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    The Oneironaut's Odyssey

    An Argonaut of the dream world, the Oneironaut. Every night a journey, every dream an adventure, every moment a treasure.

    1. #156 - Lord of the Rings / Pope / I screwed up a lucid

      by , 11-11-2015 at 11:12 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream 1 - Lord of the Rings
      I'm with a group of about 7 warriors on a grass plain with a hill that rises up behind us and a couple other hills in front that are lower down. We had been fighting Uruk Hai and had won so far. I then looked at a member in our group scanning the hill behind us with binoculars. I look up too sensing that he had seen something. I saw a single outline atop the hill with a sword in hand. I instantly knew we were about to be attacked again, as slowly more figures began to line the edge of the hill. There must be a hundred or so Uruk Hai about to attack! I run back a little panicked, they started charging down the slope to engage in combat. I turn to the face the other direction, only to see more Uruk Hai pouring over the hills in that direction. We're surrounded. The dream has a game-like feeling as I approach a horse, I try and mount it but I can't! I open up a skill screen and look at my riding skill, it's level 0! Damn, I need at least level 1 to mount a horse. I think to myself how you have to be selective in choosing your stats in Mount & Blade as investing a small amount in some skills early will help.

      Dream fragment - pope
      I remember something about a pope in a very grand looking white stone courtyard.

      Note: I read Oreo's DJ last night (The Great Sphinx) and was really blown away. Such a cool dream. It affected my next dream a little ^_^

      Dream 2 - I screwed up a lucid
      I remember the house I was in was wooden with a white ceiling.. I somehow just remembered that I was dreaming and was like 'oh I should RC too'. I pulled the skin on my hand and it stretched out too far, bingo! I then kind of ran around happily thinking about what to do. The dream felt so stable and clear, I knew this dream would just last for ages and I felt like I could prolong it. I shouted 'Stabilize!' and the dream shook a little, losing clarity (oops) and then coming back into focus. I wasn't too bothered as I felt like the dream reaction was a positive one. I then wanted to travel to the desert and see the Sphinx like Oreo had done, so I decided to teleport. Hmm... How to do this? I ran outside, there was a small stream flowing and light green grass, it was night time. I willed myself to be transported to the desert, leaped into the air and fell backwards so that I would land on my back, then as I fell I closed my eyes and willed my body to be teleported. *Thud*. I collide on the ground, but it's warm and gritty. Sand?? I think to myself that it worked I try to open my eyes, but I can't. Oh ****... No, not again . I try and force my eyes open, and end up accidentally open my eyes in real life. My vision is all screwed up though and I see a skeletal-like head sitting next to my bed. Ugh what the hell? I can tell that I'm awake and having hallucinations, I try and reach up for it, but my real arm doesn't move and instead there's a pseudo arm that I feel reach out. I close my eyes again and I don't remember anything past that.

      I completely forgot that lucid dream until during my meditation I managed to rebuild it really slowly and in poor detail. I honestly feel like that would have been my longest lucid ever had I not screwed up that teleportation
    2. #150 - Empire war / Diving mask

      by , 11-05-2015 at 10:59 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream 1 - Empire war
      There's a war going on in the universe. The good guys (the side I'm on) which are the empire I think, and the bad guys (probably another empire). The place I'm at is the central supply station that has all the resources of our army. The head commander is Morpheus (from The Matrix, he has the coat, glasses, stoic look and everything) and he's guided me through my character creation (what?).
      It seems like I designed the skill set my character has, which was leadership and a few fighting skills (I think one was the warhammer, another could have been a 'kick' skill?). I seem to be quite low level though. The supply station is set in a desert area with sand for miles all around. It's a round sandstone building with an open round entrance. It's more like a place enclosed by walls that circle around it. There is a tower-like structure in the centre-back of the station too.
      Time skip. It's now sunset, with the sky doused in a mellow orange.
      We're still stationed at the supply station and disaster has struck. All the allies who work at the station have turned and stolen all the resources to give to the enemy empire. We've lost everything now, and our army is practically non-existent. There's 3 of us left, me, Morpheus, and another guy.
      "I can't even say that's a bad strategic output" I say lightheartedly (what's a strategic output?)
      "It's over, they've won." Morpheus looks lost as he says this, I can't believe he would give up despite knowing how hopeless the situation is.
      I walk towards him and place my hands on his shoulds, "let me say something to you" *SLAP*. "Don't you dare give up". He flinched a bit from the slap but turned his face to look at me, his cool glasses still in place as if they were glued..
      "You'll make a fine commander with your capianry, warhammer and kick skills." he says. I start to tear up, my eyes are leaking. I feel like I'm an actor now, doing some dramatic movie moment.
      *swish* I turn my head to the side dramatically (in my head I think 'Wow, I'm a bad actor') and release his shoulder. I walk off to the right and sit down sadly, knowing that I would have to lead the future of our people or something. I think Morpheus said "I will guide you" which seemed to conflict with my idea that he was leaving.
      There's no time skip but we're outside the station now. It's crumbling away like loose sand in the wind, slowly dissolving and falling to the ground.

      Dream 2 - Diving mask
      I remember earlier seeing a person put on a diving mask in a room to show us all how it works. It seemed to be a breathing instructor teaching us how to control our breathing or something. Even though we're using diving gear I got the impression it wasn't to learn how to dive.
      Some time later in the night I think this dream came back, though now I was the person who was supposed to put the mask on. The room we were in was small and square with side benches for people to sit on. Around me were a bunch of other students, and in front of us was a woman who was our teacher. She asked me to come forward and test the mask out. I sit down on the floor in front of the class and she placed a diving mask on my head. It was a 'full' mask, that went over my entire head, supposedly used for deep sea diving. I hated it. I actually felt like I could have died O_O. It was so realistic. I felt the air flow into my mouth and then back out, though it didn't feel like 'normal' breathing. It was more like the air was coming from a tank and the air had a certain pressure to it. I also felt water enter the mask. What the heck? I panicked a little bit, there shouldn't be any water in here. I remember from the previous dream that the guy who wore the mask (whom I thought was me) had answered the questions of the teacher. I listened for her talking, I couldn't even see out of this thing properly. Her talking was so muffled I couldn't tell what she was saying so I gave a thumbs up in the direction of a blurry figure moving around. Most of my vision was taken up by the metal of mask, there were 2 glass eye windows to see through but they were dirtied and foggy, you couldn't functionally see with them. I panicked a little more, I couldn't talk so I couldn't ask for help. How the hell do I communicate?? I try some hand movements to infer that I wanted the damn thing taken off me, I couldn't do it myself because it's latched on or something. Aaaa just take it off! It really felt like I was about to have a panic attack and I decided I didn't like this feeling and that I wanted to wake up, so I did.

      This dream wasn't even that long (like less than a minute).
    3. #125 - Spec ops

      by , 10-08-2015 at 11:21 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)

      Went to bed at maybe 12:15, then fiddled around trying to find an alarm app for DEILD until I found a pretty decent one that you could change the length of the alarm and set it to turn off by itself. Then I proceeded to lie in bed waiting for sleepdom for roughly 3 hours. I fell asleep somewhere between 3-4 and woke up at 6:50ish. I then couldn't get back to sleep until 8ish and woke up at 9:10 I think. I had planned to get up earlier so I could actually fix my sleeping issue, since waking up earlier helps me sleep. I was too tired to wake up any earlier and my friend came over knocking his fist on my door so I couldn't go back to sleep anyways . My insomnia might be getting worse because of the approaching summer and intense heat we've had lately, along with the shorter nights (sun sets earlier and rises earlier).

      Dream - Spec ops
      I seem to be hopping from train to train at different points in the dream. Towards the end I was on a train with another guy, the trains weren't even really trains now that I think about it. It looked like a bullet train that was squashed dorso-ventrally, there were two seats which you had to lie down on your stomach to be in. I think I was some kind of spec ops unit operating on infiltrating something. The guy next to me was the actual driver of the train and he got a call from his boss and they said some name for the location which I forgot... Started with a 'P' and 'ong' in the name. I try to explain to the other that we're in a predicament, I show him there electronic dog tags that have the name on it and a little bit of history. They're some kind of organization that was going to kill us once they got the delivery to leave no witnesses. We arrive at the location (I think we went through some sort of train tunnel), which is in a desert looking area. We go 'inside' the train, and sit in the cockpit seats, it looks exactly likely the inside of a safari kind of jeep. In fact, it's almost like the whole vehicle turned into a safari jeep. I tell the other guy to leave the talking to me and step outside to talk to the an approaching man. He's wearing military gear with a rifle strapped around his shoulder. I try to act natural because I'm not actually supposed to be here. I kind of wake up after this in a haze and start becoming more conscious of the dream floating around in my head, thinking of different strategies to deal with the situation until I realize that I'm awake.
    4. #70 - In a desert (LD), getting tested by an eftpos machine

      by , 03-01-2015 at 10:49 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: Non-dream
      Blue: Non-lucid
      Red: Lucid

      Dream 1 - In a desert (LD)
      I wasn't sure if this was a lucid dream at first, my recall for it was quite bad... I thought that I might have just had a dream about a lucid dream or something O_O. I was walking up a desert road, I think I looked at my hands and noticed I was dreaming, I felt that it was a really strong lucid dream (which sucked because I can't really remember it and it was early in the night so it didn't last long) which was stable and had a high amount of clarity. I decided to test my control of the area around me, at first I tried to shape a small pyramidal dune of sand into a large square/rectangle. This was extremely hard for some reason, but I was managing to slowly control the shape of the sand dune... I think I woke up shortly after this because like I said, it was quite early in the night and the dream stage didn't last long.

      Dream 2 - getting tested by an eftpos machine
      So I remember being in the geology department of a building, it seemed to be a white-coat kind of lab. I had bumped into another geologist who was bald or something. A time/space jump occurs and I'm in front of a eftpos machine, except it seems to be testing me, and the bald guy is going through a similar experience. I get 18/19 for my score, he gets 13/17 (didn't notice that the total amount you could earn wasn't meant to be different sadly, didn't get lucid ). His son comes up and helps him out and punches in some buttons, I don't remember much after this.

      Dream 3 - Unknown
      There WAS another dream that I fully remembered having between the dreams above, but I completely forgot it randomly before >_<
    5. #67 - slightly scary but not really (lucid)

      by , 02-25-2015 at 06:32 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: Non-dream
      Blue: Non-lucid
      Red: Lucid

      Dream - Desert with ghost woman
      Before become lucid I remember that I was driving to a house in a dusty kind of Australian outbacks scenery... I think I might have been dropping someone off, but I became lucid as I left the place, and somehow I'm no longer in the car (which I don't notice at the time). My reaction is dulled, and my realization to the lucidity is weak at best which is likely why it was quite stable and calm. Some kind of thing approaches me but I can't remember this part at all, I only remember dismissing it from my mind during the dream to get rid of it (hence why I probably can't even remember it, good job me ). I seem to walk around the environment for a little longer until a grey-skinned skeletal woman appeared. (my first impression was an anorexic black woman, but the more I think about the less I feel it looked like that). She kind of floated about, and the whole thing made me uneasy, but since I knew it was a dream I tried to dismiss it. This time it didn't go so well... I was trying to dissolve the spectre but nothing was happening . Progressing to a more panicked state I realize there's a wooden pole in my hand and she's on the opposite side of a fence now, I wack at her over and over but the stick just goes through her. She floats through the fence towards me, and now I try something unthinkably weird... Like I would never do this kind of weird O_O I try to transform her into an actual woman, reforming her image (since this felt so low-level I don't think I really had much going on in terms of thought processes, like there was no filter). I get behind her a get closer, she's got tanned-dark skin now and I try to make her breasts bigger (jesus should I be writing this...) The next thing was to kind of humanize her and turn her on or something, I get quite a bit of success but 10 seconds from starting this whole approach I ended up waking up.