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    The Oneironaut's Odyssey

    An Argonaut of the dream world, the Oneironaut. Every night a journey, every dream an adventure, every moment a treasure.

    1. #252 - Airport / Plane

      by , 06-30-2016 at 08:49 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      I remember it was night and me, my friend Lajja and some other guy were hanging out. I had flown to Wellington in order to hang out with her, we were all going to fly back to Auckland tomorrow.
      I woke up in the morning and there was some issue with the flight, like Lajja had forgotten to book her tickets or we missed the plane. We have to go and get new tickets, I'm not really stressed about any of this though. We're in the waiting room which is split in two by a set of folding shutter doors. I sit in the second room while everyone else sits in the first room. I think I did it because it was quieter? The air hostess comes to tell the next few people to proceed, this happens a couple times but not once does she alert the 2nd room. I'm aware she's not doing this, the first time it happens I opened up the shutter doors a bit so she wouldn't ignore it. The 2nd time she still ignores it, so I pull the doors open all the way... The 3rd time she does it again, fucks sake. I just get up and head out instead of waiting, telling myself to just go ahead since Lajja and the other guy went with the hostess the 3rd time. I see them down on the floor below, connected to my floor by a set of escalators. Lajja and the guy are holding hands for some reason, I find this weird since they're not dating and Lajja has a boyfriend already. I head down to meet them and ask if they got the tickets, the guy says "Oh yeh, but uhh whoops I forgot yours, sorry mate". I instantly pick up that he did it on purpose, he's trying to sit alone with Lajja on the plane. I have to go buy my own ticket now.

      I'm on board of a plane, it's a sort of continuation from the last dream (though I definitely recall waking up between them). The plane is quite small with 1 or 2 seats on either side of the walkway. My dad is on the plane next to me or in front of me, we're talking and I briefly look away from him mid-conversation. When I look back at him it's my mum instead. What the...? I'm a bit confused, wasn't I just talking to my dad? Or maybe it was my mum.. Everything feels real, I decide that 'maybe' it's a dream (although I don't even feel like it is). I do a reality check and it succeeds much to my surprise. I stand up and try to stabilise, recalling some advice about making the most of lucids by maximising lucidity and awareness. My mind is a bit chaotic though... I try to force the lucidity to the max and it sort of works but the dream isn't very stable. I can tell because it was bright at first and the world was gradually getting darker and darker. I'm in my flat room now, kind of feels like everything is spinning. I try to escape the room, thinking that maybe moving and engaging the dream will help extend it. I fly out through the window but end up awake. Crap. I do a reality check and succeed, I guess I just had a false awakening. I'm in my bed, I clamber out of it and I'm wearing heaps of clothes which are a bit restricting, it's quite dark and getting darker... I wake up for real.
    2. #219 - Plane-jack / Sex lucid

      by , 04-01-2016 at 11:28 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream 1 - Plane-jack
      I remember being in the sky flying a plane, there's some context about the Joker (from Batman) being a terrorist. There was another plane or two on my side, I think a black guy was the leader of the troupe and he seemed reminiscent of an actual comic character. I think I shot down a couple planes, and then swooped in to land at the airport. It was chaos here because of all the planes getting shot down nearby, I was now the Joker too. I hid my face a bit just in case the security recognized me and snuck out of the building.

      Dream 2 - Sex lucid
      I was in a house, I seem to remember having sex (non-lucid) and then progressing into the dream a bit more. I walked into a business meeting room with a large oval table and some nice looking chairs seated around it. There was a blonde lady in here which I approached and hooked up with. As this happened I realized I was dreaming, but I had the feeling that by becoming more aware I would wake myself up due to the precarious instability associated with sex-lucids. But it wasn't stable enough regardless and I felt myself wake up, though it was probably a FA. When I woke up I saw next to me my friend Sam, asleep. I woke up properly a while later to let my cat out I think.
      lucid , non-lucid
    3. #167 - Lizzie McGuire / Stranded at Piha

      by , 11-29-2015 at 12:31 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Didn't manage to reach my 3 dream quota again which I'm fine with ^_^

      Dream 1 - Lizzy McGuire
      I was in a room with a lot of other people, I think it had a house party atmosphere. There was a girl I talked to who reminded me of Lizzy McGuire, but after googling this I realize it was Lindsay Lohan who it actually looked like. I can only remember moving around from room to room, maybe with a drink in my hand?

      Dream 2 - Stranded at Piha
      I'm at Piha beach (quite a well-known beach in Auckland, it even has a TV show - Piha Rescue - about it), I think I'm with a bunch of people on a school trip. We have to take a plane or something to get around to another beach just around the corner because the tide isn't low enough to walk to it yet. I don't actually recall flying there though.. We're at the other beach now, I remember talking with a couple people and watching as the waves crashed on the shore. Suddenly the tide rises really high, the water pours onto the beach and floods the shore. There's only about 3 metres of space between the shoreline and the cliff behind us. I'm rushing over in the direction of Piha beach which is cut off from us by a headland. I run up the side of the headland, it's only like 2 metres high on our side, yet on the other side there is a 50m drop into a deep estuary. I peer down over the cliff and wonder if we can all jump over to swim back? A shark! I see a 2-3m long shark swimming about in the estuary channel. Damn... It isn't too big, it might not attack us? Too risky. Eventually we all decide to head back via the other alternatives: plane, skyline gondola and another way... A boat I think? I end up taking the plane, it's pretty small and can't fit more than 10 people max. We're flying now, wait a second something is wrong I think we start to plummet a bit because something is stopping the plane flaps from moving. Looking in front of me I realize I've been resting my arms on something that's stopping the plane from maneuvering properly, oops O_O. I move my arms and we set ourselves a bit straighter but... It wasn't enough. I think we crash land though it was more like a shudder and violent sudden stop.

      Dream experience: 3 (pretty standard dream, the shark experience was the most exciting part)
      Dream awareness: 1 (not very aware but used basic problem-solving)
    4. #165 - Courtyard / Plane pilot / Pillow fight

      by , 11-26-2015 at 11:48 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Day 1 of fixing my awful recall managed to get 3 dream snippets which I forced myself to try and remember (trying to get 3 per night). I slept in this morning to make sure I got another dream in the bag too. I couldn't help but go to sleep late last night (11:30ish) because my dad had been trying to set up his watch gadget thing with me.

      Dream 1 - Courtyard
      I remember vaguely walking around and talking to some people in the courtyard of a town (like something out of an RPG game) and it was a nice sunny day.

      Dream 2 - Plane pilot
      I was the pilot of a plane (a big plane) and I literally can't remember anything else

      Dream 3 - Pillow fight
      Me, a hot girl and another guy were in a house, I think we were in the lounge. I had a pillow and blanket, they had a pillow each and either a blanket or a small mattress. We were rolling around on the ground pillow fighting which was really fun. Me and the other guy both seemed to be flirting with the girl, I remember rolling and landing a good pillow strike at her and then whipping my blanket over her which was cool.
    5. #164 - Plane spinning

      by , 11-24-2015 at 10:43 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Once again I was too busy during the day and didn't get the chance to write this up until now (~10:30pm)

      Dream - Plane Spinning
      I was at my parents house where there was some sort of test going on, designed to determine your 'spirit power' or something. I remember walking from the kitchen into the lounge and I'd finished the test in this moment, my spirit was apparently the best. This high spirit meant I could qualify as a teacher which was what my friend Zac had wanted to be. Though, I wanted to be a bounty hunter which a high spirit wasn't really necessary for. There were other 'skills' which you needed to get these jobs too but I don't recall there being any specifics.

      Some time later I think we must be outside on the deck by the lounge, we're listening to something about bouncy balls. I look above me and peer at the sky, seeing a powerful stream of air flowing visibly in the sky. This part stuck out to me visually as I don't think I'd seen anything like it before and it was pretty intense looking. Besides me is an old school mate, Jeff. I alert him to the air streaming above us but he isn't interested, he just wants to learn about bouncy balls. Suddenly there's a big plane which flies in from that air stream in a nose-dive. It pulls up and levels out but the entire plane is spinning very very very fast. I remember thinking that even if they stopped spinning, the passengers would be dead from the intensity of the spin. Its wings look munted and it soars over my house (within like 20m) towards a tree. If it can't pull up the plane is screwed I think... I feel like there was a bit of dream glitch here, the plane collides with the tree and breaks so branches, somehow it stops spinning but then it's further back and it has to pull up now and go over the tree. Like it had two chances?..
    6. #144 - alarms suck

      by , 10-30-2015 at 08:41 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)

      So close to achieving a WILD lucid last night, SO CLOSE. I did a WBTB around 2:15 for ~5 minutes, then went back to bed and did some SSILD cycles. After getting through the cycles perfectly I decided to move into a more comfortable position and head to sleep. I had actually wanted to WILD during the process but it didn't happen so I was hopeful that I would get a DILD later on. It took me ages to fall asleep again though, the increase in awareness from SSILD kept me awake for ages... Finally though, I started to feel a dream forming... The images I was experiencing, the movement of my body in the dream world. I could feel myself transitioning into the dream state. I was walking and I looked at the ground, it was concrete. There was a large industrial building to me left, a car park to my right and a main road ahead of me. The first thing to enter my head was to shout 'stabilize' and get some foothold in the dreamscape. Ding-ding-ding-ding-ding-ding! Just as I had felt myself enter this dream, just as I was sure that this time I would succeed at a WILD, just as I was about to break my dry spell... I wake up suddenly to the sound of my alarm. Oh my f*cking god O_O. I had set another alarm for 4:30am to wake me up for a DEILD. *calms self*. I turned it off with minimal movement and tried for the next 10 minutes to get back that WILD with no luck. Couldn't be more pissed . All that time spent to get a failed WILD and then I barely had any dreams because my sleep was short

      Dream 1 - Asian wife in the future
      It's like 20 years in the future, I had been married to a beautiful asian woman and we had a half-cast daughter together. I remember being ambitious and wanting to travel around the world for work. But my wife was 'terrestrially anxious' which apparently meant she didn't like being off land (i.e. in a plane or boat). So she remained in the country while I went overseas, we split up because of it. My daughter was half-cast asian in this dream and was overseas with me in my fancy house or something. I was happy, but I missed my wife. My daughter wondered why we had even split up but she wouldn't understand. I think I decide to head back overseas to my wife on a plane and try and get back together with her.
    7. #141 - Hime / Skateboarding / Plane ride / Class

      by , 10-27-2015 at 11:29 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)

      Slept from 10:30pm - 8:15am, I think I was pretty tired from getting used to ADA and meditation + studying for exams.

      Last night I found it hard recalling dreams, I had to really sit there and think for a while. My dreams were also very vivid, so much detail which I think may be a result of practicing ADA.

      Dream 1 - Hime
      A called this dream Hime, because in my dream it meant 'home' in another language. I felt like I was in a foreign country like Switzerland or the Netherlands maybe. I remember being outside a house and looking at a letterbox with 'Hime' on it, there was a warm and welcoming middle-aged lady who smiled cheerfully at me. This was her home. I think there was also something sex related, as I remember it talking about safe-sex and giving out a few packets of condoms. The scenery was blanketed in white snow too, this dream was surprisingly clear and vivid but I couldn't recall much.

      Dream fragment - I may have been an assassin, it was quite a brief dream snippet but I just get the feeling it was related to assassins.

      Dream 2 - Skateboarding
      I remember skateboarding in this dream and it was AMAZING. I don't skate in RL but this was awesome. It's like some kind of skating track in the hills, with jagged schistose rocks (like greyschist) around. Along the course were these tunnels too. I was at the beginning of the course with a couple friends, Sam and Aaron. There's some fragment about a plane at this point but I can't recall what. I go onto the course first, I'm skating down this narrow dirt track that shouldn't be able to accommodate a skateboard. There's all these jutting rocks that you have to dodge on your way down. The first tunnel comes up and I duck, gliding into the darkness then shooting out the other side. 'This is incredible!' I think to myself, I really want to video it and show it to my girlfriend. I slow down slightly so I can fumble around in my pockets to get my phone out. Zoom! Through another tunnel and out the other side. It's too hard to start videoing whilst skating so I stop now and move off to the side so I can set it up. My friends catch up, and decide to stop and wait up for me too. We sit off on the site in the grass on top of a jutting rock outcrop. My friend Aaron says he's going to make tea from some plants for later (like we're supposed to be gathering our own supplies or something). I look at the plants he's looking at and touch one, it looks like a stinging nestle. God damn it. Remembering my past experience with them I wonder if I should warn him, though after touching it I don't think it is a stinging nestle. The other is a small Kowhai. Both of these are only 30cm tall max. He says he doesn't know what the leaves are but they should work . Looking down the route a bit more I see some other people, I recall seeing them at the start. One had a distinctive fake-looking black afro and pimply white skin and acts like a very bro kind of dude. They're probably about 50 metres away, I think the scene slightly changed as the area is bigger than before with a grass field nearby with a couple trees on it. In the distance there's a vast looking landscape with mountains. Further up the skating route I spot Sam's younger brother, Laurence. He's here with his mates it seems. I think me and my mates walked down on the grass and one of the guys passes by heading towards Laurence's crowd, he makes a remark towards me "Oh look the planes coming down!" sarcastically pointing at a plane in the sky. He continues walking and as I look up I notice that suddenly the plane is actually in trouble. It looks like one of the wings has broken off (it's a small plane). I sprint forward keeping an eye on the plane, it'll maybe crash about a 5-20 minute run away (it seemed far away and at times it seemed close)? I don't know if I'll be the first on the scene but I have to try something. I decide to head to the building on the grass near me, it's blocked the view of the plane from the others so I'm the only one who knows it's crashing. I rushing in and opena door into hallway. At the end I spot a woman drinking a cup of coffee unaware of the crashing plane. I turn left and out of another door onto the backyard. Looking up I spot the part of the plane that had fallen off, it's about 50m in the air and being blown about by the wind. I keep running, it's heading in my direction and crashes near me. I think about how the lady inside must be shocked. I look up at the plane, it falls out of sight beyond an edge on the hill I'm on. I sprint faster and come to the edge - fwoop! Off the edge I go, it was apparently a cliff? I manage to reach an arm out and grab hold of the ledge, hanging by one arm over a huge fall... It must be about a 500m fall into a forest. The ledge I'm hanging from is slightly undercut, I imagine that it will start crumbing under my weight soon unless I hurry up. I reach my right arm up and grab the ledge, trying distribute my weight a bit. I shuffle my left arm forward and get my elbow on, good, this should be okay now...
      Uh oh, I spot a crack in the wall as I lift my head above the edge, I have to hurry, it starts crumbling and giving way like loose sand. I'm a goner now, I know I'll die so I just decide to wake up instead.

      Dream 3 - Plane ride
      I'm in a plane with my friend Daniel and then later on I'm at his house. I go into the kitchen and his dad is there. We're all talking and I mention something about it being nice to have been able to catch a plane with a friend for a change instead of going alone. He says that we never caught a plane together... What?! I'm sure we did, but as I think about it I realize that I must have just dreamed about it . I don't become aware that I'm still dreaming though . I think I had been messaging my girlfriend on skype and then she called me. We had been talking about finally being able to meet up this holidays. She crying on the phone, we probably can't meet up this holiday anymore as she wants to spend time with her granddad who is dying from cancer. She says something like "Nothing is too good to wait for 3 months" - which translated to meaning if we love each other we can handle waiting another 3 months. Damn it. There's also a bunch of background noise going on, I notice vividly the sounds going on... Her voice, her crying, the sound of Lord of the Rings playing on the TV at her house, the sound of cars zooming past as if she was also outside. Even the subtle conversation of my friend and his dad behind me.

      Dream 4 - Class
      Another vivid dream from last night, which I forgot most of ... I remember being in my home village but I think it's related to having some kind of skill/power and it leads me to getting placed in a special educational class for the gifted. In this class I sit at the back left of the room next to the wall. The teacher at the front is teaching us random stuff, it feels like some kind of manga story-line progression where I can tell what the future plot line is supposed to be. The author doesn't know a great deal of science so the learning is restricted to basic stuff at first but later on advances to some serious chemistry. The classmates I have aren't all human I think, I remember one girl had the skin around her lips kind of pulled back so her teeth were exposed. It wasn't creepy looking though, just 'normal' in this dream world I guess. I remember some kind of alien joins the class, not seriously at first but something happens and he wants to join the team. He sits at his desk to the right of me and I notice him writing out a list of alien names in four columns about 5 names long in each column. He's a poison master which is apparently quite rare and powerful. Everyone has to turn their desks now, I'm now in the front row (we turned to the left). The teacher is now in the front of the class a bit to my right. I'm by the other wall now where I'm sitting, I see the piece of paper the alien had written the names on. He's one of us now, I pick it up and unfold it, and hand it over to him in a friendly manner. I sit down again, the teacher comes near me and starts writing on the wall right next to me, I look up at the board (which is on the wall next to me that he seems to be writing on) and see a plethora of complex math equations. It's insane. I look at all these numbers and stuff and it's so vivid, I think to myself that I hope he doesn't ask me to answer any of this -.- I haven't studied this before. He goes back to the front of the class and there's apparently a mix up with this board that he's supposed to be using at the front of the class. It's like a diagram thing that is supposed to be in another room. Some people come in and he's a bit confused, they take their board back and the teacher starts looking around for the correct diagram board. The girl with the retracted skin around her lips comes up and finds it, putting it up on the board for the teacher. I think she smiles at me but it's hard to tell O_O.
    8. #130 - skydiving / pool party

      by , 10-14-2015 at 10:14 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)

      Dream fragment - Skydiving
      I remember jumping off from something in the sky (probably a plane but I don't know). It was so high up, when I jumped there was a plane in the air somewhere below me so I swooped down near it. I wasn't the only one jumping either, and it was more like I was flying than actually falling. I remember circling around the cockpit and looking inside, the pilots were stunned to see me. I then let myself fly near the wing, the suction from the turbine seemed to be pulling me in but I managed to push myself away from it with willpower. I think I skydived about 3 times?

      Dream - Pool Party
      I wake up in a building, it seems like some sort of residential hall or lodging. The floor is wooden and I think I was sleeping on it in a sleeping bag. I remember seeing my friend John, the time was about 8-9 so he decided to go ahead of me and head to class at uni because we didn't have karate practice today. Karate? I seem to have signed up for the karate club and now I know it's also supposed to be the first day of school. I look around and pack my bag, but I notice the instructor for the karate club actually getting ready for something so I realize there is club activities today.. And for some reason in the area that I originally woke up in? I walk over and stand on the yoga mat. Putting down my stuff and trying to shift my sleeping bag, bowl and 2 spoons out of the way for some space (apparently I had breakfast unknowingly). We start with some aerobics stuff which really disappoints me, I was really looking forward to sparring because in the dream I seem to be a skilled fighter . Some music turns on and the karate teacher starts moving around doing some dance that we all follow, I try to keep up but I have no clue what to do and end up doing everything slightly behind everyone else. I'm not wearing any shoes or socks and I feel like there's crumbs all over the damn ground too. I try to kick it away while dancing and end up shifting it onto another persons mat by accident. The dance thing kind of ends and some kind of poncy pool party happens. Yes, there is now a pool in my room O_O. We get complimentary omurice-pancakes, which are actually just normal pancakes that are really bland. I recognize some of the people as having similar faces to some old friends in high school, the girls are quite pretty and seem to have a really upper-class vibe. Most of them are in bikinis and board shorts. There's a lady from the karate club going around and offering these incredible looking melted chocolate balls. They look so good but you have to pay for them. I realize that there's no point wasting money on them so I just ignore them. I spot one of the characters from the Home and Away TV show cast (just googled it, his name is Luke Mitchell or 'Romeo Smith' on the show). He's encouraging people to dance to the music but I pat him on the back and politely excuse myself, I have to get to class. My class starts at 10 and it's nearly 9. I can't quite recall if it was part of this dream but I remember driving/being driven down a road in my home town (it felt like it happened earlier but the dream logic would mean it happened last?).
    9. #107 - turtles

      by , 08-21-2015 at 10:31 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: non-dream
      Blue: non-lucid
      Red: lucid

      Dream - beach with turtles
      I think I flew into town on a plane, but it became a train at some point.. I'm on the beach now and I hop off of the train. The sand is wet and stretches far with the suns orange sunset glow giving it a nice sheen at the right angle. I see the train turning to leave but I'm not ready to go with it, it disappears and I continue on with walking around. There's a little pond of water in the sand and I spot a couple turtles in it, they're just chilling out. I think I circle round and find another hole that has turtle eggs. They're pretty big and look so delicate, they have this lime green spider web pattern over them which looked cool. I continue walking again and come to another hole, this time I realize that it's not habitable for turtles due to the giant centipedes in there, I decide to kill them via cutting them in half with something(?).
    10. #88 - Just a catch up

      by , 05-21-2015 at 12:02 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: Non-dream
      Blue: Non-lucid
      Red: Lucid

      So I have had a lot of dreams lately, of which I distinctly remember 2. I still haven't been free enough from university to dedicate any time to lucid dreaming but my stress dreams are pretty memorable.

      Dream 1 - A plane ride
      It wouldn't be memorable if it was just a simple plane ride... I'm on an airport runway and a small plane the size of my room zooms towards me (imagine a real life boeing 747 scaled down a lot to the point where no one could fit inside), I grab hold of it for dear life as it takes off into the sky. It's hard to explain what was going on, I wrapped myself around the plane with my legs tucked under and arms over the top, the wing of the plane pressing into my thigh. I knew this was completely impossible and everytime that thought crossed my mind I would realize how fickle the situation was and start slipping a bit, only to grip on even tighter. I note the intense realism around me too, the whipping wind and clouds of moist air, the yellow light that beams from the horizon... At some point the stress must have been too much because I ended up getting inside somehow, the airplane was roomy and the story arc for the dream took a more sinister turn

      I walk along the aisle of the plane and I know that there's aliens outside, evil evil evil aliens. Why? Not a clue...
      I hear knocking on the airplane door, it opens by itself and a flight attendant is standing there.
      She probably would have looked good if she were in a less condensed form, it was like her entire body was a slinky that needed to be stretched out, I instantly knew that it was an alien in the guise of a human being. I point out its flaw to it, not really realizing that the flight attendant was actually hovering on what seemed like nothing, and also that the scenery outside gave the impression we were on a countryside train. She disappears quickly with a smile, a moment later a grey-brown veiny hand with extremely long spindly fingers wraps its hands around the door frame as if pulling itself inside.
      I don't remember much more than this though...

      Everything in this dream seemed so fuckin' intense... yet I don't feel like telling it did much justice haha.

      Dream 2 - Trying to protect someone
      I seemed to be on a mountain with my daughter and some friends, the scenery is beautiful and stretches on for miles in some directions. In one direction there seemed to be a large valley, across of which there was a large mountain with a lot of scree on it. I remember yelling and showing to the others that we could make it echo, then they copy but I tell them to stop or they'll make an avalanche...
      They didn't stop in time though, the ringing of our voices in the mountains was met by a grating, crumbling, ground shaking movement. I picked up my daughter as the ground slid beneath me, I see in the distance the scree on the other mountain turning into an avalanche too... I only slide a few metres before sliding into a pool at the bottom of a small slope I had been on, but the rocks keep piling up and I worry about my daughter as I hold her high above me so she doesn't' get hurt.

      I woke up shortly after this, sad and disturbed, wishing I could have finished the dream with a happy ending
    11. #39 - Pedal Plane/Flying Boat

      by , 10-25-2014 at 10:29 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: Non-dream
      Blue: Non-lucid
      Red: Lucid

      Didn't fall asleep until 2am, tried FILD and SSILD together but only had a brief moment of 'hmm is this a dream' which I was okay with, it was a pretty cool dream.

      Dream 1 - Pedal Plane
      So I meet a stranger, he has these blue overalls on. We team up, he's extremely bad-ass, got a cold demeanor about him but is on a quest to do good. He gets into bad ass 'ranger' clothing, like Aragorn or something out of Lord of the Rings... We go on a short-lived adventure to save the kingdom or something, but on our way we find out something changed and we can't do anything anymore. We're in typical New Zealand bushy scenery the whole time, travelling alongside a small stream. The stranger is back in his blue overalls again, and walks away down the stream, I shout out "I'll just stick with you for a while until I find out where I'm going next" since we no longer had any reason to stay teamed up. He says "Fine with me", and sounds subtly happy about it but doesn't show it. I grab my stuff and run to catch up with him, the stream we've been travelling along has grown bigger by now. A couple of people are canoeing up it, the stranger says he'll handle it and proceeds to talk to them. One of the people is the spitting image of a friend, M, and the other is a random girl who is apparently nutty... They converse and M mentions that the way ahead is blocked my a massive boulder landslide about 100 metres high. There is a plane he mentions that is man-powered by a pedal bike too. I spot it stuck in a tree, he said he would have used it had it been possible to get it down and to a decent launching area. I just go for it, I hop on and start pedalling like crazy, the planes propellers rotate like crazy and the plane manages to get off the tree, and over a cliff beneath it. I fall down and jump off the plane, I grab a super-flexible branch on a tall tree that's at the bottom of the cliff, it flexes down all the way to the ground and I land softly. Dayum.
      I turn around to see an expansive green grassy field, to my left is a car park. I look up and the bike from the plane is plummeting downwards, it has a pole beneath it that was attached to the plane and impales car. <-- my expression. I know somehow that this is the car of the nutty girl! I hear a scream from the hills above, I just turn around and bolt onto the fields. To my right I see her sprinting out of the bushes and chasing after me just shouting random stuff about beating me up (I found this funny in the dream, like I could talk her down and joke to her about it innocently being an accident or something ).
      The dream ends here.

      I cement as much of the dream to memory, then push it to the back of my mind and start trying SSILD and FILD. I got a bit confused of how I was meant to do this, was I meant to do it at the same time? I ended up giving up on the FILD pretty quickly as I just got confused, but managed a few cycles of SSILD.

      Dream 2 - Flying Boat
      I'm outside at my home (dream sign), bouncing on trampolines. There's three of them, each is slightly different, two are next to each other at the bottom of the slope in our backyard next to the apple tree, the other is slightly lower and is halfway beneath the trampoline I'm jumping on. I think I might have been doing back flips? Not sure. Anyways. I look up and spot a flying boat, this absolutely blows me away. It's so vivid and clear, it's coming out of a cloud and it's red and huge (like a cargo crate transporter boat). I think to myself how odd and amazing it is, and how there's no way that it could be real... Sadly I didn't get lucid. I notice the boat start to tilt, it's falling. I sprint off the trampoline and up the stairs to the deck. I turn around and see the huge boat crash into the ground. The impact created huge tidal waves of water that swelled and crashed over the trees and surrounded my house. Suddenly it's like we're in the middle of ocean during a storm, it's raining, windy, and now the sky is dark and overcast with flashes of lightning. I spot a wayward yellow boat float upside my house (which has somewhat turned into a boat, there is deck beneath the deck I was on now too). My dad shouts something about tying up the boat, I bolt down the stairs and grab a hook attached to some rope. I seem to fiddle around as if my right hand just became stupid or something, it's pretty much slapping the hook onto a rung but just bouncing off and I can't figure out why. I turn it around and try it again, it works. Yay. My dad says 'well done' or something and the dream ends.