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    1. I'm a hobo

      by , 03-29-2015 at 05:12 PM
      I was homeless, so at night I'd break into houses and sleep in people's guest rooms. Some nights they'd find me, and I'd normally have to hurriedly leave immediately after that. Sometimes when that'd happen, they would care for me.
      I met many different people with different lifestyles: A pregnant lady with a huge pet snake, an eccentric lady with a huge house, and the list goes on.
      One night, I creeped into a house, and went into a room with a closed door. A baby was soundly sleeping in a cradle, and I definitely wasn't going to change that. I turned around and saw a camera looking at me. I quietly, but quickly, went out the door, and looked down the stairs. A tall lady with wavy hair is watching TV and talking on the phone in the living room below me. Her back is to me. I panic, and hurry into the next room a little less than silently. I hear a muffled "Hold on, I-I heard something..." through the door. I crawl under the huge bed and hope she doesn't find me.
      I hear the door open, and she's still on the phone. "I know I heard something." She whispered into it. I could very faintly hear the person she was talking to in the quiet room. "Someone's in here, I know it." She bends down and looks under the bed, to find me, curled up, staring at her, and terrified. She ends the call immediately, her mouth hanging open.
      "Hey now," I whisper showing my hands to show her I have no weapons, "I don't want to hurt you or your baby... I just need a place to sleep. I promise that's it."
      Then, I wake up.
    2. I'm not magical?

      by , 03-25-2015 at 08:32 PM
      12:30-2:30PM nap
      I'm with Mackenzie, in what I feel is her house, but isn't her house in the awake world. WE're going to have a movie watching party together, but we need to get everything set up first. She gestures me to come with her into the basement. I happily do so. "Grab that plastic bag, please, Alex" she points to it before picking something else up. I nod and pick up the large plastic bag, which seems to be filled with dodgeballs, but I don't look inside it. We walk back to the stairs to go back up when something fuzzy and tickly rubs me in my armpit, where I'm holding the plastic bag to me on my hip. I shudder and say "Mackenzie! Something touched me!" with my voice full of worry and fear.
      "Don't worry! It's fine, you're fine, Alex." she smiles. I blow off the event as me having imagined something. We walk upstairs, but once we get through the door, my curiosity overcomes me and I look in the bag. There are indeed dodgeballs in there, what a huge hairy spider which seems to be covered in baby spiders! I shriek and drop the bag, spiders and dodgeballs running and rolling on the floor in every which way.
      "Oh Alex..." Mackenzie sounds disappointed in me. "I'm sorry!" I tell her.
      We both walk to the living room, where her father is sitting on the couch, waiting. I sprawl on the couch too, as Mackenzie puts in a movie, and then she joins us.
      The scene changes.
      I'm at a small restaurant with my mother. Aubrey Plaza, and Jeff H and his kids are sitting with us. It has a swimming pool out back. I'm texting Aubrey before our food gets here. Jeff's kids are behaving themselves, talking to each other, playing little games like patty cake and tic-tac-toe on the paper menus. It begins to rain very hard outside. The restaurant begins to flood! First it's ankle deep... then knee deep... then neck deep. Then, it floods almost to the very ceiling, where I'm now floating! There's still enough room for me to breathe, but nobody else seems to have noticed it. All of the tables and chairs are stuck firmly to the floor, and everybody is sitting and eating and talking. The waitress is walking around like nothing is happening. I swim down to everyone, holding my breath, and gesture to outside. Then the water level starts to slowly decrease. In no time I'm on the floor. Then, I'm outside, on a raft in the pool. It starts to flood again, but it isn't raining anymore. The pool's water increases and gets choppy. Soon the water gets very wild, and I hold onto the raft as hard as I can, but I'm quickly headed for the edge of the pool. I look behind me and a massive wave towers above me, putting me in its shadow. "No!" I yell, not wanting to be thrown into the water. "NO!" I yell again as the wave crashes, and the raft is pushed forcefully into the edge of the pool wall, but I go flying without it.
      I flop in the water, then tumble on the ground as the water disappears, until I land in the parking lot, completely dry and bruised and tired. A family; a mother, a teenage boy and a teenage girl are getting into their minivan. I hop in too, believing I'm invisible and magical. We drive for a while, nobody paying my any attention because I'm invisible, until we get to the theater. It's gotten dark outside now. I go "Woo!" and clap my hands together once to teleport myself. Nothing happens. Except, now the teenagers are looking at me. Oh. I'm not invisible. I was never invisible. "Mom, stop the car!" the teenage boy says. I'm now starting to panic and the moment she stops the car, I run out, and all of the rest join me to see what I'll do.
      Another car stops nearby and a lady gets out and walks down, saying, "Now what's going on here?!"
      I jump around, trying to fly away, but I can't. I give up quickly. The family gets in their car and drives away, as if they didn't want to be seen with me. The other lady, luckily, didn't see me doing that. I follow her to her car quietly, and get into her passenger side. She looks over at me and shrugs. "Will you take me back to that restaurant?" I ask "It's not very far." She nods, starts the car, and begins driving that way.
      Then, I wake up.
    3. Unknown Dog, and Ladies

      by , 01-23-2015 at 07:06 AM
      Jan 22, 12:30 nap
      I dreamed a big fluffy Australian Shepard with a breathing problem came to my family. Then, someone was insulting how women dressed, so I started complimenting the women.
      Then, I wake up.