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    1. Thieves Guild

      by , 06-25-2014 at 10:44 AM
      Thieves Guild


      I join a thieves guild with two of my friends. As were walking through the city we see a nice spot and decide to take a quick break. We sit down and start a bbq. I leave the place to get a clear head, when one of my "brothers" comes and asks me if i want a piece of the grilled duck. I refuse and go back to the guys. Now the setting is venice and i look over to a nice bridge. I see my dad and my grandpa who both wave at me. I try to make them stop by putting my finger on my lips, so they dont accidentally reveal our position to the guards. For some reason i believe being a full member of the thieves guild is gonna turn me into a shape shifter and i will be able to turn myself into a duck. (I might be playing to much Skyrim lately ).
      Suddenly were being chased. I run really fast and have instances were i have to swim the sewers. I take a turn right into a dark alley and stand infront of a lot of old oil barrels. I start a David Belle like Parkour escape. I get to a biig storage building. In fear i decide to climb the highest rack. When i reach the top there are a couple friends of mine waiting and chatting. Theyre listening to music so i tell them to be quiet but hey dont listen. As Im trying to make them be quiet it occurs to me that we all might be dead. When i present my idea to the others they all agree like its no bigi deal. I get kinda stressed... and wake up.

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    2. Bad Grades

      by , 06-22-2014 at 08:10 PM
      Bad Grades
      Lucid #14


      Im in my teachers room, together with my friend. For some reason he has artificial limbs. I listen to them talk and he finds out hes getting bad grades. They both start a fight and my teachers takes his legs and throws him out of the window. I take something formed like a clubb and hit him with it. He drops to the ground and i run to my friend to see if hes ok. I throw his legs and his phone through the open window. I try to jump out to but i dont seem to fit. I go into the hallway and as i walk towards the main entrance everybody looks like me as im a celebrity. I get nervous and walk faster. I meet him outside and help him up. We start running but suddenly i stop and realize that i just messed up my life by hitting a teacher. I freak out but then i do a nose RC due to a suspicion and voil im lucid.
      I take time to stabilize by using all 5 senses. I look up into the sky and it looks beautiful. I try to walk but i only manage to float and dont realla get far. I try taking off and flying i feel the air in my face, everything gets really bright and i wake up.

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