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    The Oneironaut's Odyssey

    An Argonaut of the dream world, the Oneironaut. Every night a journey, every dream an adventure, every moment a treasure.

    1. #225 - Young love as seen in le movies

      by , 04-08-2016 at 08:51 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      This is best described as a kids movie (like another version to 'My Dog, Buddy'). I was the kid and at the start there's a sad intro, it shows me and a group of bullies surrounding me that knock me in the back of the head and say "Huh, if I was as bullied as you then I wouldn't even come to school" and then they walk away.
      The next scene is me meeting a similar like-minded kid who's really cool, we become best friends. We happen to look quite similar though I have brown hair and he has longish blonde hair. We've got our bicycles and we've arrived outside a mansion, the movie is kind of 3rd-person atm. We throw some kind of pie at the mansions gates and make a run for it. It shows me hopping on my bike which I had left on the ground. Behind me I hadn't realized that my new friend had his bike stuck between the mansion bars. As I bike away thinking he's fine, the mansion gates open and the cops arrive.
      The next scene is me arriving back at the suburbs where I live, it's night time now. There's a girl there who is apparently my girlfriend, we talked a bit and she told me to be careful of my new friend, something about her not trusting him. I give her a surprise peck on the cheek and she 'eeks' all surprised-like. She gets all embarrassed, she then pulls me over to the side of the house and peers around making sure no one is watching. She leans in and kisses me on the lips, but I notice someone has popped up with a cellphone and took a picture of us. What a prick. I bolt after him, I can't remember if I caught up because the next thing I remember is walking into my 'home'.
      I open the door to the house, it's supposed to be my friend Daniels' house, except he's moved out and I'm just staying there until I can get a new living space. I sleep downstairs apparently but I walk through the front door instead, I see Daniel sitting there in a silver-grey suit, his dad sitting forward in an armchair and his aunt crying in another chair. Oh, shit. This is heavy O_O... I think his sister is there too, standing off to the side a bit. I have no idea what I should do right now, so I just continue on towards the kitchen. Maybe I should have just left it and headed downstairs? I'm pretty hungry though...

      Dream fragments
      -Something to do with being in a bus and thinking that I saw Yulia who was an old friend. Probably because I actually thought I saw her today but it wasn't her .

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    2. #178 - Heroes of suburbia / Passing familiar faces / Danger 5

      by , 12-12-2015 at 02:07 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      SC 1) 02:00
      Dream 1 - Heroes of suburbia
      I remembered A LOT of this dream, but as I rolled around in bed trying to get up and write it down I could feel the dream slipping away from my memory.. >_<
      I was walking with a person on a road in a forested suburban area (like where I live in RL). Something happened, like a small bolt of light shot from the sky and hit a guy and then we were about to fight? It was pretty random. The dream shared a similar story to an anime I was watching yesterday.

      SC 2) 02:25 - 03:26
      Dream 2 - Passing familiar faces
      I'm outside at a place that reminds me of my old high school (though it doesn't resemble it), I'm walking up a flight of stone steps and at the top there's a big green grass field. Somewhere off to my left there's a bunch of people sitting on chairs around a table talking and I recognize one of the girls there as Hannah. Hmm I better not say hi since she's hanging with other mates. I decide to skirt around them on my way over to a lunch bar on the other side of the field, you can get some tasty sandwiches there. There's a bunch of people here too but I don't think I recognize them. I feel a little awkward for some reason. I head back the way I came deciding to go to the pool room which is near the base of the stone steps I climbed. As I pass Hannah's group I overhear that a couple of them say they want to play pool. "ugh.. damn it.." I know that since I'm playing solo then I better let them have the table since they can have a proper game. I walk down the steps and head into the pool room, there's a couple of pool balls on the floor, a red and a blue one. I pick them up and hear the 2 people from Hannah's group arriving. I turn around and mumble out some words "oh you two are going to play pool? here go ahead" or something. I mumbled it so badly though, and I feel like they gave me a funny look. Geeze I wish my hearing aids weren't broken so I could hear myself speaking >_<. There's 2 pool tables in here, one is normal while the other is triangular and a bit smaller (Supposedly for 9-ball pool). I turn and see Lajja and a really pasty skinny guy walk in and stand next to the 9-ball pool table. I walk over to say hey and give Lajja a hug, but the pasty guy gets in my way. "hmm?" I look at him a bit confused, what's he doing? I try go around the other side to say hey properly but he kind of hunches over in the way. That's so weird? Why is he doing that. I look up and see through a small window my friend Ehsan. We notice each other and wave, I decide I should go outside and say hey properly but the guy next to me gets my attention, since we had been in the middle of the conversation. I notice he says something strange: "It's like everyone's trying to distract you"... Huh? I don't get to think about this properly but it does seem strange to me.

      SC5) 08:17
      Dream 3 - Danger 5
      I'm in a kitchen (similar to the one at my parent's place) with the arab guy from Danger 5 and he's making a cocktail (like he does in the show). Random events were happening similar to the way they would in the show, at 1 point a plane crashed and the other members of the plane walked out of it.

      I waited a bit too long to write down the last dream, I almost talked myself out of writing it down. I think this happened after the other sleep cycles during the night (SC3+4) and may be because I spent the night out at a mates place the night before.