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    1. Behined the Viel

      by , 06-06-2014 at 08:23 PM
      A Khajit is a mythical creature in Elder scrolls

      18 April 2014

      I do not know where it was I had arrived in this strange and ambiguous world we call the dream realm but it would appear that I had arrived at the perfect time, reader. You see, in this particular region of the dream realm resided a neighborhood of upscale families and wealthy business men. Everyone had his nose up in the air but I did not seem to mind. Now there was one family in particular who stood out from all the rest. This might be an ironic statement as the family that stood out the most was very family that had put forth the most effort not to stand out the most. But it seems that their attempts at privacy backfired for it is their obvious effort of reclusion that seemed to spark everyoneís curiosity. What was this family? What were they hiding?

      Now there are some things we did know about this family. Or to be more precise were things that the neighbors knew and things that I had learned from them. For one the entire family tree from then until now was exclusively human. There was no non-human blood dripping into the familyís gene pool which, among the dream realmís incredibly divers population, is a fact worth mentioning. The reason for this is simple: the family inbred. Like other rich families before them they believed in keeping these things within the family. It was the idea of sharing wealth with ďoutsidersĒ that really did seem to repulse the family more than the sexual vice of incest. Another thing is the simple fact that the old man who owns the family business is about to bite the dust.

      Now the family was so well sheltered that many members did not realize how famous they were. However, they would have to come out of hiding soon enough as their father had just died and now the multibillion dollar business is up for grabs. There was no standard next of kin inheritance here. It seems their father would have preferred a much more interesting alternative. There would be an auction held among the family and the business would go to the highest bidder. This is where the true nature of the family was made apparent. They came out from behind the veil of anonymity for the first time in decades and the spectators were in for a big surprise. The family was not united in the way that people once believed. Many of the family members were actually quite immature and they were fighting over one thing, the business. Another thing that surprised the denizens was that the family was no longer exclusively inbred. There were Khajit among the family members, which means that at some point in history a Khajit has managed to wriggle his way into the gene pool.

      Now the auctions took place at an amphitheater just outside of the neighborhood and it was not a silent one. I sat far right of the auctioneers along with everyone else there. They all watched in amusement laughing at the immaturity of these people. I had no feelings either way but the denizens who were watching the spectacle clearly had lost all respect for this family. After the auction the families were talking about what had happened and what was revealed. ďI cannot believe they are out and about after so long.Ē One of them said. I asked an upper class woman why there were so many Khajit among the family members and she said, ďIt would appear that at some point in history a member of their family slept with a Khajit.Ē A Khajit. Someone slept with just one Khajit and yet now there were so many. This told me that even after this one misstep the inbreeding had not ceased. The Khajit were now just mixed in with the vice.
    2. The Midnight Crew

      by , 06-06-2014 at 06:39 AM
      Ruby Gloom is the titular character of a spooky kid's show.
      some kind of monster...-ruby.jpg
      Squid-Girl is the plucky protagonist of an anime program.

      some kind of monster...-vlcsnap-2012-03-08-01h25m04s237.jpg

      26 July 2013

      It was the hour of dusk in the quiet town of Gale, a city that I have visited several times in previous dreams. I canít well remember how I became mixed up in this crew but I had no complaints. I was a member of what may have been a private investigation group. Either that or a mercenary group. Such a distinction might be obvious between these two different labels but the thing is, I am not sure what it is we were doing what we were doing or for what purpose. But I might be getting ahead of myself. I was a member of a shady group of four. I cannot remember what the group was or if it even had a name so for now I shall refer to us as ďThe Midnight Crew.Ē A gang name borrowed from a popular web-comic, but I digress.

      As I said before, there were four of us. One was a tall man, slender, and dressed in 17th century casual European attire (letís call him Damien). I suspect that he was the leader of our group. Another was a spry young girl; she could not have been any older than thirteen (letís call her Leena). She was young and hyperactive but she was also agile; a very useful member of our crew. Then there was a tall young woman with silver hair and dressed in white armor and clothing (Leila). This woman looked like something straight out of an RPG. Funny thing is: Leila was our tech savvy. She was the one who hacked electronic locks and circuitry. She was the very serious one. I canít remember seeing her crack a smile at any point during the dream. And then there was me; the rookie of the group.

      Our services were drafted by a middle aged woman whose name remained undisclosed. She came to us with a request to retrieve a young boy and bring him back to her. She offered up a reward of course. Now this is where my confusion becomes valid. I am not sure if we were private investigators or some kind of mercenaries or underground couriers. Now as one reads through this he might assume that the woman coming to us is a mother in distress over her lost son but that is not quite how I remember this being portrayed. There was a woman, yes, and she did draft us to go in search of a young boy but I do not believe that this was a mother. I remember that she was quite stern in this request. That is to say, she seemed indifferent to the boyís well being. I donít think that she was concerned about the boy but rather the investment behind him. I believe that she may have been part of a bigger organization; one that seemed to be invested in this boy for one reason or other (there is even a chance that she was our employer...maybe, not very sure on that one). But her reasons did not matter to us for our job was not to ask questions. I am sure that ďNo questions askedĒ existed somewhere within our mantra.

      Now there is no question in my mind that we were underground couriers but little did we know that we were getting mixed up in something serious. I donít remember why but there was an investment in this boy. One that was so vital that two opposing groups would do anything to get their hands on him.

      So now back to the story at hand. It was the hour of dusk and we were walking through the dark streets of Gale. Gale always was an anachronistic city which seemed to be fitting to the anachronistic wardrobe of my colleagues. The mist that was gathering around the streets of the 17th century style town only made the scene that much more ominous. We started out by asking around but I remember that most responses were hostile (maybe they knew who or what we were). But I suspect that the streets had been over taken by the enemies of our client because there was a part of town that was full of nothing but hostiles. I wish I could remember how the struggle went but there are only few precious details that I can remember. As we fought our way through town square we met a man in one of the stores who was obviously taking cover from the bullets (assuming the hostiles were using firearms). This man was a friend of The Midnight Crew. I call him Paul, a jovial soul who was dressed in a black 17th century suit (thatís how most Gale-ites dressed) and a dark blue cape. And fortunately for us he had the boy we were looking for. Now I donít quit remember how our conversation with Paul went but I remember that he was somehow mixed up with these organizations and he somehow got us to agree with some plan of his. We allowed him to take the boy for a while after he promised to meet us later on and hand the boy over to us. The boy was eerily stoic; he never even spoke and maintained a calm demeanor in this epic frenzy.

      We tried to fight our way through the rest of the hostiles but they proved to be too much for us. My heart pounded as we detoured through the stores of the city. Thankfully all of the buildings were interconnected so we were able to continue in our mission while avoiding the hostiles. I remember how relieved I was to be away from them.

      Now the events following are extremely hazy and I cannot recant them here. I just remember that my misadventure with The Midnight Crew eventually led to my separation from them and I ran into this strange gothic girl. I believe this girl to have been Ruby Gloom. I remember that there was something about this girl that rubbed me the wrong way. She was seemingly pleasant but I found it difficult to trust this one. Now Ruby had a story, one whose complete makeup was lost in memory. She was an exile from another land or another world. She was here for reasons unknown and was in the middle of a rivalry with an ocean dweller that was now on land. Squid-Girl was this rivalís designation. I think that Ruby believed Squid-Girl to be partly responsible for her exile.

      After more hazy stuff happened (including several strifes between Squid-Girl and Ruby) I ended up in a college. I was there under Rubyís direction and was now working completely independently of The Midnight Crew. I guess there was a something bigger going on, something that tied in with this college, that mysterious boy, Ruby and her rival, Squid-Girl. I didnít know how this all tied together but I knew that more answers could be found at this college and Ruby was going to help find themÖor so she said. Ruby and I warmed up to each other as time went on. She seemed to consider me a real friend and I canít say that I was far from returning the sentiment. Not to say that she didnít have her annoying flaws. She was very cocky and arrogant and she thought very highly of herself. I hated that about her. And not to mention she loved the sound of her own voice. I was still somewhat weary of trusting her. There was still so much about that I didnít know; most importantly, her motive. She didnít strike me as the type of person who gave out of the goodness of her heart, so why did she agree to help me? What was in it for her? I made a point of keeping these questions in the back of my mind.

      The college had its own private beach. Not a real beach but a man made beach. One with artificial ocean waves and whatnot; similar to what they had in the City of Columbia. Now this beach was a place where the students used drugs recreationally (and yes, the college was okay with this). Ruby was also posing as a student here at this college. She was somewhere else and communicated with me through some chat client. I was extremely uncomfortable here on this beach. I didnít like being around so many tripped out junkies in one place; something about that scenario spelled disaster to me. And I was not entirely sure if the other students liked me but looking back: it may have been in my head. The recreational drug usage was interrupted by a massive storm which brought forth a huge tsunami. We all escaped the beach alive but I was not sure if this tsunami was an accident. What a thought! That someone somewhere actually had the power to cause such a great feat of nature. Perhaps I was becoming paranoid. Or perhaps not. Didnít my partner say something about Squid-Girl having elemental powers over the sea? This whole investigation just keeps getting more and more interesting.

      At this point I wander off into a tangent of unrelated events. I find myself on a bus with my highschool marching band and we are on our way to a performance. We are on our way to a five star hotel and I cannot wait to finally get there because I really have to take a piss. And thatís pretty much it. I donít know what the point of this is. Could this have been a dream within the dream? Because I have had those. Seriously I have. Whatever, back the dream at hand.

      After that random ass tangent of events I was back at the beach. It was not long before another storm hit and another tsunami took place. But this was only the beginning of a series of extremely unfortunate events. After the beach was evacuated the organization that had the boy came and began fighting it out with another group. Could my presence have brought them here? There was also something big emerging from the sea and it threatened to destroy this school. Hell was indeed being raised and my class mates and I needed to find someplace safe before we were all killed. As I was running with the crowed I saw a huge projection of ruby over the rail of the walkway. I donít know if it was a holographic projection which she set up herself or if it was just a projection of the dream which only I could see. But what I do know is that I hated what I saw. She was there just laughing her ass of at the mayhem that was ensuing. I knew that she couldnít be trusted. I donít know how but she planned this and I was pawn in this sick little game of hers. A friend indeed.

      We successfully evacuated to the safety of the school theatre. It was the last safe place left here in the school. All the while we were there I could only think back on that image of my partner laughing at me and everyone here. There was no longer any question that I was nothing more than a means to an end but what end? Damn it! What was all of this about? What was I mixed up? What was this leading to? After a few minutes of thought one of the IT students brought up a radar map of the school and the beach and showed everyone how the tsunami started. I was right. It was not accident. According to the IT and his radar map the tsunami was caused by a giant creature approaching the school from the water. It was let in from the back end. This was no doubt the work of Squid-Girl.

      After several more events that I can not recall, I was reunited with The Midnight Crew. We were back in the City of Gale making our way through the maze of commercial facilities. Several of them were dark due to some kind of orchestrated black out and I could not help but get anxious whenever we entered a dark facility. I mean after all, the city was full of hostiles. But the darkness was short lived because each time we entered a dark room, Leila would rewire the circuits in the rooms and bring the lights on. We made our way into a dark kitchen and, after a few minutes of rewiring by Leila, it was well lit. But the relief was short lived as we were immediately attacked by hostiles. I remember seeing Paul there and the boy was with him. Was all of this really centered around him? I still could not believe that this all could have been orchestrated by one girl. I never did figure out what motive was. One thing that I could never get over. If she really was just using me, then why did she open up to me the way she did.

      The dream changed possibly before the brawl ended. I was no longer a participant; I was now the observer. I suspect that I had gone back through time (possibly by several years) to observe one of the seemingly unrelated events that may have led up to that frenzy. Poseidon, king of the sea, was working at a seaside store. Squid-Girl emerged from the ocean surface with her boyfriend and attacked him relentlessly. She destroyed the restaurant killing everyone inside and came down on Poseidon with huge tsunami waves. She also knew how to handle a trident. I was really impressed; Poseidon really didnít stand a chance. I felt kind of bad for him; I felt that this was a blatant act of treachery on her part. The last thing I saw was Squid-Girl, holding down the king of the sea as he lay on his back with her hand pressed firmly against his forehead. She was in his face with a stone cold look in her eye no doubt saying something menacing to him. I didnít see what happened to Poseidon but judging by Squid-Girlís demeanor; I doubt that she was merciful.

      Note: At some point during the second evacuation (or it may have been during the final strife in the kitchen) I got the inkling that there was an unknown third party involved in all of this. Ruby and Squid-Girl were the two primary antagonists who were pulling the strings in this entire debacle. But I could not get past the feeling that there was an unknown third party who was sitting back idly and watching Ruby and Squid-Girl. I felt like someone was observing their rivalry closely and waiting for the right time to make his move. Perhaps he was waiting for one of them to engage him or perhaps he was waiting for them to do something. Perhaps he was hatching a plan that would arise from their plans.