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    1. Chicken Man and a Mouse? (Non-Lucid)

      by , 07-25-2014 at 08:04 AM
      In the dream I was looking for a mouse that had gone missing (can't remember from where/what/who). I then went searching for it and someone told me to go talk to the chicken guy, who was a man with a chicken wing a head (but sometimes it was just part of his head, but that alternated during the dream). I then found him behind this fence and he dropped the mouse I was looking for that kind of floated to the ground like a leaf before scurrying off. I caught it and the chicken guy let me have it (even though it was originally his) and I ended up becoming friends with him.

      I was then searching through tubs, containers - anything I could keep the mouse in. He wa really tame and didn't run away if I set him on the ground. I then turned around and the chicken guy from before was running off with the mouse. I was angry at him stealing the mouse like that, soon I was in a bus and he was in one too, falling to the ground 'battling' next I was in a plane flying over the ocean.

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    2. Level Up (Non-Lucid)

      by , 07-22-2014 at 07:57 AM
      I was walking around with one of my friends (who we'll call Elise) around my first primary school + some random school. Then out of nowhere came a bunch of twelve/thriteen year olds and they were talking about a new trend, similar to YOLO but it was #Disconnect. No idea what that was about. Elise soon left my side because she was arguing with two guys about something Marvel related.

      I then came across this dark dungeon and I soon discovered it was some sort of game arena. You had to go through the underground cavern, fight something and then you would level up. In one of the games I did I became a small dragon (I keep doing my LD goals in non LDs, what's up with that?) and had to fight another small dragon. The only thing that bothered me about this was that we were moving EXTREMELY slow as if we were in slow motion the entire time. I somehow managed to break through that and defeat the opposing dragon.

      Later I was being bothered by some guy from my school who annoys me a lot, he kept trying to hit on me and grab my hand (in the dream), so I turned around and kicked him in the balls. That didn't send him the message, so I got inside some house and then it went into a Sim game edit mode and I built a wall around my house, plus two staircases, one led to the 'level up' game and the other lead to the ground thousands of ft below.

      After that I was in my school, except it was a lot bigger and I went to have a shower. Then someone from outside the shower demanded that we had to get out of there ASAP. I peeked through the door and I saw someone taking my towel and clothes. I didn't want to walk out naked, so I asked if someone could get me a towel. I soon got one, but I had to step out naked to get it. I then had to walk around in a towel and underwear. I got downstairs in this building and saw a girl from my school with my clothes and towel. She gave me my clothes, but I only had a shirt, so I hid behind a table stacked with clothes, put the shirt on, removed my underwear and put on pants (totally logical, well done me).

      Somewhere in the dream I went to do a RC (not because I questioned my dream state, just out of habit) but I woke up just before I did and my arm was moving to do it in real life so I ended up doing the RC whilst awake .
    3. Riding Dragons (Non-Lucid)

      by , 07-20-2014 at 01:03 AM
      First part of the dream, I was notified about school clubs, I don't ever remember them being read out but I ended up choosing child care at first.

      I was in this floating oval field with dirt and there were kids everywhere. My brother was there and started having a grudge towards my choice for clubs, telling me "you just chose it because you think its easy, it's really not." Eventually I realized I didn't want to do this and quit and began thinking about other clubs.

      I was then having an online chat with one of my friends from school (who we'l call Bryan), he was talking about getting his own sword for the sword club and was checking the law of Australia to see if it was okay to own a sword, apparently it was. Then it clicked, I wanted to join the sword club.

      I then had a flashback of the clubs being read out, specifically sword fighting, it was a club you couldn't back out of and only the strongest and bravest could join. I was having second thoughts but I finally came to the decision to do it.

      Next thing I know I'm in some kind of dojo, Bryan was there along with someone else from school who we'll call Jeremy. Jeremy could turn into the hulk and I thought it suited him.

      I'm suddenly on the edge of the cliff, I see myself in third person on top of a golden orange dragon about the size of Toothless from How To Train Your Dragon. My friend Bryan was there and told me that mounting the dragon was a good first step for that day and we should probably head back. I looked at him with disappointment, but I wanted to fly. Then I started walking my dragon closer to the cliffs edge, down below was the ocean, waves hit the sharp rocks below, but I knew I could do this. Bryan started protesting, telling me I better not do what he thinks I'm doing. Without a thought, I ordered my dragon to fly off. At first I had no control, I was going really fast, I tried going down and just before we could hit the water, my dragon swooped up and I was in control of him.

      Soon I flew into a city and spotted a puppy falling from a skyscraper. I had my dragon swoop down and catch it just before it hit the ground. I got to the ground safely and returned the dog to its owner. Bryan came flying next to me on his dragon with a scowl at first, but realized my actions and smiled, he patted my back and told us to get out of there.

      I was back into first person, and I was some sort of shopping centre with two of my other friends, one of them popped a massive balloon and I don't remember anything exciting happening there.
    4. July 18-19 2014 (Non-Lucid)

      by , 07-18-2014 at 11:43 PM
      I think I only had one whole sleep last night, when I woke up I almost forgot my dream but then I suddenly remembered it (thank god).

      The first thing I can remember was being in this enclosure type cage with some kind of dog and I was tired of "staying behind these walls and want to go to the outside world" (Attack on Titan reference?). I soon climbed over the cage fence and escaped.

      The next thing I remember was I was at some beach and there were heaps of masked people sort of lined up like this:

      Do u realy take the time to read others ppls dream journal?-61610-004-9fe5df71.jpg

      and they'd claimed the land and it was forbidden to go enter if you weren't apart of their cult. So I tried evading them by going a bit to the side where there was one and I thought maybe I could sneak past. As soon as I set foot on the sand, I was detected and I was attacked with bows and arrows, swords, so I flew up and got out of there.

      Next I was in some kind of hall with one of my friends and we were looking after kids that all acted like dogs. Then at some point I was shopping in a supermarket and soon after that I was in my school. Another one of my friends (she was in a previous dream "AVATAR - With Koalas?" and called her Jodie for the sake of the story) came back from her holiday from Africa and we introduced her to the new guy at our school, who we'll call Ethan and next thing you know, Jodie swears (brief history: She's really sensitive to swearing, hence why this was such a shock to me in the dream, I should've realized I was dreaming at this point because it was so unlikely aha).

      I don't remember what happened after that and I woke up
    5. Lots of Flying & Other Things (Non-Lucid)

      by , 07-17-2014 at 07:33 AM
      First part of the dream I was in a completely different house and I was trying to protect someone (don't remember who or why) by keeping them safe inside my house, next thing I know we're in the car on the way to the airport to go to Malaysia, and in the dream I was like "If this was a dream, I would teleport straight to the air port instead of going the entire way by car" but soon after I was in a different 'scene' I guess you could call it.

      I was at the base of some kind of mountain and I could fly (I had wings, sometimes they were on my back and sometimes my arms became wings and I had to flap my arms either way for it to get speed), but it took away energy like walking would. Mid-way through flying I was suddenly naked and I came to some kind of checkpoint (which were spread out on the mountain) and at the stop was a cold spa so I could cool off, but there was a platform that would push out and in like a coin pusher:

      pain in dreams-0.jpeg

      And we weren't allowed to touch the bottom of the spa or it would suck us up somehow. Got out the spa, still naked so I had to fly up the mountain like that until somewhere in the dream I randomly had clothes again. We soon stopped at some kind of picnic park for lunch, first I started flying around, spinning and having fun with my wings. We then had rolls which had sushi in them and egg and I thought it was gross so I didn't eat. Then I was sitting in some sort of tent and some guy started being perverse so my friend came over and stuck a bomb-mask on his face, but I reasoned with her outside the tent and said we shouldn't kill him, but before we could stop it, it blew up.

      Later I was in some sort of village and my username (TheLucidDragon) was my real name. And Oliver Wood (from Harry Potter) kept bugging me with questions so I snapped at him and he turned into a child and had a tantrum. I came to some sort of yard where Fred and George Weasley (Harry Potter) were doing some sort of sword fight with their dad (Arthur Weasley) and I joined in and started having a sword fight and I was super awesome at it. And I'm pretty sure the dream ended after that.
    6. Collection of Dreams (Non-Lucid)

      by , 07-15-2014 at 01:28 AM
      I tried WBTB, but instead every time I woke up and went to bed I had a short dream, in which I remember only about three of them.

      1. I was battling a giant monster, after its defeat it turned into a human. My friend was a medium and tried contacting Albert Einstein's spirit to 'prank call' him.

      2. Going to camp, we had to wear our sport uniform. Teacher forgot I was present and though I'd gone missing. Camp never happened just school. I skate out of school (without a skateboard, I was floating, like on a hover board, so I was technically flying - which is a dream sign. DAMN IT!). Jumping was float-like (dream sign. Damn).

      3. Person from school was watching an anime and I got 'sucked' into the screen and was a part of it. We all lived/stayed at a giant house/mansion. My cats were there, Ollie (cat) turned into a kid, found Badger (cat) in a pond outside the house, swimming. Sims game turned into reality, I turned into a horse from the game and escaped the home and ended up at a school oval. I soon turned into Lucy Heartfillia (from Fairy Tail) and got called trashy names so I turned into a lost child and ended back at the house/mansion. Flying? Climbing walls like Spiderman. Suddenly at camp in some sort of hall. Neck touching game with Lisa Simpson there (we had to have hands on the people sitting beside us, sitting in a circle, and if they caught the prize the two people would have to tickle their necks and if they 'let go' and they would vibrate and lose the prize), somehow we had four arms, because two were on the necks of the people sitting next to me and two was reaching out for the prize.

      One group weren't allowed 'camp' maids (we were staying at a fancy place) because they didn't fill out a diary we had to do (probably a subconscious thought about my DJ).

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    7. My Current Dream Signs

      by , 07-14-2014 at 10:14 AM
      Dream signs I've noticed:


      - Flying
      - Fire/fire magic
      - Talking with no sound coming out
      - Turning on light and it doesn't light up the room
      - Running, but at an extremely slow pace
    8. Lucid Dream Bucket List Challenge

      by , 07-14-2014 at 10:05 AM
      Hello everybody!

      Like a regular bucket list, I've made one specifically for things I want to do in a lucid dream. I will be keeping an update on what I've achieved (in no particular order). I will keep you updated if I achieve any with my DJ in regards to what I did, how it went etc..

      Only rule is, is that it has to be lucid and controlled WILLINGLY for it to count

      Lucid Dream Bucket List:

      - Fly (with wings)
      - Use magic (conjure fire, electricity etc..)
      - Turn into an animal (wolf, bird, deer)
      - Become some form of animal hybrid (have a tail, animal ears, claws etc...)
      - Fight a dragon
      - Ride a dragon
      - BE a dragon
      - Go to a fantasy/fictional world
      - Create a fantasy world filled with creatures and people I want
      - Meet fictional characters (from shows, movies, books etc..)
      - Go to Hogwarts (befriend favourite characters)
      - Try getting to platform 9 3/4 by running at the wall
      - Travel to Hogwarts via the Hogwarts Express
      - Train surf the Hogwarts Express
      - See what Hogwarts house I get sorted into
      - See what my patronus would be
      - Talk to my subconscious
      - Have epic background music as I fight someone
      - Punch a random DC in the face
      - Summon someone I dislike and punch them in the face
      - Gain inspiration (for art, writing etc...)
      - Meet a celebrity/someone I admire
      - Convince a dream character that they're dreaming
      - Get a dream character to convince me I'm dreaming and deny it to see if they become impatient (or me, technically)
      - Go hunting with Sam and Dean from SPN (SPN = Supernatural)
      - See what happens between hunts (SPN)
      - Have a tour of the bunker guided by Sam and Dean (SPN)
      - Visit Crowley in the dungeon and just chat (SPN)
      - Run at abnormal speeds
      - Eat something
      - Summon monsters and fight them along with my DCs
      - Create my own creature/monster/animal
      - Go through a werewolf transformation
      - Gender swap - see what I'd look like as the opposite sex
      - Receive an assassination mission from a DC and carry it out
      - Teach the Macarena to Hogwarts students
      - Streak through Hogwarts' Great Hall whilst Dumbledore is giving an inspirational speech & see the reactions
      - Play a bunch of instruments and/or sing effortlessly
      - See how far I can throw something
      - Make something out of something impractical (eg; make ice cream out of a rock)
      - Pick a starter Pokemon from Professor Oak and train it (Charmander preferably)
      - Enter the world of Attack on Titan and shrink all of the Titans for comedic purposes
      - Enter the Game of Thrones world, find Jon Snow and follow him saying "You know nothin' Jon Snow"
      - Resurrect Joffrey, kill him, resurrect, kill him etc..
      - Go on an adventure into space with The Doctor (Doctor Who)
    9. Battle of Hogwarts (Non-Lucid)

      by , 07-13-2014 at 10:25 AM
      This dream was months or perhaps a year ago, not really sure, but it was a while ago and I still remember it, so I've written it down and would like to share it.

      (Spoilers for Deathly Hallows - but you probably already have read/watched/heard it by now and WARNING: mildly violent)

      I was at Hogwarts and it was the Battle of Hogwarts. I became a dragon at first but decided against it because I didn't want to steal the spotlight of the dragon that had already appeared in the book/film previously. I returned to human form but remained with flying and fire magic. I was flying and ended up in a fight with some student (not sure if he was in Slytherin) who was on the side of the death eaters. He was armed with a bow and arrow (despite it being a magic school, where he could've avada kedavra'd me to death, but no.)

      I deflected the arrows with a fire barrier I conjured, but the archer managed a special technique (can't remember what exactly) causing the arrow to fly at a higher speed and pierce through the barrier which got me shot in several places and I should've died, but I didn't. Instead I let my fire barrier weaken with the sudden blood loss, walked over to him with all my strength (didn't feel any pain, just weakened), ripped the arrow out of my chest and stabbed him with it.

      I then flew around, before losing energy to fly and begged people passing by me to take me to the hospital wing, soon it was forgotten and I discovered Fred Weasley's death, went to comfort George who was in his dorm bed crying but some random old man told me that I shouldn't disturb him because he was quite upset. Then I woke up.