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    The Oneironaut's Odyssey

    An Argonaut of the dream world, the Oneironaut. Every night a journey, every dream an adventure, every moment a treasure.

    1. #188 - Mission Possible

      by , 01-16-2016 at 08:09 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      In retrospect the whole idea of this dream just cracks me up

      Dream - Mission Possible
      It's day time and I'm outside the school building with 2 friends (one of them is Matt). We're being very sneaky, we're on a mission given to all students to form small groups and obtain a bunch of certain items. We're down to the last item: a can of tuna from the school fridge! Ever so sneakily we walk down a gravel path between two buildings, the building we need to infiltrate is the one on the left. I turn back to see my companions, then looking ahead I see a person suddenly round the corner. My heart skips a beat, OH **** is it a teacher?!?!? Nope it's a student, phew. I ask him something and he tells us there's no point in sneaking, we can literally just walk in there and take the can of tuna. Hmm, I think about his for a second...
      Of course you can just walk in there... Why would the teachers guard a fridge stocked with tuna . We casually continue now, and turn left and walk through the front door of the building. Honestly this place just resembles a 2 story red brick flat, there's nothing school-like about it. It's absolute chaos in here as students are cramming to get by the fridge which is rapidly being depleted of tuna cans. There's 2 types of tuna containers in there, one is a can and the other is plastic, we can only succeed with the can variety. My 2 companions stop to take their shoes off since that's apparently what you're supposed to do. I realize that the cans are almost gone though and decide to rebel a little I keep my shoes on and walk straight to the room with the fridge. There's a girl in front of me who gets one of the last cans, I ask her if she can see any more in there and she kindly looks for me. She grabs one at the back and hands me it, while continuing to search for some other people too. The dream gets a bit distorted now as my daughter is now one of my companions, I stoop down to let her hold onto 2 of the cans of plastic tuna (which I didn't actually pick up in the first place) since she wanted to help. In her own words "I can do it myshwelf" so cute.
    2. #144 - alarms suck

      by , 10-30-2015 at 08:41 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)

      So close to achieving a WILD lucid last night, SO CLOSE. I did a WBTB around 2:15 for ~5 minutes, then went back to bed and did some SSILD cycles. After getting through the cycles perfectly I decided to move into a more comfortable position and head to sleep. I had actually wanted to WILD during the process but it didn't happen so I was hopeful that I would get a DILD later on. It took me ages to fall asleep again though, the increase in awareness from SSILD kept me awake for ages... Finally though, I started to feel a dream forming... The images I was experiencing, the movement of my body in the dream world. I could feel myself transitioning into the dream state. I was walking and I looked at the ground, it was concrete. There was a large industrial building to me left, a car park to my right and a main road ahead of me. The first thing to enter my head was to shout 'stabilize' and get some foothold in the dreamscape. Ding-ding-ding-ding-ding-ding! Just as I had felt myself enter this dream, just as I was sure that this time I would succeed at a WILD, just as I was about to break my dry spell... I wake up suddenly to the sound of my alarm. Oh my f*cking god O_O. I had set another alarm for 4:30am to wake me up for a DEILD. *calms self*. I turned it off with minimal movement and tried for the next 10 minutes to get back that WILD with no luck. Couldn't be more pissed . All that time spent to get a failed WILD and then I barely had any dreams because my sleep was short

      Dream 1 - Asian wife in the future
      It's like 20 years in the future, I had been married to a beautiful asian woman and we had a half-cast daughter together. I remember being ambitious and wanting to travel around the world for work. But my wife was 'terrestrially anxious' which apparently meant she didn't like being off land (i.e. in a plane or boat). So she remained in the country while I went overseas, we split up because of it. My daughter was half-cast asian in this dream and was overseas with me in my fancy house or something. I was happy, but I missed my wife. My daughter wondered why we had even split up but she wouldn't understand. I think I decide to head back overseas to my wife on a plane and try and get back together with her.
    3. #88 - Just a catch up

      by , 05-21-2015 at 12:02 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: Non-dream
      Blue: Non-lucid
      Red: Lucid

      So I have had a lot of dreams lately, of which I distinctly remember 2. I still haven't been free enough from university to dedicate any time to lucid dreaming but my stress dreams are pretty memorable.

      Dream 1 - A plane ride
      It wouldn't be memorable if it was just a simple plane ride... I'm on an airport runway and a small plane the size of my room zooms towards me (imagine a real life boeing 747 scaled down a lot to the point where no one could fit inside), I grab hold of it for dear life as it takes off into the sky. It's hard to explain what was going on, I wrapped myself around the plane with my legs tucked under and arms over the top, the wing of the plane pressing into my thigh. I knew this was completely impossible and everytime that thought crossed my mind I would realize how fickle the situation was and start slipping a bit, only to grip on even tighter. I note the intense realism around me too, the whipping wind and clouds of moist air, the yellow light that beams from the horizon... At some point the stress must have been too much because I ended up getting inside somehow, the airplane was roomy and the story arc for the dream took a more sinister turn

      I walk along the aisle of the plane and I know that there's aliens outside, evil evil evil aliens. Why? Not a clue...
      I hear knocking on the airplane door, it opens by itself and a flight attendant is standing there.
      She probably would have looked good if she were in a less condensed form, it was like her entire body was a slinky that needed to be stretched out, I instantly knew that it was an alien in the guise of a human being. I point out its flaw to it, not really realizing that the flight attendant was actually hovering on what seemed like nothing, and also that the scenery outside gave the impression we were on a countryside train. She disappears quickly with a smile, a moment later a grey-brown veiny hand with extremely long spindly fingers wraps its hands around the door frame as if pulling itself inside.
      I don't remember much more than this though...

      Everything in this dream seemed so fuckin' intense... yet I don't feel like telling it did much justice haha.

      Dream 2 - Trying to protect someone
      I seemed to be on a mountain with my daughter and some friends, the scenery is beautiful and stretches on for miles in some directions. In one direction there seemed to be a large valley, across of which there was a large mountain with a lot of scree on it. I remember yelling and showing to the others that we could make it echo, then they copy but I tell them to stop or they'll make an avalanche...
      They didn't stop in time though, the ringing of our voices in the mountains was met by a grating, crumbling, ground shaking movement. I picked up my daughter as the ground slid beneath me, I see in the distance the scree on the other mountain turning into an avalanche too... I only slide a few metres before sliding into a pool at the bottom of a small slope I had been on, but the rocks keep piling up and I worry about my daughter as I hold her high above me so she doesn't' get hurt.

      I woke up shortly after this, sad and disturbed, wishing I could have finished the dream with a happy ending
    4. #45 - Poetic Racing/Geology Field Camp/Airport

      by , 11-03-2014 at 09:50 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: Non-dream
      Blue: Non-lucid
      Red: Lucid

      Couldn't write this up yesterday, had trouble getting onto DV.

      The whole night of dreaming felt stressful, like there was just some part of each dream that made me stressed out.

      Dream 1 - Poetic Racing
      Intensely sporadic images of random animated over-the-top car racing, similar to the movie 'Redline' (which I had watched before going to bed). Insanely nonsensical, there was poetry too that felt unfinished. Like the sentences had been started but were left hanging.

      Dream 2 - Geology Field Camp
      Out in the paddock there's something like 50+ tents full of students. We're camping out on farmland for the 2 week field trip as part of a university paper. I get up during the night to go take a leak, but I just couldn't find a good place to go. I ended up going further than I needed to, and I must have woken some of the other students up. They came up to me and asked me where I was going and I told them I was looking for a good place to go, they joked around a bit saying stuff like 'why'd you walk out so far man' and I agreed, since I thought it was dumb and odd too (possibly an inkling of the feeling I may be dreaming). I then head back to find a closer place to go, they kick a shovel my way that I can use to dig a hole or something, and I whistle back in thanks. Unfortunately, my whistling triggers a super loud alarm which wakes everyone up! "Oh come on Alex! Jesus what the hell man", I just feel super stressed out, like 'oh god...' I just knew it was going to piss everyone off and they'd be talking shit about be for ages.

      Dream Fragment
      Somewhere at school, my friends showed up but it was really awkward due to an old 'love triangle' we used to have. The guy was dating the girl and we nearly had a fight because of the history.

      Dream 3 - Airport
      Me and my mum are driving to the airport, crazy random stuff starts happening to some of stuff the in the scenery, it just changes each time I look. The planes at the airport change into words, the change into vibrant colours, they stretch out, shrink, flatten, enlarge, and move to random places. The then change into beautiful retarded white horses, one of which was walking backwards with its head on the ground. We arrive at the airport and try to find a parking space, but they're all taken. We see a car back out and move in to try take the space, but we're outside the car now and the car has shrunken to the size of a book. I position it in the parking space which just feels to narrow, and there is an Indian man with his daughter sitting in a trolley, he's texting and is oblivious to our efforts of parking. He also happens to be quite close and when I finally manage to re-enlarge the car (first I had tried to wet it by rubbing saliva on it. Weird. Then I threw it on the ground) it nearly clipped the daughter in the trolley. The Indian man had a rant off at me and I had to remind him it was his fault, since he was texting and should have being paying attention (Sounds pretty harsh, but he wasn't very nice). Me and my mum continue into the airport, which appears to be more like a supermarket. I tell my mum that we should check out the horses and see if its safe to show to my daughter, we head over there but now they've changed AGAIN. One of them looks like a unicorn, one of them has a rhino horn. Some of them have long blonde flowing hair. Some of them look like rhinos, one had a fake rhino nose and long blonde hair. There was also a pygmy horse with stumpy little legs galloping around, all of the horses + rhinos had white fur. My dad shows up with my daughter and she's had her hair done, my mum is impressed and asks if he did it but he said no, it was her other grandma that did it.

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    5. #35 - Obstacle course race/Looking after my daughter

      by , 10-21-2014 at 08:55 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: Non-dream
      Blue: Non-lucid
      Red: Lucid

      Didn't really attempt a proper SSILD last night, turned off all my alarms so I could try and get a good sleep, which I did . Recalled 3 dreams but the last dream I had was forgotten while writing them into my DJ.

      Dream 1 - Obstacle course race (~4am)
      Me and a lot of other people are involved in some kind of race. The scenery is typical New Zealand green bush, the track we were running along mazed around with streams on both sides. The first part of the race involved everyone running along this track, it branched off in a few directions, I decided I could try the direct route by just jumping into the shallow stream. I didn't anticipate it slowing me down so much, and eventually I climbed back up onto the track. Shortly after I reached the second part of the race, where there were rails stretching left to right along the ground, spaced about half a metre apart with tall grass and puddles between them. Everyone had to jump from rail to rail, the alternative was that you'd just trip over them trying to run across to the end of this obstacle (I seem to remember a few people breaking their ankles when they missed a rail). I leaped from rail to rail, building momentum until I had a good stride going, I became quite focused on this and nearly fell over when I bumped into a woman. We both hurried onwards, some sense of urgency kept us going in the race. I reached the end of this obstacle, and there stretched an expansive short-grass field. At the end was a playground which I identified as the finish line, to left of it I could see the corner of a fenced off tennis court (I didn't seem to really look at it, hence the corner being in my peripheral vision). Everyone that had made it to this point was sprinting off, giving it everything they had to reach the end. For some reason my running was a bit 'weird', I seemed to be skipping and flailing my arms back and forth (I believe I was trying to create a swinging momentum with each skip to propel myself further). In the dream I thought this was the best way to maximize my speed, everyone else seemed to be running normally though. I had a feeling that everyone else was worn out by now, and I managed to spot my friend M and A (I haven't seen A for a long time, he was a childhood friend who moved overseas). M was running pretty damn fast, he shouldn't have been able to since he has asthma and is pretty against exercise. To my right I noticed that it seemed like a nice sunset was happened, and the hill sloped upwards in its direction, in retrospect I wish I had gone up and seen it. I seemed to come in the top 10 or the racers, and it resets to the start of the race. I'm now standing with a bunch of others in orange overalls on the top of a hill, at the bottom of which are a bunch of police setting up the race. We're convicts. A friend is next to me and starts saying he's going to make a run for it and jump onto the race track and escape that way. He bolts off down the road and I follow, knowing that if he was to succeed he'd need a good distraction, I think my plan was to yell out I saw something in the opposite direction he was going to go.

      Dream 2 - Looking after my daughter
      I'm in my parents house, my mother and wife have gone out shopping and have left me and my daughter to play. It was a really nice dream, she and I were playing with her toys and I was talking to her good feels, not a particularly long or eventful dream though, but definitely memorable.