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    1. Behined the Viel

      by , 06-06-2014 at 08:23 PM
      A Khajit is a mythical creature in Elder scrolls

      18 April 2014

      I do not know where it was I had arrived in this strange and ambiguous world we call the dream realm but it would appear that I had arrived at the perfect time, reader. You see, in this particular region of the dream realm resided a neighborhood of upscale families and wealthy business men. Everyone had his nose up in the air but I did not seem to mind. Now there was one family in particular who stood out from all the rest. This might be an ironic statement as the family that stood out the most was very family that had put forth the most effort not to stand out the most. But it seems that their attempts at privacy backfired for it is their obvious effort of reclusion that seemed to spark everyone’s curiosity. What was this family? What were they hiding?

      Now there are some things we did know about this family. Or to be more precise were things that the neighbors knew and things that I had learned from them. For one the entire family tree from then until now was exclusively human. There was no non-human blood dripping into the family’s gene pool which, among the dream realm’s incredibly divers population, is a fact worth mentioning. The reason for this is simple: the family inbred. Like other rich families before them they believed in keeping these things within the family. It was the idea of sharing wealth with “outsiders” that really did seem to repulse the family more than the sexual vice of incest. Another thing is the simple fact that the old man who owns the family business is about to bite the dust.

      Now the family was so well sheltered that many members did not realize how famous they were. However, they would have to come out of hiding soon enough as their father had just died and now the multibillion dollar business is up for grabs. There was no standard next of kin inheritance here. It seems their father would have preferred a much more interesting alternative. There would be an auction held among the family and the business would go to the highest bidder. This is where the true nature of the family was made apparent. They came out from behind the veil of anonymity for the first time in decades and the spectators were in for a big surprise. The family was not united in the way that people once believed. Many of the family members were actually quite immature and they were fighting over one thing, the business. Another thing that surprised the denizens was that the family was no longer exclusively inbred. There were Khajit among the family members, which means that at some point in history a Khajit has managed to wriggle his way into the gene pool.

      Now the auctions took place at an amphitheater just outside of the neighborhood and it was not a silent one. I sat far right of the auctioneers along with everyone else there. They all watched in amusement laughing at the immaturity of these people. I had no feelings either way but the denizens who were watching the spectacle clearly had lost all respect for this family. After the auction the families were talking about what had happened and what was revealed. “I cannot believe they are out and about after so long.” One of them said. I asked an upper class woman why there were so many Khajit among the family members and she said, “It would appear that at some point in history a member of their family slept with a Khajit.” A Khajit. Someone slept with just one Khajit and yet now there were so many. This told me that even after this one misstep the inbreeding had not ceased. The Khajit were now just mixed in with the vice.
    2. Eurydice

      by , 06-06-2014 at 07:12 AM
      Date Not Specified

      More often than not, you are not fully aware of yourself when you are in the dream realm. More often than not, you may find yourself in a nonsensical scenario full of questionable details and content. There aught to be many questions running through your mind as the situation unfolds before you but alas, your mind is not there. Such was the case for me as I wandered through the forest with this strange girl who I shall deem: Eurydice. There were many perfectly valid questions that I did not ask when I was wandering through this region with Eurydice. Why did this strange girl remain only just outside of my field of vision? Why were we wandering through this black forest? Why did the sky glow with such a dark red color? Where were we exactly and where were we going? So many questions that should have rang through my mind as I walked side by side with Eurydice. So many questions that I did not bother to consider.

      There were many questions that I did not bother to ask but there was also information that I already knew. I was aware that I was in a forest with this amazing girl. I knew that the sky was red. I knew that we were ascending up a superficial incline that was protruding out from the side of a cliff. I knew that there was at the very least a seventy degree drop to my left one that was stifled by a row of black trees. And I also knew that this girl, walking right by my side, was the most amazing girl with whom I had the pleasure to spend time. I knew that I was more than happy to be by her side and that she felt the exact same way about me. We made each other happy, Reader. We did not have to do or say anything to each other. All we had to do was exist. Her aspect alone was enough to fill me with joy. It did not even matter that I could not fully see her. Just having her by my side was enough.

      We did not know where we were going, we knew not where the path would take us but it did not matter to us. We ascended confidently and without fear. Indeed we were not afraid. Quite the contrary, in fact. There was something about being out in the dark wilderness that made us feel at peace. We felt relaxed there and the incline did nothing to delude the fact that we were happy where we were. So we ascended and we moved and we made our way to the top, she and I.
      I can only presume that we made our way through an aperture that was waiting for us at the top of the incline for when we got there we found ourselves in an entirely different setting. We were in a suburban area that was built on the side of a mountain. The streets zigzagged up the summit of the mountain just like any mountain trail would. We were greeted by a population of extremely bubbly people. The setting was very warm and sunny and everyone seemed to be overjoyed here. Everywhere we were greeted with enthusiastic smiles in this bright in sunny pleasant little town. It was so…disgusting.

      We could not stand this place nor could we stand these people. Everyone and everything about this place was just so saccharine. We both felt suffocated by the fuzziness of this town. We were desperate to get away from that place, so we did. We ran back down to the aperture and found ourselves back at the top of the incline. Back in the black wood. We were alone again and once again we were happy. A sigh of relieve came from us both as we were greeted by the still silence of the forest dark. I may have looked straight at her for the first time in this segment but she was shrouded in haze, rendering her unperceivable. This did not matter to me. As I stated before, her aspect was enough. We joined hands and proceeded back down alone together once again. There were no other people, no animals, there weren’t even any insects to fill the forest with the slightest bit of ambient noise. Not even the wind gave any sound. There was nothing here. It was just her and I. And that was all we needed.

      The forest bore a striking resemblance to the third forest level in PacMan World 2.
      The town was reminiscent of a mountain city I saw on google images.