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    Inner World حلم Gamma Waves

    1. Replay DILD

      by , 07-08-2019 at 03:20 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I was in a live action replay on top of a building at night. And became tired of us performing the same replay over and over again. I then approach the person starting our replay and notice they were standing completely still. I then look at the other person performing the replay with me and she was also frozen. She was a video game character from tekken. She was laying down lifeless so I check to see if she was still alive and suddenly it hit me I was lucid dreaming as nothing made sense. I check to see if she was alive and said to the other person that nothing is real. I then lose lucidity.
      Tags: building, stdc, tekken
    2. Going Lucid

      by , 11-15-2016 at 03:12 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I found myself in the old house I use to live in. I could hear yelling outside in the living room , so I decided to check it out. As I am outside in the living room I notice it is night outside and there were no lights on. It occured to me now that I shouldn't be here and I quickly suspected that I must be dreaming. Despite knowing I'm dreaming ,I didn't feel aware like I knew I am dreaming. So I attempted to turn on the lights but it did not came on. Now I knew for sure that I am dreaming.

      I felt this huge wave of electricity zap around my head as I became lucid. I was glad but still like old times, the old back door wouldn't open when I would turn the door knob. I tried phasing through it but it still didn't work. After 4 more attempts the door finally open and I step outside. It was raining, but it was no regular rain. The rain was burning my skin and the ground was also burning my feet. Acid came to my mind, interesting as I begin to observe how my world is. I began looking through peoples window's and had an idea. What if I can make myself become invisible to others around me?

      I wonder if I could perform this. So I believed myself to be invisible and walk to a near by store with people sitting around. I move a chair to see if anyone would jump at the sight of a chair moving by itself but instead a woman notice me and said hey. I in disappointment said hey back and walk off. As I am walking I notice a person lying on the ground unconscious in a elevator. The elevator look very risky so I attempted to get inside but it was almost as if these elevators were alive. It would quickly shut close and re open like some monster waiting to eat anything that dare to cross.

      I made another attempt and use both of my arms to keep the door open but as I got inside I heard people caling me to come out. So I tried but it was a fight with this machine. I manage to geto ut as I hear the elevator blast off to some unknown place. I started wanting to test how my dream control is like now as I never was good at it. So I thought about summoning someone by random. I look to the ceiling of the store and thought of the person I wanted to summon. I turn around and surprise my brother appeared before me. I smiled and couldn't believe it just happen like that. I decided I wanted to summon someone else, someone a bit more rare for me. However as turn around my brother was um still there.

      So I tried again and thought deeply about it and turn around to find my brother looking quite a fusion of another random person. It look weird so I wanted to make my brother look normal again and it happen. My brother look like he wanted to explore so I decided to explore with him but as soon as we started walking he dissapeared. I then continue exploring the restaurant thinking baout how long I can keep my lucidity and could feel myself losing focus. I forgot that I should touch objects and rub my hands to keep the dream flowing. But I manage to last another minute which is ok before waking up. Lucidity Time: 5 minutes
    3. Logical Feeling DILD

      by , 04-02-2016 at 12:21 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I am on the bed lying down thinking about life with my grandmother being dead. I start feeling cold on my left so I turn around to see my grandmother going in to the closet. I see this and figure if she is here that means I am dreaming. I get up and progessively I can feel my lucidity spiking up. I open this white door in the back and found myself in a snowy field with some trees with no leaves on em. I run around trying to use dream control. After couple of tries I check my hands and can see my fingers being bent and having 6. I turn around as I begin to hear a voice. I am starting to lose my focus and see a tekken character. I ran up to say hey as I soon lose lucidity. Lucid Time: 45 seconds
    4. Low Rated

      by , 01-17-2016 at 11:07 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      The door to my father bedroom had already been open. I could see my father lying down resting. Judging from how bright the curtains are, I could tell it was day light. I decided to enter the room figuring it would be good to catch up on some sleep to. I get in to bed and my father appears in a odd silver car that can fly in the air. Before I knew it, the house had dismantle itself revealing the outside entirely. My father ask me is it time to leave already? But I am assuming the answer came to him as responded saying no we'll be leaving tomorrow.

      I realize now that I am in a silver car as well and decided to fly to a gun store and a clothing store. I soon found a lane and wanted to drive on it for sometime. Instead the cops spotted me going over the speed limit and soon started following me. Since they were after me I figure my best bet would be to get off the road and head over to the near by woods to ditch them there. While I am driving through the woods I see a S.W.A.T van already park in my direction. Soldiers appear to be coming out of it so I steer my vehicle in to another part of the woods. Not long after doing that I decided it would be best to lose them on foot.

      As I am running I bump in to my mother and told her now is not the time. But it would seem that my time had already run out. There is a police officer pointing his gun at me. That is when I begin running to him in a attempt to knock him down. I wasn't able to and instead got shot. However it would seem I had the ability to reverse time which is exactly what I chose to do. This time I didn't even bother talking to my mother. I ran up the hill in a different part of the woods but somehow this cop had enough time to catch up to me. He makes another attempt to shoot me again but I evade his bullet this time. I quickly tackle him down as I could hear more of officers approaching us near by. I look ahead of me and see a barricade of people standing in my way.

      I bash through them however the officer I previously knock down had gotten up. He didn't waste anytime firing his bullets at me while we are both running. I pulled out my gun and manage to shoot him in the arm. Then I fortunately got super speed that I use to run on the air to double the trouble of catching me. I could tell by the looks on their faces they didn't know how to deal with the situation anymore. But a problem soon arise, I am going too fast and apparently got rip out of that world and back in to my garage.

      Where all of them we're in a screen resembling a movie. The were aware of my presence still and could see me on the other side. One officer pointed his gun toward me on the screen to finish me. I tried use my super speed but it was inactive now. The man fired his gun but it did not go through the television screen.

      The dream scene change with me playing tekken in some abandon parking lot. It was colored but of course due to time some of it had vanish. I finish my last match against a guy named tictactoe. He sent me a message saying ranks matter. I didn't agree to this and tried to type out my own message. However it began raining which prevented me from clicking send. I soon notice I was with 3 other people. They had also been hanging at the parking lot entrance.

      I walk to them which they seem to be arguing. A guy who look like they were in to body building is talking to a woman who looks strange. Theirs arm were huge on top and small on bottom. Guess it wasn't going well as they both started walking away. I continue to walk pass the entrance in till the parking lot turn in to a mall. My brother who appeared next to me was also ask by a teacher to get hired at this place. We both agreed and were told to wait. We both sat down on chairs, my brother pointed that he and I were both on TV. He was right, my brother then said he is going to the restroom.

      I look at him and said you haven't realize it yet have you? His face seems confuse. I told him all of this has already happen and we're simply experiencing it all again. He ask we are? I said yes, haven't you gotten lucid by now? A large group of people ran out of the glass door before my brother could answer. We both walk out as well and we were all old to fix the broken TV.
    5. Lions Paw

      by , 01-03-2016 at 04:48 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I am watching Tekken on the television and notice the intro was not going the way it was program to. I quickly recalled that in waking life if I were ever put in a little scenario like this to assume I am dreaming. I continue watching and figure out there's no way a malfunction would go this far. I became aware I am dreaming.
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    6. Living in paper DILD

      by , 11-26-2015 at 06:57 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I am in a game known as uncharted with a couple of different twist. There were three players left including myself that were still in the game. I manage to team up with one of them to take the last player that was hiding. After we did that we went against each other. I eventually won and was back inside the house. Once back I went in to the living room where I see my mother and brother talking.

      It look like it was the afternoon as the sun is setting. I told my brother had started playing uncharted again and that I did pretty good. He seems surprise, I tell him my character is male and that he looks a lot like the character Dragunov from tekken. This person has been standing in the kitchen so I assume that must be brother character. I notice my mother seeing next to me on my right. She look worried so I turn my direction to where she had been looking to hear music playing.

      It was familiar to me, since I listen to that music sometimes through the week. I then turn my direction to the opposite side and notice that through the window I could see the outside. It look like it was a drawing with vibrate colors. An odd combination for what the outside is suppose to look like. I then realize I am dreaming and woke up. Lucidity Time: 3 seconds.
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    7. Different Goal DA + OST + (2)DILDS

      by , 08-03-2015 at 12:33 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I'm in the living room and everything inside looks dim as if no sunlight was out. I then teleport and I find myself outside not too far from the house. I got off from the ground and see the sky is murky green. I began figuring I must be dreaming and scan the entire area to see some oddities. However not long the scene changes taking my lucidity a long with it.

      After a couple of other dreams I appear in my father room. The bed was not in it's usual spot and was instead hanged on the wall. Look very interesting to sleep like this, as I climbed on to it I soon discover that the bed had holes on the other side that would've made me fall. I take all the blankets off one side of the bed to confirm that only one side has holes and the other did not. The scene changes and I am place in a broken down building with another person that looks like a Tekken character.

      The water felt more heavy and my line of sight had this window in front of it. This made it difficult to see, I become lucid due to this and tried to remove it. I ended up opening the window which made everything look half and half. The character started becoming bugged and appear to have 3 look a likes. None of them were moving and before I could build up more awareness in the dream I wake up. Lucidity Time: 14 seconds
    8. Rising Thunder DA + (2)DILDS

      by , 06-18-2015 at 08:08 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      My brother and I appeared inside the garage, where we enter a small door near the left end of the wall. Once we were fully inside we found ourselves in a different place. It look like an underground battle arena, we were both in 3rd person point of view, watching a child fend himself from the traps hidden under the ground. We laugh considering how young he was and I started trying some of the moves he perform to evade a few situations. Soon I became 1st person point of view.

      Once this happen my brother and I both became lucid and found our opponent. He was a huge human male wearing modern clothes with a baseball cap. The only weapon my brother and I have was a cylinder shape silver liquid spray can. The towering human charge toward us, which we began using the spray can that cause the enemy to become sticky and unable to move. However this was not enough to defeat him as he soon broke free from it and quickly lunges at me with his right arm.

      Feeling confident I decided to block his attack, which led us going back and forth with hand to hand combat. After a few more punches to the face from one another. I lost my lucidity and soon after the dream scene had change. I found myself in the living room , the use to be large human was still there and threw his pants on me. I told him you should be more polite and continue to walk off. I then enter an unknown hallway that led me to my family. My father,mother, and brother were eating at the table.

      The sunshine pierce through the house making it very bright. All of them greeted me when I sat down with them. My father began talking to me but as soon as he did, I was having trouble hearing him. He then ends his speech by saying " that means I'll be working 6 plus 4 in total 10 hours each day " I stand up and ask does that mean I have a job? My father loses eye contact with me and remain silent. I left the table and retrace my steps to the unfamiliar hallway that surprisingly led me back to the living room.

      Once I've made it back I sat down and observe distant family relatives celebrating for their return. I watch them in till my brother showed up and sat next to me. I turn around to face him, I ask if he remember the dream we had today? He doesn't look at me and stares at his plate while using his fork to play with the food. He then tells me he wish he didn't remember it. I made a smirk telling him it was fun. That is when my eyes catch my father and I notice the other people I didn't know well leaving.

      Some of the guest didn't clean up so I offered to help out. The items I pick up were, some random green liquid , a dark box I didn't pay much attention to and a pen with a red pencil. I gave all of the items to my father except for the red pencil. After that the sunshine had faded, which soon left the house to be dim. I was still sitting at the living room reading a book and notice my brother sitting at the far right from where I was. Moments later our cousin approach us. I continue reading the book but was interrupted once she threw a napkin hurled up in to a ball at the page I was reading.

      I then got up and open the napkin to begin saying let see what my cousin has said to me. The words were short and didn't seem to be something I could understand. It stated "Dak-Shur" I came back to the table to see her now sitting and tell her and my brother a funny joke. We laugh for awhile, my cousin stated that this seems like the first time seeing me and proceeded to ask my various questions. If I was goth or in to certain dark books, I replied by saying I wasn't but didn't mind any content like that.

      She then kicks the chair I am in and for sometime the dream scene change. I must had been in third person again as I see two bobble headed man, one was arresting the other that had been dress in a police uniform. They argue for quite sometime before I found myself back in the living room sitting in the same spot. I assume I must have fallen asleep, and look at the window to see it was still night. I notice my brother was no longer at the living room table. The conclusion that he went back in to the underground dreamworld we were in the morning. I jolted to the garage and turn on the lights.

      I made sure to look around so I wasn't followed. I then open up the small door inside at the end of the garage wall. I dismantle one of the wall plugin. Soon after the front door to the garage began to creek open. I could see the face of my cousin looking at me. I shut the door without any warning and continue back to the dismantle plugin. I then tried to force my consciousness to transmit through the plugin to enter the dreamworld. However it did not work, I close the garage door and enter back in the living room.

      My cousin kept giving me strange looks, wondering what I was hiding from her. To evade her stare attacks, I enter inside the restroom in the living room. Pretending I needed to use it. That's when the ground beneath my feet started shaking violently. I could hear bombs exploding outside. I make an attempt to turn on the lights but it wasn't working. I fled the restroom and my father room. I tried turning on the lights there, it didn't work the first time , the second time the lights came on in a different angle than it usually would.

      This is a common sign in my dreams I thought. So I did the nose pinch RC twice and confirm I am dreaming. I went in to the kitchen and phase through the back door. While I am doing this I decided to say I am dreaming. I'm outside now, it looks like night still, the sky has skies above one another. The closest sky was cloudy while at the farthest sky had many visible lighting strikes resembling Jupiter thunderstorms. I make a decision about walking on the road or going up hill. I chose the hill as I check out the enticing sounds of the lighting.

      I was then approach by a tekken character and decided to greet each other. But soon after we both got tackle down to the ground by a DC. This makes me have an FA. Lucidity Time: 2 minutes
    9. Memorable Valley DILD

      by , 05-18-2015 at 07:42 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I was walking down the living room to enter the garage. I open the garage door and turn on the lights to see my father head appearing out of it. I'm shock to see him as his body completely emerges to the living room. I quickly catch on that I am dreaming. I begin opening the front door, but I could hear my father and brother having a conversation in the kitchen. So I decided to listen in, in till going out the back door.

      The sky was sunny with some clouds, I can see two kids playing with something that looks like a tree branch. I then started walking on the field, the area actually look recognizable to me. But as I continue to walk further in the fields it's routes began to change. I soon reach the end, I could see a wooden house with a car park outside. A road was the only way I could continue moving forward. Then I soon could hear my father and brother voice from a distance.

      I ran to them to say I'm dreaming. My brother laughs and tells me that we should go back. They continue to walk toward the house, deciding now that I should make an attempt to prove my claim. I got my brother attention when I told him to look at my fingers, I only have 4 and they were oddly shape. My brother turns around and observe my fingers. That's when I turn my head to see 3 people walking near the fields. One resemble a character from TTT2.

      As walk over to them, I notice one of them had fallen down. Before I could help them up, the sky begins to rain over everything. That is when the scene change in to be inside father room. There were other people also here with a look on their face that stated they were angry. I notice I was begin to feel a lot of symptoms. My face had saliva pouring my head and mouth and I could not stop twitching. Someone ask me to stop doing that but it was difficult for me to speak.

      I went toward the bathroom mirror to see what was happening to my face. I saw that half of my face was covered in a white foam and my eyes kept trying to turn to the back of my head on their own, Despite my eyes movement this didn't change the direction of my vision for the dream. I came out and told everyone sorry and lost lucidity. I then have an FA. Lucidity Time: 7 minutes