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    The Oneironaut's Odyssey

    An Argonaut of the dream world, the Oneironaut. Every night a journey, every dream an adventure, every moment a treasure.

    1. #222 - Killer for hire

      by , 04-04-2016 at 11:44 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      It was me, a girl and a group we belonged to. The world had a certain feel to it and I had the perfect analogy before but I've forgotten... Like sort of steam punky but very 21st century, possibly like Shadowrun? Though not quite as dark.. The girl in our group got captured, she was in debt and some mobsters had taken her slave to pay it off. I think it was about $50k? I tracked her down to a club place and led her outside, she hopped on a motorbike which was driven by another girl from our group. She drove her away back to our base while I stayed. I turned to head back into the club, I had to talk to the boss man and sort out paying her debt off. The man was easily recognizable, he slightly resembled my friend Jareth in his facial features but not quite. He wore a yellow jumpsuit with white lines down the side, it stood out quite a bit. I think I lost him at one point and found my friend Daniel who pointed me to the downstairs area of the club to find him. I head down the steps, the guy is hiding from a steam-punk swat team that showed up. I start talking to him, he's go blood dripping down his face from an encounter he already had with the cops. "About the debt of my friend... I want to help pay it off. I can.. Be hired, to take out people for you" I felt a bit bad about it, I'm apparently quite powerful and I didn't want to kill anyone. "Uhh shit, yeh she's got a big debt to pay" he responds. I point over at the nearing swat team, the scene is a bit different now since we're outside and he's hiding in the back of a truck that has its door open. "I can take them out, how much will you give me per head?" I think we come to an agreement, so I hop off the truck and draw a futuristic looking katana into my left-hand (I'm left-handed). The swat team lines up and slowly encroach towards me, I'm just walking towards them at a casual pace now.. I dive forward swiftly and slash at the man, the swat team members all wear this incredibly thick black metal armour. I'm able to cut through it at the joints, I aim at the mans legs and dismember them both in one swipe. I move on to the next and draw a second (normal-looking) katana into my offhand. I start hacking and slashing wildly, they've opened fire but the bullets just seem to miss me completely. I'm completely unafraid of the bullets, as if they're bending around me by my will, allowing me to brutally murder the entire swat team. I then wake up

      I liked this dream, had a cool theme to it and a pretty awesome story. Like how the main character had an interesting perception of good and bad, he was willing to protect his friend and pay off her debts by killing for the bad man who she was in debt to, rather than just killing the guy. Shows that he was willing to resolve the issue in an 'official' manner (despite it all being against the law, which he clearly doesn't abide by). I just found him interesting, even though I was essentially him in the dream. I wonder if I'd make decisions like that?
    2. #178 - Heroes of suburbia / Passing familiar faces / Danger 5

      by , 12-12-2015 at 02:07 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      SC 1) 02:00
      Dream 1 - Heroes of suburbia
      I remembered A LOT of this dream, but as I rolled around in bed trying to get up and write it down I could feel the dream slipping away from my memory.. >_<
      I was walking with a person on a road in a forested suburban area (like where I live in RL). Something happened, like a small bolt of light shot from the sky and hit a guy and then we were about to fight? It was pretty random. The dream shared a similar story to an anime I was watching yesterday.

      SC 2) 02:25 - 03:26
      Dream 2 - Passing familiar faces
      I'm outside at a place that reminds me of my old high school (though it doesn't resemble it), I'm walking up a flight of stone steps and at the top there's a big green grass field. Somewhere off to my left there's a bunch of people sitting on chairs around a table talking and I recognize one of the girls there as Hannah. Hmm I better not say hi since she's hanging with other mates. I decide to skirt around them on my way over to a lunch bar on the other side of the field, you can get some tasty sandwiches there. There's a bunch of people here too but I don't think I recognize them. I feel a little awkward for some reason. I head back the way I came deciding to go to the pool room which is near the base of the stone steps I climbed. As I pass Hannah's group I overhear that a couple of them say they want to play pool. "ugh.. damn it.." I know that since I'm playing solo then I better let them have the table since they can have a proper game. I walk down the steps and head into the pool room, there's a couple of pool balls on the floor, a red and a blue one. I pick them up and hear the 2 people from Hannah's group arriving. I turn around and mumble out some words "oh you two are going to play pool? here go ahead" or something. I mumbled it so badly though, and I feel like they gave me a funny look. Geeze I wish my hearing aids weren't broken so I could hear myself speaking >_<. There's 2 pool tables in here, one is normal while the other is triangular and a bit smaller (Supposedly for 9-ball pool). I turn and see Lajja and a really pasty skinny guy walk in and stand next to the 9-ball pool table. I walk over to say hey and give Lajja a hug, but the pasty guy gets in my way. "hmm?" I look at him a bit confused, what's he doing? I try go around the other side to say hey properly but he kind of hunches over in the way. That's so weird? Why is he doing that. I look up and see through a small window my friend Ehsan. We notice each other and wave, I decide I should go outside and say hey properly but the guy next to me gets my attention, since we had been in the middle of the conversation. I notice he says something strange: "It's like everyone's trying to distract you"... Huh? I don't get to think about this properly but it does seem strange to me.

      SC5) 08:17
      Dream 3 - Danger 5
      I'm in a kitchen (similar to the one at my parent's place) with the arab guy from Danger 5 and he's making a cocktail (like he does in the show). Random events were happening similar to the way they would in the show, at 1 point a plane crashed and the other members of the plane walked out of it.

      I waited a bit too long to write down the last dream, I almost talked myself out of writing it down. I think this happened after the other sleep cycles during the night (SC3+4) and may be because I spent the night out at a mates place the night before.
    3. #138 - Hot Fuzz / Sand pit / Superheroes

      by , 10-24-2015 at 10:19 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)

      We finally got Freeview TV last night, we haven't had TV in this flat since last year ^_^ it had a pretty strong influence on my first couple dreams.

      Dream 1 - Hot Fuzz

      I watched my favourite comedy movie last night, 'Hot Fuzz'. Such a kickass film, the camera angles, foreshadowing, the way they bring back the lines they've said earlier in the film, everything about this movie is great . Anyways, I remember being a police officer in a room similar to the police office from the film. There were other officers around me too, I must be training them or something as they get more skilled by following me around. This kind of relates to the movie how Simon Pegg is really good at his job, in this case I seem to influencing the others into being better too. I think we were then in a large dining hall and I got some kind of formal training in martial arts...? Can barely remember this.

      Dream Fragments

      The dream following 'Hot Fuzz' where I was also a police officer but doing different things.

      I remember making porridge and putting some brown sugar into it at some point... Though this might not have been a dream

      Dream 2 - Sand pit
      There's some competition going on where everyone is split in to groups and have to dig a sand pit (I'm guessing it was on the beach). The day itself was gloomy and the sky was grey. Our sand pit seemed to have burrows underneath it, it was already about 1m deep. I think I did something like blew a big hole in the centre of the pit, exposing these burrows. They were lined with this reddish staining and it may have had a glistening effect to it too (possibly a kind of slime? I didn't touch it though). I jump down to the side by the sand pit and have to start filling it in again using a bucket I found. It seems like each group is only allowed one tool to use between them and we have a shovel and 2 buckets. The buckets were already in the pit so I wonder if it's okay, though I know I'm cheating by using them .

      Dream 3 - Superheroes
      Another hero dream? The area we're in is barren with dark dirt beneath us and cloudy skies above. Heroes are fighting villains all around me, and I myself and locked in battle with a villain wearing a pseudo-suit (it's red and covers the whole body, including the head and face). It seems like there is a bunch of these villains wearing fake-suits that give them super powers, someones evil scheme to fight the superheros. I slash into the fake suit and manage to cut it open, but inside was the man who was behind it all. The suit detaches and hovers beside him (it maintains its form as if it still had someone in it). The villain in front of me has a yellow suit on and a brutish looking evil face, I feel like I've seen him before as a well-known villain, but I don't think he actually exists. I'm no match for him, by stripping the red suit, he is now able to use his full power! I dash away and jump, I arch my blade/hand (I'm not sure if I had this before or not) through the air and slice the red suit in half, destroying it, as I make my escape. I spot Martian Manhunter nearby and jump onto him.
      "Fly away! Now!" I shout, he complies understanding the seriousness of the situation. The villain is on the ground behind us as we shoot into the sky. I'm glad that he can't fly, but I know that the only one who can save us it... Superman! Unfortunately he's locked in battle with Superwoman (who is apparently a villain in my dream). I get out this kryptonite cream and tell the Martian we need to finish Superwoman off and take down the main evil villain. We charge at them and I slam the burning kryptonite cream (which ignited) against the back of Superwoman. She honestly looked more like the hulk, just completely ripped and huge. I can't recall much of what happened next but I think we win? Superman and Superwoman have to go inside this room together with the principal or something and discuss something with him, while me and a few others have to wait outside in the hallway. I'm sitting in the way of one of the others and ask him if he wants me to move so he can pass into the hall, I move anyways and he says "nah that's oka-... oh, alright then".
    4. #136 - Dino dog / Library girls are the best / Evil monsters / Robo heroes

      by , 10-22-2015 at 11:01 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)

      Dream 1 - Dino dog
      I really wish I tried harder to recall this, I feel like I forgot the best part of the dream . The only part I remember is the end where the adventure seemed to have finished. I'm in my parents house in the main lounge, it looks nearly identical except that the draws are on the wrong part of the room. There's a creature walking around casually being interested in stuff. It looks like a dog, but it's red and has more scaly skin and no fur. It has these long spikes arching back (about the length of a hand) that protrude from all around the circumference of its neck. Its snout is slightly longer and more point than you would expect, but only slightly. I remember opening up the draws and pulling out an African drum. It looks really primitive/incomplete, the hide stretched over the top is loose and only slightly held in place by some strings. I wonder how it makes a sound if the hide isn't stretched properly. I hold it and tap the top, discovering there's a slight wooden panel that covers 1/3 of the opening. It seems like you're meant to tap that and it makes a sound. Such a weird design. I strut around tapping it to some random beat and waltz in the study room where someone (likely my dad) is sitting doing work in front of the computer. The dinosaur looking dog is next to him just standing, it looks at me as I enter.

      I think there was some kind of tension between me and the other strange creatures that were in this dream (though unmentioned because I only remember the end of the dream) which made me feel like the dog was supposed to be dangerous, but it was strangely docile.

      Dream 2 -Library girls are the best
      I can't remember how I came to be in the library or what we were doing there. I was with 2 (cute) girls that I think I may have been studying with. I remember there being a table but now we were obviously on the ground. I had my black bag in front of me spoon-feeding the front pouch all the pencils, pens etc that I seem to have in abundance (this is pretty true in RL ). The girls seem to have finished and are waiting on me, they're lying down next to each other about a hands width away on my left.
      "Maybe we should kiss and touch" one mentions to the other. Instantly the attention of about 4 nearby girls is garnered, this makes me chuckle a bit as I seem to know that the 2 girls are just playing a prank.
      "If you put your head here and do this, it'll help too" they say to me, indicating me to rest my head on the lower part of their stomach. I ignore her as I know she's just teasing me ^_^
      "I heard that if you rub your breast while doing this with your mouth (tongue swirling motion) it will ????" one of the girl says playfully to the other (the last part was some generic benefit like good skin or something O_O). I'm still stowing pencils away, so many pencils... I start fiddling around in my bag looking for my hearing aids container, I get them and put them on. As I do this I glance to my right and wow, the four girls that were paying attention to my friends were leaning against a white-metallic book shelf and were each rubbing one breast while swirling their tongue around. Haha! I'm surprised they fell for it . After seeing them succeed I kind of just bow my head and rest it on the lower part of one of the girls' stomachs. It was like a sign of respect for them manipulating the other girls which I found impressive. The 2 girls were still lying flat on their back next to each other and now I had my head lying on them ^_^. The whole scene feels comedic and quite light. They tell me that if I rub my head a certain way and nuzzle their pants down a bit then it'll also have a good effect (it wasn't sexual though). I comply in a 'what hell am I doing' kind of way, just going with the flow. The girl closest to me I manage to get her pants down about 2 inches and expose her panties, they're blue.
      "Geeze I only have one colour" she says kind of playfully (she probably meant to say she only had those panties and nothing else)
      "Damn!" I respond, jokingly insinuating that she should get more colour variety. She cracks up laughing (in the dream with the slight-comedic atmosphere and non-sexual nature (yet growing sexual undertone) of everything it was just somehow really hilarious). This dream felt so weird to recap O_O

      Dream 3 - Evil Monsters
      Everything is grey: the atmosphere, the weather, the road I was walking on, the monsters. Everything was just somehow tinged in evil grey murkiness. This was some kind of adventure world. There were green trees off the road but even they seemed to be swallowed by the evil atmosphere. I think I was fighting some monsters earlier on, but now I was strolling down the road in the rain. I was with another person whom I didn't really want to be stuck with. He had forced a grey monster that somewhat resembled a zebra (though more hunched and slightly shorter) to lead us somewhere. The road we were walking was gravelly and had been worn down by cars, although it felt like cars weren't a part of this world. There's a bridge up ahead that goes over the road (about 10 metres high). I'm a bit ahead of the others, the zebra creature is behind me. I pass under the bridge, next is the zebra but as it's about to go under it perks up as blood splashes onto its back. It dashes beneath the bridge and cowers in fear, hoping that whatever it was will leave it alone. A huge creature suddenly drops from the bridge, "RUN!".
      Sprinting away we manage to escape somehow (we honestly ran for like 20 metres so it doesn't make sense). I also remember the zebra thing getting squished and its body was split in half but that seems to have not happened when I next look at it. We're at a bend in the road and continue walking now. To the right of the road there's more trees, but to the left there's a sudden drop into a valley with a river passing through it. There's a sudden scream and it's ear-piercingly loud. Whatever it is must be REALLY powerful, we absolutely do not want to cross paths with it. I goof up somehow, slipping down the cliff face leading into the valley, I manage to stop the fall about 20 metres down by grabbing branches and clawing at the dirt. Uh oh, I hope that monster thing doesn't get us. My partner said "was that a doll?" which made no sense since it was a monster.

      Dream 4 - Robo heroes
      Me and some other people, not really sure how many but I think it's mostly girls, enter a classroom. There are 2 other girls already in here who we don't know. We introduce ourselves and conversation happens while I decide to go off and do my own thing. I walk into the neighbouring room through a side door and there's a bunch of people doing horticulture-related stuff. They must be in a club, they manage the schools gardens. I strike up conversation with a girl who seems to be the club leader, she's just shoveling compost into a bucket. It's pretty weird that she's doing this in the classroom. I mention how impressive their garden is which you can see through the windows, it's HUGE. There are heaps of potted plants and the whole thing is beautiful and green with lots of various plant species.
      I haven't got a clue what or how I get into this next situation but I seem to be on the run. I don't have a drivers license like other robo heroes (which is what I am now apparently, as part of some hero academy) because I skipped classes and couldn't be bothered. There is another hero who I think must be my rival, he's got a license though. I run into a basement and hide. It's blue and has a little room to the side which is small but I manage to hide my frame enough to buy some time. The people looking for me come in slowly, I know that it's only a matter of time, they're programmed like a game to explore the route to a certain extent so that you can't hide in here forever. Surely enough, they spot me and the chase begins again. I think I'm some kind of blue robot hero with quite thick blocky robot parts. I can't seem to remember how to equip my weapons either. This is starting to feel a little like a video game. I run around a bit more before ending up in the same situation in another basement, this time with my rival present. He's captured me I think, he has weapons and I can't equip mine so I can't do anything. He's standing in the side room, the search party will be here soon though the rival hasn't alerted them to my presence. There's some sort of camaraderie between us. I realize I don't even know how to pick up a weapon either. It also feels like at some point I'm playing with a toy figurine (like a transformer) and I put a weapon into its hand, some kind of robot arm with a stick on it. My rival lets me go, I push him out of the side room so I can hide there, telling him to go outside hoping he'll send the search party in a different direction. They come down to the basement anyways and eventually I have to make a break and run for it again. I push past them up the stairs and out into the open. This time they REALLY don't want to lose me. They've called in back up, I think I can hear the sound of a helicopter in the distance. A flash car pulls up and 2 heroes (not overly robotic, more like a power-ranger suit tbh) jump out and run after me. I run really fast and then decide to double back, heading towards the car. I punch in the drivers seat window and open the door. Grabbing the hero driver I throw him onto the ground. I think someone says some like "Luke Skywalker can't driver either because he missed the driving lessons". I'm about to jump into the car and hopefully wing it with my non-existent driving skills but the dream ends.

      Bahaha hope you enjoyed reading this 1'847 word long dream recap