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    Sharpshoey's Lucid Journey

    Here in my DJ I will be posting any interesting or excited dreams and also my first few lucids. This will show you my journey to mastering lucidity.

    Also, feel free to comment and give feedback because I like it when people tell me what they think about my dreams.

    Hope you enjoy reading!

    1. Highest Recall Rate Yet!

      by , 11-03-2014 at 04:14 AM (Sharpshoey's Lucid Journey)
      I woke up a lot of times last night and I was really happy with the recall that I had. I was sure I'd get an LD from all the MILDs I did while going back to sleep, but I'm still happy even though I didn't LD. Maybe it was because I was really tired so I was able to MILD for only like 5 seconds before my mind drifted off.

      Dream 1
      I am in the NFL and I am a superstar running back. I kept on evading tackle after tackle.

      Dream 2
      I am in this house and there are these monster type things going around killing people. There was a scene where a security guard was looking at something, and a monster snuck up behind him and stabbed him. I was standing in a bedroom and someone asked me something and I was sure that I knew who did it, because I was the best detective ever.

      Dream 3
      I was in my teacher's classroom with one of my friends, who isn't in that class IWl. It had something to do with basketball too.

      Dream 4
      I stop my car at a stop sign by my old Elementary School. I am going to Open Gym for Basketball.

      Dream 5
      My mom thought someone stole a red towel that she had, so we all got in the car and drove around looking for it. I saw a house with a red towel hanging out to dry and I thought that was it, but then I saw another house with a red towel. I then realized that all the houses had a red towel hanging out to dry and I was wondering how we were going to figure out which one was ours.

      Dream 6
      I have a bible study at my house because the person who's house we usually go to has something else to do. B pulls up in my driveway in a silver car. The driveway goes right up to my front door, instead of having a sidewalk like IWL. I look around and the house is really messy and disorganized. I make a mental note to apologize when the people come in. I know my mom will be mad because the house is dirty and people are coming over and she doesn't know about it.

      Dream 7
      My mom suddenly knew how to speak Spanish and was teaching me different words and we were having some mini conversations. I had chicken nuggets in the over and I took them out to eat. I was wondering what time I should eat the chicken nuggets at.

      Dream 8
      I am in a class at my school...it's not an actual class I have. There are some people in there from my church who are the kids of the church staff. We get to go home early that day and they have to go directly to church to help clean up and I feel bad for them because that would be a total waste of the rest of the day. I am then in the band room of the middle school I went to. There are pictures and videos of nude people dancing and some of my teachers are in them. I am sickened by the sight of that.

      Dream 9
      I am sitting in a circle of chairs in the library talking about how many computers you should own and which computers are the best.

      Dream 10
      I am outside another kid's house. His neighborhood is a really long street and there are a bunch of houses on each side, with perfectly green lawns. M, E, J, and another kid are having are playing football. E is in a white shirt and it for some reason got soaking wet. She is really hot and I stare at her chest. The other kid is now just in his underwear, and the other's comment on how he always does that. He was looking around for his clothes. I see about four little kids playing football behind my car which is parked in the driveway. I exclaim that I recognize one of the kids from a basketball camp. I then say that we are best friends. I go on my Ipod and look on Instagram, nobody has liked the pictures I've posted and I feel bad about that. I think that my next post should be of me at open gym, but I think that may be a bit stupid and won't get any likes, so I decide not to. I then try to decide if I should get Twitter.
    2. Three Lucid Dreams in ONE Night! (LD's #8, 9, and 10)

      by , 10-12-2014 at 05:36 PM (Sharpshoey's Lucid Journey)
      The first 4 dreams are continuations of the story but I'm pretty sure they were all separate dreams, and if they weren't, I'm counting them different anyways

      I posted these before LD's that came before because all I had for these dreams was notes and it wasn't fully written out so I was afraid I'd forget. All my other LD's are written out so that's why they come after this one.

      Dream 1
      I am at my cousin's house, though it isn't how it is IWL. We are hanging out and its just the two of us. We are waiting for when we are going to eat breakfast in the morning. We head out to his backyard and there is no door going out back, the wall of the house just opens up into it. There are a few trees and some ponds, and I think it was a little misty. I am then driving my cousin's quad copter and I put it over a Lego city and press a button. The quad copter shoots bullets down on the city. My cousin is then standing where the city was, but the city isn't there anymore. The quad copter keeps shooting as my cousin stands under it and my cousin gets really mad. We have a really big argument. My cousin's mom comes home with his little brother.

      Dream 2
      I am in my house and my mom is going out to the garage to my cousin home. She asks me to do something and I for some reason become lucid. (I can't remember if I did an RC or not) There is a girl in my mom's car in the garage. She is a year older than me and goes to my school and she's pretty hot. It is not my mom's car IWL. I quickly go into 'caveman mode' and walk quickly to the car and get inside. My cousin is also in the car and I tell him to get out. He finally gets out and I lock the doors. Than, the girl proceeds to "assist me" (I won't go on to save you all from description of it.

      Dream 3
      I am sitting on a couch in a palace type thing, kind of like there was on the resorts in Mexico. I do a quick RC and am lucid again! I look around and notice a few people, but I quickly walk to the left into a walkway. There is a guy there in a suit and tie. He is a little bit chubby, I think. I remember that I wanted to ask a DC to train me to get more LD's so I aks him. I also ask him how I can praise God more (which was a bit random because that thought wasn't even in my mind...I just for some reason said it). He tells me to follow him and we walk down the walkway. After walking under an archway, we are in a utility closet type room, but it is fairly big. The walls are carpeted.

      Dream 4
      I am at a restaurant with my cousin's family and my family is also there. I just know I can't be dreaming 'cause we are finally at the restaurant eating breakfast. I decide I should do an RC just to get some practice in so I plug my nose. I can breathe through it, but I'm so conviced I'm not dreaming, I shake it off and use the excuse that I wasn't pinching hard enough. I decide to look at my fingers just to make sure and I expect to count five...but I count six. I recount thinking I had miscounted but sure enough there ware six fingers on each hand. I jumped, realizing I actually was dreaming. I get up and walk over to the bar area. Off to the left, the chubby guy from before was there. We continue the training but instead of telling me what I asked for, he tells me that two hours gives you a lot of time to do things. He also says that two hours shouldn't be wasted in a day, as that is a good chunk of time. I take this to mean that I should be doing something productive and not be wasting time in any day, and that I should cherish the time I have. I am a procrastinator and I waste quite a bit of time every day IWL. He also says that I still have a paper to do in English that's do today, and I should get any homework I have done right away. I start getting worried because I woke up early that morning to finish it, and I won't have any time to finish it because I was eating with my family.( I must've been losing lucidity because I was worried about something that was in a dream...or maybe I thought it was a school day IWl. It was still the weekend when I woke up.) The chubby guy takes me to the bar and introduces me to a friend. He pours us lemonade into a glass and I drink it. It tastes really good. The guy starts talking to me but I can't remember what he says.

      Dream 5
      I am a detective working on a shooting case. I think I'm supposed to be protecting a guy from getting shot. I am at my High School with someone else, who is my assistant. I am like Shawn Spencer in Psych, and I could tell where the shooter would be hiding by very small details. I line up where the bullet will go, and I think I rushed in and tackled the guy to save him. I had to walk down a long hallway where the wall was glass, so a person could easily get shot.

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    3. I'm a Super Detective

      by , 10-11-2014 at 03:51 PM (Sharpshoey's Lucid Journey)
      OK so it doesn't matter if my dreams are up to date anymore. I ma just going to be posting dreams and some of them will have happened the night before and some of them a while ago. Mostly only my Lucids will have happened a while ago because I've been too lazy to type them out.


      #1 - I'm A Super Detective
      I am in my school, except it isn't the school I am currently attending, it was my elementary school. My dad texts me and tells me that I have to leave school and come eat lunch with him. I go to my next class which was some foreign language, I think Spanish. About five minutes into it, I went up to the teacher. I went to the guy teacher because I remembered that I had asked the girl teacher something similar before, and she didn't understand what I was asking. I told the guy, "I know I don't have a pass but can I leave? My dad told me to." The teacher shook his head and said no, but I can't remember the reason for it. I figured out then that he was evil in some way, though I can't remember that reason now. All I remember then is standing outside the front doors of the school and the teacher standing there yelling at me.

      Then I was downtown. There had been a murder and I was a detective on the case. There was a bus over a grate heading down to the sewers and I said that we had to get that open. My theory was that the killer had everyone fall into those holes because at every scene there was an opening into the ground. We started opening it and everyone around started looking at us. Then I was at school again running up the hallway. It was slowly inclining towards a door, which was my Spanish class (I can't remember if that happened before or after the crime scene). I am then at a track meet. My Spanish teacher is there and we seem to have made amends. I see the Central team and I walk towards them. My old friend sees me and comes over. I tell him that I had gotten this one girls number, and he says that I have to stay away from her. "Why?" I asked. "First, because I'm going after her. And second, everybody fricking wants her." He replied. I thought this was a little weird because I thought he was currently dating someone but before I could ask he got called back over to his camp. (If I would've asked I probably would've become lucid.

      I walk back over to the track and my coach is waiting. Right when the race is about to start, the killer shows up and takes away a girl. Then all of a sudden, I figure it out. My mind has flashbacks to all the crime scenes, even ones I hadn't visited in the dream (like in Psych). I then realized that each murder took place at a construction site, and that each person killed was a worker. Using this info we are able to stop the girl from being killed. I didn't understand why the killer took the girl, my best guess was that she was a worker's daughter.

      #2 - Half-Dream in the Morning
      I woke up and realized it was still early so I tried to go back to sleep. I was half asleep and I drifted off to a little dream. I was in my school's lunch room. Me and a few others were getting a drink out of a Gatorade container. It said it was Gatorade so we all took that instead of water. Some people got water from that container and were angry because the thing had lied. I got Gatorade though. Then a lady was there and said, water tastes weird after drinking a base liquid. I took the base liquid to mean Gatorade. (I had an even shorter mini dream before this one but I can't remember what it is.

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