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    Sharpshoey's Lucid Journey

    Here in my DJ I will be posting any interesting or excited dreams and also my first few lucids. This will show you my journey to mastering lucidity.

    Also, feel free to comment and give feedback because I like it when people tell me what they think about my dreams.

    Hope you enjoy reading!

    1. School Meeting, Choices, Basketball Game, and Breaking Bones

      by , 12-22-2014 at 03:35 AM (Sharpshoey's Lucid Journey)
      Bedtime: 9:00

      Wake: 3:30
      Late for a Meeting and a lot of Friends
      I am in the cafeteria at school. Our science class is having a meeting during lunch that we have to be at. I see Camden at the food line after everyone has already gotten their food. I see some scraps of food on the ground next to the lady you buy your food from. I go up to him and talk to him, glad that I finally can talk with him again. I realize I have to get to my meeting and I rush to the middle of the downstairs portion of the cafeteria. There are steps leading down to the bottom of a rectangular room and a door is on my right. I enter and everyone else is already there. I am worried that Iím late and my teacher looks at me disapprovingly. I am then in the back of a truck going up a steep hill at night time. We are heading to someoneís cabin. We pull in front of it and there are lights on inside and a bunch of other people are there. When I walk in, people are sitting at the table eating and there is a cat running around and Iím chasing it.

      Wake: 5:17
      Sexual Choices
      There is some sort of advertisement at my middle school and to win I have to do it with a sister of a girl I know. I donít want to do it but for some reason itís really hard to resist. I am then in the basement of the school at the library, which is a classroom. We are getting a tour of all our classes. There are pedestal type things around the room for us to stand on while we listen to the teacher. SH throws his phone over the teacherís head to another girl standing behind the teacher. I somehow know what the text SH sent says. It was telling the girl to masturbate. The teacher scolds SH for sending the text telling her to do that.

      Wake: 8:00
      Car Crash after Leaving School for Basketball
      I am in my brother's care and we are driving to lunch. Me and a teammate got out early because we have a basketball game later that day. My brother pulls into an intersection and drifts. I smile and hope that my friend is impressed so heíll think Iím cooler, but I also think how dumb my brother is to drive like that and I know we are going to get into a car crash. I think about commenting on how cool the drift was, but I look back and realize my mom is now in the car, so I'm glad I didn't say how cool the drift was. We are then at another intersection and my brother is going straight but another car comes from the side and we hit them in the back. I wonder why they didn't stop to avoid hitting us. Our car and their car continues and we both pull into the parking lot of the restaurant ahead. It is in a desert like area and the restaurant is a wooden shack. The sign is very tall and has a yellow outline with red letters and itís situated in the parking lot. The dude that we hit gets out of the car and apologizes. I am then in the restaurant and my mom is there. She has a book on a computer and she shows it to me. I had already seen it before and it is about a psychotic killer and I thought it was weird that she actually enjoyed it. I thought that she would say that it wasn't appropriate. Then I am in a dark basketball gym and we are playing against another team. There are a bunch of spectators standing on the court and watching and I am wondering how we could play in this cramped space. Everyone is messing around and I am getting mad because I want to try and get better. The coaches take our entire group out and put me in because the other group wasn't trying. I am glad I wasn't in the other group because I knew even if I would've been trying, I would have still been taken out because the rest of the guys weren't trying so they wouldn't have seen me trying. I am on defense and I look at the windows and think that this is a perfect scenario for a zombie apocalypse and if it happened we would be done for because itís pitch black. I become a little scared but forget about it. Then I start trying hard and I get a steal (and I think take it down for a layup). Then I am driving in my car back home and I am on a desert type rode next to a gas station. I notice my car is out of gas and I check and there is a symbol on my dashboard that is showing itís out of gas. For some reason I am looking at it from the passenger side of the car so I canít see it clearly. I double heck it and then a truck drives by and I tell them to stop. A dude comes out and says heíll pay for my gas. We get the car to the pump and start filling it up. I am then sitting inside the gas station and talking with him and another guy. They are asking me questions like they know me, and I realize I recognize them. I am trying to think about where I've seen them before and am about to ask them but the dream ends.

      Breaking Bones over Bad Calls
      I am in the bleachers of my high school watching a basketball game. We are in the corner section nearest to the entrance. My grandpa keeps on disagreeing with the refís calls and he is breaking bones over it. He got so mad he pushed his thumb into a bleacher and it snapped. On one call, he belly flopped into the ground. The game is then over and there is a little kid walking out and my friend and I mess around with him because we are buddies. My parents come over and my mom is trying to fix grandpa up and she is worried about his broken thumb.
    2. Highest Recall Rate Yet!

      by , 11-03-2014 at 04:14 AM (Sharpshoey's Lucid Journey)
      I woke up a lot of times last night and I was really happy with the recall that I had. I was sure I'd get an LD from all the MILDs I did while going back to sleep, but I'm still happy even though I didn't LD. Maybe it was because I was really tired so I was able to MILD for only like 5 seconds before my mind drifted off.

      Dream 1
      I am in the NFL and I am a superstar running back. I kept on evading tackle after tackle.

      Dream 2
      I am in this house and there are these monster type things going around killing people. There was a scene where a security guard was looking at something, and a monster snuck up behind him and stabbed him. I was standing in a bedroom and someone asked me something and I was sure that I knew who did it, because I was the best detective ever.

      Dream 3
      I was in my teacher's classroom with one of my friends, who isn't in that class IWl. It had something to do with basketball too.

      Dream 4
      I stop my car at a stop sign by my old Elementary School. I am going to Open Gym for Basketball.

      Dream 5
      My mom thought someone stole a red towel that she had, so we all got in the car and drove around looking for it. I saw a house with a red towel hanging out to dry and I thought that was it, but then I saw another house with a red towel. I then realized that all the houses had a red towel hanging out to dry and I was wondering how we were going to figure out which one was ours.

      Dream 6
      I have a bible study at my house because the person who's house we usually go to has something else to do. B pulls up in my driveway in a silver car. The driveway goes right up to my front door, instead of having a sidewalk like IWL. I look around and the house is really messy and disorganized. I make a mental note to apologize when the people come in. I know my mom will be mad because the house is dirty and people are coming over and she doesn't know about it.

      Dream 7
      My mom suddenly knew how to speak Spanish and was teaching me different words and we were having some mini conversations. I had chicken nuggets in the over and I took them out to eat. I was wondering what time I should eat the chicken nuggets at.

      Dream 8
      I am in a class at my school...it's not an actual class I have. There are some people in there from my church who are the kids of the church staff. We get to go home early that day and they have to go directly to church to help clean up and I feel bad for them because that would be a total waste of the rest of the day. I am then in the band room of the middle school I went to. There are pictures and videos of nude people dancing and some of my teachers are in them. I am sickened by the sight of that.

      Dream 9
      I am sitting in a circle of chairs in the library talking about how many computers you should own and which computers are the best.

      Dream 10
      I am outside another kid's house. His neighborhood is a really long street and there are a bunch of houses on each side, with perfectly green lawns. M, E, J, and another kid are having are playing football. E is in a white shirt and it for some reason got soaking wet. She is really hot and I stare at her chest. The other kid is now just in his underwear, and the other's comment on how he always does that. He was looking around for his clothes. I see about four little kids playing football behind my car which is parked in the driveway. I exclaim that I recognize one of the kids from a basketball camp. I then say that we are best friends. I go on my Ipod and look on Instagram, nobody has liked the pictures I've posted and I feel bad about that. I think that my next post should be of me at open gym, but I think that may be a bit stupid and won't get any likes, so I decide not to. I then try to decide if I should get Twitter.
    3. Weird way of Travel

      by , 10-22-2014 at 09:57 PM (Sharpshoey's Lucid Journey)
      this is from the morning of 10-21-14

      Dream 1
      I am trying to make it to a basketball camp. I have to get there using a tree house as my car. I go to my elementary school first and C is there. He asks me why I didn't just walk because my tree house was acting funny. I go into the school, it is open house. J is there. I then leave the school for Basketball and L isn't going to the camp but he leaves anyways. The staff is a little annoyed by him leaving. We walked over to where my tree house was parked and he asked how I got into it. I grabbed a long rope and started climbing up. I was then at home and my mom was there, along with another girl. I'd been calling my mom for a while because I needed help, but she wouldn't answer. The tree house wasn't working. My mom told me to wait but the other lady said she'd help me right away. We had to take the house off the tree and move it, because it was stuck in the garage.

      Dream 2
      I am in a hotel room. Aragorn is there and he has a partner who is a speaker or something. They are looking at a map and telling me something. The speaker starts speaking and a narrator's voice comes on and says, "And is voice was heard from" (then he listed several places in Middle Earth and my view was just a map and lines flowed from the places listed until every city had a line connecting it showing that Aragorn ruled everything). Someone else wanted the speaker's job but I told them that sadly they couldn't get the position because the speaker had died. (I think)

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    4. Pokemon investigation, I'm a cop, end of the world, basketball and girls

      by , 10-22-2014 at 09:47 PM (Sharpshoey's Lucid Journey)
      these dreams are form the morning of 10-19-14
      Dream 1
      I am with my family on an island type thing. There are different sections of the island. (like water, fire, grassy etc.) Me and someone else have to figure out where these pokemon type things are going. Gollum follows us around. We take a boat out in a lake and figure out that a pokemon thing disappeared because it was just a really small thing in a costume of a fish and a dark pokemon thing had eaten it along with the other pokemon things. Te dark pokemon was sixteen years old and the others were 15 and apparently from 15 to 16 there is a massive change in their size. There were other pokemon who posed as the dark pokemon that we had to stop. We also learned that my grandpas cancer went away. (He passed away a few years ago and he never had cancer)

      Dream 2
      I am at Cross Country practice and these end of the world things start happening like meteors and earthquakes. We all start running around to stay alive.

      Dream 3
      I am a cop and am sitting in the car. I was at a park on the outside of a track and my partner and I see a guy we were tracking down. We rush over to him and I pick up a glass that was on the ground. It has liquid drugs in it and we are arresting the guy because of this. I start drinking it and I can't stop. I know I should stop but it tastes really good. I know I'm getting addicted and finally I stop. Then my partner and I are on boats chasing criminals in the same environment as the pokemon dream.

      Dream 4
      I am at school waiting in the lunch line, though the line is the size of a really popular roller coaster. Gandalf and Legolas help me get towards the front. When I get up to the food area, W is talking to R. R is a really hot girl and I keep staring at her. K kept saying a certain greeting that for some reason no one else could say but her. Then I went to the gym and started shooting hoops but I couldn't make a shot. I left the gym and my dad was outside and he asked me something. A little kid told me to move in the hallway and I thought bout beating him up. I went into my science class and the tables were totally rearranged ad there were people in there that aren't IWL. I even asked why the tables were changed in the dream.
    5. WBTB and couldn't get to sleep right away but it was worth it! (LD #12)

      by , 10-17-2014 at 04:06 AM (Sharpshoey's Lucid Journey)
      Before: I set my alarm for 3:30. When I wake, I remember 0 dreams. I stay up for a little too long and when I MILD, I can't sleep. I fall asleep an hour and a half later.

      Dream 1
      I have a dream about Cross Country where I have a race at my high school inside. I think that is weird because all our races are outside and it isn't supposed to be at my high school. I join the race right before it starts and everyone seems to be messing around. People are running backwards and doing crap but I still can't seem to catch up with the kids. I finally pass everyone and I'm in first. I keep running and I seem to take a wrong turn and am back at the starting line. I ask the dude if I can join the next race and he keeps saying it already started. I go to the basketball floor and look at the track above, which is a lot more expanded than IWL. I see Z on my team winning, and my friend W is right behind him. J is in a pack of kids and keeps sprinting, then jogging really slow. His strategy was working somehow. I am then in the library and my friend JD is there along with a bunch of other kids. He is a really good kid IWL and never gets into trouble but in this dream, he kept on getting told off for misunderstandings. I was telling everybody that I hadn't gotten enough sleep the night before, so that's why I did bad. (I couldn't fall asleep after doing a WBTB) JD goes over to a couch where his sister and her friends are and he hugs her. Her friends all join around and the librarian calls our XC Coach thinking JD is hugging random chicks. I say that she is his sister and the sister says that also but the librarian says that JD has gotten into enough trouble already so he deserves to be punished. The coach comes in and takes JD out. He has a tough time suppressing his tears and he says "one minute" to a random older kid. (He wouldn't of cried IWL. He isn't a baby) Everyone says "ooooohhhhh" and laughs a little. I leave the library and am in my cousin's house. I go into his computer room and lay down trying to sleep because I'm tired. I then think there is an evil in the house so I quickly leave and am back at the library. No one else is there so I decide its time for me to leave. I pack up some stuff and hope a car is outside so I an cover ground quicker.

      I wake up and am disappointing I didn't have an LD because if I'd had an LD at least it would be worth not being able to fall asleep right away.

      Dream 2
      I am leaving my garage and open my car door. I realize I'm dreaming. I sit down in my car seat and wonder if I'm actually not dreaming because everything seems pretty real. I do a nose plug RC to check and it works. I turn on the car and it turns on like it does IWL. I remember my goal to find my Dream Guide to teach me how to LD more and to teach me how to fly. (I'm going to use him/her to help me learn most things I can do in dreams) I start driving and my neighbor stops by me, so I stop too. He has one of my brother's friends with him. I get out of my car because they do and they have these large things used to chop tree branches. My neighbor throws it at me but I dodge it. I am kind of scared. There is a car between us. MY brother's friends throws his and I dodge that too. I pick one up and throw it bak and it hits my bros friend right in the chest. He looks surprised. My neighbor somehow has another one and I barely dodge it and it skims my head. That continued for a little bit and then I woke up.

      Dream 3
      I was at a basketball game and my (dad?) was trying to get me. I was sitting in some bleachers with friends. Then we are at a hotel and I go into another room with someone and our two companions are in the other room. We are on a quest, and my companions are like form Lord of the Rings. When we start heading back to the room, I somehow know they will be gone. We see that the room is crystallized with ice and they are indeed gone. There is a dark cabinet in the corner of the room now, and I know that that's the cause of their disappearance. I already for some reason know what it is before my companion explains it and says its bad news.
    6. Hunger Games With Friends...and other stuff

      by , 10-13-2014 at 04:21 AM (Sharpshoey's Lucid Journey)
      Dream 1

      In my notes for the dream, it said that I had to survive in the jungle. I don't remember any of this dream but I had an image, and I'm not sure if it's just made up on the spot but I'm typing it out anyways.

      I'm walking down a path in the jungle. There are lush plants and trees all around me. I have a rifle (AR-15?) in my arms. I see a deer and aim through the scope and fire.

      Dream 2

      I am at my friends house and there are a bunch of us there. We decide to fight and me and another kid team up. We are attacking another group and we get one of them out, but his teammate keeps fighting. He leaves and comes back with a metal rod with spikes at the end. He walks up behind my teammate and whacks him in the head. I hear the sound of metal hit bone and I hear my teammate's skull break open. I am now terrified as the opponent advances on me and I tell him to stop because that weapon can seriously hurt someone.

      Dream 3

      could be the same dream as Dream 2 or just a continuation

      I am at the basketball gym with all my friends. We are shooting around and I pick up a ball from out of bounds and shoot it one handed. Then the gym transforms into someone's house and we are shooting at a mini basketball hoop.

      Dream 4
      I am driving to a restaurant to eat with some friends. My view is in third person, like in a video game, and its not even the car I have IWL. I think about drinking at the restaurant and I am frustrated that my parent's let me go, because then I have to make this hard decision. As I pull out from a parking lot, I keep thinking about all the cool people who drink, but then I keep fighting back and thinking about how it could ruin my life. I was losing the battle and had basically made up my mind to drink. (IWL it is very easy for me to decide not to drink)