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    1. 9-14-14 Decapitated snakes!

      by , 09-23-2014 at 08:52 PM
      I was standing out in this big nature reserve by myself. There were lots pine trees and tall grass. Suddenly, this red car pulled up and a lady got out. She went over to a little hole in the ground, and she motioned for me to come nearer. She stuck her arm down into the hole and pulled out this huge angry venomous snake. She handed it to me and told me to put it in the back seat of her car. As I carried it over to her car, it kept trying to bite my thumb. I just tossed it into the back seat through the window. She continued to hand me snakes. We did this for a long time.

      Then she put me in her car and drove me to my friend's house. In their sun room, she had a huge metal tank filled with snakes. Some had fur and were matted with blood. They were all alive and squirming around. There were hundreds of them. It was gross. She would hand me a snake's head, then she would grab its body and pull as hard as she could. The snake would stretch and its back would break and finally its head would rip off. She would then use their skins to make shoe leather.
    2. 8-9-14 The housebreaker

      by , 09-18-2014 at 05:29 PM
      My mother and I were home alone. It was completely dark outside except for our porch light. We had heard reports that a scary man was running loose in the area. He broke into houses at night and stood in people's rooms and watched them sleep. I was fumbling with our door, trying to get it to lock. Suddenly, our porch light went out. I went into the kitchen and started talking with my mom. I said something like I hated how some people think it's funny to break into someone else's home. Then our porch light turned back on. I suddenly got really scared, thinking about the man. I started hyperventilating, and I woke up.
    3. 7-22-14 pea soup duck warrior cannibals!!!!!

      by , 07-23-2014 at 04:59 PM
      I dreamed about the largest shopping mall of all time. It was terrifyingly large. It was so huge it had to be built underground.

      There were these three "people". I say people because that's the only way I can describe them. They were more like weird human-animal things. Anyway, these three people broke into the mall one night. There was no one there. It was creepy and huge and fancy. They split up because they wanted to see different things.

      My dream mostly followed the female character. She was either part duck or part chicken. She wandered about aimlessly till she got to the end of a hallway. At the end there were several elevators and a door. She tried the door first. Inside it, there was a huge room, with the floor covered in expensive white marble tiles. But just as she was about to step out onto the floor, it disappeared, revealing a huge chasm that dropped down for miles. She gasped, ran away and closed the door behind her.

      Then back in the corridor, she tried the elevators. But they kept doing weird things. Like the doors would only open part of the way. Finally she gave up, but thought she'd look into the huge chasm room once more. The floor was still gone, but she felt a strange urge to walk over the edge into the depths. She tentatively put a foot out, and her foot stepped on something solid. The floor was invisible! She could walk! She giddily ran out into the middle of them room, when suddenly an army of pea-green duck warriors came out of an invisible hole in the floor and hauled her under.

      They chopped her and sliced her and sent her remains down a brass chute. The remains came out where her two companions were, and they promptly made the remains into crab cakes shaped with cookie cutters and dipped them in pea soup and ate her.

      Then there were ghost hunters. One of them was explaining to me the functions of different flashlights they carried. He showed me a black light and turned it on. Suddenly, wherever they were, his companions turned towards the light and came to it. He explained that humans have an irresistible attraction to black lights, and they will come to it against all odds.

      Then my grandfather was trying to cut down the largest tree in the world. It was like several miles high.
    4. 7-8-14 So close but so far...

      by , 07-08-2014 at 01:48 PM
      Hello, and welcome to my new dream journal!

      So I randomly woke up last night at 4:30 and thought, what a great time to try some lucid dreaming! So I tried the WILD technique and some focused thinking. It didn't work. I'm a newbie and got too excited. :p

      So I rolled over and forgot about it. Next thing I new, I was asleep!

      I dreamed about being able to lucid dream. :p My family was with me, and I was showing them all the crazy neat things I could do. I remember very vividly throwing a sharpened pencil with extreme accuracy into the head of another man. Then I dreamed I was taken to some sort of lucid dreaming institute building or a sleep-lab sort of thing. My mother and I went into a private room to talk, when I heard a noise behind a cupboard. It was a teenage girl, and I told her to get out of the room. Good grief, no sense of privacy! :p

      Then I dreamed I had to ride a lawnmower backwards all the way to a big city, which is like nine hours away from us. As I was going along, I heard a thump and realized I had hit a snake. It was very strange, and had a head sort of like a sheep's. Another snake, which I understood to be it's partner, came after me as if in revenge. It reared itself up in the road and looked terrifying! I was in the middle of trying to decide whether I should run over it too and risk getting close to it or back up quickly and hightail it out of there, when I suddenly woke up.

      Not the most satisfying dream ever, in my opinion

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