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    The Oneironaut's Odyssey

    An Argonaut of the dream world, the Oneironaut. Every night a journey, every dream an adventure, every moment a treasure.

    1. #240 - Oh so powerful

      by , 05-10-2016 at 10:42 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Surprised how much I managed to write down in the morning.. I typed it out on my phone before I got up, it didn't feel like much to remember though. This will probably be the only way for me to write my dreams up now, since I'm rising at 5:30am and then I'm hustlin' and bustlin' around to get to work.

      I'm outside where there's green grass around, there's supposedly 3 classes (there's 3 of us). 2 of us are running around chasing the one another, they resemble Sterling and Lana from the show 'Archer'. They're just being goofy, I kind of see things in 3rd person next to the other class character. There's something about a hedge wall they're running around, it shifts and moves places which doesn't make much sense to me. I forget how, but 2 of the classes die and I'm the last one remaining. I think how silly it is, I'm not even the strongest. The other guy was super powerful and talented for his class but I ended up being the one to live (I seem to miss them or something).

      I'm in a cave now, there's a huge tombstone sized book latched across my back. I swing it off and plant it upright on the ground, then kneel before it. It has 'game-like' options displayed on it, oddly enough. Is it really a book? I'm quite powerful at this point, having gone a long way since my friends died. I'm trying to get some sort of power from here though.

      Now I'm at a place that resembles my old primary school, I'm brawling with this ginger white guy but he's not really a match for me (I don't think there's anything 'power' or 'magic' related going on either). We fight 2-3 times without really going hard enough to have a 'winner'. The guy is also a real douche, like SUPER douchey.

      I'm now in my house, just randomly sitting on the toilet in the bathroom with the door open (NO I'm not doing anything, the seats were down, I might have been brushing my teeth and too lazy to stand I think?). The mother of white ginger guy comes in, she's super hot and beautiful dark skinned woman, but a bit older than me (in her 30s I think? But still really hot). She gives me a bag of pills, it's supposed to be medicine for helping with my eating. Apparently she thought I had vomited because there was a bit of pumpkin in the sink. I have to explain to her that it was from when I rinsed my bowl, since I made a red curry with pumpkin in it (the bathroom is right next to my room, I don't do this but it's really plausible in RL). It's considerate of her to do that, she's nice. Much nicer than her douchey son. I get up and we walk out into the hallway, we're talking by my room and I kind of head her in there. She's in the doorway in front of me (I'm still in the hallway). I say how it's kind of her to give those to me, then say "But I'd much rather have you". She gets all bashful and blushes, I lead her further into my room intending to tease her. There's people in the house and it's broad daylight and we know we really SHOULDN'T, but it feels naughty . I start kissing her, we're in my room now and the door is wide open. We're still safe since I can't hear anyone down this end of the house. I sit on the bed and pull her onto my lap so she's riding. Kissing her again, she turns away shyly so I can't see her blushing. I make her turn back look at me, she's really pretty. We start having sex *somehow* through our clothes, enough to make us really want it but we have to stop before someone passes by. I then wake up.

      Sooo yeah, from goofy start to adventure, street brawling and sexy time. Twas good.
    2. #215 - Hunted by a friend?

      by , 03-22-2016 at 08:02 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      It was day time on a school trip, there was a group of us and something about a killer on the loose. He was apparently after us and more specifically, me. We were on a bus at one point and I remember seeing other kids on another bus, they were in the same group or something as the killer and are his accomplices. Wait, so the killer is a kid?
      I'm in a building now, it's the hotel or whatever that the class is staying at. I'm sitting at a desk and I'm Malcolm from Malcolm in the Middle. I had earned money from doing something (I think selling notes for class) and bought a gun for self protection. It's night time here and the gun is in front of me on the desk under the light of a small lamp, then the killer shows up. I can't remember how but I shot at the killer which was lucky because he had a gun too. But it's surprising because the killer is actually Aaron, a childhood best friend. I remember getting a scolding from the teacher (I mean after all, I'm like 10 in this dream and I have a gun..), later on I end up with my gun again but this time there's modifications. Oh sweet modern technology for being so damn cool. This part was really vivid and awesome, I added heaps of attachments to the gun I had, turning it into a full on rifle. There's a firing range which I shoot at twice, jesus that's powerful. I fiddle around with the rifle and dismantle bits and pieces before reassembling it, there are lots of details here that I can't write up. I'm in my room again and I have the gun... Wait, what was that? I swear that I heard something but it was just so faint.. I raise my gun slightly and then as if he was just going to peek around the corner, I see the killed (Aaron) poke his head through my door.
      *BOOM* I have a sort of panic moment where I let loose a couple bullets in his direction, he's stunned that he didn't get the jump on me and that I have a huge ****ing gun. He ends up getting apprehended in the end..

      I also remember something about a killer except this time he has a square upper arm scabbard which has a dagger sheathed in it. He jumped out in a comic-book fashion with lines of effect whizzing past him while he drew his weapon and prepared to stabby stab..
      nightmare , non-lucid
    3. #190 - Treehouse / Han Solo / School mischief / Geology math

      by , 01-18-2016 at 03:31 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream 1 - Treehouse
      I remember it was night time and I was in this tree village place where people liked to build houses in trees. There was a gondola that led up into the trees and I think my brother was with me, he was making a house I think. Later on we ended up on a bus that was going through the city during day time.

      Dream 2 - Han Solo
      nREM type dream where I was imagining some star wars related stuff. There was a conversation with Han Solo and I remember seeing the Millenium Falcon flying around in space

      Dream 3 - School Mischief
      I remember that I wasn't wearing correct uniform or something, I was standing next to my friend Sorabh (who I haven't seen in like 5 years) and we were at the base of a cliff. There was some activity involved where you had to rock climb I think as I remember him holding onto a rope. My mum looks over the edge down at us and we both get in trouble. We walk up to meet her and she rants off at me. I get all angry and just explode a series of words about how I'm dealing with shit and she lets me off. I walk off and I get a slight smile tweaking at the edge of my face, I felt like I knew I would be let off if I said that stuff. I see Sorabh again and he's grinning a 'Whoa dude' face at me

      Dream 4 - Geology math
      In a classroom with desks, we have to do a sheet of homework but I haven't bothered doing it. Hmm maybe we can just do it in class to help with study? It's not due for a week I think. I talk to the guy next to me about this and we sort of team up. There's a bunch of really buff dudes walking past, I remember them from earlier as the gym junkies, they're carrying sacks of potatoes. I remember from earlier on that they were eating some nice looking potatoes too, they must be restocking for dinner later.
    4. #188 - Mission Possible

      by , 01-16-2016 at 08:09 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      In retrospect the whole idea of this dream just cracks me up

      Dream - Mission Possible
      It's day time and I'm outside the school building with 2 friends (one of them is Matt). We're being very sneaky, we're on a mission given to all students to form small groups and obtain a bunch of certain items. We're down to the last item: a can of tuna from the school fridge! Ever so sneakily we walk down a gravel path between two buildings, the building we need to infiltrate is the one on the left. I turn back to see my companions, then looking ahead I see a person suddenly round the corner. My heart skips a beat, OH **** is it a teacher?!?!? Nope it's a student, phew. I ask him something and he tells us there's no point in sneaking, we can literally just walk in there and take the can of tuna. Hmm, I think about his for a second...
      Of course you can just walk in there... Why would the teachers guard a fridge stocked with tuna . We casually continue now, and turn left and walk through the front door of the building. Honestly this place just resembles a 2 story red brick flat, there's nothing school-like about it. It's absolute chaos in here as students are cramming to get by the fridge which is rapidly being depleted of tuna cans. There's 2 types of tuna containers in there, one is a can and the other is plastic, we can only succeed with the can variety. My 2 companions stop to take their shoes off since that's apparently what you're supposed to do. I realize that the cans are almost gone though and decide to rebel a little I keep my shoes on and walk straight to the room with the fridge. There's a girl in front of me who gets one of the last cans, I ask her if she can see any more in there and she kindly looks for me. She grabs one at the back and hands me it, while continuing to search for some other people too. The dream gets a bit distorted now as my daughter is now one of my companions, I stoop down to let her hold onto 2 of the cans of plastic tuna (which I didn't actually pick up in the first place) since she wanted to help. In her own words "I can do it myshwelf" so cute.
    5. #173 - Carny / Black Leech / Tripppyyy / Herion

      by , 12-05-2015 at 10:43 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Dream 1 - Carny (02:00)
      There's a park and forest, a few snippets of a carny that I walked past (it resembled one I had seen a couple days ago). I also remember there being something about a dinosaur fossil in the ground, reminded me of a t-rex (probably due to going to the museum recently).

      Dream experience: 0 (meh)
      Dream awareness: 0 (meh)

      Dream 2 - Black Leech (04:04)
      I remember a meandering river flowing in a flood plain near some mountains. The flood plains were lightly forested and the river had some large rounded oval pebbles in the river bed.
      Later I was in a neighbourhood where I live (not in RL), I remember thinking that some creepy guy might end up attacking me with a black leech/slug (it was about the length of a persons hand and quite thick). I looked out of my window to the neighbours house and saw that there was a black slug doing a little sideways scuttle up the inside of their window (it looked like it was trying to 'walk'). Poor thing, it's retarded, and it's struggling at the corner. I wake up (FA) and reach around to my back (with a pseudo arm) and touch the tip of what I imagined was the head of the slug. Ugh, I might die :/ damn. Though I'm not too panicked for some reason, like I know that nothing bad will happen. My reasoning is also that it's only halfway up my back so I can pull it off before it reaches the place it's supposed to bite to kill me. I think that creepy guy must have ordered it from the deep web. I kind of realize that all this is going on in my head and wake up properly.

      Dream experience: 5 (pretty vivid, the leech was pretty interesting)
      Dream awareness: 2 (a little more and I may have been lucid)

      Dream 3 - Tripppyyy (05:33)
      I woke up and tried recalling my dream, doing a mediocre job at it. I don't think I actually moved, and ended up doing an unintentional DEILD (does this mean I win Emnition? ). I was thinking about another lucid I have had in the past about Adventure Time (never happened). We were in a cart being pulled along and I was Finn, next to me was Jake the Dog (in full cartoon mode too). From the get go I was semi-lucid, knowing it was a dream without really properly thinking about it though. Things were a little.. trippy. Hmm, I want to be me though. I change perspective and become Jake now. Still not what I wanted, I look at Finn now and see a little mini Jake jumping around slowly, his colour looks darker than it should be, and I know that he isn't Jake because I'm Jake right now. I want to try be me again, so I slowly will my own body to be formed, I separate from Jake and move in between Finn and Jake, sitting between them on the moving cart. It's a weird thing to describe because I felt a bit.. formless, and things around me were still a bit trippy, I guess I should elaborate on the 'trippy' thing. Basically everything had a liquidness to it, seeming to have slightly shifting forms, unstable. Ugh, everything kind of intensifies slightly in that trippy state, to my right I look at Finn, hmmm? His chest now has... Boobs. They're growing and shrinking and moving around in slow-mo (not at all like a boob should). It reminds me of a slime monster or something. Both Finn and Jake are asleep on either side of me.. Things become way more lucid and I know I'm dreaming for sure but I have no way of taming the intense instability and liquidness of the dream. I reach out and grab Finns boobie. I feel it slightly but my sense of touch is a bit dim. I involuntarily float forward and turn towards him so we're more or less facing each other, but he dissolves into a new image. The whole world is changing around me like crazy. Colours and spiraling stuff.. It reforms into me looking at the side of a red car, just at where the petrol goes into. The cover over the petrol tank has a flat red face on it and it's smiling at me (same red as the car). What the? I give it a little slap/pat on its face and it keeps smiling at me. This is so weird. I try to properly stabilize the dream now, 'Stabilize!' I shout, I clap my hands, but did I? I feel like I'm clapping them in RL. Am I waking up? I open my eyes. Hmm.. That was, something? I decide not to move and keep my eyes closed, not because I wanted to re-enter the dream but because I wanted to listen to it fade away and feel the other sensations.
      "tzzzzzzzzzzzz" a static fills the air and there's black and white tv-like shimmying lights in front of my eyes. Did I just DEILD again? Lots of faces start forming in the static, just black and white outlines. This scares me quite a bit and I feel like my heart sped up. "Calm down, something bad will happen if you think it will" I manage to quell some of the rising tension about my current state. The faces kind of dissole and the black and white static merges to a dark background. In the middle is the statue of a pharaoh looking at me, unmoving. It begins floating off to the side now, out of my line of sight. In front of me the dream world forms once more and I see a wrist resting on a table. The wrist has a watch on it, and I think it might possibly be my wrist. It must be late at night since the background is still quite dark. On the watch there are glowing numbers since it's digital, the number '7' sticks out to me. There are other things on it but it changes a bit too much so I don't bother with it. I think I tried getting up and moving a bit but I can't remember anything else and I think I woke up shortly after. It was still a bit unstable but not nearly as trippy as the last.

      Dream experience: 8 (Wow so trippy, I think I've had trippy dreams before but this one takes the cake)
      Dream awareness: 4-5 (I was completely aware I was lucid, I could control things but I couldn't stabilize or actually do things properly)

      Dream fragments
      - I remember there being a really long rope suspended like 100m in the air which a whole bunch of people (including me) were standing on, there was another rope above it which you could also hold onto. I remember seeing a video a while ago about a woman in a gym straightening her legs on a weight machine which caused her leg to uhh.. bend the wrong way? And pretty much snapped. It really grossed me out, why do people post that stuff on FB :/. Basically in the dream there was a guy who had a similar thing happen to him, he stood underneath the top rope and straightened his legs pushing it up, but the rope was too strong and pushed down.. It broke his legs and they bent the wrong way and he fell off and died. I remember thinking that he was an idiot though

      -Something about alien civilization which has been buried, they had the ability to teleport.

      Dream 4 - Heroin (07:38)
      I remember thinking that the Nazis had one big regret during their time of power, I turn my head and look at a bunch of high school kids bustling to get into a big auditorium. Some had been locked out, but everyone was organised from tallest to smallest so the really short people were at the back (this meant mostly girls were at the back). I'm now a part of the school, and for some reason I had an idea to flirt around with those chicks who got locked out. I approach and the idea is gone and I'm now thinking of a way to get inside and decide to just teleport. I teleport in and open the door for everyone else. I think I'm a little annoyed with everything, and plan to hit the fire alarm and then make a run for it... There's cameras around though. I manage to find a way, I smash an alarm in then bolt out a door on the side of the auditorium just before the teacher could turn and see who did it. "Phew" I think, now I just need to avoid the cameras. I run around and skirt the edges of the auditorium to avoid the cameras, but they're the black orb type and I have the feeling that they can see everything around them. I rejoin the masses evacuating from the main entrance and follow them. But I see some students getting told off for doing their Maori dance hobby. "what the hell? Why can't they do it?" I wonder, I walk over to a white roguish character who seems to be in charge, and he tells me the story (which occurs in a flashback with me present). The teacher tells them they can't do it it for some lame reason like "it's because it's not official you can't do it as a playtime hobby" or something. I was annoyed, since I thought it was impressive for these guys to group together and form a dance group without any supervision. I can't remember what happens next.. But I think I'm talking to the white guy leader of the group, he's gotten into heroin now since they can't do the dance group. I try and smack some sense into him, he's going through withdrawal and wants another fix but I stop him. "Do you even know how much pain you'll be in when you're going through withdrawal? The spasms haven't even started yet. This is why people don't even let themselves do it once, because they get F*cked up" (I said something along those lines...). I also remember thinking of analogies, like how people say to try everything once, but I told the guy he shouldn't do heroin even once. I used the analogy of me falling off a cliff and how it can effect you for the rest of your life. Then I make heroin sound worse since it causes neural injuries rather than physical ones. There's another skin head dude hanging around who keeps squeezing heroin out of needles and shooting them like water pistols at me. What a dick. I think I end up doing heroin but I'm not sure why? When I wake up he's hovering over me and I get the feeling like he may have stabbed me with a dirty needle while I was passed out. This guy really is scary looking O_O.

      Dream experience: 6 (felt pretty emotional during this, passionate about the dancers and trying to help them, it was quite vivid)
      Dream awareness: 2 (only a little bit more and I may have been lucid)

      I think my awareness rating is 0-2 = non-lucid and 3+ is lucid.
    6. #172 - Unpacked / Octopi / Wnghigh

      by , 12-05-2015 at 08:10 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Finally got 3 dreams in a night again ^_^

      Dream 1 - Unpacked (02:42)
      We had just got back from a camping trip for class, some people hadn't bothered to unpack their things supposedly (the camp was 6 months long I think). I was one of the people who needed to unpack too but I took my bag and went out again. After a long period of time passed (another 18 months) everyone returned to the camp which then recommenced. I hadn't unpacked for 2 years now! We had a good deal going with the campus owners and we were allowed to stay there in these average rooms for free. I gathered with 3 others in a room with a couch, one was a blonde girl, another was a girl called Tooley, and the last was some random guy. It felt like when I knew Tooley was there I started.. bragging? I fibbed a bit with some of the details, but basically I was saying that I hadn't unpacked in 2 years (I had actually unpacked a little) and that I left as soon as the camp finished last time (it seemed brag-worthy in the dream). I think a couple of us are sitting on the couch now. The head of camp (since I don't actually see him) in my mind resembles an old balding guy with some white hair in white yogi looking clothing. There is some better accommodation available and we're going to be allowed to move in there, but then there's a change in the plan for some reason. We aren't allowed to use the good accommodation for some reason now, damn.. I remembered towards the end of the dream that the reason we had camp was similar to signing up for the hero registry in 'One Punch Man'. I think this was what gave some value to whatever it was I was boasting about, since it meant I was a strong hero?

      Dream 2 - Octopi (5ish)
      I'm fishing on a boat with a man who isn't my dad, but there's a certain father + son fishing thing going on. We're fishing/hunting for octopus. There are 2 types of octopus, 1 which has shells on its suckers and/or end of its tentacles, and the 1 which doesn't have any shells. The shell one is apparently really deadly so we only hunt the safe octopi. Something happened and we didn't notice we had caught a shell octopus in our last catch so we had to thoroughly check our current catch to make sure it didn't happen again. In a white container on the deck of the boat we're in the not-dad guy is lifting the octopi up one at a time with a wooden rod while I check them to make sure they're safe. We progress slowly because we don't want to get hurt by a shell octopus. Why am I checking them with my hands if my not-dad is lifting them with a wooden rod O_O. In the bucket there's about 4-5 of them and we finally make it to the last one. It's lifted up and I lift its tentacles up to check the suckers.. "Phew" it looks safe..
      "SPLARGH" a sudden sucked explodes forth and a load of salt water gushes out, with something lashing out from the sucker. It hits my neck and hurts me so much that I wake up startled with a spasm in my neck from the shock.

      Dream 3 - Wnghigh (07:23)
      I don't clearly remember the scenery in this dream as it kind of felt like reading a story with a few mental images to support it. The setting is sort of a 'sword and magic' world, I'm in a class with my friend Fighter Wnghigh which confuses me a bit because I assumed he was a fighter based on his name... But he wasn't :/ I had the feeling that fighters in this world were quite rare and maybe had a a slight feeling of taboo about them, but they were considered necessary. Something happens and we have to escape but I'm a 'wing fighter' so I stay behind. This surprises my friend since I'd probably be a social outcast if people knew I was a fighter. His sister has a similar name since she comes from the say family. I see a winding forested road with a driveway leading towards a residence, there's a family name sign saying 'Wngh' outside. His sister has a sword and wants to join the fight. Both the friend and his sister look like warriors from 'Dynasty Warriors' which was part of the reason I thought my friend was a fighter.
    7. #166 - School trippin'

      by , 11-28-2015 at 03:44 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Went to bed later again as I was exposed to TV for the first time in a long while.. Where does time even go?
      I'll have to restart my dream recall goal (3 dreams every night for 3 days in a row).

      Dream - School trippin'
      I was on a school bus, we were going on a field trip somewhere. I had a lot of bags (these were the bags that I had left in my flat to be picked up by a moving truck) and I remember unloading them from the bus storage. So many bags, I can't possibly move them in one go... I pick up 2 bags and follow along with everyone else, deciding to make a couple trips to get everything to wherever we're headed. I distinctly recall there being a very realistic sexy big breasted (she had a boob job) brunette woman (in her thirties?) at some point who was guiding me. I don't think she appeared to me in person, but may have been an image on my phone. She had no shirt or bra either . There was also another girl that was the same age as me, she was a strikingly beautiful voluptuous blonde. She gets replaced suddenly by a feminine looking guy with short brown hair... Wait a second... Is that a wig? I think to myself that I think it's actually the girl in disguise. I continue to a playground train which we're supposed to climb onto. It's literally a playground, yet it's somehow a train? I climb up the bar ladder on to the wooden platform, Katie tells me that I shouldn't hog all the space because of how many bags I have. I say that I won't... So bossy. I dump my bags into a corner and climb back down to the bark ground, Katie comes up to me again with 2 of my other bags. Huh? She went and brought my bags for me? "Thanks, how many bags are left?" I say, she responds by telling me there's 3 left (she says it in a way that makes me think she's feigning that she doesn't care, though it's really nice of her to help me out). I think to myself that 3 can't be right.. I should only have 2 more bags? I don't stop to think about this properly. I look at my phone and I see that sexy big breasted brunette woman again, she's in a .gif with the brown haired guy. The woman has her breasts bouncing left to right (they're huge ( . Y . )), the gif is pretty well-made but I can see where the frame resets, the guy isn't doing much except trying to look cool. I notice that there are 3 loops in the .gif, they each play twice before seamlessly switching to the next one. WHOA! Suddenly it switches again... I notice that the guy has turned back into that beautiful blonde, I knew it was a wig! She's in tight-fitting gym clothes with her stomach showing and she's swinging her hips from side to side. It's incredibly hot . The entire scene of seeing this .gif on my phone wasn't very long but it was very vivid and very intense. The end

      Dream experience: 8 (pretty standard dream but the girls were incredibly vivid and the experience was quite intensive and has been on my mind most of the day)
      Dream awareness: 2-3 (Not aware enough to be lucid, but I was aware of inconsistencies during the dream. Awareness reached ~3 during the .gif part due to vividness and emotions)

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      memorable , non-lucid
    8. #136 - Dino dog / Library girls are the best / Evil monsters / Robo heroes

      by , 10-22-2015 at 11:01 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)

      Dream 1 - Dino dog
      I really wish I tried harder to recall this, I feel like I forgot the best part of the dream . The only part I remember is the end where the adventure seemed to have finished. I'm in my parents house in the main lounge, it looks nearly identical except that the draws are on the wrong part of the room. There's a creature walking around casually being interested in stuff. It looks like a dog, but it's red and has more scaly skin and no fur. It has these long spikes arching back (about the length of a hand) that protrude from all around the circumference of its neck. Its snout is slightly longer and more point than you would expect, but only slightly. I remember opening up the draws and pulling out an African drum. It looks really primitive/incomplete, the hide stretched over the top is loose and only slightly held in place by some strings. I wonder how it makes a sound if the hide isn't stretched properly. I hold it and tap the top, discovering there's a slight wooden panel that covers 1/3 of the opening. It seems like you're meant to tap that and it makes a sound. Such a weird design. I strut around tapping it to some random beat and waltz in the study room where someone (likely my dad) is sitting doing work in front of the computer. The dinosaur looking dog is next to him just standing, it looks at me as I enter.

      I think there was some kind of tension between me and the other strange creatures that were in this dream (though unmentioned because I only remember the end of the dream) which made me feel like the dog was supposed to be dangerous, but it was strangely docile.

      Dream 2 -Library girls are the best
      I can't remember how I came to be in the library or what we were doing there. I was with 2 (cute) girls that I think I may have been studying with. I remember there being a table but now we were obviously on the ground. I had my black bag in front of me spoon-feeding the front pouch all the pencils, pens etc that I seem to have in abundance (this is pretty true in RL ). The girls seem to have finished and are waiting on me, they're lying down next to each other about a hands width away on my left.
      "Maybe we should kiss and touch" one mentions to the other. Instantly the attention of about 4 nearby girls is garnered, this makes me chuckle a bit as I seem to know that the 2 girls are just playing a prank.
      "If you put your head here and do this, it'll help too" they say to me, indicating me to rest my head on the lower part of their stomach. I ignore her as I know she's just teasing me ^_^
      "I heard that if you rub your breast while doing this with your mouth (tongue swirling motion) it will ????" one of the girl says playfully to the other (the last part was some generic benefit like good skin or something O_O). I'm still stowing pencils away, so many pencils... I start fiddling around in my bag looking for my hearing aids container, I get them and put them on. As I do this I glance to my right and wow, the four girls that were paying attention to my friends were leaning against a white-metallic book shelf and were each rubbing one breast while swirling their tongue around. Haha! I'm surprised they fell for it . After seeing them succeed I kind of just bow my head and rest it on the lower part of one of the girls' stomachs. It was like a sign of respect for them manipulating the other girls which I found impressive. The 2 girls were still lying flat on their back next to each other and now I had my head lying on them ^_^. The whole scene feels comedic and quite light. They tell me that if I rub my head a certain way and nuzzle their pants down a bit then it'll also have a good effect (it wasn't sexual though). I comply in a 'what hell am I doing' kind of way, just going with the flow. The girl closest to me I manage to get her pants down about 2 inches and expose her panties, they're blue.
      "Geeze I only have one colour" she says kind of playfully (she probably meant to say she only had those panties and nothing else)
      "Damn!" I respond, jokingly insinuating that she should get more colour variety. She cracks up laughing (in the dream with the slight-comedic atmosphere and non-sexual nature (yet growing sexual undertone) of everything it was just somehow really hilarious). This dream felt so weird to recap O_O

      Dream 3 - Evil Monsters
      Everything is grey: the atmosphere, the weather, the road I was walking on, the monsters. Everything was just somehow tinged in evil grey murkiness. This was some kind of adventure world. There were green trees off the road but even they seemed to be swallowed by the evil atmosphere. I think I was fighting some monsters earlier on, but now I was strolling down the road in the rain. I was with another person whom I didn't really want to be stuck with. He had forced a grey monster that somewhat resembled a zebra (though more hunched and slightly shorter) to lead us somewhere. The road we were walking was gravelly and had been worn down by cars, although it felt like cars weren't a part of this world. There's a bridge up ahead that goes over the road (about 10 metres high). I'm a bit ahead of the others, the zebra creature is behind me. I pass under the bridge, next is the zebra but as it's about to go under it perks up as blood splashes onto its back. It dashes beneath the bridge and cowers in fear, hoping that whatever it was will leave it alone. A huge creature suddenly drops from the bridge, "RUN!".
      Sprinting away we manage to escape somehow (we honestly ran for like 20 metres so it doesn't make sense). I also remember the zebra thing getting squished and its body was split in half but that seems to have not happened when I next look at it. We're at a bend in the road and continue walking now. To the right of the road there's more trees, but to the left there's a sudden drop into a valley with a river passing through it. There's a sudden scream and it's ear-piercingly loud. Whatever it is must be REALLY powerful, we absolutely do not want to cross paths with it. I goof up somehow, slipping down the cliff face leading into the valley, I manage to stop the fall about 20 metres down by grabbing branches and clawing at the dirt. Uh oh, I hope that monster thing doesn't get us. My partner said "was that a doll?" which made no sense since it was a monster.

      Dream 4 - Robo heroes
      Me and some other people, not really sure how many but I think it's mostly girls, enter a classroom. There are 2 other girls already in here who we don't know. We introduce ourselves and conversation happens while I decide to go off and do my own thing. I walk into the neighbouring room through a side door and there's a bunch of people doing horticulture-related stuff. They must be in a club, they manage the schools gardens. I strike up conversation with a girl who seems to be the club leader, she's just shoveling compost into a bucket. It's pretty weird that she's doing this in the classroom. I mention how impressive their garden is which you can see through the windows, it's HUGE. There are heaps of potted plants and the whole thing is beautiful and green with lots of various plant species.
      I haven't got a clue what or how I get into this next situation but I seem to be on the run. I don't have a drivers license like other robo heroes (which is what I am now apparently, as part of some hero academy) because I skipped classes and couldn't be bothered. There is another hero who I think must be my rival, he's got a license though. I run into a basement and hide. It's blue and has a little room to the side which is small but I manage to hide my frame enough to buy some time. The people looking for me come in slowly, I know that it's only a matter of time, they're programmed like a game to explore the route to a certain extent so that you can't hide in here forever. Surely enough, they spot me and the chase begins again. I think I'm some kind of blue robot hero with quite thick blocky robot parts. I can't seem to remember how to equip my weapons either. This is starting to feel a little like a video game. I run around a bit more before ending up in the same situation in another basement, this time with my rival present. He's captured me I think, he has weapons and I can't equip mine so I can't do anything. He's standing in the side room, the search party will be here soon though the rival hasn't alerted them to my presence. There's some sort of camaraderie between us. I realize I don't even know how to pick up a weapon either. It also feels like at some point I'm playing with a toy figurine (like a transformer) and I put a weapon into its hand, some kind of robot arm with a stick on it. My rival lets me go, I push him out of the side room so I can hide there, telling him to go outside hoping he'll send the search party in a different direction. They come down to the basement anyways and eventually I have to make a break and run for it again. I push past them up the stairs and out into the open. This time they REALLY don't want to lose me. They've called in back up, I think I can hear the sound of a helicopter in the distance. A flash car pulls up and 2 heroes (not overly robotic, more like a power-ranger suit tbh) jump out and run after me. I run really fast and then decide to double back, heading towards the car. I punch in the drivers seat window and open the door. Grabbing the hero driver I throw him onto the ground. I think someone says some like "Luke Skywalker can't driver either because he missed the driving lessons". I'm about to jump into the car and hopefully wing it with my non-existent driving skills but the dream ends.

      Bahaha hope you enjoyed reading this 1'847 word long dream recap
    9. #127 - High School / School Bus

      by , 10-11-2015 at 11:51 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)

      Dream 1 - High School
      The scene I'm in is pretty much my old high school, except the indoors area probably near the deans + principals offices. This area is a little nicer in my opinion because there's a little garden enclosure, it's small but it has a large tree in the centre. Most of what I remember is more fragmented, there's a couple of us who were betrayed. There was group that was after us and they split to get us. One group had a monkey in it. I recall that the school caught on fire, the monkey was smart and ran away to the school pool and jumped in so it wouldn't get burned. There was also a point in the dream where there was a car with 2 people walking past and the car caught on fire for some reason.

      Dream 2 - School Bus
      There's a bus from school, I imagine we're headed home. I have to sit at the very front on the right, on the crappy isle seat >_<. The guy to my right is called Simon Pegg (the actor) but it's not actually him. He instead resembles a guy I once knew in primary + intermediate school whom I had never actually properly talked to. I think my old friend Isaac gets on the bus too, I remember looking at him and our eyes met. We knew that we knew each other, but we had a falling out and he decided to ignore me. At some point on the bus I head him make a comment on how I shouldn't be talked to. What a dick. We get off the bus, though I have the feeling we're meant to be picking someone up and then leave again. We all kind of just chill out, some people go off to get food. I head to a nacho restaurant with some friends to get a bite to eat. A friend of mine is eating the leftovers from other peoples' meals. There is a lot plates that must have had portions too big for the customer so they left some of them uneaten. The waitress cleaning up says something about us having to pay rather than eat for free. I help myself to a big cornship with salsa goodness covering it. De-lish! I think Isaac is around again and this time it seems like he wants to make up (we made up in RL 'kind of'...) which was pretty lame.
    10. #123 - hydro park / zombie apocalypse / smithy / castle / beach restaurant

      by , 10-06-2015 at 07:48 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)

      Dream 1 - Hydro park
      I remember being in a car park earlier on but now I'm at a hydro park with water slides and stuff. I feel a little too old for it and there are other kids running around. I seem to be with someone, maybe a girl? Can't recall. I'm getting hunted down by some tough people, but they're unaware that I've 'awakened' (wtf does that even mean?).

      Dream 2 - Zombie apocalypse
      I'm at my parents house and there's been a zombie apocalypse. I seem to be behind the couch in the living room which honestly just resembles a WW2 trench. I'm fishing for some gear to protect myself with. I search around and find a nice helmet, but I end up confronted by a zombie which appears on wooden plank platform bridged between the top of the couch and window sill. I hack at it with *something*, not sure what, but it decapitates it. The head rolls down into the ditch where I am and soaks the helmet I had found in brown blood. With disgust I refuse to even touch it again, getting a bit antsy about the risk of infection even though I feel I could just wash it. The brown mud also seems to just coat other stuff, it's really disgusting.

      Dream 3 - Smithy
      I recall a girl smith who makes me a weapon, but she keeps pulling all-nighters in the smithy to forge it... I feel flattered but concerned.
      Note: this dream probably came as a result of a story I was reading the other day.

      Dream 4 - Castle
      There is a castle/school for certain children. Me and a girl I'm friend with have to go into it as students because of some incident we were involved in, although I get the feeling they were using me to persuade her to join. We are both pretty young for some reason, felt like it was a prologue story. Also it seems like we were in 'season 2' of something, like a TV series. For some reason the girls here get 'infected' and become pregnant, and the school tries to harvest them and ostracize the student. It's hard to explain, but if you're found out to be pregnant then the other students see you as someone they have to offer up, no one believes you if you tell them anything. My friend gets pregnant and everything thinks I'm the father, but we haven't done anything. I start analyzing the situation, "why are boys at this school?", "why would they say she's pregnant?". We get accused and ostracized, we try to run away... Dashing into the castle I see an elevator on the other side of the room, the other students are trying to chase us now. I pull my friend along with me and inside the elevator and start mashing the 'close door' button. It doesn't seem to be going fast enough and I'm panicking. In front of me I see a blonde blue eyed girl (who I recognize as an old friend called Beth in real life) walking towards us. The dream gets a little unstable and chaotic, one second they're able to stop us closing the doors and then they're not... Confusing. Then I wake up.

      Dream 5 - Beach restaurant
      Me and some friends are at a restaurant by an intertidal mudflat beach. We seem to be celebrating something.. I peer outside and spot a whole bunch of my old friends from high school. They're just walking along the beach casually on a hangout. I shout out "Hello!" and get their attention and they come over. I shake hands with an old friend called Rory but at the time I seriously couldn't remember his name (I only remembered once I had woken up). I kind of beat around the bush saying "Hey, 'you'!", it seemed alright though as we both kind of just laughed about my ignorance. Smooth. Our groups kind of merge and everyone just randomly converses with each other even though most of them have probably never met before. I spot my best friend Daniel, he came out of the group I had been in the restaurant with.

      Wrote this up pretty late today so I might be missing a few details
    11. #120 - Moonwell of love? / Seeing old friends / First day back school

      by , 10-03-2015 at 12:23 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)

      Dream 1 - Moonwell of Love
      It's almost like a game, I'm a character who seems to be stronger than everyone else. Everyone else is kind of a newbie. There's a girl who I'm with (although it's a 'game', it seems it's more like a real world with levels?) who I race to reach a moonwell. There are two moonwells, they resemble the moonwells you see in Warcraft. I reach one first, so she has to go to a different one. The water in it is blue and glows slightly, I wade into its shallow depths and feel my power being replenished... My mana is recovering, which I seem to have used earlier on in the dream. Almost like an announcement, something occurs saying that I've reached the stage 1 of the love blessing. The requirements were that you have to love someone truly and unconditionally. There are 6 stages and when you reach the end you attain special powers. Because everyone else is new I thought I was the first to discover this power, but I was apparently wrong. A man approaches and he is buff as, he apparently has the blessing of love and kind of seems like an enemy.

      Dream 2 - Seeing old friends
      I'm wandering down a hallway at school (so many school dreams O_O) and see a class with its door open. I peer in an see Hanno, and old friend . I strike up conversation, surprised that he recognized me after not seeing each other for so long. Some other friends show up and gradually I feel myself being pushed out of the conversation. I decide to leave to go to form class (a class just before period 1 begins to check attendance). As I wander out of the door I see Aditya, an old friend who shared the same form class, except he's HUGE now. He's really tall, and his body looks badly proportioned too. Like his legs were way too long compared to his upper body. We talk a bit and another friend shows up, this is around the point the dream ends.

      Dream fragment - There's a school trip on today, it's occurring at my university Marine Science class where we have a trip to go skiing (not related to the class itself for some reason). But I completely forgot we were going on a trip, I thought we just had to meet up and do some test and then go home... I ended up realizing I wasn't wearing warm enough clothing and that I had no gear, like towels and a toothbrush so there was no way I could go no the trip. I approached my teacher and asked if she could step to the side with me for a private conversation, where I admitted embarrassingly to her that I hadn't prepared for the trip .

      Dream 3 - First day back at school (yet another school dream )
      It's the first day of school and I think I'm unprepared because I haven't got the right clothing on (green shorts, a black shirt with a thin black hoody and a dressing gown over top). I seem to have headed out to the streets around the school (which resemble the residential area of my university) possibly to get food. I start heading back and arrive at school, but on my way back (I was running for some reason) and spotted a girl I knew called Mikayla. She was sitting on the deck of persons house chatting with her friends, I decided to ignore her because I didn't want to intrude. I continue running through the school, not sure where I'm going. I pass a girl who looks like Mikayla who was hanging with another girl I knew, Rhiannon. I pass them and stop, then spin on my heel and yell out "Hey, Mikayla! Is that you?".
      "Yeh, hey" she replies. Kind of seemed hesitant which was pretty lousy -.- we were best friends lol
      "Did you dye your hair?"
      "Yeh I did haha" this time she seems more interested, and we talk a bit more. But then for some reason we all like... Fell over? And they bumped their heads on a wooden seat and nearly knocked themselves out. I propped them both up against a wall sitting down to help them out. A teacher then shows up and WOW she was a bitch. She started accusing me of assaulting the girls! Couldn't believe it, I used my syllogism to figure that she had been told to be strict with students because it's the first day at school. She had a whole bunch of students with us now and we were all in trouble for some dumb reason. The bell went and I wanted to go to my 3rd period English class so I could get my bag which I had apparently left at the field camp in the previous dream fragment. We weren't allowed to leave though, because we were supposed to be getting on a bus to go to detention or something... She (the old bat of a teacher) ordered us all onto the bus, but for some reason I had the feeling she forgot about me and I realized I could just... Walk away . So I did.
      I headed off to my English class, and a long the way I spotted my old friend Oliver from school. I had thought he had also been on the detention bus though. He told me that when we got onto the bus he went to the rear exit and hopped off without the teacher noticing haha. Sly dog. We ended up talking and just catching up with each.
    12. #119 - Killer / How long does it take to make a hot chocolate

      by , 10-02-2015 at 12:20 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)

      Dream 1 - Killer
      It seems to be night time in an urban area with large business buildings towering around. I think I killed a couple people on the streets, I have no memory as to why but I think I was doing to serve justice. Things get a little panicky, I mean... I apparently just killed someone. So naturally I seem to try run away, I run into one of the business buildings and take an elevator. I feel like someone is chasing me. I make it back out on to the streets somehow and catch my breath a bit.

      Dream 2 - How long does it take to make a hot chocolate
      I'm at a school or something, I can remember vaguely the layout of everything but it's impossible to describe. I'm hanging out with a couple guys and girls. I remember making a hot chocolate, I had the powder in it and poured hot water in and stirred... Then I drank it and felt powder. Looking down I realized I hadn't managed to get all the powder to dissolve. So I tried adding more water.This went on for an outrageous amount of time. Doing stuff like reheating water... I think one of the guys was dressed wrong, he was actually a girl in disguise which she kept a secret. We were handing out fliers and this song was playing.. For some reason it's a 'Fun Girls Power' theme song playing in the background O_O my god it was quirky. Also entirely original . While the song was playing a montage started happening which was completely irrelevant, there was a picture of a girl with silver hair which was another friend of ours too. The montage seemed to resemble school life if I think about.
    13. #95 - parrot and cat

      by , 07-01-2015 at 02:03 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: non-dream
      Blue: non-lucid
      Red: lucid

      Dream - parrot and cat
      I'm in school, though it looks like my university building (19th century, really majestic as fuck, dark wood and nothing concrete, huge building), and I'm talking to my friend Olly in the hallways. I see something that says '9th of July' and absolutely just go into panic mode... My presentation is on the 10th so I was like "no way! It can't be! it has to be wrong!" turns out it was the 7th of July which is still wrong but it made me feel a bit better. Then I spotted a parrot inside and wondered "why is a parrot inside"... Me and Olly approached it and I told him how my neighbour used to have a parrot just like that one. We decide to take it outside, along with a black cat that had appeared. I carried the parrot and Olly carried the cat, Olly isn't the biggest fan of cats either . We open the doors to go outside and I throw the parrot into the air, it flutters its wings and flies away while the cat just walks off, Olly has a look of disgust on his face and wipes his hands on his shirt. I notice that the bird pooped on me too a bit on my arm and on my shirt but I wasn't too bothered. Me and Olly then went back inside and walked up a few flights of stairs, kind of just wandering around I guess. We end up on the top floor and discover that there's a martial arts class going on, there's a bunch of people swinging 'no dachi' swords around in practice and they're dressed up in black japanese garbs. I think I boasted that I was really good at using these swords and attempted to duel someone, but I woke up around this point too and it's all a bit blurry.
    14. #66 - Working at the gardens, Reading in class, Library and changing room

      by , 02-24-2015 at 07:30 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: Non-dream
      Blue: Non-lucid
      Red: Lucid

      Dream 1 - Working at the gardens
      I'm going to start my new job at the gardens, which is basically like a public sanctuary for plants, quite similar to the one that I live near. My girlfriends little brother works there too apparently, he drives a scooter to get there. I commute with my dad since it's my first day, and I think I have a smoothie prepared for lunch. I also think that it may have been called the 'Tower Garden' or something... There were a few names for the place floating around in my head but that's the only one I can recall.
      A time lapse seems to happen because there's a complete scenery and situation change, I'm now in my parents house and my mum is hustling around in a hurry trying to get ready for work. I feel that it is nearly noon, and I have an itchy elbow... I look at my elbow and it has these specks of little white worms under the skin...
      I try and pop them out of my skin, and with very little success I go and show my mum since she's a nurse. She goes off to find me an anti worm cream or something, and before she comes back I've switched to looking at my ankle... For some reason I feel like there is something there and I try and pop it, and OMFG ! A 1cm diameter hole oozes out this thick yellow creamy goo. Holy ****ing disgusting... I show my mum (while feeling slightly discomforted) and she gets a bit frustrated because she doesn't want to be late for work, she sighs and says "For gods sake, is it bubbly?" moving straight to a diagnostic question as she turns towards the kitchen to find more medicine.

      Dream 2 - Reading in class
      I'm sitting in a school classroom near the back of the room on the wall side on a simple chair and personal desk (kind of similar to an anime classroom where they have a windowed side with those single person desk + chair setups). I'm lucid from the start, and for a moment I question if I'll need to stabilize and I feel my heart thump at the thought of losing stability. All stays calm, everything is stable, and the world is completely quiet... I have a simple book in front of me, I don't believe I had a great deal of control since my objective just became to pick this book up and try to read it without even thinking about all the things I've been dying to try out , but anyways... I open it up and try to read it, everything is just jumbled letters in the sentences, like this "werwer joji ger kloj jwegfweg ohqndfei", so I try again by looking away and looking back at the pages. This time the words have change "Out building house trailer love, the is at hello..." etc just random words that were non-nonsensically placed. I think I perform this one more time with the same result of nonsense, I don't recall doing much else and seem to just wake up naturally.

      Notes on lucid - I think it was a new thing to just have a straight calm and stable lucid, although it was remarkably underwhelming and boring relative to my other experiences.

      Dream 3 - Library and Changing Room
      So I'm in a hallway which is simultaneously a library... There's one book shelf that's hip height and has about 3 rows on it, it's situated on the window side of the hallway (of which it is pretty much a looking glass window 2 metres wide space a few centimetres apart. I think there's like a garden enclosure that you can see, and it reminds me of the view from the teachers hallway at my old high school when I was younger. I seem to be browsing the collection of futurama episodes (book versions) which goes on for a few minutes until a person next to me stops and browses for some disk called 'H'. I've apparently listened to the disk before and advise him about it. Things move on and I notice my friend Zac walking into the girls area of changing rooms, which I'm like "Oh damn what a lucky bastard" for some reason. I wonder why he's even allowed in there, and then for some reason like a minute later it's also the changing rooms for people who are homo sexual. I also walk past and see a window and as I look at it I realize it's the changing room window and see a chick take her shirt off at the far end of the changing room, she had brown hair, pale skin and was quite skinny. I completely forgot about this dream for like an hour after having it, glad I remembered it
    15. #63 - Mapping out a fault zone

      by , 02-17-2015 at 07:17 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: Non-dream
      Blue: Non-lucid
      Red: Lucid

      Mapping out a fault zone:
      This pretty much recapped my day of field mapping in a gold mineralized fault area... Me and my classmates were outside with our field gear, we split into groups and were following the fault zone. I remember being near a cliff that we were planning on climbing down to follow the fault line, I was in a group of 3 I think. The area itself is grassy, full of tussock and these annoying spike plants, there was a river running through the valley at the bottom of the cliff, and loads of rocks outcropping on the other side of the valley.
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