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    1. Competition Lucid and TOTM

      by , 01-23-2017 at 06:52 PM
      I was talking to A.W on the phone after a very bizarre sleepover. I was outside with a bunch of people on a balcony overlooking a lake at sunset. I was telling her about dream signs and she said, “So all you’re really looking for is Josh, right?” and I said, “Not necessarily.” I named off a couple of dream signs like seeing blackness when a dream ends. Then I saw a black truck drive by on top of the water and added, “…or a truck driving on the water..” Then I started to question if I was actually dreaming. It was hard for me to believe and the dream didn’t feel very stable but somehow I concluded that I was dreaming. I jumped around and celebrated for a moment then I turned to the girl behind me and said “Please go get my dream guide. We’re supposed to meet here.” She left and while she was gone I did the stabilization trick of getting on all fours. I could feel the heaviness of of my body on my hands and knees and I could see the grains of wood with some detail, but what really stood out to me was my hands. They were small and the fingers were different sizes. Like deformed, mutated baby hands. It’s the first time the hand RC worked for me. By now, it was dark outside. The girl came back with something long wrapped in her dress. Wtf? I unraveled it and she scolded me for being rough so I apologized. It was a just a long frayed electrical wire with a handle. I was like, “Oh well, I might as well try to change this and use it to summon my dream guide.” I focused my attention on it and suddenly the wire mended itself, grew really long, twisted around, whipped around, and pulsed with electricity. I pointed it at the sky and willed a button to emerge on the handle. I clicked the button and made a gun shooting noise with my mouth and imagined fireworks. Instantly the device made a loud gun sound and moments later a dull firework went off. That was my signal to my dream guide, who I never did find. I was trying to think of what to do next and I remember the TOTM was to get a massage. As I was walking around, the dream ebbed and flowed between vividness and vagueness. I kept looking at my hands to confirm that I was dreaming. Mostly my hands looked mutated, sometimes they looked normal except my fingers would get stuck in weird positions. I told myself, “I really am grateful for real life. Lucid dreams can be weird.” I was generally unhappy with my environment, it was dark. I was in an empty parking lot for a moment and then at a hospital. I asked one of the male receptionists for a quick massage and he looked at me like I was crazy. I went around the right corner and found a small office with two local men and said, “Excuse me, physical therapy. I have a knot in my right shoulder, could you please rub it for me? I don’t want a back adjustment or anything.” They told me I didn’t have anything wrong. They explained why it was obvious and started talking about a medical book. I was like, “Yeah, okay, but I really am sore right here so if you could just massage it for a minute that would be great.” One reluctantly agreed and gave me the crappiest massage ever. Massages in real life are way better. I could hardly feel it. Not to mention, it was awkward because of my DC’s apprehension. Afterwards, I went outside thinking of what to do next. I remembered one of my goals is lucid sex. But this dream felt a little dark and it’s not the place I wanted to have sex, nor could I find anybody worth having sex with, and clearly my summoning was not successful. I decided this dream had been long enough and I better write it down before I forget it even happened. I started walking inside and the dream began fading into an NLD. The dream was going to turn scary as I walked down a hallway but I tried to stop it and it turned more into a movie with Dax Shepherd’s wife running an election. Someone brought out newborn wild cats like a tiger and jaguar. I pet them happily and said “Too bad I didn’t put this on my competition goals list, I could have gotten points!” (It’s true that petting a tiger is on my personal LD bucket list).

      MILD seems to be my most reliable method at this point (but I’m still hoping I can get DEILD to work for me at some point). I didn’t even think my intentions were very strong tonight because I didn’t seriously start thinking about LD’s until right before falling asleep. I said my mantra, “Tonight I’m lucid dreaming” over and over until I fell asleep. As I was starting to fall asleep I would notice myself in subtle dreamscapes, mostly of being at a royal masquerade ball. During this I practiced remembering to be lucid. I did have mugwort tea about a half hour before bed, but I have taken that once or twice before with no success. I had a few vivid dreams (2 NLD) and did a brief wbtb. I set my intention to remember to lucid dream, but again I feel that it wasn’t particularly strong. I don’t even remember falling back asleep. Then all of a sudden I had a DILD because I was talking about lucid dreaming in my dream!

      This makes for 3 LD’s in one month, not bad!
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