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    1. Godzilla

      by , 04-24-2017 at 09:11 PM
      Itís 10:00 am and I am just writing my dreams from last night. Letís see how much I can remember.

      The most vivid memory is that of godzilla. He is grotesque and large. I can hardly believe a creature like that exists in our world. He is in a swampy area and steps on an alligator or crocodile which crushes instantly like it was some vulnerable, weak little animal. Heís kinda like something from a scary movie and oddly humanoid with shark like teeth full of blood and filth. He growls as he forages the swamp, causing destruction. He seems a little dumb and unnecessarily violent.

      I remember A.W.D.R saying something and I responded to her, then she told me that she wasnít talking to me. I said something like ďAlrighty then, excuuse me.Ē I wasnít offended and actually thought it was a little funny. But still, what a bitch.

      I am on a different island looking down at an outdoor stadium that has bleachers coordinated in rows of pastels. Pink, purple, and yellow. The bleachers are kind of flat so the stadium looks more like some kind of concrete valley. It's located right next to a strip mall. I notice Ke.H. there bragging about her ancestry with her cousins. She went to Maui last time, I wonder when sheíll come to my town. I hope she doesnít want to stay with me. I can offer to show her around but I donít really want to. Iím sure sheíll find family there, too. I am staring at her and overhear her saying ďDo you want to know what makes my car so Hawaiian?Ē I laugh to myself thinking that if she asked me that I would say, ďNo. I really donít.Ē but then I start to wonder if I would have the courage to say that to her face. I might just say ďsureĒ to humor her and give a little smile at whatever she said next. Although Iíd really want to say the former. Iím driving away at this point down a slow going highway lined with trees.

      **In other news, I am going to try a 30 day DJ challenge. I have been slacking on my journaling and have been feeling too lazy to do it upon awakening, even though I really want to do it deep down. So my plan is to post them on here to give me some form of accountability and extra structure. I'll also be posting my results for Stephen Laberge's prospective memory challenge.
    2. Basic TOTM

      by , 05-25-2016 at 06:14 PM
      I made lunch for D and I. Meat, guacamole, sour cream, and strawberries. We packed it up and left. D filled up my car with gas and he was unhappy with the price. I went into the store and someone thought it was weird there was numbing gel in the infant section and I explained itís probably for teething. They didnít believe me and I told them that babies can teethe around year and I know because I went to school and learned that. Then I saw a bunch of celebrities hanging out in the store and the next thing I know Iím lucid. I see Donald Trump and want to talk to him for some reason but everyone thinks itís a bad idea. I get his attention and heís trying to get away from me and slip into another room. I donít know what to say to him. I ask him what he thinks about Hilary dropping out of the final debate with Sanders. I tell him not to give me side-stepping political answers. He basically says that one of them offended his sisters. I go outside and wonder what I should do next. I have a small group of dream characters encouraging me and reminding me of goals. I remember the totm and try to stretch my arms out but it doesnít work. I start walking up a hill and think of the taste thatís in my mouth. It tastes like a familiar herb. Itís the taste of the flower that Iím looking at on the ground and I know Iíve eaten it in fancy restaurants, but I canít quite name it. I see my mom and sister which confirms further that this is a dream. I kinda feel bad for not saying anything to them, though. I think of what to do next and exit the dream. I donít DEILD because I think Iím awake and begin a dream where I write down the LD and am really angry because itís the end of May and once again, I finished the totm when itís basically too late.
    3. Traumatic Hiking Trip

      by , 05-06-2016 at 06:04 PM
      Went hiking with D and a few other people. Itís a hike I recognized, wooden trail spiraling up to a platform. The wood is new. There are black labs who are scared to walk on the planks. Work keeps calling D, telling him thereís an emergency he needs to deal with but thereís nothing he can do since he's so far away. We head back down and the guy weíre with says we have to rope swing across the lake. He says itís crucial we donít touch the water more than necessary because Ďwe would not believe what was growing in thereí. I was completely confused, I donít remember having to do this on the way up. Plus, Iím not wet and I would be if we had done this. I also am carrying a pillow thatís completely dry. I ask someone, ďWhat did I do with this pillow last time to keep it dry?Ē They told me to fold it up and put it in my shirt, so I did. The guy went first and didnít make it far before he went head first into the water. We scoffed, ďso much for not touching the water.Ē D went second and swung out to hip height and waded to the other side. I decided to angle my swing to the left toward the land, so I got minimally wet. When I got to the other side, everyone started getting concerned because the first guy had not come up yet. D was annoyed that he was going to have to dive in and search for him, but then the other lady managed to pull him out. I was in a room and couldnít see what was happening but D started gagging, telling me that the guy was covered in unsightly mud and disgusting debris. He was unconscious so D delegated to me to get the first aid kit. There wasnít much in there besides IV equipment so I grabbed what I could. D wanted a 1Ē IV tape but I explained to him that the only reason I was able to take the 1/2Ē tape from the hospital is because nobody likes to use it, so thatís all we had. People start performing CPR and I leave the room to help. Itís a very disturbing sight, indeed. He looks deformed. Heís blue, has a swollen and bulging neck, and they had to cut off his fingers and toes - leaving strings of rotting flesh in place of his fingers. Someone holds him while people perform CPR. I take my turn at compressions and then he starts talking. D explains to him that he probably broke his neck. I asses his body and itís full of gnarly wounds. They had all been exposed to bacteria. D is now at risk for catching the life threatening bacteria since he handled this guyís blood. Heís irritated about it. I go home and have to retell the story to Mike and sob while I do. Mom says she thinks itís her karma from frequently passing out in front of people. The girl we were with, Sarah, posts about it on DV and I comment about how painful and traumatizing it is to read and remember.
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      non-lucid , nightmare , memorable
    4. Incest, Illness, and Travel (Competition Night 2)

      by , 04-12-2016 at 06:29 PM
      +I remembered a lot of details when I woke up, but it feels impossible to write out at 3 am. So here's what's left: I was watching Long Lost Family and there's a story about a man who was looking for his twin sister and turns out, he's been married to her! It shows a photo and I realize I have that photo hanging up in my office. I realize that it's my paternal grandmother's brother. Even after they found out, they didn't separate and they continued to have kids. They were madly in love. I wondered if it had anything to do with the concept of genetic sexual attraction I've heard about in adoption cases.

      +I'm sick and I'm stuck inside a basement room. I'm staying with P.P. but she up and leaves abruptly. I ask what she wants me to do with all her stuff and she doesn't seem to care, but we agree to meet up again and take care of it. I get a message on t.v. that L.S. is thinking of moving back to Florida. She sends videos of herself hiking on the mountainous freeway in Washington in the snow. I see a semi truck coming at her and think, "That's just like my dream last night!". I hope she hasn't left yet so we can get together first. I call someone and complain to them I'm sick, my roommate left, and another one of my friends is thinking of moving away. They pick me up and I insist that mangos will make me feel better. An ice cream shop guy gives me a scoop of green ice cream that is very bland and clearly not mango. He makes me eat it from my hand. There were a lot of guards by the door on our way out. They drop me off at a grocery store and a man in a truck cat calls me so I ignore him. As I shop I notice him following me. I try to evade him. A man asks for advice on milk and is very grateful for what I have to say. After he leaves I find him again to make sure he intended to buy chocolate milk and not regular. He did. Somehow I get back to my real bedroom and my hands are asleep. I start crying and my husband tells me he's not going to try and have sex with me because I can tell I've been through a lot.

      +Traveling with DB. We go to a snowy mountain where A and I snowboard without a snowboard, just our feet. I clipped her heel and we both fell. The snow was really strange, like artificial with the consistency of dried shaving cream. I asked about it but nobody could explain it. We got on a plane and flew over California. You could see from the plane that California extended out over the water beyond the rest of the western states. The plane detoured and took us to a hotel we all had to stay the night at. I was extremely upset. I just wanted to go home. I didn't want to stay at this weird hotel with all these people. A immediately called dibs on room 333 and that just upset me even more. She knows that's the room I want. I settle for 345 because it's on the top floor and an end, so it'll be quiet. It's a bright yellow hotel.
    5. The non-dream Dream

      by , 01-05-2016 at 07:13 PM
      In a class feeling closed off like in highschool. My friend Molly (brunette and to my right) tells me Iím dreaming and I need to trust her. I donít believe her. I canít be dreaming. She keeps insisting. I tell her I canít be dreaming because IímÖhereÖdoing somethingÖI canít really remember. But Iím not dreaming. Then I wake up and realize I was dreaming. -_-

      My friend has a pet tiger/lion. It sleeps in her bed and everything. She saved it from being injured in the wild. I want to get a picture of myself with it because weíre living together. Iím kinda scared of it. I have a little dog that is jealous.

      D and I are moving to another town 20 minutes away. I have to tell my family Iím not coming back. It feel like a big deal. Iím trying to get rid of some of my food. I have a costco bag of romaine that nobody wants. I open up a jar of herbs and flies and gnats come out at me. Gross. I set the jar aside to return to the store for my money back.

      Ohio family playing bocce ball on apartment roofs. Jeremyís new gf is prettier than his last ones but she still looks like a druggie. She is protective of her neighborís clunker car that theyíre borrowing.

      Mom is looking for a new house bc sheís pregnant. We look at one and itís a standard 4 bedroom. We look at another and itís an 8 bedroom. I want it. Itís a little outdated but itís big, probably expensive. Thereís a sink and countertop in the living room. And a cool room for my stepdad to sleep in when mom is up with the baby. In that area there are three rooms within one room. I plan to use the other rooms as my office and gym, but I'm not sure how my sister and I will share.

      Graduated but still in nursing school. I have to take care of a guy on enhanced isolation. Heís a little annoyed but I plead with him and tell him Iím learning so much. A lot of people crowd into my room, even Mo. I tell him I tested his lat strength earlier by myself on a lat machine. Mo tells me they have to do that at home. I knew but forgot. People start talking story with each other and I canít remember what I was supposed to do with him. I'm looking through a notebook full of dates and then remember I had a list in my pocket. I pull it out and it's incomplete anyways. Someone shouts ďquiet!Ē and we get scolded for not doing our job and wasting our patientís time. A baby says something moving about just wanting to love her mom so much it will make her cry (I think her mom is Jen P.) and it makes everyone ďawĒ and some people cry. Everyone leaves.