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    The Oneironaut's Odyssey

    An Argonaut of the dream world, the Oneironaut. Every night a journey, every dream an adventure, every moment a treasure.

    1. #158 - Murloc hunting / Supermarket / Raining

      by , 11-15-2015 at 10:19 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream 1 - Murloc hunting
      I remember hunting murlocs (from WoW) with a dwarf who had a gun. He would shoot them and the whole dream kind of felt like a video game. I remember trying to kill a murloc before it reached me, it was running down these stairs and I was firing at it through these iron bars. It then rounded the corner and leaped at me and killed me (though it was like a video game death and I wasn't really connected to the feeling of dying).

      Dream experience: 2 (video game)
      Dream awareness: 1 (disconnected)

      Dream 2 - Supermarket
      I remember standing outside a supermarket which didn't resemble any I think I've seen in RL. There was a pedestrian crossing nearby and lots of cars going past. I was waiting for my friend Olly who had taken my backpack to the bag drop zone where you apparently leave your bags while you shop... Now that I think about it, this place kind of resembles the airport O_O. While waiting I looked around as I had heard the sound of a Morepork Owl hooting somewhere. I saw behind the window of the 4th floor in a nearby building an owl. It was just sitting there and I thought it may be stuck inside. I pointed it out to a couple people. My friend arrives back and I think we cross the crossing but I don't recall what happened after that.
      Next thing I know is that I'm heading to the bag drop area and I need to go take a leak. I head to the men's room and I have bare feet, I have to avoid puddles of 'water' ... I was pretty aware at this point as I ended up focusing in on the details of the floor to avoid the watery areas reflecting light. I saw some stairs heading up and figured that there would be less water on the ground.

      Dream experience: 4 (vivid, good hearing)
      Dream awareness: 3 (average recall, body awareness, some detail)

      Dream fragment
      I remember reaching into a cookie jar that resembled the one my parents had when I was a little kid. The cookies in it were the same as the ones I had found in the kitchen cupboard yesterday except there were 2 types. 1 was exactly the same as the one in real life, the other was the same type but much larger and flatter. I vaguely remember eating a big cookie and it tasted nice .

      Dream 3 - Raining
      I was talking to someone else who had started no PMO, I think it was my friend Daniel. He had told me about how it had affected him and all that. I then confessed to him that I, too, had started no PMO. I said that I had been on it for 32 days, and showed him the Brainbuddy app I was using. I felt like his entire reaction to this was kind of off. Like he wasn't reacting the way he should have been. The scene seems to change.
      I remember being in my bed in my parents house which exactly resembled the room I'm actually staying in. I was rolling around and fantasizing and trying to resist the urges of NoFap, until I realized that I was in this state. I immediately stopped myself and knew that I would need to bring myself to my senses and get out of my bed. I willed myself to sit up... I opened the curtains to my right and peered outside. The deck was right there (in reality the deck is a few metres to the left and doesn't reach my window), it was raining outside and my dad was sitting at a wooden table eating breakfast. It didn't occur to me that this was particularly weird. I opened a window and got his attention, we said good morning to each other. He said "it must be beautiful in there", referring to how warm and cosy my room was and how cold and wet it was outside. Even my windows had fogged up a bit from the heat and my room just felt warm.

      Dream experience: 5 (vivid, interesting, odd behaviours of characters)
      Dream awareness: 4 (vivid, good recall, good detail, attention to character behaviours)

      Notes: I need to reflect on how I rate dream awareness and I think I may do it to the 5 'layer's of lucidity. Whereas with dream experience I think I'll just go by how much I enjoyed the dream on a personal scale. I managed to get my recall back a little bit, I think tomorrow night I'll be able to get the standard clarity back and from there I'll work on getting lucid again.
    2. #36 & #37 - Studying at the Table/Bathrooms Everywhere. Dream Fragments

      by , 10-23-2014 at 05:29 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: Non-dream
      Blue: Non-lucid
      Red: Lucid

      Going to re-write this out because I couldn't seem to find it on my DJ history. Going to do a slack job compared to the last time since I'm tired.

      Dream 1 - Studying at the table
      Me and my flatmate O are sitting at the kitchen table studying. We find that we have an assignment due soon in 2 parts, 600 words and 300 words. O lends me his work so I can use it as a reference, I open it up on my laptop using a program called 'Note Taker Pretender v9.0'. There are coloured tabs (red, yellow, etc) that separate the various sections of his assignment.

      Dream 2 - Bathrooms everywhere
      So there is a large room where there is a bunch of people in. It's quite gray and dull, there's a lot of doors that I know lead to various bathrooms. I decide to use one, and the one I go to has 3 people sitting on a bench in it. One of these people is J, a girl I knew from my residential hall. I ask them to leave so I can use the room and they comply. I close the door behind them and lock it.

      Dream Fragments.

      Didn't remember anything except EXAMS, and that manifested into my dreams last night somehow. Super stressful, had a knot in my stomach the whole night.
    3. Rocket ship/Time Travel/Frozen Witch

      by , 10-16-2014 at 10:51 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: Non-dream
      Blue: Non-lucid
      Red: Lucid

      Dream 1 - Rocket ship
      So I'm walking to a door that leads outside of a house, I open it and see outside. There's a giant rocket ship, and this is my 'project' in the dream, to build and launch a giant rocket into space. I get the feeling it's nearly launch time, and there's a barrel in front of me that I need to light, once I do it will launch, but... I realize that I need to clear the area, I shout out to my flatmates that it's going to launch soon and that I need some help. They run off somewhere and start 'clearing the area', I don't seem to really know what I'm doing, I can see another person driving a tanker truck around too. I start moving the aforementioned barrel up to the door, but as I reach the door I realize that no one will be able to get back inside which would be bad, since then they'd we'd all be caught in the blast radius of the rocket. I move it back and call my flatmates to come back inside, then I block the exit off with the barrel again (I suppose my plan was to be able to light it and then dart back inside the house). A major flaw of this, once again, was that I had blocked the entrance to myself >_< so I think to myself that maybe I could run around to the back entrance, but I woke up/forgot the rest.

      Dream 2 - Time Travel
      I found this dream peculiar since I don't know if this happened after or as a part of the above dream (like some weird transition occurred). But I think it may as well be called another dream since it was radically different. Me and a kid (maybe 10ish?) seem to have traveled to another world via a closet in his house (I think he was sheltering me in his house or something). I don't recall anything that really happened, but he had brought his friends and I came along to protect them or something (I sort of imagine that he had been slightly troubled prior to entering this world, and that it was like he was escaping). Fast forwarding to the end of the dream, we're in a rush to get back to the portal, like there is about to be some explosive catastrophe (I thought it might have been the rocket from the previous dream). All the kids friends make it to the portal and go through, me and the kid are last, he goes next, diving through, I follow and just in the nick of time (I felt like there was some kind of extreme explosion at that moment, and recall the portal having a thin, twirling vortex of purple energy around the entrance). I jump onto the portal (which is a bed with a blanket) and dive under the sheets. I'm back in the kids room. But something isn't quite right... I'm on the floor, the room is dark, behind me is the kid and the portal. I turn and face them, and something stirs to my left in a bed... It's another kid, the same kid that is looking at me from by the portal. I realize that beside me on my right is another bed, and I'm in it sleeping. The kid who just woke up looks around sleepily, a bit dazed and confused. We had gone back in time. I know though, that everything is going to be okay, because he NEEDED a brother... It felt strange, but I knew his dad would accept him and that they'd just be known as twins, and that the kid would never again feel the need to go into the portal, it would change the events of the future without creating a paradox. It was just... Supposed to be this way?

      Dream 3 - Frozen Witch
      Me, a guy and a girl are all best friends. We play near the coast that has a short drop into an expansive ocean. The rocks on the side of this coast are smooth sandstone, and there are fields of green behind them. The sky is stunning, warm and blue with a light breeze. I remember seeing wave cute arches of sandstone and some caves here and there. One day we come across a frozen woman, and somehow knowing she'd be alive (as if she were the Avatar or something) we unfreeze her, somehow... I seem to remember the brightness of the world dimming, things take on a tragic tone, she goes crazy and gets into a showdown with my friend (the guy), they're both very powerful. The only weakness the witch has is water, when it touches her she becomes immobile, so my friend tackles her off the coastal side and into the water. A month passes by without seeing either of them, until my friend washes up on the shore, we rush to help him and I think he ends up being okay.

      The dream restarts - an alternate story unfolds.
      This time, it isn't us that finds her, but another person, a Sea Goddess. She takes mercy on the soul of the frozen witch, and in her cavern begins to unfreeze her slowly. I discover this by walking into a cave one day, a pool of water lies in the middle of the room that looks clear and tropical. On the other side of the room is the witch, mostly frozen except her head which has a vortex of light blue twirling around her head calmly and slowly. Magic water drips onto her ice-encased body, gradually the water that melts floats up and joins the twirling vortex. The witch is different this time, she has a beautiful and friendly smile. It seemed inevitable though, because somehow later on she and my friend fight again. He rips of his clothes and tackles her into the water. This time she doesn't seem to be defeated by water, and as they thrash in the water they end up stopping. He climbs back onto land, and starts walking off into the distance. Things change now, my friend is a girl and is naked, it doesn't seem sexual though. Also, I've become the witch, I'm in the water, pressed up against the edge of the coast watching her walk away and I have a feeling of wanting her to teach me how to fight.