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    1. 11th of june -> 12th of june.

      by , 06-12-2014 at 01:11 PM
      Date:12th of june.
      Total sleep:10 hours.
      Supplements: B6 and melatonin.
      Daytime Techniques:RC's, mantras, sensory awareness training.
      Lucid Techniques:was not lucid.
      Recall Techniques: Mantras, dream journal.
      Fell Asleep:12.00
      Dream Title: sex scandal at the supermarket.
      Dream: I only remember bits of the dream, some of it being: Having sex with someone named Suzie? (wtf) Outside of a supermarket. And finging she posted pictures of my penis on the internet to get back at me, for what, i cant remember. Also being by a trailer at the highway, before eventually swimming out to raft in the ocean with my little sister. After we arrive at small raft, we spot a bigger one, and swim out (my little sister clinging to me). When we reach the raft i see a familiar face, Hannah. My memory stops there.
      Recall: 2
      Emotions/feelings: happines, shame, aroused.
      Dream Signs: common DC's (Trym, familiy)
      Objects/places/DC's: Supermarket, highway, ocean, trailer, raft, people, alcohol, Trym, George Clooney, Suzie, Hannah, Mia, Video.

      Dream fragments: Have a faint memory of a ''beauty and the best'' kinda scene.