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    1. FryingMan's silky hand

      by , 07-24-2014 at 10:04 AM
      FryingMan's silky hand
      Lucid #28


      I am hiking through a beautiful forest and suddenly hear a barking. I look to my left where I heard the noise coming from and see a steep slope. Nevetheless the dog doesn't seem to care and comes at me. I fall to the ground and he bites me in my arm and I realize I am dreaming..
      I find myself in my house. I stabilize and do the 5-senses technique and also try to remeber my waking life my goals and what it means to be dreaming. Well the first thing I remembered is summoning FryingMan. I shout FryingMan and grab behind my back. I dont know what kind of hand I should exept, but then I feel a hand probably wearing a glove made out of silk. (Thats how I pictured him before in WL, because of him saying he would look like Santa, and Santa certainly has gloves) It feels very warm but kinda just lays there in my hand without really holding on to. I turn arround but I get too exited, also due to the extremely realistic dream and wake up..

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      Tags: dog, fryingman, hand, house
    2. The Hound

      by , 07-03-2014 at 12:35 PM
      The Hound


      Im on my way to a fun-park with my friend. We lock our bikes with a huge metal chain. After that an old lady comes by and her dog sniffes arround. The owner pulls him back. Suddenly a huge bear-sloth-tapir-dog monster comes at us. I jump over a fence nearby. I donīt know what happened to my friend but I feel really bad.
      In the next scene I am inside and play a videogame. It looks like CallofDuty. I am #1 and shoot everybody. The points I get appear in front of my eyes..
      Tags: cod, dog, hound, monster