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    1. Witchhunters

      by , 07-17-2014 at 07:30 PM
      Lucid #4


      I am at my school where a little boy approaches me and asks for a home and a meal. In addition to that he wants me to read him a story. I google horror storys and my phone and choose a story with a witch.
      I am in a big truck with to ghosthunters. I find out were on our way to the witch. We arrive and go inside. Everything is old, spooky and made out of wood. I have to duck my head. We go downstairs to the basement and meet the witch. She seems very nice and offers us to stay the night. I tell her if the hunters want to stay then I will too. She shows us our beds which are only 2 wooden planks. She lies down and starts telling us weird sex storys. She undresses and stands up. She asks me to join her and I do . The hunters turn into women too and well, no further explanation needed. I hear a narrator telling us about lucid dreaming and do a nose-RC.
      I get lucid. My nose is really big and deformed. I take a look around in the basement and wake up..
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