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    The Oneironaut's Odyssey

    An Argonaut of the dream world, the Oneironaut. Every night a journey, every dream an adventure, every moment a treasure.

    1. #253 - Beach / Motor cross

      by , 06-30-2016 at 09:02 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      I'm on the beach, there's been some sort of accident or phenomenon causing sea life to wash up on the shores. Sharks and jellyfish are being washed up by the waves, everyone is panicking and trying to put them back in the water... The sharks have weird teeth too, the teeth are all connected as if it were just one big serrated tooth. My family are there, bustling around like everyone else. I remember the sharks snapping at my feet, ungrateful bastards. I also remember a jellyfish jimmying around the shore which made me think it looked a little dopey.

      Motor Cross
      This dream was pretty enjoyable, I was on a motorbike driving on a circuit in a race. It was kind of dark and pouring with rain... The road was slippery as hell, cars and motorbikes were zooming around so fast. I was on a dirt bike, I remember thinking that if I wanted to win then I would have to up my game. I was behind by too much to take it easy, so I did some risky things. I start hugging the corners tighter, taking the turns at faster speeds, driving across dirt patches.. There were others taking similar risks too. I remember other motorbikes smashing brutally, taking the risks I was taking but not succeeding. It was scary, because I knew how close it was for me too.. It happened a few times, and eventually I slipped up. The crash was minor but my bike was too cracked to be of use anymore.
    2. #234 - Train crash / Casino lucid

      by , 04-24-2016 at 10:07 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream 1 - Train crash
      There was a bit more to this dream but I'll start from where I can remember clearly.. It was snowing outside, nearby was an old run down rail track with a shitty small train. I had a little white dog with me, he had cute curly hair and resembled my friends dog from when I was at uni. I got into the train, the driver is an old man and I see him get on the train and we start driving. My dog is on the ground somewhere near the entrance. There's a big crash nearby and a bit of shaking goes on. The train stops and the driver comes back to check everything is okay, the sound came from where my dog is. He picks up a large metal bell that had apparently fallen off, my dog jumps up on me and I'm relieved he's ok. The driver continues driving, there's a few missing pieces in the rail track and the train goes 'off-road' in a sense as it goes between these gaps. There's a gap that's a bit bent and the train ends up capsizing, I hold onto my dog as things get momentarily fucked up. I hop out of the train, OH GOD. The drivers legs are sticking out underneath some snow, his top half completely covered.. H- help! Help! I try brush some snow away, I see a person nearby that's walking towards the direction we came from. He's an old man with a strangely expressionless face. Hey, you! Help! He continues walking on, I chase after him as he rounds the corner.. He's peddling along a vending machine that has a dead man attached and I think that he must be a murderer that is trying to get away. I turn around and head back to the crash site, I see a car in the distance and think I may be able to get help from them.

      Dream 2 - Casino lucid
      I realized I was lucid pretty randomly, I was in a casino like building that had a lot of people in it. I distinctly remember a blue haired girl sitting on a catch to my right. I continued walking forward past everything without doing any RC's, kind of not tuned in or understanding the significance of being lucid. Nothing really happens from what I can remember, eventually I have a FA and recall typing my dream up on DV and sending a message to my dream buddy.
      lucid , non-lucid
    3. #232 - Club / Heli crash / Ball and invading scarecrows

      by , 04-17-2016 at 09:27 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Went out last night to a house party which was a first for me in a long time, had a great time. I was surprised that I remembered 3 dreams despite going to bed late and drunk. I probably waited way too long to write any of this up so it's not as good as what it could have been, but man they were pretty damn vivid - the heli crash dream particularly so.

      Dream 1 - Club
      It was late at night and I was in town with a friend. I remember there being a junkyard around that was quite dark, it was just off the side of the main road. I went in and then some other people entered, I think they were thugs that attacked some dude in there. It had nothing to do with me, but I think I snuck the guy out or something. I remember grabbing a wooden baseball bat quite clearly, I had a feeling that I needed at least some kind of protection in case those thugs came after me instead. I started walking down the road with my friend, at the corner was a club lit up in red neon. I almost walked in with the baseball bat, but I quickly ducked back and dropped it around the corner, it rolled off a bit since the road was on a slope. I think I woke up here..

      Dream 2 - Heli crash
      Wish I could remember this better, there was a lot more to it.. I think I had just came from a party with a bunch of people, it was night and we walked up a grassy hill towards a helicopter. I remember getting in the helicopter, it took off but the pilot really screwed up. The chopper blades tilted forward clipping the line of trees that ringed the mountain. Next thing I knew the engine was on fire and the whole world tilted to the side as the helicopter tilted sideways on its axis and went sprialling down. I felt horrible, like I knew this was the end and that there was no way I could escape, it was all up to luck to see if I survived.

      Dream 3 - Ball and invading scarecrows
      I woke up around 6 to get a bite to eat and drink some water, then went back to sleep knowing that I'd regret it if I didn't.
      I remember playing kickball with a brown skinned guy on a really wide staircase during the day. It was outside, leading up into a university or library maybe. The rocks that the surrounding buildings were built from was clearly sandstone, nothing like what we had where I live. Seemed like a sandy country maybe, especially with the sun so hot. The guy I was kicking the ball around with left at some point and I was just kicking the ball by myself, at some point it rolled off down the staircase and I chased after it. There's a lot of people, but not a single person intercepted the ball! Geeze just help out already >_< I'm bolting down the staircase (far more acrobatically than I am IRL, doing flips and shiz) to catch up to it but the DCs (I'm somewhat aware that if they're normal people then they probably should be helping) don't do shit. Luckily the guy I was playing ball with earlier was walking up the staircase with a white girl and he jumps out to kick the ball my way, the girl even helps a bit too. "Thanks!" I say to them as I pass by, nodding at each of them with a smile. At this point I managed to catch up to the ball, but there were these scarecrow monsters jumping down from the top of the staircase now. It turned into a bit of a monster slaying game at this point, I was really strong. The first scarecrow was an advanced monster, I slammed it with a right hook in its face, but instantly knew that it was too strong so I darted off to the left. The rest were all the same level and I could one-hit them. My reasoning in avoiding the strong one was that I could save more civilians by killing the numerous weaker monsters rather than the ONLY higher level one.
    4. #180 - Bus crash

      by , 12-13-2015 at 08:35 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      SC1) 02:12 (my alarm had been going off for about 10 minutes)
      I don't remember anything except waking up planning in my head and talking to myself in my head about a book I was reading.

      SC5) 06:39
      Dream - Bus crash
      I'm on a bus driving around, it's a double decker with an open roof. I'm on the roof at the front and it seems like the driver is struggling to get through the narrow roads. Why is it so narrow? There are parked cars on both side of the road and the road narrows even more at an upcoming pedestrian crossing. The bus shakily goes forward and clips a car, then it scrapes through the pedestrian crossing. The other passengers are students like me, they all snicker at how the bus driver hit something. The bus made it out okay and starts heading downhill but it's veering from side to side and I feel like it's going to capsize. *Bang*, it collapses over and I smoothly hit the ground running. Glass shoots up everywhere, some of it gets in my mouth but it melts like ice. I think about spitting it out but it's just ice so it doesn't matter. Some of the other students go and start crossing the road, hmm good idea. We might as well keep going. There's a bus at a bus stop on the other side of the road that few of us get onto, I pay with a $2 coin I think.
      Hmmm? My mate got onto the second bus behind us, as my bus starts moving I decide to run out the door just as it closes, Indiana Jones style. I run and leap, landing in the doorway of the next bus as it starts off too. Oh, my friend is asleep >_< what a waste. The other students look at me and I consider where I should sit since there isn't any space next to my mate. The bus driver is a lady who is crippled from the waist down and sits in a wheel chair. She looks at me and I get the impression she doesn't mind that I haven't paid because she knows I paid to get onto the bus in front of us.

      Had some intense body fatigue yesterday from exercising too much during the previous few days, it seemed to really affect my recall. I felt like I barely dreamed last night as my body was spending more time restoring itself. I slept like a brick