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    1. 10-16-14 Grandpa's Gross-Out Homestyle Chocolate Pudding

      by , 10-16-2014 at 06:41 PM
      I was sitting on a propane tank in grassy church parking lot under a tree. One of my friends was sitting next to me, and this girl sat on my other side. She put her arms around me and sat on my lap.

      There was a potluck after church, and my grandpa had decided to make something for it. He made what he called "chocolate pudding". It was made of a mixture of baked beans and white confectionary baking chocolate, blended together. It was awful!

      After church, we couldn't find grandma. She appeared to have slipped out during the sermon. :p After looking a long time, I found her in a house next to the church having a pizza party with a bunch of her friends. They were quilting too or something. And we were like, "Grandma, what are you DOING here?"

      My dead father and the rest of my family were travelling cross country and it was extremely hot. I was afraid our car would overheat.

      I dreamed I woke up in the middle of the night and tried to WILD, but I gave up.
    2. 9-8-14 "Yeah, it felt good, man!"

      by , 09-18-2014 at 05:43 PM
      A young man got fed up with his girlfriend, murdered her in her sleep, and vlogged about the experience. They were the proverbial "cute couple", very affectionate. They looked sort of like hipsters. They lived in like a hotel that didn't have any doors. You had to climb into your room through the window via a ladder. The man must have been unemployed.

      One day, the man just got tired of her. Maybe she annoyed him or he just didn't like her anymore. So he settled on the obvious solution to his problem: to kill her. Before she got home from her job or whatever, he drenched her side of the bed in some sort of toxic liquid that her skin would absorb.

      She came home. She was obviously utterly in love with him, and she was sooo happy. She loved him more than anything. After they had talked for a while, they went to bed together. In the morning, she was dead. He started making videos about what it was like to kill someone. He seemed really happy and excited. I remember him saying something like, "Yeah, it felt good, man!"