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    1. Head Shop Visit

      by , 06-15-2016 at 12:18 PM
      June 14, 2016: #2 of 3: I am in what appears to be a head shop examining various pipes made for the purpose of smoking marijuana. They are very cleverly made out of various materials such as wood, glass, and stone. One of the pipes is very intricately carved out of wood. It has a recess for your chin which places the outlet of the pipe right at your lips. It is intended more as a work of art and sculpture than as a practical means for smoking pot. It appears to be carved out of mahogany or some other dark, hard wood. I pick it up, examine it closely, and even fit it to my chin to see how it works. I wake.
      Tags: head shop, pipes
    2. Shopping in a Sporting Goods/Head Shop

      by , 04-24-2014 at 12:24 PM
      April 24, 2014: Dream two of three: I am outside on the street along with Bob *****and Glenn *****, who are leaning on their motorcycles which are (strangely) parked on the sidewalk. My motorcycle is unseen. Across the street there is a store which seems to be a cross between an sporting goods/outdoor shop and a head shop. There are numerous people milling about in the street itself, and this obscures the objects/items displayed in the shopís windows. Even the door is difficult to discern. The door is open, but the threshold is not obvious because it is obscured by a floor-length beaded door curtain. Dave **** is wandering back and forth looking for the entrance, and from across the crowd, I try and direct him, but he appears to discover it all on his own. He passes through the beaded curtain, and then I cross the street and enter as well.

      Inside, I do not look for, nor do I see Dave. I end up with a bag of power bars, which evidently Iíve already paid for, since I open and start to eat one. It is soft and chewy, as if it has cream cheese in it, and not what I wanted or expected. I wanted a hard, crumbly granola-type power bar. There is a hippy chick in her early to mid-twenties sitting cross legged on the floor. I give her the bag of power bars since they are not what I wanted.

      Now Iím at a glass display counter. I have multiple, amazingly crafted rings on six or seven of my fingers. They are made of silver strands about the thickness of paperclip wire, which are twisted and joined into the most amazing patterns and at least one sports a clear diamond-like faceted stone. They look bright and new, and are crafted with an artistry as is only possessed by a High Elf from Lord of the Rings. I am looking for a stud earring to match, but the items in the display case are actually pins with colored plastic heads (red, and blue that I remember) and not stud earrings at all, so I leave.

      When I am back at the motorcycles, Bob and Glenn are both eating something. Glenn has a very large salt pretzel, the kind you get at the circus or in Penn Station. I realize I should eat something too ďso weíre all on the same pageĒ before we bike off on our ride. I think Iíd like a pretzel like Glenn had. At this moment I realize that I also needed to get a bed-roll or sleeping bag while in the store, and I didnít remember to do that. I wake.

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