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    Inner World حلم Gamma Waves

    1. Dangerous Psychokinesis DA+GA+WBTB+WILD

      by , 11-28-2019 at 10:25 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      So I had woke up from a dream and was checking the time and could see I've been laying in my bed for some time now. I wanted to get back in to the dream world. I close my eyes and lay there and not too long I felt myself get suck in to something with my eyes close. But I wasn't sure if I was in the dreamworld or not. I continue laying there for another minute in till something started pulling my arm. It had enough force to push my arm outside of the bed. I thought this was strange and wondering if I am already dreaming now.

      I then felt my head begin to move on its own. I felt my head glide across the small dresser next to my bed. Once this happen I knew I was in the dreamworld and decided to open my eyes. As I did so the force was done by no one in the room that I could see. I continue to to be toss out of my bed and on to the floor. My body started to feel a lot of pain everywhere as the force became stronger. I kept my mind calm as I remember reading Robert Waggoner book about trying to call out for love and peace.

      I decided to do that while remaining very calm and at peace. However none of the things I said did anything. I called out for clarity now and everything felt more focus. I then again tried to call out for love and compassion but the dream made my voice sound like a whisper. I then was hurl upwards to the ceiling in pain. I then shouted compassion now. I felt the force let go of me and I drop down to my bed.

      I then said to myself, is it over? All of a sudden a stronger force than before lunge my body up to the ceiling and cause me to moan in pain. I was then hurl across the closet door still up on the ceiling. I tried to move my arms but the force was too strong. I could feel the inside of my body being damage and tight to the point where my bones would crack. I then said to myself that this is enough. I am taking over now, I raise the brainwaves that were flowing in my head and focus on the force holding me up.

      I broke it and drop back down to the floor. I got up and quickly ran toward the window and slip through it. As I slip through it I began falling down from the 3 story apartment I live in. And felt the wind zipping through me till I hit the ground. I then woke up to a false awakening.
    2. Psychokinesis

      by , 01-11-2017 at 02:45 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I am in my old city town apartment staring at the window thinking about nothing. When I turn around I see a man in a green monk robe push me back with his hands without his hands touching me. I immediately felt in danger and reacted by lifting my hand in his direction and pushing him back to the back door way. I started feeling strange as I wasn't sure what's going on. I see him beginning to get back up so I lift my right hand up again and felt my head had a huge spike of electricity which made me lucid. I felt very calm as I hurled him with enough force that the pressure of whatever it was knock him out of the back door and sent him down to the grass outside.

      Since I am now conscious of what I am doing, I notice that I still had control over him as once I fold two fingers away, he was able to control his right leg and arm and I could no longer control those parts of him. Once I made my entire right hand unfold again I felt the same cold zapping in my head and I knew I could move him entirely again and I did. I knock him down on the ground and notice a lawn mower who was very close to the monk started panicking. I accidently lift him up in the air when I really trying to tell him that I wasn't going to hurt you. But it seem like where ever my hand move it would take effect.

      I decided to lose lucidity.