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    The Oneironaut's Odyssey

    An Argonaut of the dream world, the Oneironaut. Every night a journey, every dream an adventure, every moment a treasure.

    1. #186 - Skiing / The Orb Apocalypse

      by , 01-14-2016 at 04:55 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Feeling tired as hell today and only just managed to start writing this up.. >_<

      Dream 1 - Skiing
      I remember being on a tall snowy mountain, me and another person had been airlifted to the stop and skied down it. It was pretty cool, I remember about halfway down there was a sort of plateau where we slowed down. I think we talked a bit and then continued, then backtracked and went a different way. I can't remember why we backtracked or what we talked about.

      Dream 2 - The Orb Apocalypse
      I remember there being an apocalypse of some sort (not zombies for once! ) and me and a bunch of other people headed south. We arrived at a special city which had a huge tower that shielded it. In this city there was an award giving ceremony for our people. There were 2 rooms where these awards were given out inside a large stone building (it was a bit smashed up from the apocalypse though). In the room I was in I was pretty bored, I wanted to leave and when there was a short break in the ceremony I decided to leave, despite knowing that I was going to be getting an award in the second half. I exited the main doors and saw across the hall the other award ceremony room. I think I saw someone familiar getting an award but decided to continue outside. It was such a nice bright sunny day in this slightly run down post-apocalyptic abandoned city . I looked up at the shield tower protecting the city, hmmm... It's.. Not on? Or is it? I notice 2 of the elder mages/warriors talking to each other (one teleported to the other to start the talk) and they were talking about how the tower wasn't working. Oh shit, it's collapsing! It happens too fast, it falls onto the two elders who were talking. As the tower hits the ground it creates a rupture in the souls of the two, converting them into orbs of electric energy that are 'absorbed' by an explosion that progresses out from the tower. There's a swarm of orbs that streams across the sky at the now vulnerable city, they coil into a snake-like shape (and I think I even see the orbs turn into snakes) as they attack the denizens in the city. This city is lost, I have to escape now.

      Some time later on I'm in a large grass field, I forgot the more important part of this... But I remember the ending . It seems that I'm with a group of people and we just defeated some evil thing (maybe the orbs) and the apocalypse is over. We talk amongst ourselves and share a laugh. We call over a few horses and a lion to ride, I think I ride the lion? We then ride off into the sunset in a pretty cliche movie way.

      This dream had a similar world to the dream I had during my nap yesterday, in which I was able to stay in the dream even when I was awake and rolling around in my bed - and when I fell back asleep I'd still be in the same dream world. I've been pretty interested in creating a permanent dream world so the experience is pretty interesting to have it recur the way it did.
    2. #126 - 3 dreams

      by , 10-10-2015 at 04:01 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)

      Dream 1 - cute girl
      It's either me or this other girl in the dream who are weak. The girl is great at manipulating men, she sells her looks so well to get what she wants. I see an online panel and there's a dialogue playing about me or something? It almost feels like we're creating the comment section for this website and that we're reading the opinions of multiple people. I remember there being something mentioned about how the girl manipulates men, and she gets compared to Miley Cyrus. Miley is apparently really good at manipulating people too by saying cute things. The girl says things like "Hey, I'll see you later *winks with one eye and pokes her tongue out*" but Miley Cyrus is apparently even more pro at it... I feel like this dream makes no sense.

      Dream 2 - Wood lodge field trip
      I'm in a wood lodging hut with a group of other students, the place is quite large and can accommodate lots of people. It seems pretty rustic but really cool. I decide I want to go shower, I step outside and walk down a path to a large plastic circular watering tank. This tank was apparently the shower.. It has a door on the side, the scenery around the lodging appears to be forest and it's night time so it has a sort of sinister appeal. I open the door and head inside, taking my time to shower in the incredibly spacious area. The sinister forest makes me momentarily paranoid as I think "What if there's a serial killer around?!?!", I peer out of a window and spot someone walking up a pathway towards the hut. I know it's a student though and the thought of a serial killer disappears. I decide to stop fooling around and finish showering. I wrap my clothes around my waist and put my towel over my shoulder (it should be the other way around O_O). The person walking up is a cute girl and I want to look good or something -.-... Anyways, so I step outside of the shower all casual-like and walk towards the hut across the stony pebble pathway. I glance around at the girl and see her walk and turn right, into the shower I had just stepped out of. I pretend to have just noticed her, she smiles and waves. "Hi" she says in a sort of fluttery voice (she looks like this brown haired girl who kind gives off the impression that she's a bit stuck up). I politely say "Hey" back to her then turn away all 'casually' and cool. I walk inside the building and end up in a hall, but I'm still outside on the pebbles (this shouldn't make sense as it doesn't make sense ). I feel so lame after that encounter. Pushing it from my mind I realize I'm faced with a problem, how the hell did I get outside? There's so many doors along the corridor, I head right instead of left (which I believe is where the door I came from is). I'm still half-naked and I have a towel wrapped around my waist and and a towel on my shoulder now. Another girl I encounter tells me that the towel I'm using is probably the lodges, I realize that she was telling me that as a hint that I should go put it back - but she did it so as to force me to take off the towel in front of her and expose myself
      "I know" I say, and just continue walking past her.
      I come to the conclusion that there's an entrance ahead of me I can use to go inside that will loop around and allow me to get back to my room. I finally make it inside and am on the right track. I pass by a room of students, there's a girl I recognize who is in a relationship with a guy from my class. She seems to be cuddling up with a different guy though which seemed weird. I head back to my room and see the guy who she was meant to be in a relationship with. I jump onto my bed which is right next to his, I tell him that I think his girl is cheating and I don't really know what the circumstances are but that I hope things are okay with them.

      Dream 3 - Primary school playground
      I'm at my old primary school on the lower playgrounds with my daughter. I think we see some puppies come along and I show them to my daughter, she loves them! Then some cute lambs run up and we pet them too. A woman then comes along, following her is a plethora of various animals. They come out from the bushes she seemed to have emerged from, me and my daughter follow her closely with intrigued. I spot some lions a little further behind us among the other animals which gives me a bit of a shock. I tell her about it and she says "Yes there are lions, they are animals too", she is really composed and sort of mystical. I see another little girl quite a bit older than my daughter (maybe 7?). I jokingly ask her if she is an animal, she replies seriously "Yes, I am. And I'm tall". Me and my daughter think this is all a bit weird. Where are they going? They are walking out of the playground and into the bottom carpark of the school. To my left where there is the typical New Zealand green bush there is instead a more red fog covering the area. It slopes downhill steeply, and there are a few large trees that spike up through the red haze adding to the mystical scene which seems to be popping up. Okay stop, this is weird. I think to myself it has to be dream (becoming lucid at this point) and look at my hands, making sure to properly confirm it. I start a reality check by pulling my finger back which absolutely freaked me out because I felt like I tore something in my finger and that I should do it anymore. I also seem to be spinning around at this point. I then push a finger into the palm of my right hand and it is strangely elastic. "Hmm so it is a dream" I think to myself, I stop spinning around now as I bring my attention back to what's going on around me. Shit, it's all fading away... I wake up