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    1. Villains Everywhere (NSFW)

      by , 08-01-2016 at 06:09 PM
      Almost the whole dream is NSFW so I'm not putting it in spoilers. I don't know why I met someone from Craigslist, I've never done that in real life so don't judge me.

      Trying to escape or conquer a villain. Weíre walking along a crosswalk. I see people from SDS having a picnic outside. One girl at a picnic table brings out some cobbler dishes and nobody is eating them. Around some bushes, Nancy likes to be massaged on the wires beneath a ziplock tupperware rim. She said A.W. is really good at it. On the other side of the street is a bar or something. Inside Iím not sure if Iím me or the guy Iím with, but he/I say that heís/Iím materialistic and need to hang out with the muscular guys. On the second or third story we find a group of men sitting and watching porn. Now Iím me. We join and he orders me sit next to him in front of the window (something to do with luring the villain or an escape plan). He starts getting turned on and canít sit still or quiet. He actually ejaculates inside his jeans after only a few minutes. I wonder if heís gay. I invite some guy over from Craigslist. He thinks Iím a man and is planning on having gay sex with me. I donít remember what my intention is. Heís rubbing on me and is getting turned on. He looks rather large. He is kneeling over me and I can see it in his jeans, then he lays next to me and takes it out. Weíre in my current bedroom. I get up to find a condom and see that there are villainous people outside looking in at him through the window and laughing. I worry that theyíre going to find me so I crawl beneath the window. I search for condoms but all I see are medium sizes and unlabeled ones. Iím worried theyíre all too old. I go back out and he starts feeling underneath my panties. Iím certain heíll lose interest soon. He tells me I have a nice penis and I tell him, ďWhat an odd thing to say.Ē. He starts rubbing me and I'm quite wet. He seems even more turned on now, to my surprise. His sexuality and motive confuses me. Suddenly I feel dirty and uncomfortable and Iím worried about the bad guys so I tell him I have to leave. My family is packing up to move away from the danger and are upset that we decided to recently paint a room and wasted valuable escape time on it. The rest of the house is momís. On some of the light wood in the living room there were pen writings of all our names, like a teen girl would do. I search for a rag to help A.C. clean it up so we don't leave any trace of us behind. The guy starts following me around and I tell him he needs to leave. He says that if I don't have sex with him he will complain to Craigslist and Iíll have to pay him for false advertising. Iím in the laundry room and I remind him that the ad and the rendevouz were advertised as free, itís not like he was paying me so I don't owe him any compensation. If anything, he should be paying me. I get an old surgical rag and go back upstairs. Heís starting to get violent and scary. I tell him ďYou need to get out right now or Iím calling the police.Ē He doesnít immediately start leaving so I pick up the phone on the wall and call 911. I tell the lady on the other end that thereís a man in my house who is being sexually violent and he wonít leave. I circle around the wall island to get away from him. She said it appears he already cut the contact from my other phones so I couldnít call for help. I am shocked and repeat what she says for everyone to hear. Then he pulls the phone jack from the wall piece and I lose connection. He gets scared and leaves. I call 911 back but accidentally push an extra 1, it rings a few times then connects me to a business. I hang up and dial 911 again, immediately the same lady answers. I tell her itís me again and she recognizes my voice. I tell her that he left but Iím scared and feel unsafe and donít know what to do next. ďHe knows where I live now and I can totally imagine him breaking through the windows to rape and punish me.Ē
      At one point during all of this I was out in the desert with D, I was feeling anxious and something was impending. I trusted my intuition.

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