see the reflection of the man chasing me from one of the windows. The door ahead of me appear to be the only way to continue moving forward so I open the silver door. That's when I found myself inside a hospital, there was a nurse staring at me.

      For some reason I got the feeling that this person was familiar but still didn't know who it was. Once there, I tried to wall run one of the walls to reach the ceiling but my legs wouldn't follow up like Mirrors edge. The nurse began to approach with a concern face but right after the police officer blast through the door. He walks up to me quickly and demanded that we talk. I began getting these odd sensations and became lucid. Everything seem clearer now and brighter as if I had more clarity.

      I then said I am dreaming and look to the window and could see it was sunny. I then catch a group of people over the corner, I took and seat and listen to what they were talking about. Apparently they were preaching about sponge bob and how he had made them all smile. Worshiping sponge bob was my cue to find a way to leave this place. I saw a window near by and decided I should try to go through it. I ran toward it only to get smack on my face.

      I still need better control. I got the impression that the group preaching were watching me and that they to had a sense of being lucid. I continue to find my way through the building and spotted a black stairway to go down. The place now looks like it was made for a kids birthday party. I could hear a manager talk about how well his employee performed but stated he would have to pay him some other time. That's when I found a double door leading me back to the hospital main room.

      I could see the silver metal door but before I could open it I woke up. Lucidity Time: 5 minutes