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    The Oneironaut's Odyssey

    An Argonaut of the dream world, the Oneironaut. Every night a journey, every dream an adventure, every moment a treasure.

    1. #203 - Rugby, Escape with the rocks

      by , 02-20-2016 at 10:35 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream 1 - Rugby
      I remember being in a ute with friends, we're driving over to a rugby field to play a game in the evening. Some people are leaving and one of them raises his arms in a 'wtf brah' kind of way, indicating that he doesn't approve of us playing rugby. We continue onwards though and make it to the field. We all get out, there's like 20 of us that somehow managed to fit in that ute without it seeming like there was 20 people... We rush down the grass hill onto the rugby field and then this guy steps out. He's got dark skin and his friends all show up, there's about the same amount of them as there is of us. They're trying to fight us, everyone goes 1v1 against someone else. The guy I go up against I actually recognize, "OH hey man!! Wow haha how you doing?" We end up shaking hands and talking happily, I then said "Why are we doing this? Can't we all just play rugby if you guys want to fight it out? I mean this is a rugby field and we are all rugby players..." (I don't even play rugby O_O).

      Dream 2 - Escape with the rocks
      This dream I remember being quite intense, the name Adam was quite important. The place I was in was a school, though not like any I've seen. It was quite clean and futuristic with white walls that make you think 'wow this place is modern AF'. In the dream there were these special rocks which me and my friends had been collecting, I can't remember what they did or why/how we collected them. Towards the end of the dream there was a 'rewind' moment or something, and the dream played out a different scenario. We're in the modern looking gym, a HUGE dragon appears and attacks. I remember scuttling backwards on the ground. I think he didn't see me, there's smoke in the air and screaming, I think he was after someone else.. I turn my head and see the glint of a huge eye peering at me through the smoke. O_O uh oh... I get up and bolt, heading up the bleachers towards the upper exit. The dragon is after one of our special rocks. Adam was the guy who was holding the bag full of special rocks, I remember picking one up and looking at it, it's such a vivid blue. There are other crystals and rocks in the bag too, but the one I'm looking for isn't there. Where is it? I grab the bag which Adam had left and head out the exit. I'm outside, there's people running around trying to escape, I spot Adam and run up to him. "hey I got the bag" I say, passing it over to him. He says something about how it's all pointless, he looks like he's lost all hope for... something? Oh well. I think I continue to run off somewhere to look for the rock.

      I couldn't remember any of these dreams when I woke up, I then decided to just sit there and see if I could figure it out. It was a real test of patience, I couldn't remember any details at all. After 15 minutes it suddenly just popped into my head though.
      Tags: dragon, rocks, rugby, ute
    2. #176 - Flat / (?) / Dragons / DC talk / Red car / Car park

      by , 12-09-2015 at 01:11 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      I've decided to commit to dividing my dreams into sleep cycles since I can now remember my nREM dreams. I didn't really understand how people could recall so many dreams before, but now it makes sense. I think there was ~6 dreams last night that I could remember, I know there was another but I couldn't recall it since I didn't write anything down about it.

      Sleep cycle 1
      Dream 1 - Flat (03:34)
      I woke up to my 2am alarm but I just let it ring for ages and fell asleep again without turning it off. After writing this into my DJ I decided to kick it for the rest of the night. I let myself rest a bit since I've been feeling sleepy during the day because of my night time drea journaling.
      I'm in a block of university flats standing on the driveway, it's quite nice here. My friend Giles is renting one of the apartments and I end up moving next door. It seems to be night time when I do and I seem to get pretty ecstatic about moving here. I'm happy and I end up running back and forth moving things into my room. I think I might be prepping for a gaming binge. I look up and see through the window my mate Giles, he's looking at me with this funny look that makes me laugh a bit. I end up shutting the curtains and hunkering down for the game/TV spree.

      Dream experience: 2 (pretty happy but not too vivid)
      Dream awareness: 0 (No real awareness)

      Sleep cycle (?)
      Dream 1 - (?)
      This dream was pretty damn sexually explicit soo I won't write any details. Pretty much just me and a girl having some fun, I remember a lot of it but I won't write it up ^_^.

      Dream experience: 5 (for obvious reasons, and vivid)
      Dream awareness: 1 (I had a moment where I realized that things seemed a little off, but I was too caught up in it to care)

      Dream 2 - Dragons
      This dream was so vivid.. Everything had a certain crispness to the detail. I was in a large glacial-eroded valley which looked very barren and was filled with craggy rocks on the flood plain. I think there was a river flowing through the middle of it though the area I was in was quite huge and I was a ways off from this stream. On either side of the valley were towering mountains, and behind me (kind of like the entrance to the valley) there was a large structure where everyone was hiding. We were hiding because... There was a powerful dragon around. This dragon was really ferocious looking, it had these craggy looking demonic spikes all over its body and a long neck which made me think it resembled a chinese dragon from the neck onwards. Previously we had managed to all run inside and escape, I believed that the dragon had gone now. I was standing outside, the weather was overcast but it looked so cool. *RROOOARRR* Oh shit... It's back? I look up left towards the mountain peak in the distance, but a different dragon swoops into view. Oh, wow... This really is not good. This dragon is a different colour and slightly different in size and shape, but it still has that insane, crisp, sharp detail to it. Its wings have a certain blue hue to the underside which seem to resonate a sort of magical power. The beast turns its gaze onto the valley, I start running hoping to make it back inside. There's a bunch of other creatures in the valley so I hope that the dragon won't spot me, it's already leapt into the air and started flying down lower. I get the feeling that it will spot me as it gets closer.. I'm too far from the safety zone, the dragon has spotted me and it's swooping up behind me gliding really fast. I stop and get as close to the ground as possible.


      I open my eyes, I must have been knocked unconscious, what happened to me? I'm on a narrow path with two steep cliffs on either side of me, they're somewhat flattened. In front of me is a human shaped figure, but I know who it is. It's the dragon in human form. I have to follow him, he walks down the narrow path in majestic looking robes while I follow behind him.

      Dream experience: 7 (really vivid, cool plot and generally just a cool theme)
      Dream awareness: 2 (felt naturally aware, but not of the dream itself)

      Dream 3 - DC talk
      I think I woke up and fell back asleep, and this dream was a sort of 'continuation' with some massive differences. But the idea that I woke up in a strange place kind of remained and my mind told me that the dragon delivered me to this place.
      I seemed to be in a huge casino building, and the higher the floor you were on the higher your supposed level of power. I think I see a small little cat, poor thing probably hasn't been fed enough, its ears are huge too. I walk forward and I know that I'm on a really high level but I shouldn't be here. I look at a card I'm holding and it says level 0 part 6. Geeze that's weak >_<. I decide it's best that I don't act suspicious, better play it cool for now. I walk around in the level I'm in,

      There's beautiful women everywhere.. Hmm I should go talk to one, but they all seem so busy :/. I start getting the inkling of the fact that I'm dreaming, and as I'm walking I turn and see a man standing behind a bench, maybe he's a barman or something. He's a bit old and dressed rather impeccably.
      I realize I'm dreaming, I mean... Of course I'm dreaming? I just seems so obvious all of a sudden. I don't even need to RC since I feel like the dream is really stable too.
      "Hey can you show me something" I say to the man, I seem to convey to him that I'm not from this level and I got here by accident. The realization of me dreaming kind of happened simultaneously to the thought of saying this, and I had another thought that I actually wanted to ask another question instead. Damn. Too late :/ I wanted to ask him to let me meet someone. I had the intention that I would talk to a different DC but in proper length and ask them lots of questions for my dream goal.
      The man says a few things and I interact with him a bit, then I get ushered to the elevator by another man and they send me down level 0 part 6. Guh, I shouldn't have done that. I walk out into the new floor, looking around me I see that the women are pretty average. I really shouldn't have left that floor >_<. There's a bunch of people playing casinos, gambling is such a waste :/. I decide that there must be at least some pretty women to talk to. (For some reason I get the feeling the a pretty woman is the DC that will be able to answer my questions ). I wake up really abruptly, like I kind of just realized I was in my bed.

      Dream experience: 4 (semi-vivid and lucid, glad I got to talk to a DC but overall pretty meh)
      Dream awareness: 3-6 (at the same time I felt like I was highly lucid, I also felt like there wasn't a lot I could do about being lucid. I should have done a RC)

      Sleep cycle 5 - (>07:00)
      Dream 1 - Red car
      I remember walking with my dad, we're talking about stuff but I can't remember what. We walk through a car park and it's a sunny day. We make it to his car, but it doesn't look like his car. It's a red hyundai rather than white, hmm that's strange.

      Dream experience: 1 (we were just talking and walking to his car. meh)
      Dream awareness: 2 (might have become lucid had I RC when I realized he had a different car)

      Dream 2 - Car park
      I seem to be in the car park of the casino building I was in earlier in the night. I'm with my dad and we're heading to get the car (like a prequel story to the last dream or something). On the way we're near the exit of the car park area (our car was in a different car park) and we see a couple of girls that are advertising the casino place. There's a crowd around them and there's an overseer who's making sure they're doing their job. That's screwed up, they're in such skimpy outfits, they must be freezing. They huddle together and shiver as if to emphasize this thought. Me and my dad step up and try to help them out, we're like protesters or something.

      Dream experience: 4 (seemed pretty emotional and vivid)
      Dream awareness: 1 (not very high awareness)
    3. #152 - Superman is evil? / Toys

      by , 11-07-2015 at 11:25 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Intensive DEILD attempt 2:

      Didn't wake up to any alarms last night (there was about 8). I got home late (past 9) and had a really late dinner, so I didn't get to go to bed until 11ish. This screwed up the timing for my alarms. Also I changed my alarm ringtone from rooster to random music on my phone and it isn't loud enough so I'll change it back.

      Dream - Superman is Evil
      There was quite a bit that happened before the main part I remember, it's a bit hazy though. I recall that Superman had turned evil, like he does in the movie (which I haven't seen, but I've played 'Injustice: Gods Among Us'). I think I can kind of do 'super' things, though I'm extremely weak compared to Superman. There seems to be a dragon that we killed at some point too, it was HUGE. The area we're in is like a lake with forest bordering the sides and a tower outpost in the water 10-20m from the edge. We end up fighting, I have to stop him from controlling the world and make him see his evil ways. There's a lot of dialogue but I can't really remember what we said. Because of the dragon there is tainted blood spilling into the water now, and from the fight the tower has collapsed. I can't fly like Superman so I'm standing on the collapsed tower as it floats on the surface of the water. I pull out a document, this is my secret weapon. It's 3 pages, some sort of deed that owns property maybe? For some reason Superman stops. I've 'won' now I think, like he can't fight me because of what the deed infers - as if it helped awaken him to what he's done but doesn't fully change him. I recall that both of us fall into the water after I expose the documents, I sink really deep into the water. I tuck the documents behind my back under my shirt so he can't take them from me. He's about 1m under the water (probably 15m above me), his arms are crossed and legs tightly together and he's looking at me (it's like he's 'flying' underwater). Gotta say, he looked pretty badass. After successfully hiding the documents without him noticing I started doing breast strokes to get to the surface. I could seriously feel my lungs about to burst from holding my breath for so long. I broke through the surface and gasped for air *AH!*. I look to my left and see a large plastic circular water tank that had come from the tower. It got bumped off and started rolling sideways across the water towards me and Superman. Shit, gotta dodge it. I paddle my way out of the way and so does Superman. It then bounces against the other edge of the tower (the tower kind of collapsed around us and we're surrounded by the debris). The water tank starts rolling back the other way again, we dodge it again. It bounces again against the tower on the opposite side but comes off at a slight angle. It starts rolling back again and we dodge it one last time. I spot the dead head of the giant dragon we killed floating our way, I climb out of the water to avoid it. As I walk across the outposts surface I hear a loud 'BOOM!'. There's suddenly a downpour of dark liquid raining down in the vicinity. What. The. F*ck. Dude. Superman had laser-beamed the dragon head to move it out of his way and it promptly exploded raining blood down all around. We can't touch the water now because it's gone black and sludgy from the taint caused by the dragons blood. I climb onto a log of debris and Superman gets on behind, he propels the craft forward slowly and we float across the water out of the area towards the treeline.

      Dream experience: 7 (long, vivid, fantasy, emotion)
      Dream awareness: 3 (good recall, good detail, emotion)

      Dream 2 - Toys
      I remember being at my parents house but it didn't quite look like it. I was playing on the floor with a kid and we had these miniature toys out that had little pieces. At some point they disappear and we're like 'what happened?'. Later on I think my mum and someone else who seemed familiar at the time pointed out to me that I had some kind of thing forming on the right side of my head above my temple. 'Is that some kind of viral infection?', the thought of it grossed me out and I touched it. I pull something out... A toy? It was a little white transparent samurai sword 1cm long that we had lost before. How did it get inside my head? I pull out another thing, it was called a 'log' though it was more like a pipe (0.3cm long) and was part of another toy. Ew. This is gross and weird. I can't recall what happens next.
      Note: I actually felt at the time this occurred directly after the last dream but it feels entirely different so I'm listing it as a different dream.

      Dream experience: 3 (vivid, emotion)
      Dream awareness: 2 (average recall, good detail, emotion)
    4. #124 - Spoilt rich girl / Chased by a dragon

      by , 10-07-2015 at 05:09 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)

      Dream 1 - Spoilt rich girl
      I'm more of a side character in this dream, where I'm trying to get the assistance of this rich girl but I didn't succeed. The task was something along the lines of cooking for her in order to make her accept you. So a group of my friends who were a team of girls that specialized in cooking decided to do it. The rich girl kept requesting these insanely extravagant meals which pissed off the girl team who demanded that she understands that while she's eating giant chocolate marshmallow fish, there are people out there starving.

      Dream 2 - Chased by a dragon
      I'm in my parents house in the downstairs basement. It seems a bit different, there are three rooms and I'm in the middle room which connects to the other two by a door on either side of the room. I'm trying to plug in a charger to charge my iPhone which is proving extremely tedious. I've connected a whole bunch of extension cables and adapters and climbed to the top of a tall book shelf in the corner of the room in order to plug it in to the wall socket (which is above the shelf for some reason). The charger cord is about 2 metres long and looks really mismatched due to the extension cables. I remember that this also used to be my older brothers stuff. To the left a door opens from the first room and a powerful orange dragon appears (orange is apparently a high rank in this dream - btw the dragons are pretty stupid looking and they stand at human height with short stubby wings). It walks in and causes a ruckus, knocking out the charger from the wall socket which took so much effort to plug in . I killed the douche dragon and absorbed him, gaining his strength. I start climbing up the shelf and plug in the charger once more... Another orange dragon then walks into the room but I decide to hide my presence. It continues to walk across the room and opens the door on the other side leading to the 3rd room. *phew* I'm safe, I thought to myself. Now another dragon walks in from the 1st room, this time it was a brown dragon which is extremely weak. I jump down from the shelf and kill it quickly. I then grab its body and take it with me into the 3rd room and hurl the body at the orange dragon. I don't know why I did this but it got pissed off at me and started chasing me around the room. I dodge around it and have a distinct feeling that I can't beat it. I run into the next room and shut the door behind me, then hide behind the door when the dragon opens it. It wanders into the room and I leap out and run back into the room I just came from. It sees me just as I duck into the room and grabs me but I manage to shake it off and shut the door in its face . This kind of thing continues for a while in a panicky-state until I wake up.